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b'Would a triangle with a vertical length of 6 and a horizontal length of 10 have the same slope as the blue and red triangles shown in the graph? ANSWER CHOICES A. Yes, the slopes would be the same B. No, the slope of the new triangle would be 2:4 C. No, the slope of the new ...'

b'Tracey is twice ws old as sally, karon is 3yrs younger than tracey how old is each girl if their combined ages are37'

b'Which statement is a true statement all rectangles or squares all squares or rectangles every rhombus is a rectangle every rectangle is a rhombus'

b'In a club 15 members choose from them a president , secretary and a treasurer. How many different states of candidates can be chosen?'

b'you have 6 marbles each of a different color . In how many ways can they be arranged in a row?'

b"Write a sequence of transformations that maps triangle ABC onto triangle A''B''C''. --------------------------------------??? A in ABC is 1,9, B in ABC is 3,12, and C in ABC is 4,4. A'' in A''B''C'' is 3,-3, B'' in A''B''C'' is 5,-6, and C'' in A''B''C'' is 6,2."

b'I need help. This is an example problem, but i am having trouble finding the answer to all problems like this. I came up with 50 something as my answer. That is NOT an option. Please help this is the example problem. If a pair of jeans costs 39.50 dollars, then you add 5percent ...'

b'How would I identify a set of coordinates x, y, z to be in which octant in a 3d space? Is it just based on the x-value? Depending on the x-value 1-8 used?'

b'Which statements represent the relationship between y=2x and y=log2x ? Select each correct answer. The equation ? y=log2x ? is the logarithmic form of ? y=2x ?. <

b'One of the angle of a triangle is 110 degree and other two angles are equal. What is the measure of each of these equal angle.'

b'How many positive odd integers less than 500 can be formed from the digits 3, 4, and 5 without repetition?'

b'Find the perimeter of a 30\xc2\xb0-60\xc2\xb0-90\xc2\xb0 triangle whose shorter leg is 16cm'

b"when z is divided by 8, the remainder is 5. What is the remainder when 4z is divided by 8. Can you please explain this to me step by step? I'm having difficulty understanding why the answer is 4"

b'John bough a pizza sliced into 8 parts. 1 part was given to Jenny and one part was given to Kelly. How much does John has left?'

b"You drop a rock into a deep well. You can't see the bottom of the well but you can hear the impact after T seconds. Suppose the speed of sound is c feet per second and the depth of the falling rock at time t is gt^2/2 feet. Compute the depth d of the well. Your answer will be ..."

b'Camilla wanta to make fruit drinks. The directions to make one drink includes mixing 4/8 cup of yogurt And one cup of ice with the amount of each fruit shown 5/8 cup of banana slices. 2/8 cup of blueberries. Camilla wants to make 6 drinks for her friends how many total cups of...'

b"It took Stacy half an hour to run 11 laps on Monday. What was Stacy's average speed, in miles per hour, on Monday?"

b'if you were to sketch a cirlce graph for the data shown in the table below, what fraction of the circle would represent food? Expense Activities= 600 Food= 450 Souvenirs= percent270 Show answer in fraction please'

b'If a phone company charges 0.35 0.35 for the first minute and 0.30 0.30 for each additional minute for a long-distance call, how long did you talk if the phone call cost 8.75'

b'A box has a Square base. The Perimeter of the base plus the height is 120cm. What is the max volume of this box, and what are the dimensions of the this maximized box.'

b'A patient is prescribed 173 mg of medication. The medication comes in the form of a solution, 87 mg/4 mL. To the nearest millilitre, how many millilitres does the patient receive in one dose? Include the unit mL.'

b'A recipe calls for5oz of flour for every 4oz of milk. Let x be the amount of milk used. Let y be the amount of flour used. Express the relationship with an equation. Is the relationship proportional? If you use 14oz of milk, how much flour should you use? Express the ...'

b'On Wednesday you drove from home to work at 60 mph and got there in 23 minutes.\xc2\xa0 On Thursday you drove at 69 mph. \xc2\xa0Round answers to nearest 10th.\xc2\xa0 Use:\xc2\xa0 R 1 T 1 = R 2 T 2 \xc2\xa0 double click this to see clearer Round answer to the nearest 10th and use Unit Abbreviations for ...'

b'Shawn needs 190 liters of a solution that has a concentration of 18 g/ml for the manufacture of computer parts. \xc2\xa0Shawn has an unlimited supply of a solution with a concentration of \xc2\xa037 g/ml. \xc2\xa0Using the\xc2\xa0Formula\xc2\xa0 C1*V1=C2*V2 answer the following questions. \xc2\xa0Round answers ...'

b'y=5xadd7 and 3y-15x=18 they want to know how many solutions does the equation have. i got no solution. check for me please? :'

b'Ren currently owes 5000 to a friend who is charging him interest of 3.00percentp.m. He is required to settle the loan with two equal payments one today and the other in 3 months. Calculate the size of the payments using 3 months as the focal date'

b'Two number are in the ratio 7:5 if 2 is subtracted from each of them it becomes 3:2 find the number'

b'A rectangle has a width of 12 cm and diagonal of 20 cm find the lenght'

b'On Wednesday you drove from home to work at 50 mph and got there in 43 minutes.\xc2\xa0 On Thursday you drove at 68 mph. \xc2\xa0Round answers to nearest 10th.\xc2\xa0 Use:\xc2\xa0 R 1 T 1 = R 2 T 2 \xc2\xa0 double click this to see clearer Round to the nearest 10th and Use Unit Abbreviations for Units. ...'

b'George needs 50 liters of a solution that has a concentration of 30 g/ml for the manufacture of computer parts. \xc2\xa0George has an unlimited supply of a solution with a concentration of \xc2\xa039 g/ml. \xc2\xa0Using the\xc2\xa0Formula\xc2\xa0 C1*V1=C2*V2 answer the following questions. \xc2\xa0Round answers ...'

b"Let A denote the portion of the curve y = sqrtx that is between the lines x = 1 and x = 4. 1 Set up, don't evaluate, 2 integrals, one in the variable x and one in the variable y, for the length of A. My Work: for x: integral[4,1] sqrt1adddy/dx^2 dy/dx = 1/2sqrtx dy/dx..."

b'A certain medicine requires 5 mg per 30 kg of weight.\xc2\xa0 How much medicine is required for a patient that weighs 271 pounds?'

b'Lucy can read 300 pages in 4 hours and harry can read 240 pages in 3 hours.Who can read more pages in one hour?'

b'Sasha has 8 red apples. She has 3 fewer green apples than red apples. How many apples does she have? 13 apples 8-3=5 green 8add5=13'

b'One fourth of a watermelon is divided among three friends what fraction of the whole watermelon will each person get'

b'33 1/3percent as a fraction in simplest form'

b'Suppose one person decides to carry out a random act of kindness for three people on Monday. On Tuesday, that same person is kind to three more people, and the three he/she helped on Monday each help three more individuals. If the same circumstances were to occur on Wednesday...'

b'A 48-fluid-ounce container of orange juice costs 2.40.A 60-fluid-ounce container of orange juice costs 3.60. Which is a better buy????'

b'an 8 ft. piece of board must be cut from a 10 ft. two-by-four. allowing 0.125 ft. for the saw blade, how many inches long is the remaining piece?'

b'i really need help im really confused on what to do to find the percentage write 3 3/5 as a percentage'

b'Centimeter for grid, draw possible rectangles with 16 cm with lengths are whole centimeters po'

b'Solve this number riddle: I am an odd number. I am less than 100. The sum of my digits is 12. I am a multiple of 15. What number am I? Is it 1?'

b'a market woman bought 30 eggs for 700.if 4 eggs were broken and she sold the rest at 25 each.how much did she gain?'


b'In the midsize Station wagon category, the Mercedes Benz E63 AMG S 4matix averages 15.63 L/100km while the Toyota Prius v averages 6.71 L/100km. Convert these fuel economies to miles per gallon.'

b'In the two-seater category of automobiles, the Bugatti Veyron averages 10 miles per gallon, while the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Convertible averages 107 miles per gallon. Covert these fuel efficiencies to L/100 km.'

b'A carpenter has a board that is 8 feet long. He cuts off to pieces. One piece is three and a half feet long and the other is 2 1/3 feet long. How much of the board is left?'

b'7th grader at Connexus and I need help Juan averaged 16 points for the first 6 basketball games. In his 7th game, he scored 25 points. Which of these is a reasonable conclusion about Juan\xc2\x92s scoring average? 1 He always scores the most points on his team. 2 His final scoring ...'

b'Are these correct? I need to bring my grades up for math. Please help 1. Identify the decimal and simplified fractional form of 60percent A0.6 and 4/5 B0.6 and 3/5 *** C0.06 and 3/5 D0.06 and 6/10 2. A baseball team wins 45percent of its games. What fraction of games does it win? A8...'

b'What number would be subtracted by 8 that would make it less than equal to 28'


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