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b'Solve and check xaddy=12;y=3x xaddy=12;y=3x xadd3x=12 4x=12 4x/4=12/4 x=3 y=3x y=33 y=9'


b'lynn plotted a point on a number line at -12 and tammy plotted a point at 25. The distance between their point can be calculated using the expression below. -12-25 What is distance between their points? 37 13 -13** -37'

b'A piece of wood is divided in 3 pieces in the ratio 3:4:2. The length of the longest piece is 72. Calculate the length of the piece of wood. Answer 162'

b'A scuba diver was swimming at a depth of 8 meters below the surface of the water. He saw an eel swimming 3 meters above him and a squid swimming 4 meters below him. Which of the following methods shows a correct way to find the depth at which the eel was swimming?'

b"Another crazy question on the exam. A teacher gives each child a picture card of an animal with a number. She tells the student to make the animal sound the number of times that matches the number on the card. What type of reasoning is the teacher teaching? I can't remember ..."

b'A piece of wood is divided in 3 pieces in the ratio 3:4:2. The length of the longest piece is 72. Calculate the length of the piece of wood.'

b'The question- The teacher gives her students 8 faces and 7 smiles and tells them to match the smiles with the faces. What concept is the teacher helping her students understand? Is it one to one concept? One to many? or One more than? I think it is one more than but not sure ...'

b'Zoey has invested 30 000 in a registered education savings plan RESP. She wants her investment to grow to at least 50 000, so that her newborn can go to university at age 18. What interest rate, compounded annually, will result in a future value of 50 000? Round to the ...'

b'Riley invests 100 in the year 2000. The account is compounded annually. The account earns 3percent interest for a period of 30 years. After 30 years, how much money will be in the account?'

b'2/5 of a school are boys. when 1/5 of the boys are absent 160 boys are present. How many girls are in the school?'

b'The probability of getting a sum of 5 when you roll two number cubes is How many times should you expect to get a sum of 5 if you roll the cubes each number of times? a. 9 b. 18 c. 27 d. 100 e. 450'

b'Congruency means that two figures or items are exactly the same size and shape. Where in life would it be vitally important for two or more items to be congruent?'

b'Find the next three terms in the sequence 1. 30, 22, 14, 6... -3, -12, -21**** -1, -8, -15 -1, -2, 3 -2, -10, -18 4. Find the first four terms of the sequence represented by the expression. 4. 3nadd5 5,8,11,14 8,11,14,17 3,6,9,12 0,8,11,14 idk about this one^^^^^^^^^ Find the ...'

b'At Murky Middle School, 372 students ride the bus to school. If this number is 60percent of school enrollment, then how many students are enrolled at the school?'

b'Maria wants to make fruit punch for a birthday party. She needs to mix three parts ginger ale, two parts cranberry juice, and one part orange juice. Ginger ale costs 2.00 per gallon, cranberry juice costs 4.00 per gallon, and orange juice costs 5.00 per gallon. Maria only ...'

b'It takes 3 mins to fill a tub to the top and five minutes to drain the full tub.if the faucet and drain are both open how long will it take to fill the tub'

b'What is x^2 times x^2?'

b'A field hockey tournament is to be held in Yellowknife, NWT. According to regulations, the field is 25 yds by 100yds. For officials, support group and team members, a uniform rectangular strip of manicured lawn is to be installed by a local business group. If the area of the ...'

b'Roger needs to fill his exmpty fuel carried for an emergency delivery. He has to pumps that can fill the carrier in 2 hours when both used at the same time. Individually, one of the pumps takes 45 mintues less than the other to fill the empty carrier. Suddenly, he realizes ...'

b"Cecile took a ferry to corss the St.Laurent River rom Sept-Iles, PQ to Matane,PQ a distance of 175km. She relizes that it's the same road distance from her home to her cottage in Godbout, PQ. By road, she averages 60km/h faster than the ferry and takes 5 h 20 min less time. ..."

b"You've been asked to assits with a grade-4 class who will be selling small boxes of wildflower seed mix for Mother's Day. You've been given a stack of construction paper 15cm by 20cm. You must instruct the calss to cut identical squares from each corner, then fold the sides to..."

b'Sanchez has a garage on his property. He recently purchased a tractor and cannot fit in his garage. To store is new purcahse, he deices to attach a three-sided fence to one of the walls of his garage in order to save material. If Sanchez has 60 meters of fencing and wants a ...'

b'Last year, a local hockey association charged 10 a ticket and averaged 12000 in attendance in its 2000 capacity area. The committee calculated that for every 0.50 decreases in the price of the ticket, there would be 100 more tickets sold. what is the highest ticket cost that...'

b'If PA=.3 and PB=.45 find\xc2\x85 PA or B if A and B are 1mutually exclusive 2independent. Also, I need help understanding what independent and mutually exclusive means and what that does.'

b'Barbara is tiling her craft room floor with square tiles. She wants 6/10 of the square tiles be red. If she uses 18 red tiles,how many square tiles will be used to cover the floor?'

b'Use the remainder theorem to evaluate fk, then determine if k is a factor. fx=10x^3-41x^2add32xadd20; 5/2'

b'Factor and find all zeros. One factor is given. fx= 6x^3add7x^2-1; 2xadd1'

b'Simplify: 8-5^2 x 3-8 divided by 2'

b'chris cuts boards that are 2/3 feet long. He has a 7/9 foot long board of wood. How many yards can he cut?'

b"Coordinates are of the shape :of part a and b show these coordinates : -2,-4, -2,4, 2,4, 2,'4 Problem c: should I use a new figure or I can continue with same shape as part a and b . So how do I enlarge the shape: Draw a figure that is enlarge by a factor of 1.5 and ..."

b'Factor and find all zeros. One factor has been given. fx= x^3add9x^2add23xadd15; xadd5'

b'Where do I insert parentheses to make this number sentence true: 6 X 4 - 2 x 5 add 6 / 2 =16'

b"ughhhhhh PA is so hard my teacher is constantly comparing us to the regular math saying that if we can't figure it out then we should ask them. What does that even mean? we are more advanced anyway... this website helps so much. Im definitely going to be posting about ..."

b'Plot points on the number line to represent all values that round to 500 when rounded to the nearest hundred and 450 when rounded to the nearest ten'

b'A company runs food service concessions for sporting events throughout the country. Their marketing research department chose a particular football stadium to test market a new jumbo hot dog. It was found that the demand for the new hot dog is given approximately by p=6?lnx...'

b'The cost of producing x units of a product is given by Cx=800add120x?120lnx,x?1. Find the minimum average cost, which is defined as Cx/x the total cost divided by the number of units. Minimum Average Cost ='

b'How do you find P if A=1/2aaddP, and you have both the values of a and A?'

b'The dressmaker has 3/8 yard of fabric. She needs a total of 3/4 yard for a vest. How much more fabric does she need?'

b'Mrs.Johnson baked 2 dozen cookies. Two third of the cookies were oatmeal . How many oatmeal cookies did Mrs. Johnson bake'

b'WebWork = 28percent Four exams = 6percent each A final = 28percent Labwork = 20percent Suppose you obtain 100 percent credit on all WeBWorK assignments for this class. What is the minimum average percentage on the exams and labwork that will still get you an A in this class? Remember an A is greater...'

b'A dessert recipe calls for2 1/2 cups of milk how. Many cups of milk are needed for 8 servings?'

b'Leah has two same size rectangles divided into the same number of Equal parts. One rectangle has 1/3 of the parts shaded and the other has 2/5 of the parts shaded. What is the least number of parts into which both rectangles can be divide?'

b'Find the value that makes the pair of ratios equivalent 1. 8 2.7 3.6 4.5'

b'find each product mentally 6*4.4'

b'There are 3 boxes of tangerines. Each box has 93 tangerines. The tangerines will be divided equally among 9 classrooms. How many tangerines will each classroom get?'

b'which of the following ratios are equivalent 5/20? Choose all that apply. A. 1/4 B. 1/5 C. 20/100 D. 25/100'

b'On a scale drawing, the scale is 1/4 inch = 1 foot. What are the dimensions on the scale drawing for a room that is 18 feet by 16 feet?'

b'find each product mentally.12*4 3/4'

b'Which numbers make the equation true? 47add___>70 a.10 b.20 c.30 I am extremely confused on how to assist my daughter in solving this, due to this being common core math. Could you please direct me on how to solve problems such as this? than you in advance'


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