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b"When buck joins the wolfpack after thornton's death, it is part of which plot element in the call of the wild? A. conflict B. exposition C. resolution D. rising action A. is my best answer"

b'As used in the poem, the phrase parlor generals suggests those who 1lead naturally 2ignore advice 3follow carefully 4avoid participation I chose 4. Am I right?'

b"Hi, I really need help on two questions for the novel called 'In the heat of the night Here's the questions btw its chapter three In the chapter 1 and 2, the racial issue has been hinted. Now we sees clear indication that this issue will be a major item in the story. ..."

b'1. I found it necessary that we should try to memorize the passage. 2. I found it necessary to memorize the passage. 3. I made it a rule that I have to brush teeth after eating. 4. I made it a rule to brush teeth after eating. 5. I believe it true that I can become promising. ...'

b'1. I found it convenient to drive a car. 2. I found it convenient that I drive a car. 3. I make it a rule to get up at six. 4. I make it a rule that I get up at six. 5. I believe it useful to buy things on the Internet. 6. I believe it useful that we buy things on the Internet...'

b"1. Dokdo was first recorded as part of Korea in the 500s. 2. Dokdo was first recorded as a part of Korea in the 500s. -------------------------- Can we use both expressions, 'part of' and 'a part of'?"

b"Could you change your utensil itself by learning? This sentence does not make sence for me. I'm not English speaker but do you think so..?"

b'Pablo insists that a conclusion should reinforce the thesis statement. Patrice says that the conclusion should follow logically from the introduction. Who is correct? A. Both Pablo and Patrice are correct. B. Neither Pablo nor Pam is correct. C. Only Pam is correct. D. Only ...'

b'In which of the following sentences does the use of prepositional phrases make it harder for readers to find the main point of the sentence? A. The committee voted on several of the issues under consideration. B. In what way is a political group considered grassroots when it...'

b'Which best describes the connection the French and Indian War had with the American Revolution? As a result of the French and Indian War, France occupied numerous areas under English control As a result of the French and Indian War, England began to tax the colonies to pay its...'

b"I added more of my ideas: Is the main conflict in Return of the soldier between Chris's desire to return to the past and his responsibility to the present, between Jenny and Kitty or is it between two other opposing forces? I must write an essay about this so please help me. I..."

b'In 1609, Galileo was the first person to look AT THE MOON through a telescope. Is this an adjective phrase or an adverb phrase.'

b'Does writing an expository paragraph or writing a literary paragraph or writing a persuasive paragraph come first alphabetically?'

b'Which sentence segment contains a punctuation error? Yes I visited Crested Butte, Colorado, last winter, replied Mrs. Souza. last winter, Yes I visited replied Mrs. Souza. Crested Butte, Colorado,'

b"1. This is the restaurant where he had lunch with Susan. 2. This is the restaurant he had lunch with Susan. Is 2 correct? 'Where' is missing in 2. 3. Look at the hospital where he was born. 4. Look at the hospital he was born. Is 4 correct? 'Where' is missing in 4. 5. ..."

b'From Beowulf the battle with the dragon and the death of Beowulf which of these names the protagonist/atagonist relationship in the battle with the dragon? Grendel/the dragon The dragon/grendel BEowulf/the dragonn the dragon/beowulf I think it is C, is that right?'

b'1. I went to London, where I found him. 2. I went to London, and there I found him. 3. I went to London, and I found him there. -------------------- Are they all grammatical and the same? Which one is common, 2 or 3? 4. The man came to me in the afternoon, when I was very ...'

b'1. I remember when we first met. 2. I remember that we first met. ----------------------------- Are both grammatical though they are different slightly in meaning? 3. I remember the fact that we first met. Is this correct?'

b'1. This is the place where he was born. 2. This is the place he was born. 3. This is where he was born. 4. This is that he was born. 5. This is in which he was born. ==================== Which ones are ungrammatical and why is that?'

b'1. This is the way how he did it. X 2. This is the way he did it. O 3. This is how he did it.o 4. This is in which he did it. 5. This is that he did it. ------------------------------ Is that right? What about 4 and 5? Are both ungrammatical as well?'

b'Read the following opening sentence of an introductory paragraph and answer the question that follows. Should you ever find yourself in a situation in which you suspect that someone is listening in your private conversation, you might not be as paranoid as you think. What ...'

b"Rewrote This because I added more of my ideas: Is the main conflict in Return of the soldier between Chris's desire to return to the past and his responsibility to the present, between Jenny and Kitty or is it between two other opposing forces? I must write an essay about this..."

b"The Lottery 1948 by Shirley Jackson ** this website won't allow for links; therefore, I couldn't put the link of this story** the short story is online for reference The question that needs to be answered is: EXPLAIN the source of horror in Jackson\xc2\x92s story. Hint: ..."

b"Is the main conflict in Return of the soldier between Chris's desire to return to the past and his responsibility to the present, between Jenny and Kitty or is it between two other opposing forces? I must write an essay about this so please help me. I do feel its the first ..."

b'Find the adverb. is batch the adverb I baked a batch of brownies for my friends.'

b'Please help to understand this assignment. Like sections, introduction and subheadings. Ideas. How should I start with the subheadings/sections? First introduction and overview? Thank you Building Communities: Do a situational analysis of the police department in the city ...'

b"1. He hasn't been to Japan. 2. He ain't been to Japan. Is 2 an informal sentence. Is it correct? 3. He has not a book. 4. He ain't a book. Is 4 an informal sentence. Is it correct?"

b'The _______ form of a verb should be used to distinguish between actions completed in the immediate past and actions completed before a specific time. A. past perfect B. simple past C. irregular D. infinitive'

b'With the pounding rain and blowing wind, driving to the game was an exciting adventure. Which word in the sentence is a gerund? pounding blowing driving exciting'

b"In An Inconvenient Truth Earth is called the Goldilocks planet because A The sun is at a balanced distance B It has a significant wildfire population C It's neither too hot or too cold for life D The mineral content, especially cold and gold. I think it's C or A"

b'Choose correct punctuation. . a have I many friends b have many friends? c Have I many friends d Have I many friends.'

b'how would you define a sorting process? A creative process?'

b'1. He can do boxing very well. 2. He is boxing with his friend behind a taxi. 3. He is practing boxing at a boxing center. 4. He likes boxing very much. 5. Why is he learning boxing? --------------------------- Are they all grammatical? 6. He can do taekwondo very well. 7. He ...'

b'Can I use one for past tense in writing a technical paper such as engineering lab. Ex. So one can see the rocks form.'

b'Help I have to write a research paper and I have no idea how to start... please help me.'

b'I need help finding a Canadian Case that shows the benefits of Extrajudicial Measure Please.'

b"1. In the Red Badge of Courage, for what exploit was the youth praised by the colonel? for carrying the flag for getting the enemy's flag for rallying the men to fight*** 2. In The Red Badge of Courage, the description of Wilson changes from what to what? from the loud one to ..."

b"1. Tell me the reason why you came late. 2. Tell me why you came late. In 1, 'why' is a relative adverb. In 2, 'why' is a relative adverb or an interrogative adverb. Is that right? 3. This is how he solved the problem. In this sentence, 'how' is a relative adverb. 'the ..."

b"1. This is why you did it. 2. this is how you did it. ------------------- In these sentences, 'why' or 'how' is a relative adverb. Are both interrogative adverbs or relative adverbs?"

b"1. This is the way he did it. 2. This is how he did it. 3. This is the way in which he did it. 4. This is the way by which he did it. -------------------------------- Are they all grammatical? Can we use 'by' instead of 'in'?"

b'1. I went to Texas, where I stayed for a week.? 2. I went to Texas, and I stayed there for a week. 3. I went to Texas, and there I stayed for a week.? ------------------------------------- Can we use both 2 and 3 as the similar ones to 1?'

b'1. Please come to see me in the afternoon, when I will be free. 2. Please come to see me in the afternoon, and I will be free then. 3. Please come to see me in the afternoon, for I will be free then. 4. Please come to see me in the afternoon, and then I will be free. 5. Please...'

b'can someone help me with sign language please 1_____ of the American Manual Alphabet hand-shapes are formed to resemble the letter they represent AAll Bsome CNone 2what are two main parts of forming signs? A forming words with your lips and changing your body posture B...'

b'what were some reasons for the french and indian war? Select all that apply A:French and british both wanted control of Ohio river valley B:French and british fought over control of Indian Fur trade C:The French wanted to take control of the Louisiana that was claimed by Spain...'

b'Some have more than a hundred and some have none, its very colourful and you see it every morning someone please tell me the answer'

b"Our instructor has asked us to read Alice Munros fits short story, I read it multiple times like 4 times and I'm really confused . Can someone explain what happened in the story cause I'm left with many questions in my mind but no answers . Did peg kill the old couple? How ..."

b"1. I don't know the way. 2. I don't know how. ---------------------- Are both grammatical? Can we use both?"

b'what moral does malcolm still state when he realizes that his last hope in the prophecies is gone act 5 scene 6-7'

b"We have covered short stories: Killings, The Destructors, The Step Not Taken, Identities, Story of an Hour and the movie, V for Vendetta. Question: In the literature we've covered, WHEN is more important than WHERE. Attack or defend this claim. Please help. Thanks in advance."

b'identify the portion that contains a compound subject\xc2\xa0during the 1940s and 1950s , Dudd Abbott and Lou Costello were a popular comedy team on radio, televison ,and sage\xc2\xa0 a. 1940s and 1950s b. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello\xc2\xa0..... c. radio, televsion, and stage\xc2\xa0 d. none'


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