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b'Hello. I will be grateful for your advice. Which is correct in English: 1 my congratulation message to my teacher; 2 my congratulation message for my teacher? Thank you.'

b'1. He suggested that she should join the club. 2. He suggested that she might be a librarian. 3. He suggested that the boy laughed at the girl. 4. The driver insisted that the car ran into the pedestrian. 5. He insisted that she should go on a picnic together. 6. He insisted ...'

b'1. He decided that she should go shopping. 2. His decision was that she should go shopping. 3. He made a decision that she should go shopping. 4. He suggested that the party be put off. 5. His suggestion was that the party should be put off. ================ Can we use all the...'

b'1. The mayor ordered that the man should leave the city early. 2. He suggested that the party should be put off. 3. He insisted that she should make a sppech. 4. They demanded that he should resign. 4-1. They demanded that he resign. 4-2. They demanded that he not resign...'

b'1. I am happy with my brother. 2. I am happy for my brother. 3. I am happy because of my brother. 4. I am satisfied with my brother. ------------------------ Are they all correct? What is the difference between 1 and 2? 1 seems to mean 4. Is that right? Which one is close ...'

b'2 Your online chat name should never contain your full name. True or False ~ My answer is TRUE 3 It is safe to tell your online acquaintance someone you have NEVER met your a. full name b. address c. phone number d. favorite music ~ My answer 4 Using the ideas of ...'

b"1. Why don't you take a few days off? 2. Why don't you take off a few days? Are both grammatical? What other similar expressions do we have about 'take off'? * I can't stand people talking loudly in public. 3. Me neither. 4. Neither can I. 5. Nor can I. 6. I agree with you. ..."

b'population of interbreeding individuals with similar characteristics, though variation is common among all of the them at all times. individual fixed and unchanging. thanks'

b"1. It's me. 2. It's me, Tom. 3. It's me, Tom, your best friend. They are all right?"

b"1. What is his opinion like? 2. What do you think his opinion is like? - I don't agree with him about his opinion. - I don't agree with him on/about the statement that his old master was careless. - His opinion is wanterful. Are they all acceptable? 3. His acting is great. 4..."

b"1. It's because Chuchu felt that his old master was near. 2. It's because Chuchu felt that his old master was near to him. 3. It's because Chuchu felt that his old master was close to him. 4. It's because Chuchu felt that his old master was near him. 5. It's because Chuchu ..."

b'Check to see if I am answering this right? I had to pick a story and explain how it meets the requirements of a modern short story. I chose the story Araby by James Joyce. I said it has dramatic irony in it, because the reader is certain that the narrator will not return a ...'

b"lor ullns daughter 1. The water-wraith was shrieking. Is the symbolism in the line a premonition of what happens at the end? Give reasons for your answer. 2. The lady faces a dilemma here. What is it? What choice does she finally make? 3. 'Lord Ullin reached that fatal shore..."

b'question on the poem road not taken 1. Which road does the poet choose and why? 2. Which road would you choose and why? 3. Does the speaker seem to be happy about his decision? Justify your answer. 4. The poet says \xc2\x93I took the one less travelled by / And that has made all ...'

b'what are nouns? what are pronouns? what are articles? what are verbs? what are adverbs? what are composition?'

b'Based on this passage of The Odyssey, one can conclude that the ancient Greeks greatly valued .'

b"1. She was entering the subway. At that thie, the dog felt that his old master is near. On the subway, he barked loudly. People sitting on their seats were surprised. Is the expression in the quotation marks correct? Which expression do we have to use? Do we put 'train' at ..."

b"1. I can't concentrate on work. 2. I can't concentrate at work. 3. I can't concentrate on something at work. ------------------ Which one is correct? Does 1 mean 3? \xc2\x95English - Writeacher, Saturday, June 18, 2016 at 8:46am 1 and 2 are fine, but mean different things. 3 ..."

b"1. He often takes pictures of sunrises/sunrise. Do we have to use the singular form or the plural form? 2. What's wrong with your brother? - No, not at all. Is this answer suitable? Do you have other suitable answers?"

b'is evil in humanity a social issue? if not, how can i turn it into one? or is there a social issue that is similar to evil in humanity.'

b"In kids zones there is no new items for upcoming Eid festival still now.Some products quality are very poor.For example kids SKD salowar's inside seam is not well finished which can be inconvenient for kid's body.some motifs are not attached properly,kid's dresses are not ..."


b"Choose the correct form of the possessive for the underlined word in the following sentence: \xc2\x93A YEARS worth of hard work has finally paid off.\xc2\x94 years is underlined should it be: year years years' year's"

b'give the substance of the poem daybreak.'

b"What is the prepositional phrase is the following: 1. We were doing a mathematical test when the fire alarm rang yesterday. 2.The new girl in our ESL class has a brother I grade 7 and a sister in grade 9. 3.I didn't know what time it was so I very late to class. 4.To build a ..."

b'1. Take out a pencil out of the pencil case. 2. Take out a pencil from the pencil case. 3. Take out a pencil in the pencil case. ---------------------- Are they all grammatical? Does 1 mean 2? Which one is a common expression? Is 3 okay? Does 3 mean that there is only one ...'

b"1. I can't stand you grumbling all the time. 2. I can''t stand you who are grumbling all the time. 3. I can't stand you who grumle all the time. --------------------- Does 1 mean 2 or 3? Which one is similar to 1, 2 or 33?"

b"1. Why don't you take a few days off? 2. Why don't you take off a few days? -------------------------- Are both the same in meaning? What other expressions can we use instead of 'take off'?"

b"1. I cannot but stay with him. 2. I cannot help staying with him. 3. I cannot choose but stay with him. 4. I have no choice but to stay with him. ------------------ Are they all grammatical. I know 'help' means 'avoid.' Then what does 'but' mean in 3 and 4? Does 'but' mean '..."

b"1. I can't concentrate on work. 2. I can't concentrate at work. 3. I can't concentrate on something at work. ------------------ Which one is correct? Does 1 mean 3?"

b"His dog became a missing dog. 1. He should have used a dog lead. 2. He should have tied the dog with a dog lead. 3. He should have tied a dog lead to the collar of the dog. 4. He didn't used the leash. He should have walke the dog with the leash on the collar. 5. He didn't ..."

b"I was assigned to write an essay,after writing it ,I started to question my writing, and I just cannot decide on whether I should use passive or active voice for this kind of formal writing. ..yes,I have researched, but can't establish which one is more adequate."

b'Which sentence is appropriate should the word be launch or launching? Since the launching of phishing campaign, a number of staff along with yourself have been identified as clicking on multiple phishing links. Since the launch of phishing campaign, a number of staff along ...'

b'Two students talked about the title. Now, one last student....OK. Well done. Please remain quiet, everyone. ------------------- Would you check the short passage? Correct any errors, please.'

b'The title another evening at the club is close in meaning to just another evening at the club given the events of the story, what is the significance of this meaning? I need help explaining this. I have no idea how to word it'

b'From reading \xc2\x93The Raven and the First Men: The Beginnings of the Haida,\xc2\x94 the reader can tell that the Haida people value family due to the actions of'

b'Ron, Andrea, and Tarique are a group of students who evaluated another student\xc2\x92s story. Each of them read the story and wrote comments. What are the students doing? conducting a peer review completing a rubric evaluation filling in a plus-and-minus chart rating a writing sample'

b'1. Look at the abandoned dogs. 2. Look at the deserted dogs. Which one is a correct term? Can we use both expressions? Do you have some other terms? 3. A dog is a companion animal. I have two companion dogs. Is this expression right?'

b'Does anyone have an old compare and contrast essay i can use?'

b"read the following line from Poe's The Raven: Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before aalliteration bmetaphor cpersonification dsimile"

b'Write a speech in the following situation- You are the leading actor in a school play It is the interval in the play. The first half was dreadful, with actors forgetting their lines, props falling over and the audience laughing for the wrong reasons..? Use a range of ...'

b'Imagine that there are many children in your locality had missing their parents and they just sent to job by their families.Write a letter to editor of newspaper describing the sad plight of such children and the need to uplift them. And I need to get a formal letter to editor...'

b'Many years passed. --------------------- If a person uses the sentence above, how many years does the person have in mind? More than 5 years? Over 7 years? More than 10 years? How about you?'

b"1. I'll take him the dog. 2. I'll take the dog to him. 3. I'll bring him the cat. 4. I'll bring the cat to him. 5. I'll bring him it. 6. I'll bring it to him. 7. I'll take him this. 8. I'll take this to him. --------------- Is each pair the same and grammatical? Is 5 correct..."

b'They went to an animal doctor. The vet said, This pet is almost blind. The wife said to her husband, What are you going to do? --------------------------- What is the difference between them in meaning? 1. What are you going to do? 2. What will you do? In the last sentence...'

b'The sea is shallow, and we can not notice a major shift in a tidal change. ------------ Would you check this sentence? Thank you.'

b'The sandy area is 1.5 km in length, 40 km in width and has an area of 60,000 square meters. ------------------- Would you check the sentence an correct errors, please?'

b"1. Also many events and festivals are held with the opening of the sea. Is it correct? Do we ahve to sue 'the' here? 2. The beach provides tourists with other attractions every year. ------------------- Are they grammatical?"

b"1. Whitey in Roumania Whitey's master died 5 years ago. However, he has been waiting for him. 2. Whitey in Roumania Whitey's master died 5 years ago. However, he has waited for him for a long time. 3. Whitey in Roumania Whitey's master died, but, he has been waiting for him ..."

b'1. granddad, granddaddy 2. grandad,grandaddy Which ones do we have to use?'


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