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b'How do you divide a polynomial function by another polynomial function.'

b'Five divers found three chests of coins. they decided to divide the treasure evenly. what portion of the chest would each one get ?'

b"if there are 24 students and 5 less girls than boys , how many girls are in the class. I don't think there is a solution to this."

b'Marcus plays basketball for nine hours each week his friend Louis spends 5/6 as much time playing basketball who plays more basketball? I think you multiply 9x5/6, is that correct?'

b'A shipping box shaped like a rectangular prism has a height of 6ft and a volume of 96ft3, what is the length and width of the base for the box? Show the description whit a grid.'

b'Given the function fx = 23^x, Section A is from x = 0 to x = 1 and Section B is from x = 2 to x = 3. Part A: Find the average rate of change of each section. Part B: How many times greater is the average rate of change of Section B than Section A? Explain why one rate of ...'

b'If a pentagon has five sides. Two sides are three times the length of the shortest side. Two sides are five inches longer than the shortest side. Write and simplify an expression for the perimeter of the pentagon.'

b'I am less than 15. I am odd. If you add my two digits together the total is 2. Who am I?'

b'Find the value of each expression in lowest terms 3/4 add 1/16='

b'A rectangular tablecloth is 2.5 m long. Trim is to be sewn around the perimeter of the cloth but there is not enough. What decrase in width will make the perimeter 0.4m shorter if the length remains the same?'


b'Write two times, in digital notation, when the clockwise angle between the hands is: a less than one right angle b less than two right angles c greater than three right angles'

b'Good evening everyone. I am very confused on how to work on the below problem. Ingrid walked her dog and washed her car. The time she spent walking her dog was 1/4 the time it took to wash her car. It took Ingrid 14 minutes to walk the dog. How long did it take Ingrid to wash ...'

b'an employee is paid 3600 for the first month. she is paid an additional 1percent at the end of the second month, which means a total of 3636. she continues to receive a 1percent raise each month for a full year. what is her total salary at the end of the year?'

b'A marathon runner runs 10 1/2 miles in 2 hours. What is her rate? Write an expression to represent the problem. Solve the problem:'

b'On a soccer team 40percent of the goals are scored by the star player. If 70 goals are scored all season, how many are scored by the rest of the team?'

b'Elizabeth pumps 3 1/2 gallons of gas in 1/4 of a tank. How many gallons does a full tank hold? Write an expression to represent the problem. Solve the problem:'

b'The sum of the first 9 terms of an arithmetic series is 144, and the sum of the first 14 terms is 329. Find the first 4 terms of the series.'

b'what is the slope of the line x=-5'

b'You deposit 10,000 in an account earning 3percent interest, compounded semi-monthly twice a month. You plan to leave the account untouched for 25 years. How much interest will you earn over the 25 years?'

b'55 is 30percent of what number? I think its 183? Can someone tell me if im wrong/explain to me how to do it? I dont really want the answer I just wanna check and see if im right/ why im not right Thanks ^-^'

b"Susan was 20 years old when her daughter janet was born what will Janet's age be when their age ratio is 7 :2 what I got is x = 2/9x add 20 but it gives me an uneven number and not sure if it's correct"

b'A graph that represents 20 plus 0.25 permile'

b"susan was 20 years old when her daughter janet was born. what will Janet's age be when their age ratio is 7:2"

b"Which makes this a true statement? _____ rectangles are squares. A. All B. Some*** C. No D. None of these I think it's this please correct me"

b'What is the function rule with input of 18,6,10,22,4,14 and output of 13,7,9,_,_. The last 2 outputs are blank as we need to figure out the rule and then fill in the blanks.'

b'Write two times,in digital notation, when clockwise angle between the hands is: a. Less than one right angle : b. Less than two right angles : c. Greater than 3 right angles:'

b'2sin5xcos4x-sinx=sin9x Can u do this without triple angle formula and how'

b'A pilot estimates that 5/8 of the fuelin the planes tank will be used when the plane reaches its destination. The tank contained 42,300 gallons at take-off. How much fuel does the pilot expect to use?'

b'A parking garage charges 2.00 to enter the garage and 1.50 an hour to park. Use the coordinate plane to graph this situation.'

b'A man sold two cycles for RS.3000 each gaining 20percent one and losing 20percenton the other.Find his gain or loss percentages on the whole transaction.'

b'The cost of one dozen bananas is 20 then 9 bananas is'

b'Length of rectangle is 8 metres less than twice its breadth. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 56 metres.Find its length and breadth'

b'Find the volume of the following solid figure. Use = 3.14. V = 4/3r3. A sphere has a radius of 5.7 inches.'

b'Solve: Log5x-2 add log8x-4= log6x-1'

b'There are 25 children at a party,each child eat 3 cake.how many cakes are eaten altogether?'

b'the sum of the digits of a two-digit number is 9.if 9 is added to the number, then its digits interchange their place. what is the difference in cube of the digits?'

b'lisa wants to paint the ceiling of her restaurant.The ceiling is in the shape of a square Its side lengths are 48 feet suppose each can of paint will cover 192 square feet. How many cans will she need to pant the ceiling'

b'is x^2-3xadd28 factorable'

b'An aeroplane flies at 800km/h for one third of its flight time and averages 700 km/h for the entire trip. What is the average speed, in kilometres per hour, over the remaining part of the journey? A. 600 B.750 C.650 D.500 E.625 Could you please explain in detail thank you'

b'-1/2x-3greater than 8'

b'The data shows the total number of employee medical leave days taken for? on-the-job accidents in the first six months of the? year:19?, 10, 26?, 12?, 28?, 19. Find the mean number of days taken for medical leave each month'

b'A board 26 3/8 inches long must be cut into three pieces of equal length. Find the length of each piece.'

b'the area of a rectangle is given by the expression x^3add7x^2add11xadd2 in^2. The length of the rectangle is given by the expression xadd2 in. What is an expression for the width of the rectangle?'

b'Tom has 5 times as many comic books as Deborah. Deborah has 40percent of the number of comic books that George has. if the total number of comics owned by the three friends is 204, how many are owned by Tom?'

b'2?72 add?32 I got 8?8'

b'A tennis racket is marked up 50percent to 36.75 what is the original price?'

b'2sqr72addsqr32 9x8 plus 4x8 2sqr3 x sqr8 add 2xsqr8 =8sqr8'

b'A basket ball team scored a total of 160 points. they made 74 baskets. how many 2 point and how many 3 point shots?'

b'Use long division to determine if the divisor is a factor of the dividend. -x^2-94xadd600/xadd100'


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