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b'I am not able to tell the difference between paradox and oxymoron'

b"what does sojourn mean as it is used in the following lines from act III,Scene 3,in The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet? Friar:Go hence;good nightand here stands all your state:Either be gone before the watch be set, Or by the break of day disguis'd from hence. Sojurn in Mantua; ..."

b'In Act III, scene 5 of romeo and Juliet, land capulet, who thinks Juliet is lamenting the death of tybalt, tells her, therefore have done. Some grief shows much of love;/but much of grief shows still some want of wit.what is the best paraphrase of the passage? A.Therefore,...'

b"1. Which of the patients have recovered? 2. Which of the patients has recovered? --------------- Do we have to use 'has' or 'have'? Are both OK? Which one is common?"

b"What is difference between 'name card' and 'business card'? What about a name tag?"

b"I'm writing an essay in English on whether learning always has a positive effect on a persona life. I said that it does. I need another main idea. My first one is learning can help us learn from our mistakes. I also need an example from literature or history. Please help"

b'We chased her, flying like a hare this suggest everyone feels her behaviour is abnormal as the whole village had to pursue for her and also simile has been used to make the girl seem like a wild animal being hunted. im british so can you coorect this in british english.'

b'my topic is about racial stereotyping so one of the questions is why chose the topic about stereotyping? so what shall i say.....'

b'Choose the best paraphrase of these lines from the The Sidewalk Racer AI wish I could move as fast as a car or a plane, but I cant because I am only a human. BI feel as if I am botha single engine plane and a car.I pick this CWith my one-engine heart, I am part of my ...'

b'Which job can I get by these subjects?'

b'1. My hobby is internet games and paper folding. 2. My hobbies are internet games and paper folding. ----------- Which one is grammatical? 3. My hobby is exchanging text messages on Kakao Talk on my smart phone. 4. My hobby is talking with my friends on the phone. 5. My hobby ...'

b'What is your hobby? 1. My hobby is doing bunjee jumping. 2. My hobby is bunjee jumping. 3. My hobby is doing rock climbing. 4. My hobby is rock climbing. 5. My hobby is bowling. 6. My hobby is going bowling. 7, My hobby is doing bowling. -------------------- Which answers are ...'

b'In the personification of death in the final scene what is romeo communicating? A: that death has taken Juliet as his love and he wants to keep her B: That death has failed to kill Juliet C: that death is like a thief who has stolen his love I think it is A...IS this correct?'

b"What's your favorite food? 1. My favorite food is rice porridge. 2. My favorite food is rice soup. 3. My favorite food is rice gruel. 4. My favorite food is a hamburger. 5. My favorite food is hamburgers. 6. My favorite food is humburger. ================ Which expression is ..."

b"I read play ecstasy of rita joe and I'm doing analysis paper on character of rita. I need to come with argument for thesis. I'm trying to say that she doesn't really listen and understand white people, and this trait of hers leads her to trouble but I don't know how to reword ..."

b'What does the word melancholy mean? No multiple choice answers provided.'

b"When assembling a writing plan for an essay, which of the following should come first? A. Material that catches the reader's interest B. The first section of the body of your essay. C. A brief summary of your conclusion D. The general idea of your essay Correct me if wrong?"

b'Read the following passage. Then answer questions 1-5 on the online portion of the Unit Assessment. From The Lost Prince By Frances Hodgson Burnett There are many dreary and dingy rows of ugly houses in certain parts of London, but there certainly could not be any row more ...'

b'The primary purpose of the passage is to __________. A. describe the best way to consume chocolate B. discuss current theories about chocolate and health C. give factual information about the history of cacao D. persuade readers that cacao originated in Europe Please answer ASAP'

b'Would someone be willing to grade or check my rough draft of a critical review?'

b'1. All the lights went out and we were left in the dark. 2. All the lights went out and we were left in the darkness. 3. All the lights went out and we were left in dark. 4. All the lights went out and we were left in darkness. ============== Which expressions are acceptable...'

b'1. He paid attention to the elderly people. 2. He got attention to the elderly people. 3. He got attention from the elderly people. 4. He drew attention to the elderly people. 5. He drew attention from the elderly people. =========================== Which expressions are ...'

b'1.Honour or reputation ---is,aredearer than life. Which of the two words is the most appropriate?'

b"1.I'm worried about my looks. I want to become more handsome. What should I do? - Why don\xc2\xa1\xc2\xaft use organic cosmetics on your face? - Why don\xc2\xa1\xc2\xaft put organic cosmetics on your face? - Why don\xc2\xa1\xc2\xaft you wash your face more often? - Why don\xc2\xa1\xc2\xaft you have double eyelid surgery? - ..."

b'Please can someone composed a short poem for me.?'

b'Careers in history'

b'Which word in the sentence is an adverb? Three slimy snails crept nearby.'

b"What does the hook of a paragraph do? It concludes the essay. It grabs readers' attention. It proves a difficult point. It continues an argument is it b pls help"

b'How should you explain your supporting evidence? without topic sentences in at least 500 words as clearly as possible briefly and without detail is it c pls help'

b'How should your conclusion relate to your topic paragraph? it should state the opposite to make readers think. it should provide new information and facts. it should restate it in as much detail as possible. it should reflect on it without restating it. is it d pls help'

b'The cow jumped over the moon what is the subject, verb and object in this sentence.'

b'\xc2\x93That person must belong to a gang; just look how he dresses\xc2\x94. How often do you here people saying these types of things about others, yet, how often have we said something similar? I believe our society is based on the superficial things, which we categorize people ...'

b"How does Friar Lawrence respond when he sees Juliet's parents in agony over their daughter's death.? A: He tells them the truth of her marriage to Romeo B: He tells them she is Happy in Heaven C: He runs away in shame hiding with his guilt I think maybe A but not sure could be..."

b"1. You should pay attention to me. 2. You should draw attention from the audience. 3. You should get attention from the classmates. ------------------- Are they all grammatical? Do we have to use only 'to' in Sentence 1? Do we have to use 'from' in Sentence 2 and 3? Do you ..."

b'1. Check V on the item which Tom is happy with. 2. Check a V on the item which Tom is happy with. 3. Check on the item which Tom is satisfied with. 4. Check the box of the item which Tom is dissatisfied with. --------------- Are they grammatical? Correct them, please.'

b"1. Listen again and check on T if the sentences match with the dialogue. Check on F if they don't match. 2. Listen again and check T if the sentences match the dialogue. Check F if they don't match. ----------------- Which one is correct? Do we have to use 'on' or 'with'?"

b'Why can learning be bad?'

b"1.I'm worried about my looks. I want to become more handsome. What should I do? - Why don't you have cosmetic surgery? 2. I'm worried about my height. I am short. I want to become taller. What should I do? - Why don't you jump rope every day? 3. I'm worried about my weight. I'..."

b'What do you provide in the body of your essay? supporting evidence concluding thoughts central ideas thesis details is it a'

b'Laughing and giggling throughout most of the story, the students weren\xc2\x92t just engaged\xc2\x97they were also amused. How can I fix that sentence? Or is it ok?'

b'Most people find stereotypes to be unpleasant including, myself, especially when they have to do with sensitive subjects like gender or race. Personally I consider Stereotyping is a generalization about a group or category of people that can have a powerful influence on how we...'

b'name three t.v heroes and why the are on your list'

b"\xc2\x93That person must belong to a gang; just look how he dresses\xc2\x94. How often have we heard somebody mention these things, yet, how often have we said something similar? how shall i start my opening i don't think this is good"

b'In the following lines, Juliet is speaking of her tears, as if they have feelings: The tears have got small victory by that:/For it was bad enough before their spite. Identify the type of figurative language that is being used. A: Simile B: Metaphor C: Personification I ...'

b'Is this grammatically correct? I mean, it is alright for me to write who one of them is in an entirely new sentence? Is it considered a sentence fragment and therefore grammatically incorrect? By one look of his now unnaturally light pupils, she could tell that he had ...'

b"In English class, we had a guest speaker who did a presentation. I have to do a response assignment based on that event. But, in this case, what kind of writing am I supposed to do? that's often my an obstacle to me. Any help, I'll really appreciate it."

b'29. After a long and exhausting night, the tired mother sat still feeding her ravenous baby until the child dozed off and fell asleep. Which of the following pairs of words are redundant in the sentence above. A. exhausting, tired B. dozed off, fell asleep C. sat, still D. ...'

b'16. I told the child to _____ down for a nap. When he finally fell asleep I ___ down for a nap of my own. Which of the following options correctly completes the sentence above. A. lay,lay B. lay,lie C. lie, lie D. lie, lay i think a'

b"Where is Romeo during Act IV of Romeo and Juliet? A: Hiding in Friar Lawerence's Cell B: He is in Exile in Mantua C: He is in Exile in Verona I choose B is this correct? Thank you"

b"Please someone explain these to me I've put in the answers that i think are right but i don't understand these very well. 1. Identify the type of irony found i Act IV, scene 1, of romeo and juliet, when paris meets juliet at friar lawrence's cell and says, do not deny... ..."


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