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b'kelly spend 2/3 of her money on books and from the remaining money, kelly spent 1/4 on food how much money did kelly spend on food from here total amount of money?'

b'Julie wants to find out how much water was used when taking a bath and when taking a shower. Julie found the dimensions of the tub filled with enough water to take a bath was 48 inches x 38 inches x 16 inches and that the shower uses 8.25 gallons per minute. Julie figures a ...'

b'There is an error in the student work shown below: Question: Divide x^3-8/x-2 The student did long division and the got x^2 remainder -6add2x^2'

b'An article states that gas cost 122 Canadian dollars per litter in Canada. To be able to compare this price to the US, convert this to Dollars per gallon 1 US add 1.18 Canandian Dollar and 1 gallon add 3.78 L'

b'Karen wanted to find out how much waster was used when taking a bath and when taking a show. Karen found the dimensions of the tub filled with enough water to take a bath was 1.7 meters x 1 meters x 0.46meters and that the shower uses 5075 liters per minute. Karen figures a ...'

b'A room has dimensions 10 feet by22 feet and needs wall to wall carpeting. The store charges 61 per square yard to install the rug. How much will it cost to install the rug?'

b'Steven is moving to another city next weekend and wants to rent a moving truck. The rental rates for two companies in his area are shown below. Each company charges an initial fee for renting the truck, plus an additional amount per mile. Company 1: Miles: 30 Rental Charge: ...'

b'How many five-card hands chosen from a standard deck contain two hearts and three spades?'

b'if two fair dice are rolled what is the probability that the total showing is more than four? Will you please explain how to do this problem? Thank you'

b'Find each product mentally show the steps you use 9 x 44'

b'Construct A triangle Abc Such That Ab Is 6cm Abc 90degree'

b'An investment of 25,000 earns interest at an annual rate of 8.4percent compounded continuosly a. find the instantaneous rate of change of the amount in the account after years b. find the instantaneous rate of change of the amount in the account at the time the amount is eqaul to 30...'

b'The perimeter of the isosceles triangle is 28 cm.and side a is equal to xadd2y while side b is equal to 6y-2xadd1 and side c is equal to 4y all in cm.find x and y and hence state the lengths of the side of the triangle'

b'1 tenth can be exchanged for ______ hundredths. I think 0 cause 1 hundredth can exchanged in to 10 tenths but 1 tenth can not go in to 100'

b'Mr brown gives his class a test. The 10 girls in the class get a mean mark of 70 percent. The 15 boys in the class get a mean mark of 80 percent. Nick says that because the mean of 70 and 80 is 75 then the mean mark for the whole class in the test is 75 percent. Nick is not ...'


b"translate this sentence 44is the difference of Rita's age and 12 in an equation ."

b'Janie is making fruit bars for the bake sale. She uses 1/4 cup of sugar for each batch she makes. She uses 8 cups of sugar to make all the batches. How many batches of fruit bars does Janie make?'

b"Ava's dog weighs 52 kilograms. Marty's dog weighs 3/4 as much. How much does Marty's dog weigh?"

b'Students measure the velocity of a car as it races along a track in a clockwise direction. Their measurements are detailed below: Time sec | Velocity in/sec 0 | 4 1 | 8 2 | 10 3 | 6 4 | 9 5 | 12 6 | 5 7 | 8 8 | 10 9 | 6 10 | 12 Estimate the distance traveled by the car ...'

b'the signal to a speaker causes 5 amps of current .the signal level is increased to 2.5 amps. what is the gain rounded to the nearest decibel ?'

b'As the candle burns,its length decreases at a rate of 2cm every 20minutes. Write down the equation to calculate the length of the candle'

b'At the beginning of soccer practice a water cooler contained 5 gallons of water. At the end of practice the water cooler is only 1/4 full. How many gallons of water are in the cooler at the end of practice? Explain'

b'find the sum of each arithmetic series a5add8add11add....to 20 terms'

b'the measure of pair of adjacent sides of a parallelogram are 15cm and 20cm.if the length of one diagonals is 25cm find the area of the parallelogram.'

b'A hotdog costs 1.27 more than twice the price of a sod. Write an expression that shows the price of a hot dog in relation to the price of a soda. Then evaluate where the soda costs 99.'

b'If I have 12 yards of ribbon, how many 3/4 strips can I cut from it?'

b'If 26.4 grams of nitrogen and 30.1 grams of oxygen combine to form nitrogen monoxide, how many grams of nitrogen monoxide must form? I am confused on how to do the math.'

b'Jared is scheduled to work for mc008-1.jpg of an hour at the school fair. He has already worked mc008-2.jpg of an hour. How much longer does he have to work?'

b'The volume of a sphere is increasing at the rate of 5 cm.cm.per second .Find the rate of increase of the radious and surface area when the radious is 6cm.'

b'p;2padd2;5padd3 arithmetic sequence determine the next three terms'

b'the adjacent sides of parallelogram are 15 cm and 8cm. if the distance between the longer sides is 4 cm ,find the distance between the shorter sides.'

b'A theater has a seating capacity of 900 and charges 5 for children, 7 for students, and 9 for adults. At a certain screening with full attendance, there were half as many adults as children and students combined. The receipts totaled 6100. How many children attended the ...'

b'if tan alpha =1/3 and tan beta =1/7 prove that tan2 alphaaddbeta=45 degrees'

b'square root x-3-square rootx=3 can someone please solve this for me'

b'Johnny has 30 marbles. Mark has m marbles, if Johnny has 10 times as many as mark, write an equation that shows how many marbles mark has.'

b'What is the slope of the line that passes through the pair of points 3/2, -2 and -3, 7/3? A. -27/26 B. -26/27 C. 26/27 *** D. 27/26'

b'write equation of hyperbola with cebter c4,2 vertex 4,5 equation of one asymptote 4y-3x=-4'

b'An automobile is traveling at 65 mph. If each tire has a radius of 15 inches, at which rate are the tires spinning in revolutions per minute rpm? 63360in=1 mile'

b'Wholesale cost 1.55 and sold it at 2 and 20 what is the gross profit percentage x 100'


b'Think of a number square it,add 2 times to the original number.the result is 80.find the number.'

b'ABC is a right angled triangle . AD is bisector of angle BAC. Angle DAC = 20 degree . X = CD.'

b'Two cars moves around a circle of circumference 20 m with speed of 5m/s and 15m/s, if the positions of these cars are observed every integer seconds, after how many seconds will the cars occupy the same position. Help me show step'

b'How could he reduce the risk associated with this loan?'

b'What is the product of all valid solutions of the fractional equation x/45-5x=1/[5x-1] I am guessing the answer is -9 because the two solutions would be -3 and 3 but Im not sure.'

b'What is the value of x if 36x=4 ?'


b'The quadratic function f is negative only on the open interval ?2, 1/4 and its graph passes through the point ?1, ?5. Find a,b, and c.'

b'Determine the required number of branches in the tree diagram described. A tree diagram showing how many ways a nickel, a regular die, and a quarter could be flipped. I did a tree diagram with the die having six branches, the nickel having two, and the dime having two. So, I ...'


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