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b'1. When did they arrive at Yosemite? - They arrived at Yosemite in the afternoon on July 20. 1-2. When did they arrive at Yosemite? - They arrived at Yosemite in the afternoon on July 20, Friday. 1-3. When did they arrive at Yosemite? - They arrived at Yosemite in the ...'

b'1. Is John Hajun\xc2\xa1\xc2\xafs gold friend or silver friend? He is Hajun\xc2\xa1\xc2\xafs gold friend. 2. What do you want to do in Yosemite? I want to go fishing. 3. How many close friends do you have? I have five close friends. 4. Have you ever been to the States? No, I haven\xc2\xa1\xc2\xaft. / Yes, I have...'

b'which of the following were problems faced by the english colonist at jamestown? The colony employed many indentured servants and paying them was different \xc2\x95\xc2\x95 They Settled in an insecure location and were vulnerable to Spanish attack The location of the colony made life ...'

b'What are the action and be verbs in this sentence ? In 1999, I went to Disney World for vacation.'

b"Identify the protagonist from Henry James Europe . I was thinking about this and I don't know who the protagonist would be since the story focuses on Mrs Rimmie but she's not really a positive character ? Would it be the narrator?"

b"1. I'm watching TV. 2. I'm watching the TV. ------------------------------ Which one is grammatical?"

b'1. Which factor best explains why Native Americans were able to make permanent settlements? Native Americans began to cultivate plants for food. Native Americans began to create more complex tools and pottery. Native Americans discovered alternative food sources, such as ...'

b'Here is another approach .. Can someone tell me a book that you can read during the 8th grade unit? Example: The Maze Runner. What is another book we got to choose ?'

b'what are two symptoms the author experiences when exposed to perfume?'

b'In the short story Europe by Henry James, is the greater conflict between Mrs. Rimmie and her daughters or between Mrs rimmie and the narrator? In my opinion I think its between the narrator and Mrs. Rimmie because the daughters are under their moms control and they Believe ...'

b'Can someone give me a summary of one of the books they read for the 8th grade unit? Ex: The Mazerunner ? This will help me with my answer. Thank u'

b'1: which word is most similar to the word assail? 1 point > defend > greet >attack****my answer >embrace Is this correct?'

b'what is the significance of the odan tree in africa?'

b'Choose the correct pattern for the following sentence. Electric cars take several hours to recharge. S-V-0*** S-V-IO S-V-N S-V-A Is this correct?'

b'I had to choose archaic words out of a book I am reading and I chose: shroud, thus, unhand, wherefore, shrieve, kirk, ought, and dreamt Are any of them not an archaic word or did I do good?'

b"Can you please check this essay and tell me if it's ok. It was like taking that first bite into a slice of cheese pizza after a long day of work, and being Blissfully on cloud 9 at the same time that's how I felt when I got my first free psychic reading and numerology report..."

b'Essay on if i could invent a new toy of 500 words'

b"1. He admitted driving carelessly. 2. He admitted having driven caressly. Are both grammatical? What's the difference? 3. He admitted having me the girl. 4. He admits having eaten the bread. 5. He admitted breaking the window. 6. He admitted having broken the window. What ..."

b'Why did Raymond Carver make Popular Mechanics ending so ironically different from the Biblical tale The Wisdom of Solomon?'

b'1. I like joining a chat room and talking with foreigners in English. 2. I entered a chat room on line and chatted with a native speaker for a long time. 3. I took part in chat rooms and had a conversation with foreigners. --------------------------------- Are the expressions ...'

b'Ming Moved to toronto 10 years ago when he was three. He still Speaks Chinese but has learned english and some french. he celebrates both chinesse and canadaian holidays.ming best reflects that canada is a____________. a. plural society b. melting pot c. cultural mosiac d. ...'

b'Find out the figure of speech I weep like child for the past'

b'Spot the error in the sentence one of the chairs are broken'

b'1. To be poor, he could not buy the sports car. 2. Being poor, he could not buy the sports car. -------------------------------- Which one is correct? Is 1 correct grammatically?'

b"What were some influences on self-government? Select all that apply. Commentaries on the laws of England** The Columbian exchange English bill of rights Poor Richard's almanac**"

b'What effect does Bryant\xc2\x92s use of personification of nature have on the theme of the poem Thanatopsis? Thanatopsis William Cullen Bryant 1794 \xc2\x96 1878 To him who in the love of Nature holds Communion with her visible forms, she speaks A various language; for his gayer ...'

b"Please check my answers I'm like 92.7percent sure there correct but I want to be sure. My answer has the ~~~. Which of the following is the indirect object in the sentence? Lizzie gave Charles a hige birthday gift. A.Lizzie B. Charles~~~ C. Huge D. Gift Which of the following is ..."

b'1. As it became darker, he turned the light on. 2. When it became darker, he turned the light on. 3. Because it became darker, he turned the light on. 4. After it became darker, he turned the light on. -------------------------------------- What does 1 mean? 2, 3, or 4?'

b"I need help with writing a really good thesis statement regarding the stories Popular Mechanics by Raymond Carver and The Judgement of Solomon and their parenting styles. It's supposed to be compare and contrast but I'm stuck. Please help me."

b"Netta and Jim argued over their views of free trade. 2. Netta and Jim had different views on free trade. 3. Netta and Jim were sharply split over the issue of free trade. 4. Netta and Jim refused to discuss the issue of free trade. 16. In these four sentences, the word that's ..."

b'Roses and hydrangeas which require more rainfall do well in East Texas. Which is the best way to revise the sentence using dashes? Roses\xc2\x97and hydrangeas\xc2\x97which require more rainfall do well in East Texas. Roses and hydrangeas which require more rainfall\xc2\x97do well in East ...'

b"Identify the main conflict from the fall from the house of usher and show what it reveals about the story's protagonist . I have studied this story and I'm not able to find one main conflict, I have found a couple but none add up to the point of what it reveals about the ..."

b"1. Let's sit round the campfire. 2. Let's sit around the campfire. Can we use both 'around' and 'round'? 3. He is skipping in the park. 4. He is jumping rope in the park. Does 'skipping' mean 'jumping rope? Are both OK?"

b'What prevents the spaniards from succedding in their effort to leave the island?'

b"I'm not sure how to start my introduction paragraph in this 5 page essay im *discussing the effects of Loneliness and Rejection also include psychological research and references to the novel, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. I have info on Frankenstein but I'm not sure how to ..."

b'Is this sentence grammatically correct? Many times, women are blinded and silenced by fear, the fear of being different and thinking differently, especially in a culture that oppresses women.'

b'why does tasha the narrator in the tail think that her summer is ruined'

b'Which detail in the following excerpt exemplifies the psychological distress that Ichabod experiences? In the dark shadow of the grove, on the margin of the brook, he beheld something huge, misshapen, black and towering. It stirred not, but seemed gathered up in the gloom, ...'

b'In this excerpt from the story, What does the Headless horseman foreshadow? I think it is death, is that right? legend of sleepy HollowIn the dark shadow of the grove, on the margin of the brook, he beheld something huge, misshapen, black and towering. It stirred not, but ...'

b"In this excerpt from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,\xc2\x94 what is the foreshadowing? It [the tree] was connected with the tragical story of the unfortunate Andr\xc3\xa9, who had been taken prisoner hard by; and was universally known by the name of Major Andr\xc3\xa9's tree. The common people ..."

b'1. What do you use the Internet for? 2. What for do you use the Internet? 3. Why do you use the Internet? -------------------------- Which question is commonly use? Are they all grammatical? In casual situation, which one is used?'

b'how did the Virginia colony survive with the help of the English colonists?'

b"1. Change the imperative sentences into more polite expressions beginning with Do you mind if... 2. When I say a sentence, you should say a more polite sentence beginning with 'Do you mind... 3. _________________________________ --------------------------------------- Are ..."

b"1. I'd like you to get my permission next time. 2. I'd like you to ask my permission next time. 3. I'd like you to ask for my permission next time before uploading my photos. ================================ Are the sentences grammatical?"

b'Can someone please clarify what this means; a summary Analysis of your weekly monthly and semester time demands. Maybe and example of this'

b'1. On June 6, 1897, they traveled across the Golden Gate Bridge. 2. They have been producing vegetables and cotton for many years. 3. During most seasons, the crops grow well in this central valley. Tell what each adverb phrase in modifies. 1. On June 6, 1897--...'

b'Identify the part of the following topic sentence that does not belong. The campus paper spends too much time covering football, in my humble opinion'

b"In the Night The Bed Fell, what is the father's reaction to the scene he discovers when he opens the attic door? He is ready to chase a burglar He's worried someone's been hurt He wants to know what's happened He's glad that everyone's all right My answer is c. Please let me ..."

b'1. In which of the following selections is point of view used to highlight contradictions in what is being described? A Aztec Creation story B Day of the Butterfly C At the Tourist Centre in boston** D Two Bodies 2. Which of the following selections are true of ...'

b'Verb used in the following sentence- 1She.........to me after some days talk,talked,will talk'


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