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b'A sandwich shop gives a free sandwich after 8 sandwiches are bought in the formula t=s/8adds,t represents the total number of sandwiches received if s sandwiches where bought. Last year julie bought 48 sandwiches. How many sandwiches did she receive last year?'

b'A rectangular piece of land has a flower garden in the middle surrounded by a walkway 1m wide all around. The flower garden is 12m by 6m. calculate the area of the piece of land that does not have flowers.'

b'Given A-4,-2, B44, and C18,-8, answer the following questions Write the equations of the line containing the altitude the passes through B in standard form. Write the equation of the line containing the median that passes through point C in slope-intercept form Write the ...'

b'Difference b/w sine, cosine, and tangent/ how to remember them all?'

b'A rectangular savannah is 30m long by 15m wide. The Ministry of Education wants to fence that savannah using posts and wire. If the posts, costing 18.00 each, are placed 5m apart andt the wire cost 35.00 per metre. Calculate the cost of the posts and wire for fencing that ...'

b'C You correctly answered 15 out of 20 problems on your test. What is your percent score? D At the Liberty Tree Mall 1,300 people took the Coke/Pepsi challenge.55percent of those challenged preferred Coke. How many people selected Coke?'

b"This summer the number of tourists in Salem increased 4.5percent from last year's total of 426,000. How many more tourists came to Salem this summer?"

b'I work from 8am to 5pm each day from Monday to saturday. If I get 22 an hour, calculate my yearly salary.'

b'2/3 and 5/6'

b'Find the slope intercept form of the line passing through the point -5,-7 and parallel to the line 4xadd2y=-2'

b'Carlos purchased 6 dog leashes and 6 cat brushes for 45.00 for Clarita to use while pampering the pets. Later in the summer he purchased 3 additional dog leashes and 2 cat brushes for 19.00. Based on this information, figure out the price of each item. Explain your reasoning.'

b'A ball is kicked into the air and follows a path described by ht=-4.9t^2 add8.4tadd0.6, where t is the time in seconds and h is the height of the balls in metres. Determine the maximum height of the ball, to the nearest tenth of a metre.'

b"Matty jogs 1km in 5 minutes. Identify the correct conversion factor setup required to compute Matty's speed in m/s."

b'what is the solution of the system of equations of x-y=-3 and xaddy=5? x-y=-3 xaddy=5 y=xadd3 0addy=5 x=3 0=0addy=5add0 y=xadd3 y=5 y=3add3 y=6'

b'can anyone remind me on how to get the domain and range from points like the one below: {-5,7, 0,0, 2,-8, -7,7} thanks.'

b'an iv infusion of gamma globulin 2g/kg over 12 hours has been ordered for a 22 lb child. which dose is correct? attempt 22lb/ 2.2kg= 10kg 2g x 10kg= 20g/day 20g/ 2 doses 24hr/12hr= 10g'

b'the pharmacy sends you a vial of 1.5 grams of ampicllin. The instructions state to mix the powders with 9.8ml of sterile water to make a solution of 1.5grams/ 10ml. How much solution would you draw to administer 750mg of ampicillin? Attempt: 750mg X 10mL/ 1500mg= 5mL Am I ...'

b'how do you graph y = 3/5x add 6'

b'a pizza pie with 15 slices was shared too p student so that each student share in 3 slice how many student shared the pie word problem involving fraction'

b'Anokye has some shirts, three of them are white and one of them are blue and half of the remaining are 3/10 of all his shirts?'

b"Ana's age is 8 years less than 4 times her sister age. How old is Ana if her sister is 5 years old. 4n-8 4\xc3\x975-8 20-8 12"

b'a guy wire is 15m long. it supports a vertical television tower. the wire is fastened to the ground 9.6m out from the base of the tower a calculate the angle formed by the guy wire and the ground b calculate how far up the tower the guy wire attacks'

b'Let A = 0,0,0, B = 9,8,12, and C = 6,2,3. Find coordinates for the point on line AB that is closest to C.'

b'How do I prove that sec? - tan?sin? = cos? So far I have LS 1/cos? - sin?/cos? sin? =1/cos? -sin^2/cos?'

b'Parentheses in number sentence 30-15*2='

b'What is the equation for finding the projection of vector u onto vector v without using an angle theta?'

b'Find the angle formed when [4,4,2] and [4,3,12] are placed tail-to-tail; then find the components of the vector that results when [4, 3, 12] is projected onto [4, 4, 2].'

b'If two circles have the same radius, is having the combined area of the two circles the same as having twice the circumference? This has been bothering me for the past hour and I cant seem to solve it. It would seem likely to be the same.'

b'In a college library, there are 4 times as many nonfiction books as fiction books. A.Find the ratio of the number of nonfiction books to the number of fiction books. B.How many times the number of nonfiction books is the number of fiction books? C.Suppose the fiction books is ...'

b'A bag contains 57 coins, which are only quartersQ and dimes D. The total value of the coins is 9.45. How many times are in the bag?'

b'Suppose you roll a regular six faced dice 600 times about how many times would you expect to get a four'

b'y = xadd6 y = -2xadd3'

b'How many 4/5-foot planks can be cut from a board which is 12 feet long?'

b'a coin was tossed and a spinner with three equal sections numbered 1 to 3 was spun. what is the experimental probability that the next toss and spin will result in 3 and Tails?'

b'At 9:30a.m, Sean started filling a swimming pool. At 11:30a.m, he had filled 1,800gallons. At what time will the pool be full?'

b'24 miles per gallon to miles per quart'

b'write a situation that matches the expression 45xadd6'

b'which fraction is equivilent to 4percent A. 1/50 B. 2/25 C. 1/25'

b'Fred has 10 feet of wire. He decides to cut it into equal-length pieces. How many pieces will he get if each piece is 4 ft long?'

b"Describe the transformation that changes triangle ABC to triangle A'B'C A:Rotation B:Translation C:Reflection D: None of the above I am almost positive it is a translation"

b'Write an equation in point-slope form to represent the situation. Assume a linear relationship between the given quantities. In 1998, the deer population of a certain area was 1200. In 2006, the population was 2000.'

b'Find the slope of the line through each pair of points. Simplify as much as possible -2g,6h, 2i,7g'

b'If a jet flies at a speed of 600 km/h, how many meters does it fly in 10 seconds? There are 1000 meters in 1 km'

b'using each digit 0-9 exactly once to complete addition problem where answer is four digits.'

b'math A particle A is projected vertically upwards from a point O on horizontal ground with speed 20ms. At the same instant a particle B is released from rest at point P which is 30 m above the ground. The point P Is not directly above O ignore air resistance. Find thr time ...'

b'Ethan has 24 marbles. He gives 2/8 of his collection to his sister Ruby. How many marbles does Ruby get?'

b'A spinner is divided into 8 equal sections. Each section is numbered 1-8. Find each probability for one spin.'

b'if 13 times a number x is added to twice its square.the result is 84.find x'

b'In a recent study, 25 males used a new weight-loss supplement, and all but 6 of them experienced weight loss after two weeks. In the same study, 50 females used the same supplement, and all but 8 of them experienced weight loss after two weeks. ALEKS ANSWER'

b'if tina deposits 500 into a bank account that earns 4.5percent interest compounded continuously, how long will it take for her account to have 2500 in it'


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