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b'2:x and 12:18 identify the value of x that makes each pair of ratios equivalent A.3 B.4 C.6'

b'What is the greatest odd number less than 250 ? Exlplain how you know.'

b'3add1/4*costheta=13/4 Please help really confused. I was given the answer as 1 but how do I figure it out. I know you are suppose to subtract 3 from both sides but how do i do that with the 13/4?'

b'Martha read 1/6 of her book on Saturday and 5/12 of her book on Sunday how many more pages do she have to read'

b'Lesson 9: Equations and Inequalities Unit Test Algebra Readiness A Unit 7: Equations and Inequalities HELP PLS'

b'A soccer field has a perimeter of 26 yards.if the width is 8 yards,how long is the length?'

b'Write a system of equations to describe the situation below, solve using substitution, and fill in the blanks. Ella is starting a business selling handmade necklaces. She has decided to invest an initial amount of 57 for advertising, and materials cost 7 for each necklace ...'

b'Find the area of the triangle defined by the coordinates -3, -4, -7, 0, and -3, 4.'

b'A field must be fenced in. There is 212 yards of fencing material to be used. What should the dimensions of the enclosed area be to ensure that is has the largest area possible? system of equations Dimensions_____________________'

b'Tricia spent 12 to rent skates. She rented them for 4 hours. What number sentence states how much it costs to rent skates for one hour?'

b'Put the fractions in order from smallest to largest 3/5 1/8 5/10'

b"together Paul and Jack and 72 twice as many cars as if she's three cars how much did they charge to watch explain how you know."

b'Katie is baking cookies. She only wants to make 3/4 of the recipe. She needs to take 3/4 of the 2/3 cup of sugar. How much sugar does she need?'

b'Henry needs to cut a 4 2/3 foot board into 5 equal pieces. How long was each piece?'

b'jeff has 12 more toy cars than toy trucks. In all, he has 19 toy vehicles. How many toy trucks does Jeff have?'

b'A construction company needs to remove 416 tons of dirt from a construction site. They can remove 89 tons of dirt each hour. What is the total number of hours it will take to remove the dirt?'

b'There are 144 people in an audience. The ratio of adults to children is 5 to 3. How many are adults? PLEASE HELP'

b'3. Which of the following appears to be an irrational number? A. 3.72727272 B. Square root 64 C. -6/5 D.073303330 Plzz help My answer is c'

b'2. Name four line. Segments that have point B as an endpoint. A. AF, CH, AE, BE B. BA, BF, BC, BH 3. AF, CH, AE, BE 4. BA , BF, BC, BH Please help'

b'dy/dxadd1/xy=3x^2y^3 find the solution using Bernoulli equation'

b'Do you think that advertised discounts are always the best deal? Why or why not? What is a real-world scenario in which the discount is not the best price? Think back to when you bought an item on sale or by using a discount. How did you determine the sale price in your head ...'

b"The measure of an angle is twenty more than three times it's supplement. What are the measures of each angle?"

b'?6add ?'

b'Each cow eats 4.5 cups of feed a day and the bucket it comes in contains 250 cups. The buckets cost 26.75 each. If a farm has 16 cows, how much will it cost to feed all of the cows for 1 week? system of equations Cost____________________'

b'A field must be fenced in. There is 212 yards of fencing material to be used. What should the dimensions of the enclosed area be to ensure that is has the largest area possible? Dimensions_____________________'

b'A walkway forms a diagonal of a square playground. The walkway is 24 meters long to the nearest tenth of a meter. How long is the side of the playground?'

b'4. The ordered pairs 0, 0, 2, 4, 4, 8, and 6, 12 represent a function. What is the rule for this function? 1 point y = x add2 y = 3x y = x add 4 y = 2x'

b'A circular field is surrounded by a circular path. The radius of the field is 15 m , and the radius from the center of the field to the outer edge of the path is 20 m .'

b'Ramana buys 8kgs tomatoes. If the cost of 5 kgs is 65.How much will ramana pay'

b'I need help please What is the solution set? ?2.8xadd5.6<8.4'

b'Find interest and total amount paid,if a person take a loan of Rs.6500 for 4 years at 9percent rate of interest per annum'

b"A certain sum of money was shared among three friends a,b,c.a received 3/7 of the sum of money b got 2/3 as much as a.c received 49 less than a.find the ratio of b's money to c's money.how much moneydid c receive?"

b'~~~~WARNING HARD MATH~~~~ An integer from 100 to 999, inclusive, is to be chosen at random. What is the probability that the number chosen will have 0 as at least 1 digit? Multiple Choice: Underline or circle the letter that best solves the question. a 19/900 b81/900 c90/...'

b'Abby has 45 dogs and ciara has 8000 dogs.Add the dogs 8000 add. 45'

b'In 20 spins, how often can you expect to get a number evenly divisible by 2?'

b'The acute angles of a right angle triangle are in the ratio 4:5,then find the acute angle.'

b'an employee is paid 3600 for the first month. she is paid an additional 1percent at the end of the second month, which means a total of 3636. she continues to receive a 1percent raise each month for a full year. what is her total salary at the end of the year? answer is 45,648, how??'

b'A guy travels to his home which takes 4 1/3hrs and a distance of 350km, he travels 60km/h for the first part and 90km/h for the rest of the journey. Find: An equation for the distance An equation for the time Detemine the distance he travelled for the first part and the rest ...'

b'Verify [4\xc3\x97-2]\xc3\x975=4\xc3\x97[-2\xc3\x975] if they are equal,write the appropriate property.'

b'An expression is shown. 12.295-2.24\xc3\x973.9'

b'A man sold two cycles for Rs.3000 each gaining 20percent on the other.Find his gain or loss percentages on the whole transaction'

b"Tylenol 3 has 16 mg of Codeine per 11 ml of liquid. A safe dose of Codeine is 4.8 mg/Kg/Day. A patient who weighs 215 pounds needs a Tylenol 3 prescription. There are 2.2 pounds for every 1 kilogram. How many kilograms is this person's mass? How many milligrams of Codeine can ..."

b'Jean is making bar graph for a presentation .She is planning for the length and width of the bars to have a ratio of 3:2, so that they satisfy this equation 2/=w If one bar is 7 centimeters wide, what should be its length? 21 cm 14 cm 10 1/2 cm 4 2/3 cm'

b'A high fountain of water is located at the center of a circular pool as shown in the figure below. Not wishing to get his feet wet, a student walks around the pool and measures its circumference to be 19.0 m. Next, the student stands at the edge of the pool and uses a ...'

b"I need help I don't know where to start or what to do I need guidance. Triangle A,B, and C have the ratio of the sides of triangle A to triangle B is the same as ratio of the sides of triangle B to triangle C. Triangle A has a base of 5 , Triangle B shows no base , Triangle ..."

b'In a class, 4/5 of the girls have brown hair. Of the brown-haired girls, 3/4 of the have long hair. Of the girls with long brown hair, 1/3 of them have green eyes. How many of of the girls with long brown hair have green eyes. 3/5 * 1/3?'

b'An airplane flies for 3 hours with a constant speed of 696 km/h and then for another 1 hour 40 minutes with a constant speed of 1080/h. What distance did it go?'

b'use absolute value to describe the relationships between a point total and the number of points needed?'

b"Paul's car gets 32 miles per gallon of gasoline. How many gallons does he need to travel 368 miles?"

b'how do you simplify square roots that end with a decimal to make it look like 3?2? i think its called a radical?'


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