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b'I read story the flowers by alice walker and i trying to write essay from post colonial view so what would this sentence mean? tiny white bubbles disrupt the thin black scale of soil Like does it represent white and black race?'

b"Which statement from Zoos: Joys or Jails? best captures the author's point of view? At the zoo they are treated with care, but they should be treated with reverence. Animals behave differently than they would in their natural surroundings. Animals like big cats are ..."

b'1. If you meet someone on the street, you should say hello to him. 2. If you meet someone on the street, you should say hello to him or her. 3. If you meet someone on the street, you should say hello to them. 4. If you meet someone on the street, you should say hello to the ...'

b"In Old English, the pupil of the eye the round, dark center was called the 'apple'. It was thought that the pupil was a round object much like an apple. When you look at someone, 1their reflection appears in your pupil. So if someone is the 'apple of your eye', he or she is..."

b'English is the language of opportunity.why bother to teach indidenous language?'

b'Which Of The Following Is Correct; 1.If I Was You Reed 2.If I Were You Reed'

b'In which sentence is the meaning of the word astonish expressed A.marley says nothing will surprise scrooge given all that he has seen B. Christmas present asks scrooge to touch his robe C. freds wife expresses her pleasure at the amount of laughter in her marriage D. bob ...'

b'What is an example for an archetype in the book night by Elie wiesel'

b'Should traditional healers be allowed to perform and prescribe medicine in hospitals and clinics?'

b'What is needed before or after the date listed below, a dash or a parentheses or is it correct? I think parentheses because it is loosely related to the sentence? During the Civil War 1861-1865, however, Barton performed another important national service. Also, what about ...'

b'How are the poems of Lear and Nash alike? A. Both follow the same rhyme scheme each time. B. Both always focus on animals. C. Both occasionally contain made-up words. D. Both have varied lengths. I think D'

b'What best completes this statement about London, 1802? In Lines 9 and 10 Wordsworth uses _____. personification metaphor simile allusion line9 Thy soul was like a star, and dwelt apart; line10 Thou hadst a voice whose sound was like the Sea:'

b'English is a language of opportunity why bother teaching indigenous languages?'

b'Traditional African marriage is an advantage for man only not women'

b'If you were a young Lucius, what would you think about the events you\xc2\x92ve observed? How would you feel about Brutus?'

b'what can you infer about the haida culture by examining their mythology?'

b"1. You can do this at least 5 to 10 times. 2. You can do this at least from 5 to 10 times. Is 2 grammatical? Do we need to use 'from' as in Sentence 2?"

b"Posted by rfvv on Saturday, April 9, 2016 at 3:37am. 1. Try to do this at least 5 to 10 times. 2. Try to do this at least from 5 to 10 times. Doe s1 mean 2? Can we use 'from' before 5? \xc2\x95English - Writeacher, Saturday, April 9, 2016 at 8:38am The two sentences seem to ..."


b'1. Many horror nd suspense stories such as The Lottery use stereotypical ______ instead of complex individuals because readers readily relate to them a. Archetypes b. Foils c. Stock characters d. Unreliable narrators A and C mean basically the same thing. Which one ...'

b"1. In The Raven which details of the setting contribute least to the poem's mysterious and despairing mood? a. The room is dimly lit b. The room is decorated with busts of ancient gods. c. The story takes place on a Midnight dreary during a Bleak December d. The ..."

b'1. What does the following quote from \xc2\x93The cask of Amontillado \xc2\x93 reveal about the relationship between Montresor and his servants? I had told them that I should not return until the morning and has given them explicit orders not to stir from the house. These orders were ...'

b'Traditional healers should be allowed to practise and prescribe medicines in hospitals and clinics.'

b'Is English the language of opportunity?'

b'1. He will must go to Japan. X 2. He will have to go to Japan. 3. She will may go to the amusement park.X 4. She will be allowed to go to the amusement park. 5. He must can speak Chinese.X 6. He must be able to speak Chinese. 7. He may must parctice speaking German.X 8...'

b'Thank you for your help. Did you have a good weekend? I have some more questions. 1. Take time and look upward at night. 2. ___________ and look upward at night. What other similar expressions can we use in the blank? 3. Point your foot backward. 4. _______ your foot ...'

b'1. You can do these activitiesa at any place, at any time. 2. You can do these activitiesa anyplace, anytime. 3. You can do these activitiesa anywhere, anytime. Are they all interchangable? Are they all grammatical?'

b"Is the following sentence a smiple compound complex or compund-complex? She invited her neightbor to the party even though she didn't know her very well"

b'Traditional African marriage is an advantage for men only?'

b'English is the language of opportunities why bother to teach other indigenous language'

b'prepared speech:English is a language of opportunity, why bother teach indigenous languages'

b'revise the following sentence to use modifiers correctly, clearly and effectively. *= revised sentence 1.The student cafeteria is operated by a college food service system chain. * A chain of food service system operates the student cafeteria. Thank you'

b'1. Which of the following writers were never published in a periodical? a. Mark Twain b. Jonathan Swift c. Henry David Thoreau d. George Orwell e. None of the above 2. Which of the following qualities must a piece of writing have to be considered an essay? a. it must present ...'

b'1. The first writing which can be described as essayistic appeared in: a. the writing of Ralph Waldo Emerson b. The writing of Mark Twain c. Eighteenth-century newspapers d. Ancient Greece and Rome e. None of the Above 2. Michel de Montaigne was the first person to: a. be ...'

b'to do a syllabus for 16 weeks for academic writing'

b'Around ten to twelve thousand years ago, human began to domesticate plants and animals for food. Before this first agricultural revolution, people relied on hunting and gathering to obtain food supplies. While there are still groups of hunters and gatherers in the world, most ...'

b'wich university i could fit in with this subject? and how many point do i need?'

b'1. When Ann got the job, her parents walked on air. 2. When Ann got the job, her parents was on cloud nine. 3. When Ann got the job, her parents were very happy. 4. When Ann got the job, her parents were walking on air. =================== Are the expressions all the same? ...'

b'1. To what degree should we bend our body in the Chair Pose? 2. At what degree should we bend our body in the Chair Pose? 3. From what degree should we bend our body in the Chair Pose? - We should bend our body at a 45 degree angle. Which question is correct? Pay attention to...'

b"1. Try to do this at least 5 to 10 times. 2. Try to do this at least from 5 to 10 times. Doe s1 mean 2? Can we use 'from' before 5?"

b"1. Bend your knees and bend your body at a 45 degree angle. Does this sentence mean 'bend your knee at 45 degree angle or not'? 2. Bend your knees and bend your body at a 45-degree angle. Is this correct? There is a hyphen between 45 and degree."

b'1. Put the table there, against the wall. 2. Put the table against the wall. 3. Put the table opposite the wall. ------------- Does 1 mean 2 or 3?'

b'1. Will you give me a wake-up call at 6: a.m.? 2. Can I ask for a wake-up call tomorrow morning? Are both common sentences? 3. a wake up call 4. a wakeup call 5. a wake-up call. Which expression is correct?'

b'1. Stand in line, please. 2. Stand in a line, please. 3. Stand in two lines, please. 4. Stand in row. 5. Stand in a row. 6. Stand in two rows. =============== Can we use all the expressions? What is the difference between them?'

b'1. Raise your right foot and place it against your left thigh. 2. Raise your right foot and place it on your left thigh. 3. Raise your right foot and place it to your left thigh. 4, Raise your right foot and place it onto your left thigh. ---------------- Can we use other ...'

b'1. Put your hands together. 2. Put together your hands. 3. Take your hands apart. 4. Take apart your hands. -------------------- Are they all grammatical? Is 3 the opposite of 1?'

b"1. Today, we will learn some yoga moves. 2. Today, we will learn some yoga movements. -------------- Can we use 'movements' instead of 'moves'? Which one do you use frequently? 3. Hold the tree pose for 30 seconds. 4. Keep the tree pose for 30 seconds. 5. Maintain the tree ..."

b'I watched a serial on TV yesterday'

b'1. What powers did Parliament have in the Bill of Rights? 2. Why was King James removed from the throne? 3. Do you think the people of England were more in favor of King William and Queen Mary in being the King and Queen than King James II? Why or nor why not? Support your ...'

b'Need help making 2 words, 56 letters each, out of these letters kasimaalemts.'


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