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b"What does it mean when they say, She's the female Odell."

b'perseverance,expanse,stifle,weary,writhe?,premises 1.In order to meet their goals,Olympic hopefuls require persistence as they train andperserance in the face of obstacles. 2.Readers must leave libraryexpanseby the stated closing time unless permissions for after ...'

b"Which sentence has a misplaced adjective clause? A. Leah ate her sandwich before opening the door, which was oozing jelly. B. Our mom makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, which she always stuffs to the edges. C. Leah's friend Carrie, whom she has known for years, arrived ..."

b'What kind of phrase is the underlined group of words? The house across the street has a large front dooradjective phrase B. adverb phrase C. appositive phrase'

b'What is the part of speech of the underlined word in the sentence? The mall is here. A. adjective B. verb C. preposition D. adverb'

b'What are some visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinaesthetic learning activities done in high schools?'

b"Is this a simile? Just this void. The days raw and wide as this drought-blue sky. Just this nothingness. That's what hurts. Is it a simile because the day is being compared to the sky?"

b'Do you guys do grammar check on like a paragraph. I am writing a letter to the principle and I want to have proper grammar. Thank you.'

b'Hello teachers. Plese help me learnm english.'

b'Draw a hut under a tree. which is subject and predicate'

b'Which of the following illustrate an analysis of a theme in Herman Melville\xc2\x92s story \xc2\x93Moby Dick\xc2\x94? A. Captain Ahab captains a ship called the Pequod B. The mission of the crew is to seek vengeance against the whale**** C. Humans can be weak when facing nature D. The crew...'

b'For what purpose does the writer use short paragraphs'

b'hi i need help proofreading an essay, can I attatch my file?'

b'Writing a paper, is this a complex sentence? He found out that he should make the lemonade cooler, but not too cold.'

b'Who has read To Kill a Mockingbird'

b"I need to describe an example of diction in the story The Other Wife but i also need to describe an example of syntax. I don't quite understand the difference between the two. Is there a better way to understand the difference?"

b'Which geographical region in colonial North America was best known for its focus on agriculture and society based on English aristocracy?'

b"When we are asked What's the function of the paragraph of the reading text How shall we answer it"

b"Please explain the first stanza of the pulley by george herbert.. When god at first made man, having a glass of blessings standing by, lets us, said he,pour on him all we can, let the world's riches,whhich dispersed lie, contract into a span."

b"4. Two languages spoken widely in Canada are 1 point A.Spanish and English.-my answer B.French and Spanish. C.French and English. D.Dutch and English. 5. How do Canada's native peoples intend to preserve their cultures? 1 point A.by becoming independent nations -my answer ..."

b'6xadd1/2a -x-2/2a'

b"Here is another paragraph with my summary: Though such people are jumpy, they like to keep their energy and don't fancy moving around much. They would rather sit quietly be themselves and keep out of difficulties. Trouble upsets them, and they run away from it. Their friends ..."

b"Have to summarize this: situationsDick Tracy, Li'l Abner, and other men of action belong to this type. Such people make good lifeguards and construction workers. They like to put out energy. They have lots of muscles and they like to use them. They go in for adventure, ..."

b'I have to summarize this: Somatotonic Mesomorph. If a man is definitely a broad type rather than a thick or long type, he is likely to be rugged and have lots of muscle. He is apt to have big forearms and legs, and his chest and belly are well formed and firm, with the chest ...'

b'How would I write this in a summary: 10. Somatotonic Mesomorph. If a man is definitely a broad type rather than a thick or long type, he is likely to be rugged and have lots of muscle. He is apt to have big forearms and legs, and his chest and belly are well formed and firm, ...'

b'Help, PleaseHow to write a topic sentence'

b'Can someone translate the question below to English for me. I will answer the question on my own, I just need to understand what it is asking me? Thank you \xc2\xbfQu\xc3\xa9 dec\xc3\xada el Tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo sobre lo que deber\xc3\xada pasar con los ciudadanos mexicanos de lo que hab...'

b"in Woo'd and Married and A describe the effect the bridegrooms words had on his young bride ."

b'Identify figures of speech and sound devices in the poem No more boomerang'

b"Please, I don't want to complicate my life, so, what's the best effective way to write a topic sentence for my body paragraphs?"

b"Why I can't concentrate to write an essay? I don't want to fail the class. Please, I need help."

b'is this sentence a predicate pronounMy boyfriend became my best friend'

b"What's a good website to check writings: paragraphs? If free much better."

b"I have to write an essay, but I feel that I really need help, don't know how to structure one, connections and so on. What do you suggest I need to do to start off?"

b'Prepositions 1. The examination is ____ hand. 2.The office is closed ____ the second and fourth saturday.'

b"to a person who can delete posts....can you please delete my essay assignment that I posted yesterday? it is under one of my English III posts. I don't want it on the site anymore ya know? THANK YOU"

b'Which value is reflected in Heracles ?'

b'Change it to positive without changing the meaning. No man in the street came forward to help her. Should it be Every man in the street stood where they were.??'

b'Please check if its correct Change from Positive to Negative 1.None of them were bad - All of them were good 2.Nobody was present in the funeral function -Everybody was absent from the funeral function'

b'Traditional African marriage is an advantage for men only,not women?'

b'Change to Affirmative 1.No man in the street came forward to help her. 2.None of them were bad. 3.Nobody was present in the family function.'

b'What career or job could i do n can i go to vasity to study further with this subject'

b"My Assignment: Write a reflective essay in which you explore a personal experience or an event and reflect on its deeper meaning. I'm between a rock and a hard place with trying to find the perfect topic for this. I know you don't know anything about experiences I have been ..."

b'When referring to an entire class body, such as 500 students, is it correct to say freshmen or freshman?'

b'What are the reasons why boys should not help at the kitchen?'

b'In the second stanza of To My Dear and Loving Husband, what idea do the comparisons to treasure make clear? A. the value of her love for her husband B. the value of her husband\xc2\x92s love for her C. the gifts that husbands give to show their love D. the gifts that she wishes ...'

b'What is the topic of this complex sentence? After they had enjoyed fair winds and weather for a season, they were encountered many times with crosswinds, and met with many fierce storms, with which the ship was shrewdly shaken, and her upper works made very leaky; . . . A. ...'

b'The author of The Odyssey, an epic written in 700 B.C., was ______. a. Odysseus b. Socrates c. Homer***'

b'Which word is closest in meaning to copious? A. scarce B. plentiful**** C. scattered D. duplicated'

b'Which word or phrase has the same meaning as manifold as it is used in this line? The heavens reward thee manifold, I pray. A. in many ways**** B. by God\xc2\x92s grace C. quickly D. faithfully'


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