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b'is had or was a stative verb?'

b"In most basic terms , while working out of a business process of production and marking , you'll want to be continually prepared for"

b'Write a paragraph summarizing lines 100-250 in the book called the ministers black veil'

b'is had seen or was biking, an example of a stative verb?'

b'what is the grammar point of the sentence none of us are free when one of us is chained'

b'what was the result of the 1995 referendum held in Quebec? a. Quebec separated from Canada b. French became the official language of Canada c. Quebec people voted to remain part of Canada*** d. Quebec became part of France what happened after Canada advertised free land and ...'

b"Are your guides kind to you? l asked questions tag A are they? B aren't they?"

b'Roosevelt is arguing that journalists must only attack misconduct when they have valid proof. They must not dig just for the sake of digging; it is offensive to good Americans. Which statement most effectively argues against this claim? a Even sensational journalism is ...'

b"There are four words in the Feeling pouch. You have to find one word which doesn't belong to this feeling category. Music doesn't belong to the feeling category. So take 'music' from this pouch to the subject pouch. There is a blank in this pouch. You should put 'music' in the..."

b'Tara types quickly. Tara types correctly. change into simple sentence.'

b"1. I didn't knwon anyone in my room. 2. I knew no one in my room. 3. I knew nobody in my room. 4. I didn't know all the students in my room. 5. I didn't know all the classmates in my room. ============= If I is a student, do all the sentences mean the same?"

b'1. Read and translate each sentence. 2. Read and translate each sentence into Korean. 3. Read and interpret the sentences on this page one by one. 4. Read the first sentence and then translate it. After that read the second sentence and translate it into KOrean...'

b"Homework Help: English Posted by rfvv on Monday, March 7, 2016 at 2:25am. 1. The first class was with my homeroom teacher, Mr. Jang. 2.The first class was my homeroom teacher, Mr. Jang's class. 3. The first class was my homeroom teacher, Mr. Jang's one. 4. The first class was ..."

b"1.He is also worried about his health. 2. He also didn't go there. ========= Can we use 'also' in a negative sentence?"

b"1. She is wearing earrings. 2. She is wearing sleepers. 3. She is wearing low heels. 4. She is wearing contect lenses. 5. He is wearing sneakers. 6. He is wearing sports shoes. 7. He is weraing running shoes. ================ Can we use the verb wear in all the sentences? Is '..."

b"1. Identify the type of figurative language in the sentences below taken from Act IV, scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet. Paris: Poor soul, thy face is much abus'd with tears. Juliet: The tears have got small victory by that;/ For it was bad enough before their spite a. ..."

b"Read this excerpt from a speech on women's rights delivered by Elizabeth Cady Stanton on July 19, 1848: We do not propose to petition the legislature to make our husbands just, generous, and courteous, to seat every man at the head of a cradle, and to clothe every woman in ..."

b'I am supposed to Write a persuasive essay that urges readers to accept your viewpoint on an issue and to take action on that issue.... What are some good examples of problems to write about?'

b"We are reading The Scarlet Letter in class and we have to take 2 pictures that represent an issue. The issue I have chosen is Definition of Family/Definition of Marriage. I'm just looking for things that I can take pictures of that could symbolize these things and how they ..."

b"1. The first class was with my homeroom teacher, Mr. Jang. 2.The first class was my homeroom teacher, Mr. Jang's class. 3. The first class was my homeroom teacher, Mr. Jang's one. 4. The first class was my homeroom teacher, Mr. Jang's. 5. My homeroom teacher, Mr. Jang taught ..."

b"1. She is my new buddy. 2. He is my new buddy. ============= Is Sentence 1 above correct? Can we us the word 'buddy' only for a man not a woman? //A buddy is a close friend, usually a male friend of a man.=> This is the definition of a dictionary.//"

b'Could I get some check on my answers? Read these lines from Macbeth: The west yet glimmers with some streaks of day: Now spurs the lated traveller apace, To gain the timely inn; and near approaches The subject of our watch. Which of the following correctly describes how the ...'

b"1. He won the first prize in the speech contest. 2. He won first prize in the speech contest. 3. He got the first prize in the speech contest. 4. He got first prize in the speech contest. ================== Are all the expressions grammatical? Do we have to use 'the' or not? ..."

b'The nurse, who was late for work, put the manual into a large blue tote bag getting out of the car. Which of the following is misplaced in the sentence above? A. who was late for work B. getting out of the car C. into a large blue tote bag D. put the manual. I think b'

b'Which of the following options best demonstrates sentence fluency? A. The city looked beautiful in that it was lit by the sun which I was walking down the street. B. Walking down the street in the sunshine, the city looked beautiful. C. The city looked beautiful as I was ...'

b'We could have _____ lunch with them. Which of the following options correctly completes the sentence above? A. ate B. eat C. eaten D. had ate I think A'

b"Which one of the following sentences contains an incorrect usage of the singular possessive?\xc2\xa0\xc2\xa0\xc2\xa0\xc2\xa0\xc2\xa0A.\xc2\xa0Icarus's fate was sealed when he approached the sun.B.\xc2\xa0The north forty has always been my family's land.C.\xc2\xa0Mary was dominant among Jesus' disciples.D.\xc2\xa0The alpha male is..."

b'Stereotyping is a three-part procedure. In the first stage, we identify a group to which we believe another person belongs. For example, if a man is wearing a turban, one might assume he is a Muslim. In the next stage, we recall a generalization other often make about the ...'

b"1. I don't know anyone in my class. 2. In my class, I don't know anyone. ============================= In 1, what is the part of speech of 'in my class'? Does 'in my class' modify 'anyone' or 'know'? In 2, 'In my class' is an adverbial phrase, right?"

b'provide the correct singular /plural form of the verbs in brackets in the below . sandra do.......not believe in the new year resolution.she think ......we need....... new day resolution instead .sandraa have.....had many failed attempts to live up to her new year ...'

b"My shoes are the same as yours. ================ What is the part of speech of 'same' in the sentence? Is 'same' an adjective or an pronoun?"

b'I want some of you to come up here and talk about your/their worries to your classmates. The other students should give some tips on the problems/worries/matters. Then they/you should add the expression Everything will be okay. After that the student who told his or her ...'

b'What type of literary device is dead in the eye'

b"I'm worried about my looks. 1. Why don't you put on cosmetics on your face? 2.Why don't you eat sereals and brown rice? 3. Why don't you do a plastic surgery? 4. Why don't you make double eyelids? 5. Why don't you have a double eyelid surgery? 6. Why don't you try to lose ..."

b'What type of literary device? At that instant he took a pistol out of his pocket and held the ice cold block at my head'

b'Identify the type of dramatic speech that is given by one character addressing other characters for a relatively long amount of time. dialogue solo monologue I think it is monologue Is this correct? Thank you for your help.'

b"I'm worried about my health. 1. Why don't you go to a hodpital and have a health-checkup. 2. Why don't you lift weights every day? 3. Why don't you jump rope every evening? 4. Why don't you jog every morning? 5. To build a muscle, why don't you use barbells? Lift barbells from..."

b'1. Do you have any experience in public speaking? 2. Do you have any experience on public speaking? 3. Do you have any experience of public speaking? =============== Are all the prepositions used? Which preposition is correct?'

b'How did the English overcome the Spanish Armada? A through religious devotion B through better military strategy C with a larger navy D by cutting off the Spanish food supply B'

b"Fix the sentence by following the apostrophe rule. Strong childrens education is essential to the progress of any nation a. Strong childrens' education is essential to the progress of any nation. ***b. Strong children's education is essential to the progress of any nation..."

b"Fix the sentence by following the apostrophe rule. The books story was pretty exciting, even though its cover was not. a. The books' story was pretty exciting, even though its cover was not. b. The book's story was pretty exciting, even though it's cover was not. ***c. The ..."

b'Correct the following paragraph so that it uses the right words and includes appropriate apostrophes. Tomorrow, its supposed to be hot outside, so your going to have to wear sunblock. Youre skin will be safer with brands of sunblock that offer several layers of protection. ...'

b'Can someone please help me answer these questions and check question 1 please? Thank you. 1 How can words or stories connect generations? Words can allow stories to go through and be passes from generation to generation. 2 How can interactions between generations create ...'

b'Have you discovered where you left your books?'

b'I have to answer what is the primary goal of the summones of parliament document in England, and based on what it had that give anxiety to English.'

b"Where should commas be added in the following sentence? \xc2\x93Three Skeleton Key\xc2\x94 got its name as the narrator tells us from three escaped convicts. A. after got and us B. after name and us C. after as D. after three I know it's not A. and D."

b'Which class are you in? ==================== What is the similar sentence to the previuous one?'

b'Paraphrase this passage. Each pair of spotted owls needs a large territory of its own for hunting and nesting. Nests are often constructed in snags that have hollows large enough for the owls. Females lay eggs in early spring, and the males bring their partners food while they...'

b'Is it okay to say on the very contrary?'

b"What's the conflict in the poem of A voice by pat mora?"


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