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b'The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. From Act I, Scene 1. how are the characters jack and algernon developed through the use of dialogue? how are these characters similar? how are they different? support your answer with evidence.'

b'Media influence to youth/teenagers'

b'How to write a speech about a mythical character and legendary hero'

b'The future in South africa is bright'

b"What does Annie's dialogue in the passage reveal about her character? A she is proud and indifferent. B she is sarcastic and cynical. C she is timid and nervous. D she is confident and persistent. Please help me. I've been stuck on this practice session for an hour"

b'Identify a theme in Dragonwings analyze and explain how the author develops the theme over the course of the novel through the characters and plot be sure to use evidence from the beginning middle and end of the story to support your ideas.'

b"Please help if I did right Thanks. Whose brilliant idea was this anyway? Sarah asked. If people were intended to sleep on the ground and cook over a fire, we wouldn't have beds and microwave ovens. Stop complaining, Emily said. At least you've got on dry clothes. You ..."

b'Michael Jordan, retired from the Chicago Bulls, is considered one of the greatest basketball players in history. Because he could jump so high and could consistently score points in the double digits per game.'

b"Wulliam became famous and had a chance to study in high school again. ------------------------- In this sentence, what is the role of to..... in a chance to...? I mean the relationship between 'a chance' and the to infinitive. Are they in apposition? Or does the to ..."

b'How do most people use comparison/contrast? To prove that others are wrong To make informed choices To destroy many political debates To share unbiased information is it a pls help'

b'Which of the following is an example of an informational text that explains? A pamphlet that disputes a point A written account of events in war An instruction manual for a computer An argument about the use of exams Is it b pls help me'

b'I thought my grammar was excellent BUT now not so sure: why is and necessary in some sentences and not others? Boys, girls, dogs, and cats .... vs Bright, friendly, compassionate ....'

b"Hi - i am doing english SAT practice and have a few grammar questions. 1. '60s flower child Book says an apostrophe goes before 60. Can you explain why? 2. Helen is a bright, friendly, confident girl. Book says this is correct Why is the word and not before confident. I ..."

b"Read the following passage I don't know anything, he said, except that I'm beginning to be sorry we bought that room for the children. If children are neurotic at all, a room like that - It's supposed to help them work off their neuroses in a healthful way. I'm starting..."

b'Against which American value did the Beat generation of writers react? equality freedom individualism traditionalism***'

b'How are children viewed in the society in which the Hadleys live? As completely helpless as mentally unstable as spiritually rewarding as generally obedient'

b"what can you infer about the Hadley family based on the beginning of the passage? They are well off financially*** They are careful with their money They are considerate of each other They are respectful of each other's privacy"

b'In this passage, what is the first indication that the story takes place in the future the parents hearing a roar of lions the parents denying their children the use of the rocket the parents complaining about their children the description of a room that can cure neuroses'

b"Please check my answers : The passage is The Miracle Worker by William Gibson. *** Means my answer 1What does Annie's dialogue in the passage reveal about her character? A She is proud and indifferent B She is sarcastic and cynical C She is timid and nervous*** D She is ..."

b'which of the following is a way that imagery can be used? to present facts during debates to inspire audiences during speeches*** to entertain readers with a play on words to impress readers with facts and evidence'

b'Literary Analysis: Plot Read the selection. Then, answer the questions that follow. I smiled to myself as I remembered the game that made me a star ten years ago . . . The rain was pouring down as I stepped out onto the football field. It was the last game of the season, and ...'

b'\xc2\x93New Directions\xc2\x94 is a narrative essay. What does that tell you about Annie Johnson? A. She is a real person. B. She is a made-up character. C. She is related to Maya Angelou. D. She is a character in a movie. A?'

b'Based on reading \xc2\x93Desiderata\xc2\x94 and knowing that this word means \xc2\x93the items you needed for an archive to make it useful,\xc2\x94 what can you conclude was the author\xc2\x92s purpose in writing this story? A. to inform B. to justify C. to recommend D. to persuade C? C?'

b'Which statement best describes the plot of \xc2\x93The Giant\xc2\x92s House\xc2\x94 by Elizabeth McCracken? A. A boy and a librarian fall in love while searching for answers to the boy\xc2\x92s struggle of suffering from gigantism. B. A librarian and a boy suffering from gigantism seek to find ...'

b'Based on what you know of the events of the story \xc2\x93The Cask of Amontillado,\xc2\x94 Fortunato\xc2\x92s name in this story is an example of what literary element? A. irony B. characterization C. foreshadowing D. suspense A?'

b'Literary Analysis: Author\xc2\x92s Voice Read the selection. Then, answer the questions that follow. I\xc2\x92ve come to terms with my dreaminess, my absent-mindedness\xc2\x97well, okay, my ditziness Why do I characterize myself this way? A few examples might make this description very ...'

b'Based on reading the excerpt from Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, what can you conclude was the author\xc2\x92s purpose? A. to entertain B. to inform C. to persuade D. to analyze B?'

b'1. Staying in bed is the best remedy for a cold. 2. For a cold the best remedy is staying in bed. ------------ 1 is correct? What about 2? Is Sentence 2 grammatical?'

b'High Court is Supreme Court in the USA, right? In the UK, it is different?'

b"1. He admitted cheating on the test. 2. He admitted that he had cheated on the test. 3. He admitted that he cheated on the test. Does 1 mnean 2 or 3? 4. I'll admit cheating on the test. 5. I'll admit that I cheat on the test. 6. I'll admit that I cheated on the test. ..."

b'Admit is a gerund taker and the gerund can connote the action happened prior to admit. So she admitted making a mistake. ========================= 1. She admitted making a mistake. 2. She admitted cheating on the test. Did the action making a mistake happen prior to ...'

b'1. I thought of other names but I was not satisfied with any of them. 2. I thought of other names but I was satisfied with none of them. Are both the same? 4. I always watched him working when I was young. Did I watched him working for some time? 5. I always watched ...'

b'1. He admitted cheating on the test. 2. He admitted that he cheated on the test. 3. He admitted that he had cheated on the test. cf. He admitted having cheated on the test. Does 1 mean 2 or 3? 4. He admits cheating on the test. 5. He admits that he cheats on the test. 6. ...'

b'i need a help to write a speech about traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only not women'

b'why traditional marriage is an advantage for men only not women'

b'I need help with this question, I tired to find answer in the book, but I could find any clue please can someone help me?? Mark Twain used the characters in this novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to show his contempt for the romantic style of literature. In the chart ...'

b'identify one of the darker actions examined in a story or drama from this unit. in what piece is the action highlighted? what interactions or emotions prompt in the action? how would the story or drama change if the characters involved were able to overcome the darker impulse ...'

b'what is the need for learning foreign language?'

b"1. She used to help him with his homework. 2. What can you help him with? 3. I want to help him with something. 4. I want to help him with that. 4-1. I want to help him tie the ribbon. 4-2. I want to help him to tie the ribbon. Does 'with' mean about? Can we substitute 'about..."

b"1. Watch out for fires. 2. Look out for fires. 3. Be care about fires. ....... Are they all the same in meaning? 4. Make sure you don't build a fire. 5. Make sure you don't make a fire. 6. Make sure you don't.... a fire. Are they the same? Can we use other verbs instead of '..."

b"1. The fire station is close. Just go straight one more block. ........ What is the part of speech of 'close'? Adjective or adverb?"

b'Choose the answer that shows a correct revision to the following sentence: Why if you did not want to hear it did you ask me what I thought a Why, if you did not want to hear it, did you ask me what I thought? b Why, if you did not want to hear it did you ask me what I ...'

b'Act II of a Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley contains several messages. in a paragraph explain how one of these messages is conveyed in the second act of the play. include at least two details to support your points. When one changes for the better, others are effected for ...'

b'16. What is the effect of the author\xc2\x92s use of assonance in the following line from \xc2\x93The Raven?\xc2\x94 \xc2\x93For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore\xc2\x97\xc2\x94 1 point A It creates emphasis on Lenore. B It explains Lenore\xc2\x92s appearance. C It illustrates the theme...'

b'identify a theme in dragonwings analyze and explain how the author develops the theme over the course of the novel through the characters and plot be sure to use evidence from the beginning middle and end of the story to support your ideas'

b"In act 2, scene 3, of A Christmas Carol:Scrooge and Marley, what does the ghost of Christmas Present say to indicate that Scrooge's actions can effect the outcome of events? A. I would say that he gets the pleasure of his family... B. I see a vacant seat...in the poor ..."

b'In a class, 120 students speak English or French or both. 70 speak English and 55 speak french. how many speak English but not French?'

b'Hi can you check please if I did correct'

b'Which of the following is an example of a literal question? When was Marcus called to the office? Why was Marcus always getting in trouble at school? How did Marcus treat his teachers? Which of your friends is most like Marcus? is it d pls help me'

b'A presentation for a topic which says Traditional healers should be allowed in hospitals and prescribe medicine in hospitals and clinics'


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