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b'What images does Langston Hughes use in his poem \xc2\x93Harlem II\xc2\x94? a. raisins in the sun b. festering sores c. stinky, rotten meat d. all of the above***'

b'Choose the answer that best matches the word improvisation. Improvisation is so difficult because it cannot be planned. a. winning the lottery b. surprising someone with a party c. growing wealth in the stock market d. inventing on the spur of the moment***'

b'Choose the answer that best matches the word reverberated. The sound of the bat hitting the baseball reverberated through the stadium. a. echoed*** b. howled c. rang d. targeted'

b'According to McBride, the author of Hip-Hop Planet, the roots of hip-hop music began in a. West Africa centuries ago.*** b. a 19th-century slave ship. c. the streets of Harlem. d. Puerto Rico and Jamaica.'

b'The factory in \xc2\x93Mexicans Begin Jogging\xc2\x94 was under investigation for a. employing illegal immigrants.*** b. unsafe working conditions for employees. c. manufacturing illegal parts and products. d. forcing labor from undocumented immigrants.'

b'Choose the answer that best matches the word bravado. Sometimes small dogs show more bravado than the larger breeds; they may need to in order to be noticed. a. boldness*** b. fear c. perseverance d. stamina'

b'In the story Borders, what answer will the mother not provide to the border guards? a. her tribal citizenship b. her national citizenship*** c. her last name in English d. her last name in the Blackfoot language'

b'Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? a. Were you aware, that Daylight Savings Time begins tomorrow? b. What most people do, is change their clocks in the morning, not the night before. c. How you choose to wake up tomorrow, is up to you. d. I hope that you...'

b'Write a letter to the address below. You are responding to an advertisement from the Willamette Company for a job opening as an office assistant. You did some research and learned that the person to whom the application should be sent is Ms. Katrina N. D. Waives. You are going...'

b'In Tokyo Ryo and Tsuruishi have all of the following in common except they both have children they both been married they are familiar with Siberia they are both rebuilding their lives My answer is a'

b'Identify the choice that best describes the CAPITALIZED phrase. The Statue of Liberty has stood FOR MORE THAN 100 YEARS in New York Harbor. a. adverb phrase b. adjective c. appositive phrase d. adverb'

b"One of the concerns about plastic surgery on adolescents is that their bodies are still maturing. In addition to development that may occur in the late teens. This is why plastic surgery shouldn't be introduced teens this is because they have little knowledge about this ..."

b'I consider that cosmetic surgery is a personal option but in some cases it becomes a bad addiction for example having a cosmetic surgery can lead a person thinking to have another surgery because it gave them a nice appearance this is when appearance made help me improve this'

b'Please give me some advice Compare and contrast the poem Mexicans Begin Jogging to the story Delfino II: Diez in the Desert. Both are written about similar themes, immigration, but the story has a more serious mood than the poem. ******** Both focus on Mexican ...'

b'One of the main reasons for the increase is visibility: today\xc2\x92s teenagers are growing up with parents I disagree with your statement because they don\xc2\x92t get influenced from their parents. this sentence is not correct help me'

b'I consider that cosmetic surgery is a personal option but in some cases it becomes a bad addiction because expand this please'

b"how's cosmetic surgery a bad addiction few sentences please"

b'Getting done a plastic surgery will contain side effects leading quite severe pains such as: back pain, bruises and so on. This is so serious that you may have to wear head bandages after a surgery. Getting done a plastic surgery will contain side effects is not correct'

b'bad impact on their lifestyle give me a better word then bad please'

b"I'm studying this poem By The Seaside by William Wordsworth and I can't really figure out the analysis of this poem."

b'Change the italicized clause to nominative absolute. As the game was over the contestants quietly filed out of the room'

b"Identify the part of the speech for the underlined word. Mr. Manson is running for the senate this fall. is is the underlines word action verb helping verb linking verb none of the above Is is a helping verb or a linking verb? I'm stuck between the two, however I think ..."

b'Which best describes the setting of Maya Angelou\xc2\x92s autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings? a nineteenth-century plantation a large, segregated city in the 1920s a small Southern town in the 1940s*** a household torn by conflict in the 1960s Is this correct? Please ...'

b"My english teacher told me that there is a difference between NO and IDON'T NO he said that we should exaplain with refrences am confuse but they are the same"

b'I need help finding 6 sources 2 sources: neutral sources pertaining to the background information of the confederate flag and about the controversy 2 sources: about how the confederate flag is a symbol of History 2 sources: about how the confederate flag is a symbol of Hatred ...'

b'Which degree must I study or which carreer can I follow'

b'What are 2 compound sentences about famous biuldings?'

b'form 5 sentences using singular and plural pronoun'

b'Chips and ___... Crackers and ____'

b"What advice can you offer me regarding my school's spelling bee which is tomorrow?"

b'Is inventor and famous character traits ?'

b'How should I study for my schools national spelling bee.'

b'How would I write about my plans for the future when I want to become a computer engineer.'

b'Which of the following is not a common characteristic of a novel? It has fewer characters and events than a short story. It has more characters and events than a short story. It has more pages and words than a short story. It has subplots whereas a short story does not. is it ...'

b'Write about a time someone you know who used rhetoric/elements of persuasion to help them.'

b'A character has a personal fear or an emotional struggle. What kind of conflict is this? Man vs. Man Man vs. Nature Man vs. Self Man vs. Society is it c'

b'Which of the following is not a common element of short stories? They are shorter in length. They keep stories simple. They often have twists. They include subplots.'

b'which of the following areas of a textbook is likely to include those individuals the author wants to thank for reviewing the book. A.introduction B.index C.appendix D.table of content My answer is A. Right or wrong please.'

b'It is always ----- who pays the bills. which of the following options correctly completes the sentence above AHe BHer cMe DUs my answer c'

b"My homework is about identifying independent and dependent clauses The sentence in marks is the clause they're asking for. 1. The narrator's mother worked on her inventions at night, after her husband fell asleep - Dependent Clause 2. She would work on an idea, and then ..."

b'What are some benefits of: Social media helps strengthen relationships among teens. be sure to explain and if you can please add a counter claim. and prove it wrong'

b'which of the following phrases follows the rules of punctuation. athe spring semester bthe school PrinciPal cthe long war for Independence dthe states of the northeast my answer is c though not too sure.'

b"It's about identifying types of sentences I struggle in English so I was gonna ask if these answers are right: 1. To build a fire is set in the Yukon where a man is journeying alone. - complex 2. The Yukon lay under three feet of ice. -simple 3. He could see the trail that ..."

b'How can i make my essay on mary mcleod bethune more narrative and interesting?'

b'Please check my answer What is the capitalized phrase? TO SCORE ACCURATELY, bowlers must learn what the terms spare, strike, and split mean. Infinitive phrase**** Gerund phrase Adverb phrase none of the above I though that the capitalized phrase was an infinitive phrase.'

b"In the sound of thunder, the author builds to Eckels' death by doing all of the following except.. a. describing the antigravity path b. asking Eckels' to sign a release before leaving c. Travis threatening to leave him back in prehistoric time d. having the official quote ..."

b'what are the different way to start a paragraph'

b"I'm in grade 10 and i have to write a five paragraph essay about my holidays in 200-250 words.can i get some ideas for my planning atleast 7"

b'coaching classes for IIT-JEE and medical enterance exam'

b'And yet the books will be there on the shelves, separate beings, That appeared once, still wet As shining chestnuts under a tree in autumn, And, touched, coddled, began to live In spite of fires on the horizon, castles blown up, Tribes on the march, planets in motion. \xc2\x93We ...'


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