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b'Odysseus is an example of what kind of character? A. epic hero B. tragic hero C. static character D. secondary character B?'

b'Who is the speaker in \xc2\x93Siren Song\xc2\x94? A. one of the men whom the Sirens threaten to destroy B. Homer C. one of the Sirens D. Odysseus C?'

b'In \xc2\x93The Red-Headed League,\xc2\x94 what type of character is Sherlock Holmes? A. protagonist B. antagonist C. flat D. secondary A?'

b'The following quote from \xc2\x93Pecos Bill\xc2\x94 is an example of what type of figurative language? \xc2\x93Bill glanced up at the cyclone and the quiet smile on his face faded into a frown. He saw that the cyclone was angry. Very, very angry indeed.\xc2\x94 A. personification B. hyperbole C. ...'

b'What is the meaning of the bold print word in the following quote? \xc2\x93A sandwich and a cup of coffee, and then off to violin land, where all is sweetness and delicacy and harmony, and there are no red-headed clients to vex us with their conundrums.\xc2\x94 A. help B. annoy C. anger...'

b'What is the principal part of the underlined verb in the sentence? My friend Sam is moving into a bigger house across town. A. present B. present participle C. past D. past participle'

b'We are often judged by what we do'

b'Anyone who has read About Rusell During the greatest kickball game ever, Russell scores the winning point leaves with the ball*** causes his team to lose starts an argument, ending the game When Rita beats Russell at chess, she is amazed that he congratulates her puts the ...'

b'Luther Burbank /devolved/ more than 800 new plant varieties future present past*** future perfect This recipe /will produce/ two dozen chocolate chip cookies past future perfect*** present future Since his injury at the track meet, Liam /favors/ his right leg past future ...'

b'23. Choose one of the following questions to respond to. Your response should be at least two paragraphs long. Respond in a well-organized essay written in complete sentences. a. Explain the significance of the full title of the play: The Importance of Being Earnest A Trivial...'

b'In the Importance of Being Earnest, what is the function of the characters of Miss Prism and Chasuble? Respond in 3-5 sentences. Help please'

b"7. In The Importance of Being Earnest, what leads Algernon to suspect that Ernest/jack is a Bunburyist? ~Algernon finds a handkerchief emboidered Jack Worthing in his friend's jacketpocket. ~Gwendolen tells him that his name is really Jack. ~He overhears him call himself ..."

b'Synonym of unmisted'

b"Identify the sentcence that is not punctuated correctly. A. Did she say 'no more tickets will be sold'? Ben wondered. B. Lucy begged,Just don't say, Lets do lunch,please C.Why did he call you 'bug' just then? Is that your nickname? she asked. D. Wait, she called. ..."

b"Three Day Road Book How are both Xavier and Elijah's actions during war a reflection of their time spent in residential schools? Do both characters experience the Hurting that boyden discusses in his article and to what extent? Discuss Xaviers views about Elijah, especially ..."

b"The story 'The White Knight' explores the theme the importance of self-awareness?with reference to the story. So the white Knight stole some buns,ravished the girl,replaced his horse and killed the other white knight...so he actually didn't focus on his inner self and judged ..."

b"Here are some helpful tips for you. ------------------------- In the word 'helpful,' p is not pronounced. Am I right?"

b"1. I try not to stress out when things go wrong. 2. He went bald. 3. She went mad. ------------------- In Sentence 2 and 3, 'bald' and 'mad' are adjectives, so 'went' means 'became.' What about in Sentence 1? Does 'go' mean 'become'? Is 'wrong' an adjective?"

b"Thank you for your help. I'm very grateful for your adice. Please help me with one more question. Does it sound natural to say he is a unique, blessed person? Thank you."

b"Hello. Thank you for help. Will you please answer a few more questions? 1 Which preposition is correct in the context: your help at the most difficult moments in / of my life? 2 Is it grammatically correct to say God-blessed person or God's chosen people? 3 Does the ..."

b'Hello. I will be very grateful for your advice. Which is correct: a He had a new job which he was very proud of. b He had a new job that he was very proud of. c He had a new job he was very proud of. I, for some reason, prefer a Thank you very much for help.'

b'The words hum and ham are examples of which sound device? A. onomatopoeia B. consonance C. assonance D. alliteration A?'

b'What does the following quote from \xc2\x93The cask of Amontillado \xc2\x93 reveal about what Montresor wants his servants to do ? I had told them that I should not return until the morning and has given them explicit orders not to stir from the house. These orders were sufficient , I ...'

b"Select the correct verb tense used in the sentences below That company has been making surfboards since the 1960's present perfect progressive present progressive*** past perfect progressive past progressive We had been listening to the radio when the lights went out past ..."

b'Choose the correct tense of the underlined verb Everyone in the climbing expedition /developed/ frostbite from their exposure to the cold past perfect future present past*** This recipe /will produce/ two dozen chocolate chip cookies past future perfect*** present future That ...'

b"1. Don't feel stressful. 2. Don't get stressful. 3. Don't feel stressed. 4. Don't get stressed. 5. Don't be stressed out. 6. Don't be stressed. 7. Don't be stressful. --------------------- Can we use all the expressions? Which ones are commonly used?"

b"1. Let him do what he will. 2. Let him do what he can. Are the sentences grammatical? 3. She won't open the door. In this sentence, what does 'won't' mean? 4. She is not going to open the door. 5. She doesn't intend to open the door. Does 3 mean 4 or 5? I mean, is 'won't..."

b'How does the boldness Odysseus shows in the Cyclops\xc2\x92s cave drive subsequent plot events? ASeveral of Odysseus\xc2\x92s men are eaten. BOdysseus and his men spend the night in the Cyclops\xc2\x92s cave. COdysseus gives the Cyclops wine to drink. DOdysseus and his men blind the ...'

b"8. which of the following quotes from the morning of june 281948 best describe the aversion that the public felt toward Shirley Jackson's short story The lottery a. as a matter of fat when I read it over later I decided that except for one or two minor corrections, it ..."

b'Identify the sentence in which the underlined verb does not agree with its subject. Everyone on the team works together well. Both of them are looking forward to the field trip. Neither of the boys is excited about playing football. One of the girls are going to enter...'

b'In \xc2\x93There Is No Word for Goodbye,\xc2\x94 whom does the speaker address? A. her daughter B. her mother C. the reader D. her aunt D?'

b'On a Works Cited page, which of the following should be in italics? title of a book************** title of a webpage title of a short story title of a newspaper article'

b'26. identify the degree comparison for the underlined word the most original idea was suited by a pair of tenth graders Most original is underlined A. Positive B. comparative c. superlative d. none of the above I think it is c identify the degree of comparison for the ...'

b'\xc2\x93Give me a place to stand, Archimedes said, \xc2\x93and I can move the world.\xc2\x94 These words show which figurative language? A. paradox B. satire C. simile D. metaphor D?'

b'\xc2\x93The days are nouns; touch them/ The hands are churches that worship the world.\xc2\x94 This quote shows what figurative language? A. simile B. metaphor C. rhyme D. repetition B?'

b'In \xc2\x93Summer,\xc2\x94 the word buzzin is an example of which of the following sound devices? A. alliteration B. assonance C. onomatopoeia D. consonance C?'

b'\xc2\x93Ball goes in thwack to mitt,/ and goes out thwack back to mitt.\xc2\x94 This is an example of which sound device? A. onomatopoeia B. assonance C. consonance D. alliteration A?'

b'\xc2\x93It\xc2\x92s about the ball, the bat, and the mitt./ Ball hits bat, or it hits mitt.\xc2\x94 This is an example of which sound device? A. metaphor B. personification C. assonance D. consonance B?'

b"Which of the following parenthetical citations is placed and punctuated correctly? AThe only casualty on Lewis and Clark's trip died from appendicitis Davis 104. BDavis, 104 Kenneth Davis explains that the only casualty on Lewis and Clark's trip died from appendicitis. C..."

b'In \xc2\x93Dream Deferred,\xc2\x94 the lines \xc2\x93Or crust and sugar over\xc2\x97 / like a syrupy sweet?\xc2\x94 are an example of which kind of figurative language? A. simile B. metaphor C. personification D. paradox B?'

b'Is the following an example of a simile, metaphor, paradox, or personification? An angry sky loomed overhead. A. simile B. paradox C. metaphor D. personification D?'

b'Which of the following terms identifies the type of poem \xc2\x93The Raven\xc2\x94 is? A. narrative B. epic C. lyric D. dramatic A?'

b'A _____ includes all the works a writer used in the actual report, including direct quotes. footnote bibliography Works Cited page********** parenthetical citation'

b'Is the following an example of a simile, metaphor, paradox, or personification? Her novel was a passport to adventure. A. simile B. metaphor C. paradox D. personification B?'

b'\xc2\x93Ten thousand saw I at a glance,/ Tossing their heads in sprightly dance./ The waves beside them danced; but they/ Outdid the sparkling waves in glee;\xc2\x94 This quote is an example of what figurative language? A. metaphor B. simile C. paradox D. personification D?'

b'\xc2\x93I hear America singing, the varied carols I hear, Those of mechanics, each one singing his as it should be blithe and strong The carpenter singing his as he measures his plank or beam,\xc2\x94 This quote from \xc2\x93I Hear America Singing\xc2\x94 by Walt Whitman shows the poem is what ...'

b'\xc2\x93\xc2\x85you spoke Spanish formal as your father, the judge without a courtroom.\xc2\x94 This quote shows what figurative language? A. metaphor B. simile C. personification D. onomatopoeia B?'

b'Which of the following is the best paraphrase of the line, \xc2\x93What happens to a dream deferred?\xc2\x94 A. Putting off a dream can be disappointing, even dangerous. B. Some dreams must be put off. C. What happens when a dream is not realized? D. What happens when people dream? C?'

b'The primary subject of \xc2\x93The Raven\xc2\x94 is which of the following? A. a tormented dream B. a mysterious journey C. a grieving man D. a dead woman confused between C and D. but I hope its C. am I correct?'

b'please correct this pigin-How many years i take senior you.'


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