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b"Which of the following literary elements identifies the perspective from which a story is told? A. point of view B. character C. plot D. setting I know it's not C. and D. I think it's B."

b'i had a friend who brings sandwiches to campus each day.'

b"1. You aren't sick. 2. Tom isn't fat. ========== How do we pronounce the sentences? 1. In aren't sick, is t omitted? 2. In isn't fat, is t omitted when we pronounce them together?"

b"1. I am a good cook, ain't I? 2. I am a good cook, aren't I? 3. I aren't a good cook. 4. I ain't a good cook. =============== Are they possible to use?"

b'Which of the following is not one of the themes of the play Romeo and Juliet? a. Good intentions always yield good results b. Tragedy causes everyone involved to look intently at themselves. c. True love requires risk. I have a very strong instinct it is B. I know that it ...'

b"1. I'm down. = I don't feel well. 2. I'm _____ = I feel good. ------------------ What is the suitable word for the blank?"

b"1. I'm in. = I agree with you. 2. I'm ______ = I don;t agree with you. --------------- What is suitable word for the blank?"

b'I want to ask what stress the Magna Carta gave to English people.'

b'1. I saw a UFO in the sky yesterday. 2. I saw a UFO in the air yesterday. 3. I saw two UFOs in the sky yesterday. 4. I saw two UFOs in the air yesterday. ================ Which expressions are correct?'

b'Which sentence contains the correct form of the possessive pronoun?'

b'Which senates has a barber subject verbal agreement ? Agrandma and aunt Louise gets you a present bgrandma and aunt Louise bought you a present cgrandma and that Louise buys you a present DGrandma and aunt Louise getting you a present B?'

b'Which of the following sentences uses a predicate adjective? A with all the rain, the zoo has been empty B The manager of the zoo is Mr. Jones*** C The seal trainer is she D The zoo is one of my favorite places Is it b?'

b'I have more than three smart phones. This smart phone service has been opened. However the other smart phones services have not been opened. They are juse second-hand smart phones. With the phones, I can take photos and make videos a lot. ============== Could you check the ...'

b'Currection the following sentance Many childs love going to the zoo'

b"I'm doing grade 11 but still I don't know what or which kind of job careers that needs these subjects Agricultural science, Geography, life science, mathematics pure, Sepedi, English, And lastly life orientation..Help me please and appreciation will bless you."

b"The MLA format for citing an entire website includes A. an article title. B. source from which you found the website. C. electronic publication information. D. author's apparent credibility."

b'Which type of Internet resource would be the most reliable in providing accurate information? A. A general reference site such as Encyclopedia B. An email you received from your instructor C. An email listserv D. An online newsgroup dedicated to your topic'

b"It's necessary to use a/an _______ when a quotation is introduced by a verb. A. quotation mark B. comma C. ellipse D. colon"

b'Which sentence is correct? Thanks for all you have done for the past year. Thanks for all you have done since the past year.'

b'Roosevelt is arguing that journalists must only attack misconduct when they have valid proof. They must not dig just for the sake of digging; it is offensive to good Americans. Which statement most effectively argues against this claim? a. Even sensational journalism is ...'

b"In Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress you may recall the description of the Man with the Muck-rake, the man who could look no way but downward, with the muck-rake in his hand; who was offered a celestial crown for his muck-rake, but who would neither look up nor regard the crown he ..."

b"Read the passage and answer the question that follows. from Gulliver's Travels, by Jonathan Swift My gentleness and good behaviour had gained so far on the emperor and his court, and indeed upon the army and people in general, that I began to conceive hopes of getting my ..."

b'But when television is bad, nothing is worse. I invite you to sit down in front of your television set when your station goes on the air and stay there without a book, magazine, newspaper, profit-and-loss sheet, or rating book to distract you\xc2\x97and keep your eyes glued to ...'

b'please help me , its level 2 trinity / esol skills for life level 2 i have reading and writing exam ,do you guys know Any good websites I can use to improve it? its will be descriptive text,explanatory text,persuasive text for writing ,formal litter,compiling litter , email ?'

b"Select the term that is best represented by each statement below. The words are: acknowledgement, acquiesce, comprise, hierarchy, parity, potentate, subjugate, subservient, tyrant, usurp. Correct me if I'm wrong 1. I am equality and balance. PARITY 2. I am the admission..."

b'What roles are played by the female characters you encountered in this unit? Describe some of these female characters, their traits, and the roles they played within the selections you read, especially considering that all of those selections had male characters as protagonists.'

b'5. Which of the following words has a negative connotation? A. Splendor B. Vibrate C. Murky D. Fringed'

b'please help me ,i am doing level 2 English and i have reading and writing exam ,do you guys know Any good websites I can use to improve it ?'

b'Could you whoever you are please read my poem and give feedback? Thank you. -TinyPoet She sits at the automat waiting. Waiting in sullen silence, steeping in the same melancholy water her tea is. Hat drooping to hide her hastily painted face, a could be masterpiece she ...'

b'A single sex school is better than a mixed one'

b'How do I learn English good?'

b'Can somebody help me? I have to write a paper about the causes of the fall of ancient Rome add bibliography. I have no idea how to start. What do I need to do first? I really need help. Please..'

b'Identify the sentence with the correct end punctuation. 1.did you see the elephants 2.I saw a baby kangaroo 3.who found the way to the penguins 4.I miss the monkeys'

b"1. When did William Shakespeare live? in the late 1400s and early 1500s in the late 1500s and early 1600s*** in the late 1600s and early 1700s I think this is the answer, but I've also seen others put down C... I'm not sure. Please help? Thanks"

b'everyone sang'

b'The sentences that are correct with an appro sp hie are 3,4.5.7. and 8 Are these correct? 1.Canada\xc2\x92s mens\xc2\x92 hockey team wins gold medals almost every year. 2. Lets forget that we tried to build a racing car because it\xc2\x92s been an awful experience for us and our friends. 3. ...'

b'Out of the following ten sentences, 5 of them are correct in their use of apostrophes. Simply write the numbers of the five sentences that are correct. . The five sentences that I choose were correct were 3,4,6,7, and 8 Is this correct? Canada\xc2\x92s mens\xc2\x92 hockey team wins gold...'

b'These documentsDeclartion of the rights of man and the citizen, English bill of rights, Marna carta , declaration of independence established a system in which: a.The power of a leader came straight from God b. The individual was more important than the state <<< c...'

b'1.Reliance on secular thinking as opposed to decisions based on religion developed as a result of: a.the Scientific Revolution << b.the French Revolution c.the Great Schism d.the Russian Revolution 2.The idea of a constitutional monarchy may be found in each of the ...'

b"hi I need help with this. It is a section from the story 'The Sniper' and it is a PEE Point, Evidence, Explanation question... PLEASE HELP ME. Here is the question: The writer says that the sniper's eyes had 'the cold gleam of the fanatic' what does this mean? I need this ..."

b'Help me pleas I need to write a good story 150-200 words'

b'Which of the following did NOT contribute to the Harlem Renaissance? A.The Emancipation Proclamation. B. By 1930, the population of African Americans in Harlem grew to over 200,000. C.F. Scott Fitzgerald <-- All Harlem Renaissance writers wrote literature about suffering, ...'

b'Hello I have to write paragraph. What I do, english is my second language. Help thank yuo.'

b'Which of the following did NOT contribute to the Harlem Renaissance? A.The Emancipation Proclamation. B. By 1930, the population of African Americans in Harlem grew to over 200,000. <-- C.F. Scott Fitzgerald All Harlem Renaissance writers wrote literature about suffering, ...'

b'What type of storygenre is The Crucible most likely to be classified as?'

b'Which sentence contains a predicate pronoun as a subject complement? A. The best person for the job is she. B. The ground is sloping and uneven. C. We wondered what happened to him. D. Amy is employee of the week. I think it is either A or D'

b'The primary way children learn language is through books and school work. True False'

b'Edgar Allan Poe uses a pair of rhyming words to describe trying to hold sand in \xc2\x93A Dream Within a Dream.\xc2\x94 In a short paragraph, tell what the words are and how they express the speaker\xc2\x92s feelings. Use details from the poem to support your answer. I just need help finding...'

b'The importance of being earnest 8. Why does Gwendolen always travel with her diary? She believes people should always have something sensational to read on the train. She is hoping to write a three-volume novel based on her life. She wants to be ready if she has to prove an ...'

b"A code of ethics governing the behavior of physicians during epidemics didn't exist until 1846, when it was ___ by the American Medical Association. A rescinded B promulgated C presupposed D depreciated E implied"


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