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b"Rewrite the sentence without changing the meaning. It doesn't matter"

b'Change underlined phrase to show ownership or possession'

b'1. my parents work hard to support us. 2. we help them do the household chores.'

b'Identify each sentence with declarative, interrogative, imperative or exclamatory and add punctuation. 1. Be thankful that George Eastman invented the film for your camera. Answer: declarative 2. How easy is it to take pictures today? Answer: interrogative and I added a ...'

b"Identify each sentence as declarative, imperative, interrogative or exclamatory. Add the proper punctuation. 1. Try to name another American inventor. I added a period and called it imperative. Is this correct? 2. Imagine the traffic problems we'd have without it. I added a ..."

b"Which word is the subject and verbs in the sentence. Jamie's dog and his cat are good friends, most of the time. subject: dog and cat verb: are Is this correct?"

b'You wil soon turn 16 and your parents have arranged a special birthday party for you.write an invitation card to your favourite teacher whom you want to deliver a message of support and motivation to you on this special day.how do i write it?'

b'Identity the verb phrase including the main verb and helping verb. I can do many activities impossible for other animals. Answer: can do'

b'Identify the verb phrase. Include main verb and helping verb in the following sentence? Do you know the three main parts of the brain? I think the answer is: Do you know'

b'Indeed a poem about tree it should have a message maintain rhyme scheme try include simile, metaphor and alliteration'

b"I'm writing a creative writing piece for class and have trouble coming up with a coherent plot. Basically I'm stuck with a question. Why would two normal teenagers boy and girl suddenly have to run for their lives? Any advice is much appreciated I just need help getting the ..."

b"Even the most uptight scholar delights in the _________ , coarse jokes in Chaucer's The Miller's Tale. egregious serendipitous gullible ribald"

b'When Tarzan returned to civilization, people worried about his sometimes ___________ behavior. feral pedantic culpable fervent'

b'What is the simple subject of the following sentence? Several sites on the internet give information about extreme sports. I believe the simple subject is: sites'

b'Was the Victorian Era big on classism?'

b'Rony would rather that zahid had not lived in the room where the former studies.. correct the sentence'

b'1. Sam and I made a pose like the model. 2. Sam and I made poses like the model. 3. Sam and I made poses like models. =============================== Which ones are correct? Does 1 mean that they made the same pose like the model? Does 2 mean they made two poses like two of ...'

b'a person in a kayak starts paddling, and it accelerates from 0 to 0.36 m/sec in a distance of 0.8m if the combined mass of the person and the kayak is 80 kg,what is the magnitude of net force acting on the kayak...??'

b"Which of the following is NOT part of the naturalization process? a. Filing a Declaration of Intention b. Taking a US history, gov't, or English language class c. Living in the US for 10 years d. Taking an Oath"

b'I have to categorize a story into these categories, provided by my teacher - Tomorrow - Outer space - Other beings - Time travel - Special talents - Machines and mechanisms - Reproductive technology - The day after tomorrow The story is very obviously Alternate history, and it...'

b"My English question asked if a topic sentence should be short or long.true or false I don't know how to answer this question. is this question false."

b'A topic sentence should be very long. 1. True 2. False Please recheck my answer. I say True'

b'All sentences in a paragraph must relate to the idea that the topic sentence in the paragraph introduces. 1.True 2. False I say true. Please recheck my answer.'

b"1. I'm a power blogger, so I try to upload postings and pictures every day. 2. I'm a powerful blogger, so I try to upload postings and pictures every day. --------------------- Q1: Can we use 'powerful' in place of 'power'? Q2: What does 'postings' mean? Does 'postings' mean '..."

b'1. He took a picture of the mountain. 1-1. He took two picture of the mountain. 2. He took pictures of the mountain. 3. He took many pictures of the mountain. 4. Will you take a picture of us? -------------------------------- Q1: Are they all grammatical? Q2: Does 1 mean that...'

b'1. She pulled him gently towards her. 2. She pulled him gently towards herself. ------------------------ Can we use both expressions? In Sentence 2, a reflexive pronoun is used. Is 2 correct?'

b'1. She spoke in a very loud voice. 2. She spoke in a very high voice. 3. She spoke in a very low voice. 4. She spoke in a very soft voice. 5. She spoke with a very loud voice. ----------------------------------- Does 1 mean 2? Can we use both 3 and 4? What about 5? Can we...'

b'1. However hard you may study, you can not get a good point. 2. However hard you may study, you can not get a good grade. 3. However hard you may study, you can not get good points on the exams. 4. However hard you may study, you can not get good grades on the exams. 5. ...'

b"1. I got out of my car to check the engine. 2. I got off my car to check the engine. Are both the same? In 2, what is the part of speech of 'off'? Is 'off' an adverb or a preposition? 3. I got out of my car to check the engine. 4. I got out of my car to check out the engine..."

b'1. You had better not follow his advice. 2. You had better not obey his advice. 3. You had better not take his advice. 4. You had better not accept his advice. ------------------------------ Does 1 mean 2? Are both the same in meaning? What about 3 and 4? Are both similar?'

b'1. He has less money than Tom. 2. Tom has more money than he. 3. He has less time than Tom. 4. Tom has more time than he. 5. He has less water than Tom. 6. Tom has more water than he. 7. He has less rice than Tom. 8. Tom has more rice than he...'

b'1. He is less tall than Tom. 2. Tom is taller than he. 3. He is less smart than Tom. 4. Tom is smarter than he. 5. He is less big than Tom. 6. Tom is bigger than he. 7. He is less careful than Tom. 8. Tom is more careful than he. 9. He is no thoughtful than Tom. 10. Tom is ...'

b"1. Let's go around this area once more. 2. Let's walk around this area once more. 3. Let's get around this area once more. 4. Let's detour this area once more. -------------------- Do they have the same meaning? Can we use 3? Does 1 have the same meaning as 4?"

b'1. Eli shared his chocolate with the other kids. ===================== Does this sentence mean 2 or 3? Did he or the others eat chocholate? 2. Eli just gave some chocolate to the other kids. 3. Eli gave some chocolate to the other kids and ate chocolate together with them'

b"1. Your name has been deleted from the list. 2. Your name has been deleted out of the list. 3. Your name has been ________ from the list. ============================= Can we use 'out of' instead of 'from'? What other past participles can we use in place of 'deleted'? Omitted..."

b'????? ?5038;??PLEASE HELP EMERGENCY??? ?061;???? Twelfth Night by Shakespeare Questions: ----------------------------------------?...'

b'Identify the number of independent and subordinate clauses in the following group of words. Energy can be gathered by using solar power A.two independent clausesMAY ANSWER B.one independent clause and one subordinate clause C.one subordinate clause only D.one independent ...'

b'Title: Video Games Topic announcement: Sports video game Introduction: It is fun to play video games in sports, because it is very challenging and it excites the person who will play for it. Thesis statement: While genres for sports video games can get quite specific, there ...'

b'A creative writing teacher tells students to publish their writing projects in a nonprint format. Which of the following techniques would not meet the teacher\xc2\x92s requirements?'

b'American music made Chinese music sound like noise Would this be considered a simile? If so why?'

b'1. I want to eat the bread and butter. 2. Give me a needle and thread. 3. Look at the cup and saucer. 4. Look at a cup and saucer. ------------------- Are they all correct?'

b'1. Look at the red and white roses over there. 2. Look at the red and the white roses over there. ------------------------------------- What is the difference between them? The following are my explanations. Are my explanations right? 1. All the roses are red and white. There ...'

b'1. There is a black and white dog on the road. 2. There are a black and a white dog on the road. 3. There are a black and white dogs on the road. --------------------------- Are they grammatical? Which ones are grammatical?'

b"1. I'm usually above the river or road. 2. I'm usually above the river or the road. ------------------- Which one is the better of the two? Do we have to omit the 'the' before 'road' in the sentence?"

b'Identify the number of independent and subordinate clauses in the following group of words. When Janine does volunteer work, she feels a sense of joy and fulfillment A. one independent clause only B. one independent clause and one subordinate clause MY ANSWER C. one ...'

b'How do I relate literary operators to meaningless words?'

b'Topic: Smart phones, unsmart users. write an essay on this topic and the best essay will be chosen.'

b"I'm writing a persuasive paragraph on how the english language has gotten worse over the years using evidence from George Orwell's essay and current events. In my topic sentence do I state what I'm going to prove or only state the main idea?"

b'Where is the simple and complete predicates in the ff.sentences: 1.A king had a strange dream. 2.An odd lady appeared. 3.she advise him to look for the singing bird. 4.The eldest son asked permission to go. 5.He believed that he could catch the bird.'

b'1. He has the least money of all his classmates. 2. He has the least money of all the boys in his class. 3. He has the least money of all the boys in his classroom. -------------------------- Are they all grammatical? Is 1 logically incorrect?'


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