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b'English is the language of opportunity why bother to teach indigenous language'


b'As a teenager, I was not obsessed about eating out. My family would eat at a restaurant at least twice a week. Every time we went anywhere, it was a challenge for my parents to find a suitable food and a nice quality restaurant. Fortunately, exception I loved the place and ...'

b'African slaughter ritual should be allowed in the suburbs'

b'traditional african marrige is an advantage for men only not woman'

b"1. I will visit Paris this summer. 2. I shall visit Paris this summer. 3. I intend to visit Paris this summer. Does 1 mean 2 or 3? Does 'will' mean a simple future or a will? 4. I like children. I will be a teacher. 5. I like children. I shall be a teacher. 6. I like ..."

b'What is a persuasive writing'

b'is the quote you sit on a throne of lies from the movie elf a hyperbole or an idiom?'

b'1. Tickets are on sale from the booking office. Does it mean that we can get the tickets at a reduced price? 2. The new model goes on sale next month. Does this sentence mean that the new model will be sold at a reduced price next monthe?'

b'What was life like for Jewish people under Nazi occupation?'

b"what life was like for Jewish folks under Nazi occupation? could anyone leave links to sites that give information about that question? Or even just comment things you know about it, I'm trying to redo a powerpoint presentation."

b'I had submitted a project and failed it and had gotten the chance to resubmit it for a better grade. I am so confused about how I messed up and is wondering if anyone could walk through it with me? The project is: create a research presentation about the experiences of Jewish ...'

b'Speech about english is the language of opportunity,why bother to teach indegenous language'

b'why traditional African marriage is an advantage for the men only,not women?'

b'why bother to teach indigenous languages?'

b'Why traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only not wonem?'

b'13. In which of the following sentences is the word down used as an adverb? A. Ricky rolled down the car window to place his order at the coffee shop. B. Gail fell down the steps because she tripped on her untied shoelace. C. The ball moved down the street towards the ...'


b'1. What did Hitler call the unification of Austria and Germany? Q: The Anschluss is what Hitler called the unification of Austria and Germany. 2. What is appeasement and did it work? A: Appeasement is the policy of giving concessions in exchange for peace. It did not work ...'

b'English is the language of opportunity.why bother to teach indigenous langguages?'

b"Are 'on sale' and 'for sale' the same in meaning in British? Are they different in American English only?"

b"Please check this. Thanks Imagine you are writing are research paper on Margaret Atwood's feminist ideas. Which of the following sources would you consider a secondary source? a. an interview with the author b. Margaret Atwood's The Penelopiad c. an essay about feminism in ..."

b"1. Round your back downward. 2. Arch your back downward. 3. Round your back upwards. 4. Arch your back upwards. Are both the same in meaning? Can we use 'arch' in lieu of 'round'?"

b"Posted by rfvv on Sunday, April 17, 2016 at 10:53pm. 1. Dancing is my thing. 2. Dancing is ______________. What other expressions can we use 'instead of 'my thing'? \xc2\x95English - Writeacher, Monday, April 18, 2016 at 1:16am ... my favorite activity. ... my favorite thing to ..."

b"1, He has put all his money into buying that house. 2. He put all the apples into the fridge. 3. She put all the dolls into the box. ------------------- Are they all grammatical? Can we use 'in' instead of 'into'?"

b'English is the language of opportunity,Why bother to teach indigenous languages?'

b"1. Jeans are on sale, 30 percent off today 2. Jeans are 30percent off today 3. Jeans are for sale, 30 percent off today ------------ Are both the same in meaning? Can we erase 'on sale'? Can we say 3? What is the difference between 1 and 3?"

b'1. This book is worth reading. 2. This book is not worth 10 dollars. 3. He is worth meeting. 4. This place is worth visiting. 5. New York is worth visiting twice. 6. She is worth prasing. 7. The dog is worth buying. 8. This car is worth purchasing. 9. This car is worth washing...'

b'English is the language of opportunities bother to teach indegenous language'

b"1. Dancing is my thing. 2. Dancing is ______________. What other expressions can we use 'instead of 'my thing'?"

b'is nationalism capitalized?'

b'The pilot decided to return the aircraft to the gate after the warning lights indicated trouble with the landing gear. Identify the set of domain specific words from this sentence.'

b'Which word in the dictionary is spelt Incorrectly?'

b'1. He kept all her letters. 2. He is keeping all her letters. 3. He has kept all her letters for 10 years. 4. He has been keeping all her letters till now. Are they all grammatical?'

b"Is this question to inform: The bank says that I have no money left in my checking account, but that can't be true. I have plenty of checks left"

b"1. Food prices rise sharply in Egypt. What is the meaning of 'sharply' here? 2. Sometimes be happy. 3. Be sometimes happy. 4. Be happy sometimes. Can we use thises sentences? Which one is common?"

b'Dear Ms.Sue, thank you for your help. One more question, please. If I want a person not to touch me, do I say 1 Take your hands off me 2 Hands off 3 Take off your hands to me, it sounds wrong? Thank you a lot.'

b"Dear Ms.Sue, I'm very grateful for your explanation. Please help me with a few more problems. 1 Which is correct: a You can do whatever you want. b You can do whatever you want to. c You can do whatever you like. d You can do what you want. e You can do anything you want..."

b'Dear Ms.Sue, thank you for your answers. May I ask you a few more questions? 1 I just want to make sure I understand it correctly. Does Where are you hurting mean the same as Where do you hurt the same as Where does it hurt? 2 Help me, please, with sometimes/...'

b'Hello. I will be very grateful for some help. 1 Which is correct: The woman fell and hit on the sidewalk, hit against the sidewalk or hit the sidewalk? 2 I want to say that the pain is extremely bad, so which is correct:My leg hurts/is hurting very much/ so much/ a ...'

b'English is the language of opportunity.why bother to teach indigenous language?'

b'Why bother to teach indigenous'

b'Speech about english is the languages of opportunity'

b'Traditional healers should be allowed to prictise and prescribe medicine in hospital and clinic?'

b"speech about ;Traditional African marriage it's an advantage for men only not for women. so my question is, How is the relationship between the wives in the polygamy?"

b'How is the relationship between the wives in polygamy?'

b'Traditional African marriage is an advantage of man only not for women'

b'English is the language of opportunity why bother to teach indigenous language.'

b"I have a homework where i have to write a speech on this topic which says Mythical charector i admire and i don't have a clue on how to start please help"

b'essay on the cruicble by arthur miller when elizabeth is accused of hurting abigail DO NOT GIVE ME ADVICE ON HOW TO DO IT GIVE ME THE ESSAY'


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