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b'In the website I was able to learn about the English language very well, because in the website there are a lot of menus that english grammar, english vocabulary, english basics, english lesson, english pronunciation, english fun and games, english test, english quizzes, ...'

b"Why does the Rabbi's son abandon his father on the march to Buchenwald? He believes his father is better off without him. He wants to be free from the responsibility of his father. He doesn't want to tell his father he doesn't believe in God. <~my choice He cannot find him ..."

b'Will i be able to do law with the following subject maths lit,geography,life science,physical science and english'

b'1.This figure is wrong;please strike it-----fill in with suitable preposition'

b'In which sentence does the underlined infinitive phrase function as a subject? 1The commuters were excited to ride on the new high-speed trains. 2The goal of the new train station is to move more trains from the station to the city. 3To quickly move large groups of people ...'

b"1. What do you mean by that? 2. What do you mean by saying that? Does 1 mean 2? 3. What do you mean by TGIF? 4. What do you mean by saying TGIF? Is 3 from 4? Is 'saying' deleted before TGIF? 5. This room is for VIPs only. 6. This room is for only VIPs. Which one..."

b"I've been wondering, why is how are you? correct and commonly used instead of how is you? Since is is singular and are is plural and you is referring to an individual. An explanation will be appreciated. Thank you, tutors, for sparing your time reviewing these ..."

b'Fill in the blanks with appropriate form of verb past tense The jewellery _____be giveto her by her husband, who _____ died some years before. Since his death, she did not have the heart to wear it, yet she did not want to sell it. Now it seemed that fate ____ Take the ...'

b'1. He will be back in a few days. 2. He will be back after a few days. 3. He will be back within a few days. ----------------------- Are they all grammatical? What is the difference between 1 and 2?'

b"Hello. I'll be grateful for some help. 1 Is the preposition for OK in the phrase our hopes for a better future or is it of? 2 Is the sentence OK April 5th is my sister's birthday? 3 Please check the sentence I often recollect our boat trip on the Rhine to Austria..."

b'Answer questions 1\xc2\x964 in one or two sentences. Question 1a\xc2\x961b is based on the following paragraph. A trip to the ocean can be a relaxing escape from the everyday pressures of life. A sailboat glistening on the horizon provides a mental escape to faraway places. The rhythm ...'

b"Who is Dolphus Raymond in Harper Lee's Nobel Prize winning book To Kill A Mockingbird?"

b"1. No one wants to work with dirty,smelly people. 2. No one wants to work with dirty smelly people. 3. No one wants to work with dirty and smelly people. =============== Which ones are grammatical? In 1, a comma was used before 'people.' In Sentence 2, no comma was used. In ..."

b"Thank you for your help. 1. He will be back after a few days. 2. He was back after a few days. ----------- In the past tense, do we have to use 'after' as in Sentence 2? What about Sentence 1? I used 'after' instead of 'in.' Is this sentence grammatical? Do we have to ..."

b"You can't fly to Canada in an hour. It's impossible. ==================== What is the meaning of 'in' in the first sentence? Does 'in' mean 'within' or 'after'?"

b"1. Because it was a rainy day, he took an umbrella with him. 2.Because it was a rainy day, he took an umbrella. ================= Do we have to use 'with him' as in the first sentence? How about 2? What is the difference between Sentence 1 and Sentence 2?"

b"I need an example of a simile for 'relieved'."

b"Punctuate: My orchard was often robbed by schoolboys and my wife's custards plundered by cats. I think the answer would be: My orchard was often robbed by schoolboys; and my wife's custards, plundered by cats. Am I correct? Why/ Why not?"

b"Please explain adverb phrases, prepositional phrases, verb phrases, noun phrases and adjective phrases along with examples. 2 How is the weather today, Sam? said Jonh. Why isn't a comma required before said John?"

b'1 Observe the relation and fill in the blanks. food:crude:: should: ____ I think the answer could be prude but it could also be would, could etc. I considered these answers because all of them rhyme with should just like crude rhymes with food. But there might be some other ...'

b'1 If it rained heavily, the reservoirs______ full. Use the right form of verb to fill in the blanks. a will be bwould be cwould have been d will have been I think the answer is option b. Am I correct?'

b"1. We will go to school by bicycle along the coast road. 2. We will go to school by bicycle along the coastal road. Do we have to use 'coast' or 'costal? 3. He took the bus. 4. He get on the bus. 5. He used the bus. 6. He rode the bus. Can we use all the four expression? ..."

b'Punctuate the following sentence: How is the weather today Sam said John. I think the punctuated sentence would be: How is the weather today Sam? said John. I am not sure if there is a comma before Sam and said. Am I correct? Please help'

b'1 state ten ways on how to study to understand and remember more of what you study 2. State two causes why you find it difficult to remember when you read/study 3. Briefly say two ways you can do to correct the courses'

b'Fame shall sound thy praise from sea to sea. Can this be considered an example of personification?'

b'Which of the following is a simple sentence? a He ran fast but he failed to win the prize. b Although he ran fast he failed to win the prize. c In spite of running past, he failed to win the prize. d He failed to win the prize because he did not run fast. Give reasons also.'

b'Honour and reputation is/are dearer than life. Suitable form of verb is:'

b'1.Some of the pie---is,aremissing. 2.Alof the pies---is,aremissing. Fill in the blanks with suitable forms of verbs.'

b'1. When is your birthday? 2. What day is your birthday? 3. It is on March 28th. 4. It is March 28th. Which ones are correct? Are they all correct? Which one are commonly used?'

b'A comma splice is an incorrect use of a comma to correct a run-on sentence correct use of a comma to correct a run-on sentence incorrect combining of two dependent clauses way to correctly combine two dependent clauses'

b'Which of the following correctly uses a semicolon? Dinner; is the most important part of my day. After a good dinner; I like to have something sweet. My favorite thing to eat; is dessert. I like ice cream; it is delicious. pls help me'

b'Which of the following is an example of a run-on sentence? She likes her cereal with no milk at all. I like my cereal with lots of milk. Most people eat cereal, it\xc2\x92s healthy. When they eat it, they use milk. is it c'

b'What are the similarities and differences between having 1 vendor and multiple vendors in a school cafeteria.'

b'How can you write a great conclusion?'

b'from the passage we learn that these rare species are specifically located in the Okawvango Delta in the north of Botswana. They also disliked by farmers as they are very harmful and could physically injure them eventually these species are shot this is why these species are ...'

b'I have to write a point form outline for a short story... i need to start with a flashblack but not sure how? the topic: Your main character is an easy going 74-year old woman. The story begins in a doctors surgery. Your character is determined to get to the truth.'

b'In act IV,Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet, two days before her scheduled wedding to Paris Juliet tells Friar Lawrence all the things you would rather do than marry Paris. which of the following lines from her monologue foreshadow the outcome of the play? A.O, bid me leap,rather ...'

b'1. My favorite food is noodle. 2. My favorite food is a noodle. 3. My favorite food is noodles. Which one is right? 4. My favorite food is ramen. 5. I ate two ramens yesterday. 6. I bought three ramens at a supermarket. Are they all grammatical? Can we use the plural forms ...'

b"1. I'm very glad to hear that because I love bulgogi 2. I'm very glad to hear that because I love Bulgogi ----------------- Do we have to use 'bulgogi' or 'Bulgogi'? bulgogi:A Korean dish made from sliced beef that has been marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, sugar..."

b"What do you mean by that? What do you mean lunch is on me? ===================== There are a lot of meanings of 'by.' What is the meaning of 'by' in the two sentences?"

b'I need help for Habit 4 Think Win-Win summary please help'

b'The relationship between these two sentences are: Comparison Is this correct Many Hispanic girls celebrate their fifteenth birthday in a special way. Similarly, Anglo girls have a special party for their \xc2\x93sweet\xc2\x94 sixteenth birthday'

b'What does pestilence mean as it is used in the following lines from Act V,Scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet? Friar John:Going to find a barefoot brother out,One of our order,to associate me, Here in this city visiting the sick, and finding him,the searches of the town, Suspecting ...'

b'Does anyone know the theme of the short story the diamond mine by Willa Cather?'

b"what does sojourn mean as it is used in the following lines from Act V,Scene 3 of Romeo and Juliet? Prince:This letter doth make good the friar's words, Their course of love, the tidings of her death: And here he writes that he did buy a poison of a poor 'pothecary, and ..."

b"1. Walls have ears. 2. The walls have ears. -------------- Which one is correct? ============================ 3. Lunch is on me. - What do you mean by lunch is on me? - I mean I will pay for the lunch. ----------------------- In the last sentence, do we have to use 'the ..."

b"1. He wanted me to know that he still cared for me. 2. He wanted me to know that he still cares for me. ================== Do we have to use 'cared' or 'cares'? Are both OK?"

b'what is an adjative?'

b'When Marilyn Cross is trapped, what kind of conflict does the pilot create for her? Man vs. Man Man vs. Society Man vs. Self Man vs. Nature'

b'What does a novel often have more of than a short story? Characters and events Alternate endings Twists and surprises Authors and readers is it a pls help'


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