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b'Check my answers? 1. In what way was the government of ancient Athens different from the united states A Athens was a direct democracy in which citizens ** B Athens was an oligarchy ruled by the wealthy members of the council of five hundred C Athens was a republic in which...'

b"What is the grammatical name for this 'what sr cake is the best'"

b"In the literature we've covered, WHEN is more important than WHERE. Attack or defend this claim. Please help. Thanks in advance"

b"What grammatical name is given to this expression 'whose cake is the best'"

b"1. Do you remember the day when we met first? 1-1. Do you remember when we met first? 2. Do you remember the day on which when we dmet first? Can we use 1-1? 3. Tell me the reason why you were late. 4. Tell me why you were late. We can delete 'the reason' in Sentence 3. ..."

b'1. This is the way how he did it. X 2. This is the way he did it. O 3. This is how he did it. O 4. Do you know the reason? 5. Do you know why? ----------------------------- 1 is ungrammatical. 2 and 3 are grammatical. Why is 1 ungrammatical? Was 1 used in old ...'

b"The sun so hot I froze to death, Susanna don't you cry Oh, Susanna, Oh, don't you cry for me I came from Alabama with my banjo on my knee. ====================================== What does don't you cry for me? mean? Is the one of the following? 1. Dont' you cry for me? 2. ..."

b'1. I went to get my seal carve/cut out. 2. I went to get my stamp carved/ cut out. -------------------- Can we us both expressions, seal and stamp? What is the difference between them?'

b'1. He feels gloomy. 2. He feels blue. 3. He feels depressed. 4. He feels down. 5. He feels melancholy. ====================== Thank you for your help. They all seems to be correct? What about 5? Can we use that way? Which ones are commonly used?'

b"1. The radio is out of order. 2. The radio doesn't work. 3. The radio is out of work. 4. He is out of work. 5. He is unimployed. ------------------------------- 1 is 2, right? What about 3? Does 3 mean 1? Does 4 mean 5?"

b"1. They used to live there, didn't they? 2. They used to live there, usedn't they? Are both OK? 3. Didn't they use to live there? 4. Usedn't they to live there? 5. Did they not used to live there? 6. Did they use to live there? 7. Did they used to live there? Which ones are..."

b'1. The cooker is used to cook rice. 2. The machine is used to make books. 3. The knife is used to cut vegetables. 4. The table is used for the kids to study. 5. The room is used for him to study. 6. The car is used for his wife to go shopping. -------------------------- Are ...'

b"1. Aren't I pretty? 2. Ain't I pretty? 3. Am I not pretty? 4. I'm pretty, aren't I? 5. I'm pretty, ain't I? 6. I'm pretty, am I not? ------------------------------- Are they all grammatical?"

b'Is post structuralism theory applied on the novel A fare well arms by Hemmingway?'

b'Who was the first to challenge the book The Awakening.'

b"I have to search and compare these civilization... ?pre 20th century Japan ?Incan It's my Social Studies project???? Would you recommend me some good websites in English?"

b'Jake said to his friend I know all of the colours of the rainbow. They are red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet. Please suggest speech marks, commas and full stop for the above sentence.'

b'Identify the direct object in each sentence. 1. Maria watched a deer walk across the street. A. walking B. deer **** 2. Jennifer touched the tarantula at the museum. A. tarantula **** B. museum 3. Jonathan baked the cake in the oven. A. oven B. cake **** My Answers: **** Can ...'

b"6. Read the following lines from the poem Love After Love.you will greet yourself arrivingat your own door, in your own mirror,and each will smile at the other's welcome,In these lines, the mirror most likely symbolizes 1 point a a show of vanity. b a sense of comfort..."

b'Which one is correct? did you go to the class yesterday? OR did you went to the class yesterday?'

b'My answers are *** 10.\xc2\xa0\xc2\xa0 The author of \xc2\x93My Brother\xc2\x92s Keeper\xc2\x94 emphasizes Jamie\xc2\x92s conflict by \xc2\xa01\xc2\xa0point A. describing the car accident in detail. B. detailing Jamie\xc2\x92s physical appearance and good grades. C. flashing back to earlier events with his brother Ted.*** ...'

b"I don't know how bad it is. But here it is. In the story \xc2\x93Only Goodness\xc2\x94, Rahul\xc2\x92s mother is characterized by her blindness in which of parental behavior plays a big role in their children. Eventually, an act that in one way or another would end up being a dissatisfying ..."

b'What is the claim of the 8 amendment from the bill of rights? amendment'

b'1. The boy walked along the sidewalk in safety. 2. The boy walked along the sidewalk with safety. -------------------------------- Are both grammatical?'

b'How do I characterize characters from a story and what words do I use? Basically is for a paragraph.'

b'how to put emphasis on highlighted words ? 1 Are you going to wear this dress at the reception ? 2 Ann put up the Christmas decorations 3 why can you never be at work on time ? 4 John looks after the children when Shelia is at work 5 Where did you spend your ...'

b'difference of using have made and had made on a sentence.'

b'1. You have a warm heart. 2. You have warm hearts. 3. You two have a warm heart. 4. You two have warm hearts. -------------------------------- Does the subject in Sentence 1 singular? Does the subject in Sentence 2 plural? Is 3 grammatical? What about 4?'

b"In the book Inside the Walls of Troy, what view does the reader get through her eyes? I know that Cassandra loathed her gift of foreseeing the future and that she didn't want anyone to find out about her gift,in fear of being judged and criticized for it, but I can't think of ..."

b'1. With her hair on the wind, she ran to me. 2. With her hair in the wind, she ran to me. ----------------------------------- Which preposition do we have to use?'

b'If an aircraft, bird, or insect takes off, it leaves the ground and begins to fly. --------------------------------- Does it refer to an aircraft, bird, or insect?'

b"Homework Help: English - Please help Posted by BUBBLES on Monday, March 16, 2015 at 4:03pm. President Lincoln's Declaration of Emancipation, January 1, 1863 bu Frances E. W. Harper It shall flash through coming ages, It shall light the distant years; And eyes now dim with ..."

b'The resolution of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty shows Mitty ___________. realizing for the first time that his wife is a good person. dying in a car accident while daydreaming. imagining that he is bravely facing a fire squad. finally getting over his habit of daydreaming...'

b'What is a mean of glidden?'

b'As an ABC Australian Born Chinese, Who is an avid watcher of korean entertainment dramas, variety, movies etc, listener of k-pop, watch anime from japan, listen to j-pop, watch chinese tv shows and movies. Having studied German , French . It perplexes me that to this day...'

b'Read the following sentences from Day of the Butterfly She began to unwrap the presents, with an air that not even Gladys could have bettered, folding the tissue paper and the ribbons, and drawing out books and puzzles and cutouts as if they were all prizes she had won. ...'

b"Posted by rfvv on Monday, October 10, 2016 at 5:28pm. Posted by rfvv on Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 8:17pm. 1. Do you mind if I ask you to open the door? 2. Do you mind if I asked you to open the door? ------------------------ 1 is correct. How about 2? Can we use 'asked..."

b"1. John has a book, doesn't he? 2. John has a book, hasn't he? --------------------- Is 2 used in British English? =============================== 3. I think he is serious, isn't he? 4. I know he is kind, isn't he? 5. I believe she isn't diligent, is she? 6. I think he is ..."

b"1. Open the window, will you? 2. Don't close the door, will you? 3. Open the window, won't you? 4. Have a cup of coffee, won't you? 5. Have a cup of coffee, will you? -------------------------------------- Ae they all grammatical? Which ones are not okay?"

b'1. Seoul is the city. My family used to live in Seoul. 2. Seoul is the city where my family used to live. 3. Seoul where my family used to live is the city. ------------------------------------ 1 can be changed into 2 by combining two sentences in 1. What about 3? Is 3 ...'

b"Why is it important that The Story of an Hour takes place in the nineteenth century? In the nineteenth century, women were not considered equal to men. *** The characters use nineteenth-century expressions that are hard to understand. *** Nowadays, people don't die in train ..."

b'26. Write a paragraph that answers the questions below. Include at least two supporting details or examples. In \xc2\x93the literature of the Americas,\xc2\x94 Kimberly Koza writes; \xc2\x93By discovering the literature of our neighbors, we may also learn about ourselves.\xc2\x94 Keeping this ...'

b"What is the theme of Margaret Atwood's At the Tourist Centre in Boston? I am having a hard time figuring this out. I need to write about the theme of this poem for an essay question."

b'To construct an effective ending to any type of essay, you should'

b"I cannot find any synonyms of 'in the sense'. Can someone please help?"

b"Posted by rfvv on Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 8:17pm. 1. Do you mind if I ask you to open the door? 2. Do you mind if I asked you to open the door? ------------------------ 1 is correct. How about 2? Can we use 'asked'? \xc2\x95English - Writeacher, Friday, September 30, 2016..."

b'17 James Oglethorpe wanted the Highland Scots to move to Georgia A because they were qualified in the lumber industry. B so that the colony would have many types of people. C because they were experienced and skilled soldiers. D so that they would bring Protestantism to ...'

b"Beneatha's hair is a topic of conversation in several of the acts and scenes of A Raisin in the Sun based on your knowledge of her relationships with Joseph Asagai and George Murchison which themes does her hair represent? a. dreams b. Afrocentrism c. material wealth d. gender..."

b'Is the below sentence in Third person? This reference will be used in the prevention and education section of the paper.'

b'Why you think it is important that she control her temper? How will learning this help in the future? If you, how do you answer this question??'


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