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b'Many plays and novels use contrasting places for example, two countries, two cities or towns, two houses, or the land and the sea to represent opposed forces or ideas that are central to the meaning of the work. Explain this contrast within the play, The Importance of Being...'

b"It doesn't make me really happy. - okay It doesn't make me real happiness? - wrong It doesn't give me real happiness. - okay Why I need to use give on the third sentence and not make to make my sentence correct? Both make and give are verb...but why give?"

b"Which of the following sentences contains a verb in the imperative mood? The vase was a fine example of Indian stoneware. Myra was ready to go shopping at the mall. I suggest we all take a deep breath and reconsider. Let\xc2\x92s get some ice cream for the party Is it C or D? I'm ..."

b'Can someone please help me urgent. I need to rewrite theses two sentences and eliminate unethical aspects. The service contract...on the whole...applied to upgrades. 2. All our costs were within fair-use guidelines. 1. Upgrades were applied to the service contract. 2.Factory ...'

b"Choose the correct word or phrase to fill in the blank. Do you really want to give __________ the money that you earned? A.she and Jim B.Jim and she C.them two D.Jim and her I think it's D."

b'Choose the correct word or phrase to fill in the blank. Neither her associates nor the doctor __________ the surgery is necessary. A.thinks B.think I pick A.'

b'Does Hamlet reach enlightenment? I personally think not because he is still unaware that he has become exactly like Claudius and dispute saying things that virtuous and just he is hypocritical in his actions. Also follow up question: What did Hamlet die thinking like of ...'

b'Hi I need some help, also when checking my answers can you tell me an easy way to remember if a sentence has an essential clause or nonessential clause? Thank you ** My guess 12. In which sentence is the nonessential clause uppercased A The man LEANING AGAINST THE WALL is ...'

b'Has anyone done the English semester exam? I am confused with the essay question. I chose prompt a, can anyone simplify this for me, by giving me different questions that I need to answer for this question?'

b'Can someone help me come up with the a central theme for sonnet 15? PLEASE and also help me find a modern version of sonnet 16 by Elizabeth B.'

b"What do you mean by accurate? I'm confused. I have been out of school since the 70's. Thank you"

b'Trained technicians respond to all of our calls. The service contract applied to all upgrades. My previous question could you tell me if this is written right.'

b'Can somebody PLEASE help me with this question urgently? What literary device is used in the STANZA below? it was going to be one of those days jinxed hexed hapless hopeless Choices: a.Onomatopoeia b.Alliteration c.Personification d.Metaphor thank you'

b'I have to take out embellishments, misquotations, false benefits and unethical tactics out of these sentences. I need help. Factory-trained technicians respond to all our calls. The service contract...on the whole...applied to upgrades.'

b'Hello can someone help me come up with the central theme for sonnet 15 and 27 by Shakespeare and lastly sonnet 27 by Elizabeth Barrett... please and thanks'

b'As Principal speaker in your school debate competition, write your arguments for against the motion television is doing more harm than good'

b'Factory-trained technicians respond to all our calls. The service contract...on the whole...applied to upgrades. Need help rewriting malfunctions ect'

b"Can someone please help check my answers I'm not the best in English and need help. In the following four assessment items, choose the sentence in which the appositive or appositive phrase is essential to the sentence and punctuated correctly. 1 point A Arthur Ashe, a world..."

b'Which type of context clue can be used to determine the meaning of the capitalized word? As the winning team rushed onto the court to celebrate their last-second victory, the losing team headed to the locker room in DEJECTION. Comparison Example Restatement Description'

b'what form of poetry are the poems shaped to look like their subject?'

b'Please help prepare a standard write up. We would like to know more about you and the context in which you have grown up, developed your goals, and earned your academic achievements. Please describe the factors that have most influenced you and your hopes and dreams. How have ...'

b"CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE.. I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT.. THANKS TONS The Telephone Conversation poem: The price seemed reasonable, location Indifferent. The landlady swore she lived Off premises. Nothing remained But self-confession. Madam , I warned, I hate a wasted ..."

b'HELP PLEASE WILL MEDAL Think about the work you completed in your reading character role. Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary discussion about the WATSONS GO TO BIRMINGHAM - 1963. Provide an explanation for your choices how the role you ...'

b'Which sounds more grammatically correct: My aunt and I bake the same number of pies each day and afterwards we discuss our ingredients. My aunt and I bake the same number of pies each day and have a discussion about our ingredients afterward.'

b'Buenos Dias mis amigos hoy est\xc3\xa1 bien fr\xc3\xado aqu\xc3\xad en Florida Hoy mi esposo y yo cumplimos 46 a\xc3\xb1os de casados Translate to English'

b'Help me write a hyperbole poem'

b'how to diagram this sentence The man in the back row brought his friends with him.'

b'What is a synonym of the phrase good vs. evil?'

b'In \xc2\x93No Witchcraft for Sale,\xc2\x94 what belief prevents Gideon from sharing his people\xc2\x92s knowledge with the Farquars? aHe believes his people\xc2\x92s culture is sacred and cannot be shared even if it might benefit others. bHe thinks white people are only interested in making ...'

b'The movie called Curcible reveals the church and court both state that all liars will be damned, but only can tell who the real sinners are. What does that mean ? What are they trying to say ?'

b'Where can you the worksheets you need for each lesson?'

b'After which type of assessment will you be asked to set goals for yourself?'

b"Read this excerpt from Alexander Pope's The Rape of Lock No common weapons in their hands are found/ Like gods they fight l, nor dead a mortal wound.../ See, fierce Belinda on the Baron flies/ With more than usual lightning in her eyes... This account of the conflict between..."

b'With level 3 in English first additional language do I qualify to study Journalism at universities.'

b'if sec theta =13/12 then find the value of sin theta and cot theta'

b'One way an English sonnet is different from a Petrarchan sonnet because an English sonnet contains A couplet < A sestet Give quatrains None of the above'

b'3.How did Spanish colonies differ from French and English colonies? a.Missionaries sought to convert Native Americans to Christianity b.Peninsulares and creoles banned the slave trade, calling it immoral. c.The encomienda system subjected native peoples to forced labor. d.The ...'

b"Pick three themes from Lord of the Flies and write a PEE paragraph about each. I have chosen savagery, youth and power/order as my themes. I know to write stuff about the conch and the chief for power/order but I don't know hat else to write for the rest."

b'I wish I was, were ready to go shopping at the mall. were***'

b'What is Hawthorne\xc2\x92s attitude toward Puritan people and Puritan beliefs in The Scarlet Letter ?'

b'What are examples of characterization in Antigone? This is a review question in a small packet that follows every book. I have no recollection of reading direct characterization and our books are taken at the end of each quiz.'

b'Both Forest Fire and Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall present factual information. Write an essay of your own about one of those essays. In your essay, tell whether the author provided enough information for you to understand the topic fully. Then discuss how the method ...'

b'Dissection sentences according to part of speech'

b'Explain to what extent religion does or does not belong as part of government policy. Three reasons'

b"Though not as useful as the mind, And always cancelled by strength in kind, Enough can still break any bind, Just use it... You'll get what you want to find."

b"I can't seem to find the relative clause in this sentence, can someone help me? Thanks. Fables that were written by Aesop usually feature speaking animals."

b'how do u write 3body oreo paragraph when writing a theme in an essay'

b'what is the meaning of 3oreo body paragraph when u are writing a theme'

b'how do u write 3 oreeo body paragraph when writting a theme'

b'can you give me a good topic for my english presentation test'


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