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b"can anyone please summarize the short story an ordinary soldier of the queen because I didn't understand it at all and I am very confused ? I read it 3 times but still dont understand what happened, if anyone has read it please help: very appreciated:"

b'What would be an example of something that is written not for the purpose of reading?'

b'Why does Hawthorne begin the story with a reflection about the need for a cemetery and a prison? I read the chapter 1 and dont know why the author begin the story like that. The book is called the scarlet letter and question pertains to the first chapter.'

b'What does this mean? The world abounds with masterpieces, and yet they do not fill my two hands'

b'The word phosphorescence and gelatinous would be categorized under the label The answer are A. Marine animals B. Fishing terms C. boat terms D. Marine images I hope somebody can help me'

b"There are three teams in a classroom. 1. This question is for Team 1. 2. Only Team 2 can answer this question. 2-2. Only students in Team 2 can answer this question. Do we have to put 'the' before 'students'? 3. This one is for Team 3 students. 4. Team 1 students are allowed..."

b"1. The fan is above the desk. Can we use 'above' any time when the fan is on the ceiling, for example, in each corner. When the fan is directly over the desk, can we use over as in the sentence? Can we use 'above' when the fan is in each corner of the ceiling. 2. The fan ..."

b'Identify the sentence type. I have to do my homework before I can watch TV. a. simple c. complex b. compound d. compound-complex'

b"1. These pictures show how lava from kilauea's eruption threatened everything in its path in 1989, I added. 2. Its crater, halemaumau crater, is the largest active crater in the World. 3. then ms. jackson told us that honolulu is probably the most important business center ..."

b'1. She put a blanket over the sleeping baby. 2. She put a blanket on teh sleeping baby. Can we use both over and on? What is the difference between them?'

b'1. It appears that there has been a mistake. 2. There appears to have been a mistake. 3. It happened that she was out when we called. 4. She happened to be out when we called. 5. It chanced that they were staying at the same hotel. 6. They chanced to be staying at the same ...'

b'1. It seems that he is rich. Is the that clause a subjective complement? 2. My car is similar to yours. 3. My car resembles yours. 4. My car takes after yours. 5. My car looks like yours. 6. My car is like yours. Are the five sentences all the same in meaning? Which ones ...'

b'hange into passive voice. People will honer teachers officers do not demand money from public. My wife prepares food Can you complete all the lessons by the end of January Who speaks the truth? Who has broken the mirror'

b'For the Tell-Tale Heart, what are two pivotal artifacts?'

b'in a class of 40 children 3/8 likes english,2/5 likes maths and 3/4 like science .find the number of children who like each subject.'

b'Why do we have to follow school rules and regulation?'

b'There is a crib next to the wall. There is a picture on the wall. In this case, do we use 1? In this case, 1 is not the same as 2. Is that right? 4 is not suitable, either. 1. The picture is above the crib. 2. The picture is over the crib. 3. The crib is below the picture...'

b'1. The fluorescent lamp is over the desk. 2. An ant is beneath the table. 3. The cat is under the table. 4. A book is on the table. ----------------------- Does 1 mean that the fluorescent lamp is right above the table? If the fluorescent lamp is in the corner and the lamp is...'

b'On the hill, there is a house. When we walk down a little, there is a lake. In that case, we can say as follows. 1. The house is above the lake. 2. The house is over the lake. 3. The lake is below the house. 4. The lake is under the house. In this case, 1 and 3 are right. ...'

b'1.what are the behavior of students towards school rules and regulation ? 2.why do the students need to follow the school rules and regulations? 3.how does it affects to the behavior of the students'

b'Posted by rfvv on Monday, November 21, 2016 at 4:44am. 1. Korea drew the game against Japan. 2. Korea tied the game against Japan. 3. Korea and Japan drew in the game. 4. Korea and Japan tied in the game. 5. The game between Korea and Japan ended/finished in a draw. 6. The ...'

b'1. Raise your hands on your head. 2. Raise your hans over your head. 3. Raise yor hands above your head. ----------------------------- What will be the right position after the listeners do as they are told? Are the following positions right? In 1, the hands will be on ...'

b'1. There used to be a traffic cop on the corner. 2. There used to be a traffic officer on the corner. 3. There used to be a traffic police cop on the corner. 4. There used to be a traffic police officer on the corner. ---------------------------- Can we use 3 and 4?'

b"1. Can you imagine people can fly to mars in the future? ------------------- Can we use believe, guess, suppose, think, and consider instead of 'imagine? 2. Put on the helmet for safety. 3. Wear the helmet for safety. Are they all the same in meaning? Can we use both words..."

b"1. You should draw water from a well. 2. You should draw water out of a well. Are both the same? 3. The man magically pulled a bird out of his hat. 4. The man magically pulled a bird from his hat. Are both grammatical? 5. I don't have a lot of money in the present. 6. I ..."

b"Do you know the difference between when you need to use the and when you don't need it? I'm not english speaker can you teach me about itt?"

b"1. famous: be known by many people in many places. 2. famous: be known to many people in many places. ------------------------ word: definition Do we have to use 'be known by' ot 'be known to'"

b'1. Yosemite is famous for its natural wonders. 2. We arrived at Yosemite in the afternoon. ===================== In the sentences above, what does Yosemite mean? Is it Yosemite Valley or Yosemite National Park? - Anonymous, Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at 1:05am Yosemite ...'

b'When did they arrive at Yosemite? 1. They arrived at Yosemite in the afternoon on July 20. 2. They arrived at Yosemite on the afternoon of July 20. ----------------------- Which answer is right?'

b"Thank you for your help. I have one more similar set related to 'a long way' and 'far.' Which one do you use frequently?In a grammar book here, 2 and 4 are regarded as incorrect sentences because 'far' is used in a positive sentence. Is that explanation correct? 1. We went a..."

b'1. The store is far away from here. 2. The store is far off from here. 3. The store is a long way away from here. 4. The store is a long way off from here. --------------- Are they all grammatical? Far is used in a negative sentence and in a question. A long way is used in a ...'

b'1. We went far. 2. We went a long way. 3. The restaurant is far from here. 4. The restaurant is a long way from here. 5. The restaurant is not far from here. 6. The restaurant is not a long way from here. 7. How far is it from here to the restaurant? 8. It is 100 meters...'

b'Is there a name for a building that has two retailers in the same building?'

b'Recent, humor, profile, linen, smoky, legal, comet, shiver, minus, loser, punish, cavern, local, decent, vacant, and panic follows the v/vc pattern or the vc/v pattern.'

b"Q1. Does a recipient's address mean a receiver's address? Q2. Are the following all correct? They are for the date under the sender's address? 1. 29/4/92 2. 29th March 1992 3. 29 March 1992 4. 4/29/92 5. March 29th, 1992 6. March 29, 1992 1,2, and 3 seem to be used in ..."

b"The Personal Manager Cratex Ltd. 21 Firside Road Birmingham B15 2RX --------------------------- This is a recipient's address for a formal letter. What is the meaning of B15 2RX? This one is from the UK for a formal letter sample."

b"80 Green Road Mosely Birmingham B13 9PL -------------------------- This is a sender's address. What is the meaning of 'B13 9PL'? This address for a formal letter is from the UK>"

b'WHen the question asks, what is the basic premise of the environmental act. What is it asking me for, what it covers? I interpreted as what it covers but when i searched up the definition for premise, it said previous statement or base of argument. So now i am confused'

b"Unit 4 Lesson 4: Writing Workshop: Compare contrast essay I have to compare Nethergrave with something that's science fiction, from a book, movie, or even a video game... Any ideas what I should compare Nethergrave with?"

b'1.Rita is writing a story. 2.I was buying vegetables. 3.seema was eating apples. 4. The family was watching a cricket match.'

b"Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 at 12:22pm. An airplane is a vehicle with wings and one or more engines that enable it to fly through the air ----------------------- In this sentence, what does 'it' refer to? Does 'it' refer to 'an airplane' or 'a device'? \xc2\x95..."

b'1. He was flying above the clouds. 2. He was flying over the clouds. Are both the same in meaning? 3. The bird is flying to the south above the clouds. 4. The bird is flying to the south over the clouds. Is there any diferences between them? 5. The balloon is moving above ...'

b'1. Spring is still a long way off. 1-2. Spring is still a long way away. 2. Spring is still far off. 3. Spring is still far away. ------------------------------- Can we use all the sentences?'

b"1. I still could not understand him. 2. I still don't understand. 3. He was still waiting for her . 4. He has still been looking for the kid. ----------------------------- Is the position of 'still' correct? Are they all acceptable in terms of grammar?"

b'1. I happened to meet he on the sidewalk. 2. I chanced to meet her on the sidewalk. 3. I met her on the sidewalk by chance. 4. I met her on the sidewalk by accident. 5. I met her on the sidewalk by happen. ------------------- Are they all the same in meaning? What about 5? Is...'

b'1. The helicopter is flying over the clouds. 2. The helicopter is flying above the clouds. ----------------------------- What is the difference between them?'

b"They are closings at the end of a letter 1. Yours sincerely 2. Sincerely 3. Sincerely yours 4. Faithfully yours 5. Faithfully 6. Truly yours 7. Truly ------------------------ I know that 'Sincerely' is used. What about 5 and 7? Can they be used as closings? Are 2, 5, and ..."

b"1. He raised his arms above his head. 2. He raised his arms over his head. Can we use both over and above? Do they have the same meaning? 3. The sun's coming up above the mountain. 4. The sun's coming up over the mountain. Can we use both over and above? Do they have the ..."

b"1. She looked back on the past without regret. 2. She recalled the past without regret. 3. She recollected the past without regret. ------------------------------ Are they all the same? What other phrases do you frequently use instead of 'looked back on'?"

b"An airplane is a vehicle with wings and one or more engines that enable it to fly through the air ----------------------- In this sentence, what does 'it' refer to? Does 'it' refer to 'an airplane' or 'a device'?"


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