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b'what are some of the main ideas and details of the olaudah Equiano story I know one of the main ideas is the slaves on the ship were kept in close confinement under terrible conditions and I have the detail for that main idea. any other ones?'

b'how can I write a humerus speech for declamation on topic I never reason, therefore, I am seldom wrong. ?'

b'There is a program on the screen. I will fire this gun on the screen of the laptop. Then I will choose a student who can read Part 1. I will click on the gun. Fire the gun Now I got Number 3. Who is Number 3? Will you come up here and read the first part loudly so that the ...'

b"In' means 'no longer than a particular period of time' or 'at the end of a particular period of time.' 1. Can you finish the job in two weeks? 1-2. Can you finish the job in less than two weeks? Are both the same? 2. I should be there in half an hour. 2-2. I should be there..."

b"1. May I borrow this book? - Sure. Just remember to give it back in a week. 2. May I borrow this book? - Sure. Just remember to give it back within a week. ------------------------------ In this short dialogue, does 'in' mean 'within'? Or are both different?"

b'The Questions are presented to me in Spanish, I then translated them to try to understand them. I have submitted my answers in English and Spanish in case there is any confusion to what I am attempting to write Questions 1-5 Literature Act III La Dama del Alba 1. \xc2\xbfC\xc3\xb3mo hab\xc3\xad...'

b'1. Read all the sentences on the page. 2. Read all the sentences of the page. Which one is correct? Are both okay? Which one is commonly used? 3. Read Part 1 in a loud voice. 4. Read Part 1 with a loud voice. Which preposition do we have to use? 5. All up and down the whole ...'

b'I am doing the Character Analysis Portfolio, and need to make a thesis statement, answering the following questions: Why is this character significant to the plot of the story? How does this character contribute to the development of a central theme? Could someone help me? I ...'

b'1. They will attend the graduation ceremony from 4:00-6:00 p.m., and ___ they will enjoy the banquet. 2. The concert promoters worked very hard; ____ they did not manage to raise enough money to cover their expenses. 3. I was disappointed by the movie; ___; I have to agree ...'

b'1. I have experience flipping pizza dough; ______, I have eaten just about every kind of pizza you can imagine 2. Cinderella had to learn how to get along with her sisters; ______ I am trying to learn ways to get along with my brothers. similarly, furthermore 1. furthermore 2...'

b'1. She helped it happen for me to drive a car. 2. He let it happen to break the window. What about these sentences? Can we use these structure?'

b'1. Can you keep it a secret to go shopping with me? 2. The money left it possible to help poor people. Are both grammatical? Does each sentence need any correction?'

b'Who is the legendary Arthur, and what did he do to become king of England?'

b'Which of the following phrases best describes the setting of the story?'

b"Choose the meaning of the bolded vocabulary word in each passage in the next six questions. I can't bold them so the word will be in caps. Check my answers * = My answer 1. Once, the listener fancied that he could DISTINGUISH the accent of town's people of his own... a. Hear..."

b'Write an ivf summary for the story Welcome to Dead House by r.l. Stine.'

b'1. What pattern or structure is there to the development the the plot? Describe the way the events are organized. Is the structure significant to the meaning? Car Crash While Hitchhiking -Denis Johnson'

b"What are two themes in Perseus Adventures? Reading the book but really don't understand the question"

b'Which statement is false? A. Parentheticals aren\xc2\x92t crucial to the meaning of a sentence. B. Parentheticals are like asides. C. Parentheticals are crucial to the meaning of a sentence. D. Parentheticals are like comments. Is it C.?'

b'1. I find it is good that he likes helping poor people. 2. I believe it is good that he likes helping poor people. 3. I think it is good that he likes helping poor people. 4. I consider it is good that he likes helping poor people. 5. I guess it is good that he likes helping ...'

b'Write a sequence of events of story welcome to dead house by r.l stine'

b'1. Which one is bigger, Seodo or Dongdo? -Seodo is bigger than Dongdo. 2. What do you want to do on Dokdo? - I want to shake hands with a police officer there. - I want to take as many pictures as possible. - I want to go to the top of Dongdo to look at Ulleongdo from there...'

b'1. What are the characters of Dokdo? - They are Dokdorang. Dokdorang is composed of two island images. Is the question and the answer correct? 2. What will they be today? 3. What will they do today? - They will be our tour guides today. Which quetion is suitable for the ...'

b'Error correction in we sentence My friend house us big red and expensive'

b'Hello everyone I need help with my work. I have a comparison and contrast essay and I need a title. In my essay, I am comparing and contrasting the sports of Basketball and Football. I need something creative. Any ideas?'

b'1. I found it stupid of Tom to say so. 2. He made it clear that he loved Emily. 3. I found it unknow why Emily loved Tom. 4. Jerry made it clear what he wanted. --------------------- Is the formal object used correctly in each sentence?'

b'1. I felt it my duty to help him. 2. I flet it my duty helping him. 3. I make it a rule to get up at six. 4. I make it a rule getting up at six. 5. I found it easy to memorize the poems. 6. I found it easy memorizing the poems. 7. We consider it foolish of him to try it again...'

b'1. Why would you do research to prepare for a personal comparison and contrast essay? A. To find additional examples to support you main idea. B. To find people to interview from your family. C.To find references for your essay. D. To evaluate websites. 2. Why is it important ...'

b'1.\xc2\xa0\xc2\xa0Choose\xc2\xa0the\xc2\xa0answer\xc2\xa0that\xc2\xa0best\xc2\xa0m?atches\xc2\xa0the\xc2\xa0word\xc2\xa0in\xc2\xa0italics.\xc2\xa0Use\xc2\xa0co?ntext\xc2\xa0clues\xc2\xa0to\xc2\xa0determine\xc2\xa0the meaning\xc2\xa0of\xc2\xa0the\xc2\xa0word,\xc2\xa0if\xc2\xa0necessary. The\xc2\xa0decorations\xc2\xa0were\xc2\xa0reminiscent\xc2\xa0of???autumn\xc2\xa0leaves. 1\xc2\xa0point leftovers made reminders symbolic 2...'

b'15. In which of the following pieces does the character\xe2\x80\x99s motivation to visit another world change the existing world? \xe2\x80\x9cNolan Bushnell\xe2\x80\x9d \xe2\x80\x9cA Sound of Thunder\xe2\x80\x9d** \xe2\x80\x9cThe Secret Life of Walter Mitty\xe2\x80\x9d \xe2\x80\x9cAll Watched Over by Machines of ...'

b'please tell me how can we Use of get add past participle and identify in sentence? I got injured. He will get married. Please tell me by example.'

b'1. He calls his wife sweetheart. 2. He calls his wife Sweetheart. 3. He calls his wife Sweetheart. ------------------------------- Are they all grammatical? Which ones are correct? ================================ 4. She begged one more chance of her. 5. She begged her one...'

b"1. Dokdo was recorded as part of Korea in the 500s. 2. People can fly in the 2000s. < in the 2000s = in the two thousands right? It is from 'in 2000' to 'in 2999.' Am I right..."

b"Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at 5:20pm. 1. What is the zip code for Dokdo? 2. What is the zip code of Dokdo? 3. It is 799-805 ------------------------------- Can we use both 'for' and' of'? How do we read 3? Do we say'dash'? Which ones are correct? a. seven ..."

b'1. He broke the window on purpose. It is bad that he broke the window on purpose. I think it bad that he broke the window on purpose. I think it bad for him to have broken the window on purpose. Are they all grammatical? 2. Honesty is the best policy. It is true that honesty...'

b'1. He likes helping poor people. 2. It is good that he likes helping poor people. 3. I think it good that he likes helping poor people. 3-1. I think it good for him to help poor people. 3-2. I think it good to help poor people. Are the sentences all grammatical? I think as 1...'

b'1. I knew how he did his homework. 2. I knew how he had done his homework. ----------------------------- What is the difference between the two sentences?'

b'Need help fixing a run on sentence. I moved to the United States when I was young ut was easy to learn English, my parents were already here, they knew English already.'

b'1. She explained to me how to draw a dinosaur. 2. She explained how to draw a dinosaur to me. Are both okay? Which one is better? 3. Susan suggested to us a very good idea. 4. Susan suggested a very good idea to us. Are both okay? Which one is better?'

b'In the story \xc2\x93If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth\xc2\x85\xc2\x94 why did Marvin\xc2\x92s father take him to see the view of earth from The Colony? A. The Colony had just discovered earth as a new planet in their galaxy, and he wanted to share the exciting news. B. He wanted Marvin to understand ...'

b'How did the culture of Beowulf view pride? Why?'

b'Which synonym for fear most strongly suggests a fear that causes one to freeze in terror? Alarm Dread Fright Panic I say D'

b'Has anyone done the character analysis portfolio? I have Jim as my character...but I cannot find any media, can someone find one?'

b'Thank you for your help. One more similar patterns goes. 1. The heavy rain made it difficult for me to open my eyes. 2. The loud music made it difficult for me to focus on my study. 3. The heavy snow made it difficult for me to ride a bike. 1-1. The heavy rain made it ...'

b'1. I find it difficult to master French. 2. I find it difficult mastering French. 3. The heavy snow made it difficult to walk on the street. 4. The heavy snow made it difficult walking on the street. 5. He believed it difficult to go abroad to study. 6. He believed it ...'

b'1. I think it right that you are helping the poor. 2. I think it right that you help the poor. 3. I think it right that you helped the poor. 4. I think it right that we should help the poor. 5. I think it right that you should help the poor...'

b"1. Leaves turn gold in autumn. ------------------------------ Can we use 'gold' in this position? What other words can we use instead?"

b"1. I ought to go by plane, shouldn't I? 2. I ought to go by plane, oughtn't I? ------------------------- Which tag question is right?"

b'What is one of the strongest literary images in Orphans Give Indian Couple Will to Live; 2004 Tsunami Killed Their Son, Two Daughters by Shaikh Azizur Rahman?'

b'What is one of the strongest literary images in Spring is like a perhaps hand by E.E. Cummings?'


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