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b'List all of the factors for the numbers 16'

b'Iam an even multiple of 2,if you reverse my digits ,I become a multiple of 9.who am I?'

b"what other experience of ordinary life do you think may lend themselves to the manner pf writing used in ''on a common cold''by osbert sitwell"

b'meaning of. marishea'

b'What is the adverbial in the following sentence: Dionne collected shells from the beach'

b'1. He was surprised she came at all. 2. He was surprised that she came at all. 3. He was surprised because she came at all. 4. He was surprised when she came at all. 5. He was surprised she came after all. ======================= Q1: Does 1 mean 2? Are they all grammatical? ...'

b"Posted by rfvv on Saturday, December 19, 2015 at 12:10am. 1. I didn't eat apples or pears. 2. I didn't eat apples and pears. ================ 1 mean I didn't eat apples. I didn't eat eat pears, either. Am I right? Then, what about 2? What does 2 mean in the following ..."

b'1. She was drying her hair with the hair drier. 2. Dry your body with this big towel. 3. After bath, you need to keep your body dry not to catch a cold. 4. Study hard, and you will get high scores. 5.Practice ping-pong hard, or you will lose the game. 6. Work hard, and you ...'

b"1. i didn't eat applea or pears. 2. i didn't eat applea and pears. ================ 1 mean I didn't eat apples. I didn't eat eat pears, either. Am I right? Then, what about 2? What does 2 mean in the following three sentences? Or would you paraphrase 2 in detatil?Thank ..."

b"1. I leave in a day or so. 2. I leave about in a day. 3. I leave around in a day. 4. I leave roughly in a day. 5. I leave approximately in a day. ======================== Are they they same in meaning? Do we have some other expressions which mean 'about' as in the sentence here?"

b'1. thirty six point five degrees Celsius 2. thirty-six point five degrees Celsius ========================== Q1. Which one is right? Q2. In which case do put a hyphen- between numbers?'

b'Dr. Green Dr. Brown Dr. White Dr. Black ================ Can they be used all? What about other colors? Can other colors be used as a family name such as Yellow and Pink...etc.?'

b"1. Put the turtle in the sun more often, and she'll get better soon 2. Put the turtle in the sun oftener, and she'll get better soon =========== Q1: Which one is right, 1 or 2? Do we have to use 'more often' or 'oftener'? Q2:Is 'better' the comparative of 'well' or 'good'?"

b'Unscrambled this word :-htotvulfhgrsen'

b"In which sentence do you find subject-verb agreement? A. Farley or Farley's brother is helping me with the project. B. Neither the clarinets nor the trumpets plays the melody correctly. C. Where is your keys to my car? D. If you look carefully, you'll see tomatoes is on that ..."

b'If you are in line early, youll be sure to get the best tickets. A. Compound-complex B. complex C. Compound D. SImple 2. Heather is in charge of decorations, and Enrique is bringing snacks. A. simple B. Compound C. Complex D. Compound-complex 3. My two dogs are named Hannah ...'

b'Tenor and Grounds for Oh captain my captain by walt Whitman Tenor: Lincoln Ground: Leader who was directing the nation forward tenor: U.S. Ground: U.s. is tightly run, cooperative, purposeful, and needs a captain what are some others I can use I need at least 5 more'

b'1. Forgetting her homework and her books. A. Phrase fragment, B. Dangling modifier. C. Run-on sentence. D. Misplaced modifer. 2. Choose the term that describes the underlined phrase. The storm which was a Category 3 hurrican, damaged the beaches along the eastern coast of ...'

b'1. Which line from the poem Wave best develops its tone? Wave My childline 1 Born to me by waterline 2 And by water line 3 Swept away line 4 A. Line one B. Line two C.Line three D. Line four Is the answer B? Thanks'

b"what was one cause of the English civil war? A. Elizabeth was a bad queen B. William and Mary were catholic C. Henry VIII refused to marry D. Charles did not recognize parliament's power is it B? I know that religion was a big part of it...."

b'What was the purpose of the Missouri Compromise? A It was an attempt to annex new territories from Mexico. B It was an attempt to abolish slavery in the United States. C It was passed to force South Carolina to secede from the Union. D It was an attempt to balance ...'

b'What is the tense of the underlined verb? We had just ended soccer practice when it began to rain. A. present perfect B. future perfect C. past perfect D. past'

b'What are the cultural norms for the following: Individual rights vs the rights of society - There are more right for individual and rights of society. People can say whatever they want, even if it means to insult someone. People have rights to pursue their dream. Social ...'

b"Hey there I'm just needing to check my 10 questions because I'm still lost and need assistance. Please correct me if I'm wrong and tell me why ----------------------------- 1 Choose the answer that identifies the participial in the sentence. Dozens of sweating runners ..."

b'What are the cultural norms for the following: Dress, clothing, or fashion - Manners - Individual rights vs the rights of society - Social behavior - Peer relationships - Gender behavior -'

b'What are the different kinds of the cultures that exist your community? i need some examples. Thanks'

b'1 What is consider to be abnormal behavior in Canada?'

b'1. You will get paid according to your working hours. 2. You will get paid according as you work. 3. You will feel better according to the playing ping-pong time. 4. You will feel better according as you play play ping-pong. Are they all grammatical? Would you correct the ...'

b"1. The turtle doesn't move or eat at all. 2. The turtle doesn't move and eat at all. What is the difference between the two sentences?"

b'I was featured in a blog series for the event, which received various awards within the year. Grammatically correct? Should there be a comma after event? Thanks'

b'At this short but intensive opportunity I published op-eds and conducted interviews of scientists. Should there be a comma after opportunity?'

b'I acquired a strong foundation of writing skills, including the ability to write op-eds, proposals, and memos. Throughout my studies I demonstrated the ability to be a team player who enjoys team settings yet maintains efficiency when working alone to conduct research for ...'

b'Through my degree in Biology I became experienced with statistical analysis as well as writing literature reviews. Are there any grammar errors in that sentence?'

b"A lead-in phrase to quoted evidence is used to A connect the quote with the writer's ideas Bprovide a smooth transition and keep the quote from being dropped into the paragraph. CBoth A and B <--- You only need to cite Ainformation from a source that is directly ..."

b'Which Statement best illustrates the nature of a Bildungsroman? a. The hero of the story never seems to understand his own fault. b. In Caldwell novel, her protagonist, Lucille seeks the approval of seriously slimy characters c. The hero in the story stand like a rock against...'

b'Entertainment Most of us live in a world of stresses and strains, tedium interspersed with hassles. We struggle to pay bills and meet deadlines, all the while trying to decide on an appropriate wedding gift for Eliza and Fred. We say, \xc2\x93It\xc2\x92s a jungle out there,\xc2\x94 and ...'

b"Mexicans Begin Jogging by Gary Soto The tone of Mexicans Begin Jogging might be described as a. bitter b. defeated c. eerie d. triumphant I think it is d but I'm not 100percent sure"

b"1 As a receptionist at the office, I catered to clients' needs and provided administrative support, including drafting reports and archiving data. 2 I believe that my analytical research and writing expertise, laboratory experience, and communication skills make me an ..."

b"1. His method is simpler than the previous method. 1-2. His rule is much simpler than Ted's rule. 2. He is more active than Tom. 2-2. The girl is more lovable than Emily. 2-3. He is more tiresome than the boss. 2-4. He is tiresomer than the boss. 3. He is the wisest boy of all..."

b'How can I connect competition and acknowledgement/recognition?'

b'how will curfews make students more responsible'

b'Lunch /we / a picnic / eat'

b'If Montag and Faber never met what would happen to Montag?'

b'Describe one of the strongest images encountered from Of Wolves and Men by Barry Holstun Lopez or The Deadliest Tsunami in History by National Geographic News'

b"I need the following books in audios I can't find any could someone help please : 1. Borders by Thomas King 2. Delfino II: diez in the Desert by Sam Quinones 3. Hip-Hop Planet by James McBride"

b'What event or events mainly caused the fall of the British Empire? A. World War II B. the colonies rose up and fought back against the empire C. infighting between the British leaders caused it to implode from within D. both World War I and World War II My first choice a. ...'

b'Which form is correct? That would be a perfect response if someone was/were to ask the question.'

b'Which of the following is NOT a difference between schools in Puerto Rico and schools in Los Estados Unidos? A. Classes are conducted in spanish B. Students wear uniforms*** C. There are homeschooling options D. Students study both Spanish and English Can some one help to ...'

b"What is the theme in the poem Lineage by Mararet Walker and The Courage That My Mother Had by Edna st. Vincent Millay? I've trying everything from friends to textbook to google but nothing has helped me. Thank you"

b'I suppose that I need to place a comma after statistics, since the first phrase seems like it is a dependent clause. Am I right? Through my Bachelor\xc2\x92s degrees in Biology and Statistics from XYZ University I developed a desire to work in a research laboratory.'


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