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b"I'm having trouble putting together a thesis and topic sentences. There is so much great information with my sources, everything seems to sound the same. This is a layout of how my topics could be arranged and organized . I don't know how to do a good transition inbetween the ..."

b'\xc2\x93I wanted to go to Yellow Stone National Park with the group, but I did not have enough vacation time.\xc2\x94 This sentence is ________. incorrect correct comma splice a run-on an incomplete sentence'

b'Dialogue in which you convince your teacher that you are too sick to participate in sport for the day'

b'Which is correct? Here are the address and possible ideas. Here is the address and possible ideas.'

b"Can you remember the name of the person from _______ you received this information? a.who b.whom c.whose d.who's"

b'What is the difference between advice and advise'

b"1. My family moved to Australia when I was 10 years old. 2. My family moved to Australia while I was 10 years old. Can we use 'while' as in 2? 3. When will you come to my house? 4. While will you come to my house? Is 4 wrong? 'When' is an interrogative adverb? What about..."

b'1. She came at all, so they all were surprised. 2. She came at any rate, so they all were surprised. 3. She came anyway, so they all were surprised. ============================== Does 1 mean 2 or 3? Are they all the same in meaning? Which one is commonly used?'

b"1. How many spoonfuls of sugar woud you like? 2. How many spoons of sugar would you like? 3. Add two spoonfuls of sugar in the coffee. 4. Add two spoons of sugar in the coffee. ================= Do we have to use 'spoonfuls' or 'spoons'? Are both OK? Then, which one is ..."

b'1. He stopped exercing. 2. He stopped resting to exercise. 3. He stopped to exercise. ================== Q1: Are they all grammatical? Q2: Does 1 mean that he stopped exercing temporarily or forever?'

b'I am typing an essay for my English 101 class, and I have come across a sentence in which Microsoft Word detects a grammatical error. It suggests that I change the pronoun I to me, although, I remember I was taught in school to use I in occasions like this one. It would ...'

b"1. The image stays a little bit longer in the brain than in the eye. 2. The image stays a little longer in the brain than in the eye. ====================== What is the difference between 'a little bit and a little?"

b"In the Odyssey, which of Odysseus' traits allows him to triumph in the bow-and-arrow challenge that Penelope sets for her suitors? 1 point his love for Penelope his loyalty to the gods **** his pride in his bow his skill as a marksman i think B"

b"What other descriptive devices could I add as I have many sentences starting with 'I' 'It' and 'The'."

b'For the following questions, match each word to its definition by filling in the correct letter. wise deceptively charming enormous passion sound; fit competing awe-inspiring sinister; threatening Use the word bank to answer the question. 4. ardor 1 point Use the word bank ...'

b'How could I improve this piece of creative writing in order to get 20 out of 20. At the moment it is 15 out of 20. So when will you come? It was always my dream to become a fireman and today that dream came true. Now a member of the 117th New York firefighting brigade ...'

b'If there is practice after school on Friday, I can drop the kids off and you can pick them up.'

b'1. Which of the following is the antecedent of the pronoun theirs in the sentence below? Rivers stopped flowing along the banks so that they could hear Orpheus, whose music was more harmonious than *theirs* a. Rivers b. Banks c. Music C?'

b'1. Which of the following excerpts from Orpheus and Eurydice is an example of hyperbole? a. ...even the ice-hard heart of Hades melted b. ...the music he played tore at the hearts of everyone who followed. c. ...Persephone, her face veiled by the shadows of that terrible ...'

b'1. What does the word sense most likely mean in line 69 of the excerpt from The Odyssey, Part III You bleary, vagabond, no rag of SENSE is left you a. Intuition b. Rationality c. Sensibility B.'

b"1. Which of the following is the antecedent for the pronoun 'them' in the sentence below? Penelope and her maids walked towards the suitors and gave them the bow. a. Penelope b. Her maids c. The suitors c? Thank you guys so much, I really appreciate your services."

b'1. In the Odyssey, Part 2 Odysseus went to Circe, from _____ he was promised his freedom. a. Who b. Whom c. Whose b? None of them sound right.'

b'According to Safire, all the following words are usual examples of onomatopoeia except: A. hiss B. babble C. buzz D. chaos D?'

b'Which of the following is the best substitute for the word emit in this sentence: \xc2\x93The heart monitor machine was set to emit regular beeps\xc2\x94? A. send out B. register C. calculate D. sustain Maybe D?'

b'Which word is CLOSEST in meaning to profundity? A. clarity B. harmony C. depth D. zeal I think C.'

b'First, identify the gerund in the sentence below. Then, replace the gerund with the infinitive of the same verb. Type the infinitive form of the verb in the space provided. Debbie loved watching the skaters glide around the rink.'

b"Does any one know the answers to Lesson 1: Introducing the Big Question's assessment?"

b'I need a thematic statement from the 3rd and 4th acts of The Crucible. I am having a hard time coming up with one though. A thematic statement is structured like this; Topic add what it says about the human condition, motivation, and/or human behavior. The theme statement cannot...'

b"Why should you don't live your life in fear of terrorism?"

b'Identify the adverb what it modifies and whether the word it modifies is a verb, adjective, or adverb What about these two? The two teenagers climb high in order to cut branches that might suddenly fall on a house or a wire. adverb suddenly describes fall verb high describes ...'

b'Find the complete predicate and the verb or verb phrase, 1. Carl lifted the lid of the pot. Lifted is the verb Lifted the lid of the pot is the Complete predicate Is this right?'

b'1. Odysseus makes a sacrifice to sovereign death and pale Persephone what does this background tell you about Hades? 2. the painting illustrates the descent of Ulysses Odysseusinto the underworld. how has the artist distinguished between Ulysses and the dead? 3. do you think...'

b'I have to identify the adverb, what is modifies, and identify if the modified word is an adverb, adjective, or verb. They work very carefully when they are up in the tops of trees. Adverb very describes adverb carefully? adverb carefully describes verb work? and. They became ...'

b'Within minutes, they had their equipment packed. They were off Combined sentence: Within minutes, they had their equipment packed and were off Does the combined sentence use a compound subject, compound verb, or compound object?'

b'Which literary device is used in the following sentence? Ira was sitting in the shade because it was over ninety degrees in the sun, which beat down with a fierce vengeance. a. simile b. metaphor*** c. alliteration d. personification'

b"The Excuse Dear Ms. Sachs, Please excuse Nan's absence from school yesterday, April 15. When she woke up in the morning, she had a raised bump on her arm. The bump was red and nearly the size of a quarter. Although Nan claimed the bump did not itch or hurt, I became very ..."

b"Which line from the poem Birches best develops it's nostalgic tone? a. And so I dream of going back to be.*** b. When I see birches bend to left and right c. Where your face burns and tickles with the cobwebs d. Soon the sun's warmth makes them shed crystal shells"

b'Spring is like a perhaps hand which comes carefully out of Nowhere arranging a window, into which people look while people stare arranging and changing placing carefully there a strange thing and a known thing here and changing everything carefully spring is like a perhaps...'

b'The date, time, and location of a local robbery would most likely be included in a. a feature article. b. an editorial article. c. a hard news article.*** d. a letter to the editor.'

b'Which of the following graphics would add the most relevant information to The deadliest Tsunami in History? a. a graph showing depth of the sea floor at several affected locations b. a photograph of a man who escaped to high ground c. an illustration showing how a tsunami ...'

b'Which of these details from James Thurber\xc2\x92s short story \xc2\x93The Secret Life of Walter Mitty\xc2\x94 is an example of indirect characterization of the title character? a. Walter worries that his wife will be upset if he forgets anything on her shopping list. b. Walter fantasizes ...'

b'Identify the part of speech for the CAPITALIZED phrase. The birds CHIRPED loudly every morning before sunrise. a. action verb*** b. helping verb c. linking verb d. none of the above'

b'Identify the part of speech for the CAPITALIZED phrase. The novel Huck Finn is set along the banks of the MISSISSIPPI RIVER. a. proper noun*** b. common noun c. collective noun d. compound noun'

b'Identify the choice that best describes the problem. To run a four-minute mile, excellent physical condition is important. a. phrase fragment b. dangling modifier*** c. run-on sentence d. misplaced modifier'

b'Choose the term that describes the following phrase. Kris was anxious about her new job a. infinitive phrase b. adverb phrase c. adjective phrase d. appositive phrase***'

b'Choose the term that describes the CAPITALIZED phrase. Raoul\xc2\x92s sister, A GOLF PRO, gave him basic instructions. a. adjective phrase b. appositive phrase*** c. adverb phrase d. infinitive phrase'

b'Identify the most vivid verb in the following sentence. Donald is glad that he gave the tickets to Erin, because she shrieked with surprise when he did so. a. is b. gave c. shrieked*** d. did'

b"Sandy's throw to first base was short the grey-blue ocean stretched out before him. dianna gave George a cold shoulder at the party assist me with Identify the sentence parts by putting the red abbreviations to their correct locations. Put parentheses around the prepositional ..."

b'In the following sentence, what kind of phrase is to play basketball? Porpoises have been to play basketball. a. prepositional b. participial c. infinitive d. gerund My guess is b.'

b"I'm doing a compare paper on Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln. Will anyone PLEASE give me 9-10 thing comparing them. I need some really good ones, that I may have not thought of. Thank you"


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