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b"1. Don't forget to bring some coins to throw into it for good luck. 2. Don't forget to bring some coins which you can throw into it for good luck. 3. Don't forget to bring some coins which you will throw into it for good luck. ----------------------- Can we change 1 into 2 ..."

b'1. I heard the weather is usually windy and foggy on Dokdo. 2. I heard that he is very kind. 2-2. I heard that he was very kind. What is the difference between them in meaning? Are both okay? Which one is commonly used? 3. I heard that two times five is ten. 4. I heard that ...'

b'What is the theme of Nethergrave?'

b"1. Tell me where she lives.? 2. He asked me how she should do. 3.? He showed them how to open the bottle. 4. Do you know why he was late? 5. I don't remember when she arrived. 6. I wonder how he open the door. 7. I doubt why he didn't come here.? ---------------------- ..."

b"1. Tell me what you won. 2. Tell me what you won in the competition. 3. Tell me what you won in the race. 4. Tell me what you won in the English speech contest. ================== Are they all grammatical? Is 'what' an interrogative pronoun? Or is 'what' a relative pronoun?"

b"What was the long-term effect of the Magna Carta? a. A weakening of power of feudal lords. B. The surrender of French territory to English rule. C. The rise of strong trading cities . D. The development of more democratic government? WHAT'S THE ANSWER"

b'How does the author create such a heartwarming feeling in this story? A by revealing the thoughts and actions of Josh B by revealing the thoughts and actions of Coach Wilkins C by revealing the thoughts and actions of Principal Edwards D by revealing the thoughts and ...'

b"1. He didn't used to smoke. 2. He didn't use to smoke. ---------------------------- Q1: 2 seem to be used. How do you pronounce 'use to'? Do you pronounce 'used to' and 'use to' in the same way. Q2: Does the sentence mean that he didn't smoke before, but that he smokes now?"

b"1. The boy was happy in that he has a lot of pencils. 2. He was sad in that his father passed away. 3. He was nervous in that he had to take the test. ---------------------------- I have made some sentences containing 'in that.' Are these sentences well-written?"

b'1. She was fortunate in that she had friends to help her. 2. She was fortunate for the reason that she had friends to help her. 3. She was fortunate because she had friends to help her. ------------------------------ Are they all the same in meaning? What is the part of speech...'

b"1. You can enjoy delicious food in London. 2. In London, you can enjoy delicious food. Are both the same? In 1, what does 'in London' modify? 3. You can visit many traditional houses in Chicago. 4. In Chicago, you can visit many traditional houses. Both are the same. In 4..."

b"Identify the subject, verb, Object Formal writing shows writers' critical thinking. Verb- critical thinking Subject-writers Object-writers'"

b"1. My family used to live in London, didn't they? 2. My family used to live in London, didn't he? 3. My family used to live in London, didn't she? 4. My family used to live in London, didn't it? --------------------------------- Which tag question is correct?"

b"Posted by rfvv on Friday, October 21, 2016 at 9:54pm. ======================================= Does 1 mean 2 and 3? \xc2\x95English - Writeacher, Friday, October 21, 2016 at 10:36pm 2 and 3 are identical, aren't they? 1. It's usually very windy and foggy. 2. It's usually very ..."

b'1. School is a place where people learn things. 2. School is a place where people learn many subjects. 3. School is a place where students learn many things. 4. School is a place where students study subjects. 5. School is a place where people can learn many things...'

b'As a strategy for narrowing the topic for an essay on animal medicine, Felecia imagines interviewing a veterinarian. Which method of generating ideas is she using?'

b'Elliot has created a paragraph-by-paragraph outline that consists of a few key words or phrases this type of outline is known as a _______ outline.'

b'If you suspect that readers are interested in your topic, you may choose a _______ method of organizing your essay.'

b"Using _______ to support your thesis enhances your credibility and demonstrates to readers that you've taken the time to investigate and become knowledgeable about the topic."

b"I had posted a question earlier about my essay but have received no help? is there no one who can help me? If you haven't seen the movie or read the book then i understand but please help if you can, really appreciated:"

b'Welcome to Dokdo. We are dokdorang, the characters of Dokdo. --------------------------- 1. What is the character of Dokdo? It is Dokdorang. 2. What are the characters of Dokdo? - They are Dokdorang. 3. What are the characters of Dokdo? - They are Dokdorang, the characters of ...'

b'1. Can people send letters to the people on Dongdo? Yes, they do. There is a postbox on Dongdo. 2. When was Dokdo first recorded as part of Korea? It was first recorded as part of Korea in the 500s. 3. What is the temperature on Dokdo? It is around 12 C. 4. Why is the rock ...'

b'I must write an essay based on the following question: compare the role of christy smith in helping Larry regain his memory in Somewhere in the night with the role of Margaret in helping Chris regain his memory in the return of the soldier. My thoughts are that both margaret ...'

b'what are the 8 paragraphs in the story: my bondage and my freedom by Fredrick douglass'

b"what are the layers of analysis for 'if i'll why hath it given me earnest of success?' from act 1 scene 3 MACBETH SHAKESPEARE. thank-you."

b"If someone could check these that'd be great ;o; <3 1. Which need did the first universities in medieval Europe seek to meet? A. Education of the Masses B. Instruction of knights in the chivalric code C. Preparation of monarchs to rule *D. Training for members of the clergy..."

b"'Agape is the highest form of love' Give two arguments with counter arguments to show you have considered more that one point of view. I need help ASAP"

b'Identify the subject, object, and verb in this sentence: Paralegals must have good ethics.'

b'In the sentence'

b'1. Do you think why he is upset? 2. Do you believe where he lives? 3. Do you suppose where he was born? Do you have the reason why the three sentences are not correct? Do you have any logical reason? 4. Why Do you think he is upset? 5. Where do you believe he lives? 6. Where...'

b'Identify the fragment my parents are very strict'

b'A peer reviewer should comment on the essay\xe2\x80\x99s title.'

b'I want to get clarification and on how to start my research, what steps to take with my topic. So far, I want to do Native American Culture. But how can I make this family diversity assignment? This is what I have to do: I have to do poster presentation on Family Diversity. ...'

b'While Jeanne and Paul are generally a happy married couple, they do struggle over one point of__________.They disagree as to how their family'

b'Conflict over holidays'

b"Which sentence segment contains a punctuation error? Alicia, doesn't pay attention to her penmanship; therefore, her writing is often difficult to read. A. to her penmanship; B. is often difficult to read. C. Alicia, doesn't pay attention D. therefore, her writing"

b'It is a riddle: We see it every morning, it has very many colours. At one point we all have in our lives Please help me solve this riddle and an explanation of it.'

b'1. Do you think where he lives? 2. Where do you think he lives? 1 is incorrect. 2 is correct. Do you know why? Why is that?'

b'He is a medium-height man.Is it correct ?'

b"1. She doesn't resemble anyone in her family. ------------------------------ Does 'in her family' modify 'anyone' or 'resemble'? Is 'in her family' an adverbial phrase or an adjective phrase?"

b'Hello. I will be grateful for some language help. 1 Is the preposition in OK in the following sentence maybe, no preposition at all or when?: He made no mistake in choosing true friends? 2 Is the word contain natural in the context: I fully agree with the ideas ...'

b"In The Destructors, Greene uses a lot of _____ in the boy's language to enrich their characterization. a. slang*** b. sophisticated language c. slant rhyme d. imagery"

b'to his excellency, general Washington by phillis wheatley: do you think that Columbia and general Washington are worthy subjects of the poets praise? explain'

b"fill in the blank. Big snapping turtles don't get to weigh so much without eating a lot of food. Here's how they do it: Most snapping turtles float, or lie motionless on the bottom of a pond or river. a fish, frog, or other prey swims close enough, the turtle snaps very fast ..."

b'1. The accident left it possible for him to take a rest in hospital. 2. The heavy snow left it impossible for him to go to work by car. 3. Keep it a secrte to go to the PC room with me. 4. Keep it a secret that you go to the PC room with me. 5. I took it for granted that the ...'

b'why might Equiano have asked captain to call him Jacob rather than oladuah'

b'Rewrite the following story into the present tense One day a dog stole a piece of meat . He was crossing a brook when he saw his reflection in the water . Immediately he thought it was another dog with another piece of meat . He snatched at what he saw but in doing he lost ...'

b'please correct the following sentence I will send the photos, as and when I receive or I will send the photos, as and when I received.'

b'Feeling sorry about his _____ toward his sister the previous day, John made a special effort to compliment her today. invectice a. invectice b. invectiveness Answer: invectice'

b'Tom made a big show of arriving at work early and leaving later than everyone else, thereby _____ the rumor that he was a slacker. debunk Choose the right word: 1. debunk 2. debunks 3. debunking Answer: debunks'


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