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b'Do adults use grandma, grandpa, or granddad? Do children usually use the terms?'

b'When every pencil meant a sacrifice his parents boarded him at school in town, slaving to free him from the stony fields, the meagre acreage that bore them down. They blushed with pride when, at his graduation, they watched him picking up the slender scroll, his passport from ...'

b'2 sentences with rising intonation and 2 sentences with falling intonation'

b'1. I bought six-year old red ginseng. 2. I bought six-year-old red ginseng. Which one is grammatical? 3. He narrowly escaped being drowned. 4. He narrowly escaped from being drowned. Are both the same and grammatical:?'

b"1. I'll look over your application and call you in a few days. 2. I'll look thoroughly your application and call you in a few days. Is 'look thoroughly' the opposite of 'look over'? 3. I will look closely at your application. 4. I will take a close look at your application..."

b"1. He called on his uncle. 2. He called at his uncle's house. 3. He visited his uncle. 4. He visited his uncle's house. 5. He dropped by the bakery/his grandma. 6. He came by the bakery/his grandma. 7. He paid a visit to his uncle. 8. He paid a visit to the bakery..."

b'The company profits ____________ by 5percent last year. ------------------ Q1: What can be put in the blank? 1. grew 2. increased 3. ________ Q2: Is the sentence grammatical?'

b'1. The bird fell into the tree. 2. The bird fell in the tree. 3. The bird fell out of the tree. 4. The bird fell from the tree. 5. The bird fell off the tree. ---------------------- Are they all grammatical? Does 1 mean 2? Are the rest all the same in meaning?'

b"Posted by rfvv on Friday, June 10, 2016 at 11:32pm. 1. The building of the new bridge will go ahead as planned. 2. The building of the new bridge will go ahead as it is planned. Does 1 mean 2? Is 'it is' deleted? 3. Lee was standing right behind her. 4. Lee was standing ..."

b'Choose the word that best completes the sentence. One of the girls left _____ tennis shoes in the gym. a. her*** b. hers c. their d. them'

b'For what reason might an author use onomatopoeia in a story or poem? a. to help create a vivid picture*** b. to compare unlike items or concepts c. to give the text a song-like quality d. to represent something else'

b"Read the following lines from Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven: And the Raven, never flitting, still sitting, still sitting On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door; And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon's that is dreaming, And the lamplight o'er him ..."

b"Which phrase from Marge Piercy's To Be Use best illustrates the poem's celebratory tone toward hard work? I want to be with people who submerge in the task, who go into the fields to harvest and work in a row and pass the bags along, who are not parlor generals and field ..."

b"Why didn't Chuchu stay calm? 1. It was because Chuchu felt his old master was so close to him. 2. He felt his old master was so close to him. 3. He felt his old master was near him. 4. He felt his old master was in the subway. 5. He felt his old master was not far away. 6. It ..."

b"1. When did master lose Chuchu? 2. Master lost Chuchu when they went out for a walk. 3. You must be master of your circumstances. --------------------------------- 2 is the answer to the question 1. Will you look at the word 'master'? There is no article before 'master.' Can ..."

b'1. How did Chuchu notice that his old master was in the subway? - He could feel that his old master was there. 2. Think and talk about which person Chuchu should live. - I think Chuchu should live with his old master because he had been with his old master for a long time and ...'

b"1. What are the synonyms of delicious? -They are yummy and tastey. 2. What is the antonym of delicious? - It is tasteless. ------------------------- Q1: Are the questions and answers correct? Q2: Do you have other common opposites of 'delicious' other than 'tasteless'? 3. ..."

b'1. He looks pale, she said. 2. He looks pale, said she. 3. He looks pale, said the girl. 4. He looks pale, the girl said. ----------------- Which ones are grammatical? Do you have any rule regarding that?'

b"Somebody is knocking on the door outside. The person inside the house says, Who is it? -------------------- Why does he say 'Who is it? What about Who are you? Can't we use Who are you? Do you have any difference between the two sentences?"

b"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle ..."

b"1. What is the opposite of blurry? 2. What is the opposite for blurry? -It's clear. Which question is right? Are both correct? Which preposition is commonly used?"

b'Can someone help me write an essay on the secret garden'

b"1. Salt Lake City, Utah's capital and largest city, was founded in 1847. 2. Janice and Carla spent the day at the mall. 3. Standard time was adopted in the United States in 1884. 4. The geographic center of the United States is in Kansas. 5. The first safety lamp for miners ..."

b'What is the main theme of the poem'

b"In Edgar Allan Poe's The Cask of Amontillado, the literary device of foreshadowing is used to create mystery when Montressor tells Fortunato a. You are a man to be missed. b. A draught of this Medoc will defend us from the damps. c. You were not to be found, and I was ..."

b'can someone write a summary of the novel pride and prejudice in 400 words? please'

b'1. He looks like he is in another world. 2. He looks like he has a lot of money. 3. He looks like he knows everything. 4. He looks like he is from America. 5. He looks like he is more than 20 years old. ---------------------- Are the sentence all correct? In these sentences, ...'

b'What should we do to live a healthy life? Let me tell you about what to do for a healthy life. First, we should eat healthy food to stay healthy. It is better to eat brown rice than white rice. Second, we should exercise regularly. I like playing badminton, so I play badminton...'

b"A baby is in a cradle. One of the boys is looking at the baby. He said, _________ 1. It is smiling. 2. He is smiling. 3. She is smiling. ---------------------- Wich expression can he use? If the boy doesn't know whether the baby is a girl or a boy, does he have to say as in..."

b"1. Maybe it's a missing dog. 2. Maybe it's a stray dog. 3. Maybe it's a homeless dog. 4. Maybe it's a ownerless dog. -------------------- Are they the same in meaning? 1 seems to be the same as 2. Am I right? What about the others......Take care."

b"1. The maste comes back. 2. A master comes back. 3. Master comes back. Are they all grammatical? Can we use as in 3? In 3, 'master' is used as a proper noun? Am I right? 4. Yes, master. In the expression, 'master' is used in the vocative case. So we don't put 'the' ..."

b"1. The building of the new bridge will go ahead as planned. 2. The building of the new bridge will go ahead as it is planned. Does 1 mean 2? Is 'it is' deleted? 3. Lee was standing right behind her. 4. Lee was standing just behind her. Is 'right' the same as 'just'? ..."

b'1. He saw his bird fly free. 2. He saw his bird fly freely. Which one should we use? Are both OK? 3. They decided to call the baby Mark. 4. They decided to name the baby Mark. Are both the same in meaning? 5. My vision is blurry these days. 6. My eyesight is blurry these ...'

b"Which phrase best describes Grover's Corners? This is for Our Town by Thornton Wilder A Full of surprises B Drab and boring C Steeped in time-honored custom D Suspicious and secretive"

b"Chuchu is a pet dog. His master is an office worker. Master comes back. He is happy. Master got married. Master gave food to the dog. Is it good? Yes, master. It's delicious. ...................... Q1: Can we use Master? In the sentences, Master' seemed to be used as a ..."

b'In 450 words write an essay on the topic the harmattan'

b'which sentence is correctly capitalized?'

b'you are a speaker in a debate on the topic are girls to accept any proposal from boys. stand for the motion'

b'the traffic might have delayed jimmy'

b'Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper describing the sad plight of such children and the need to uplift them'

b'There are 10 English sentences. A person is asked to read all the sentences and translate them into Korean. He should read the first sentence and then he should translate into Korean. After that he should read the second sentence and then he should translate the second ...'

b'Read the following poem and then respond to the question below: \xc2\x93I\xc2\x92m Nobody Who are you?\xc2\x94 By Emily Dickinson I\xc2\x92m Nobody Who are you? Are you \xc2\x96 Nobody \xc2\x96 too? Then there\xc2\x92s a pair of us Don\xc2\x92t tell they\xc2\x92d advertise \xc2\x96 you know How dreary \xc2\x96 to be \xc2\x96 ...'

b'1. It is getting hotter. 2. He grew taller. 3. The leaves turned brown. 4. He fell asleep. 5. The bird came alive. 6. The man has gone blind. 7. You should stay healthy. 8. She remained unmarried all her life. 9. He became rich. 10. She appeared rich. 11. She proved rich. 12. ...'

b'1. He tells me that she is happy. => He told me that she was happy. 2. He has told me that she was happy. => He told me that she had been happy. 3. He will tell me that she will be happy. => He told me that she would be happy. -------------------------------- Q1: ...'

b'Posted by rfvv on Monday, June 6, 2016 at 7:05pm. 1. I try not to stress when things go wrong. 2. I try not to stress out when things go wrong. 3. I try not to stressed when things go wrong. 4. I try not to stressed out when things go wrong. --------------------- Are they all ...'

b"1. Don't play computer games too much. 2. Don't play too many computer games. 3. Don't play too much computer games. 4. Don't play a lot of computer games. 5. Don't play smart phone games too often. 6. Don't play too many smart phone games. 7. Don't play too much smart phone ..."

b'Please check this. Thank you 1. France is a country in Asia. true false*** 2. There are many countries in Africa where French is one of the principal languages of the people. true false 3. Qu\xc3\xa9bec, in Canada, is a French speaking part of Canada. true*** false 4. The French ...'

b'1. I try not to stress when things go wrong. 2. I try not to stress out when things go wrong. 3. I try not to stressed when things go wrong. 4. I try not to stressed out when things go wrong. --------------------- Are they all grammatical? What is the difference among them?'

b'Change passive voice into active'

b'She never spoke a word. The apples are rather cheap. I kept my shoes outsides. The lion roared loudly. We will play football today. How often does he call you? The old woman spoke softly. I have never watched any movie in a theatre. Its very cold. I often meet her at the library.'


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