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b'Consider the main characters from Stolen Day and The Night the Bed Fell. In a paragraph, discuss which character learns the most and which one learns the least. Use details from the selections to support your ideas. Use the reading selections to help you answer the question.'

b'What must people know or understand about a place in order to belong there? How do they gain that knowledge or understanding? What types of experiences can tell people that they do not belong? In what cases might a person draw conclusions about others based on the place to ...'

b'Now do you have any opinions different from the speaker? Raise your hands, please and let us know your different opinions. You can make a counterargument about the speaker\xc2\x92s insist. The speaker should point to one student, and then he or she should make a counterargument. ...'

b"In English conversations, people often say that they agree or disagree with each other. There are many ways of agreeing or disagreeing and the one you use depends on how strongly you agree or disagree. --------------------- What does one' refer to here?"

b'What is the direct and indirect object in the sentence. Ana gave me a two pesos today.'

b'Please help me to write a narrative essay about the new boy at school'

b"What's the main rule of subject-verb agreement? I need a simple explanation for this because I have an English final exam tomorrow. Thanks."

b'Read the thesis statement that follows. Identify why it is a good thesis statement. Government should provide health insurance because the costs of uninsured people damage the economy. A.It is interesting B.Everyone already knows it\xc2\x92s true. C.It mentions a broad topic, makes...'

b'The sentence below is a workable thesis statement. The U.S. manufacturing industry should receive more government subsidies so that it can compete worldwide with companies whose governments give greater subsidies 1. True 2.False I say True. Check my answer'

b'Any good thesis statement should contain in-text citations. A. True B. False I say true.'

b'1. Identify which description below is untrue of a good thesis A. A thesis mentions a broad topic. B. A thesis narrows the broad topic to a single statement C. A thesis very briefly mentions the factors that contribute to the writer\xc2\x92s position D. A thesis belongs in the ...'

b'The man in the elevator was not pushing the buttons Is preposition is in the object is elevator the verb phrase is was not pushing and the action verb is pushing the helping verb is was and the adverb interrupters not What was the point of the story? Is the prepositional ...'

b'Write a debate titled boys should not help in the kitchen'

b'Has anyone here read amy snow by tracy rees'

b"if anyone read 'the scarlet ibis' can anyone tell me how the bird's death was a sign to doodle's fate? it's confusing, i read the part a few times and still can't get it."

b"How can you decide what passage of a book to read in a presentation. I read Amy Snow but don't remember which pages were significant"

b'Write about a planned surprise that went horribly wrong'

b'Which of the following is a good test-taking strategy when answering an essay question? 1.Think about what you want to say and create a brief bulleted list or organizer before you begin writing. 2.Write as much as you can as quickly as you can about the subject. 3.Take 15 ...'

b'Which of the following essay keywords asks you to make a judgment or share your opinion? 1.explain 2.evaluate 3.describe 4.summarize'

b'Which of the following is a good test-taking strategy for short-answer questions? 1.If you don\xc2\x92t know the exact answer, don\xc2\x92t write anything. 2.If you don\xc2\x92t know the exact answer, write down whatever you do know. 3.Make your answer as short as possible. 4.For all short...'

b'Which of the following is a good test-taking strategy for multiple-choice questions? 1.Answer C is almost always the correct answer, so pick C if you don\xc2\x92t know the answer. 2.Read the answers first, and then read the question. 3.When in doubt, provide two answers. 4.After ...'

b'How can you easily detect the mood of a story?'

b'1. He dislikes going to school. 2. He dislikes to go to school. Are both grammatical? Which one is commonly used?'

b'Gripping the rail, Lindsey stepped onto the ice. A. independent clause B. adjective clause C. adverb clause D. noun clause c??'

b'In the Miranda decision, the Supreme Court ________ that officers ________ warnings to potential criminals.'

b"In A sound of thunder, the butterfly symbolizes A- the fragility of life *** B- spring, rebirth, renewal C- changing into a new being D- lying towards one's dreams"

b'That container of fried rice has spent six weeks in the back of the refrigerator.'

b'which of the following statements is recommended when doing short term research? A. Use broad search words? B. Visit one site? C. Rely on addresses? D. Choose a specific question'

b'During halftime at the local high school, Felipe noticed a cheerleader crying, the coach yelling, and the fans emptying the stands. need to make sure this is the correct puntuatuiom'

b'what is the meaning of positronic?'

b"In 1886, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated. What is the meaning of the word dedicated in this context? Can't seem to find the meaning from the dictionary."

b'Except for Ronnie and ______, everyone was on time. him**** he Between you and ___, I know the answer to the mystery I**** me Leave your message with Ms. Hirioka and ______ me I**** It was Geraldine Ferraro______ ran for vice president in 1984. who*** whom with _______ did you...'

b'4. I think Bob will graduate a year earlier than _______. 1 point he him 5. Certainly no one laughed as loud as _______. 1 point her she 6. Jackie is much taller than ______. 1 point me i'

b'Decide if the underlined pronoun in the sentences below is used as a subject, a predicate nominative, or an appositive. 15. Both Ben and he will graduate at the same time. 1 point subject *** predicate nominative appositive 16. The driver of that station was she. 1 ...'

b'I have to write a metaphor on how someone felt after spending their summer vacation watching quiz shows and soap operas on tv. What would someone feel after that? All I need is the feeling, nothing more.'

b"Pinocchio's lies cause his nose to grow, but when he ___ it returns to its usual size."

b'To win an argument is seldom a desirable goal.'

b'Which of the following is a multiple-meaning word? A GREED B TURTLE C MONITOR D HEALTH I think C Thanks in advance for your guidance'

b'In what form of poetry are the poems shaped to look like their subjects? A limerick B haiku C concrete D narrative I THINK D'

b"The flock of ducks flapping its, their wings gracefully overhead made very little noise. I think it's their Thank you."

b'Shortly after taking office, presidents appoint the members of their Cabinets. I think it is correct...but I am not sure.other than maybe it should just be Cabinet singular form? thanks'

b"What is Indirect Interrogative Sentences? What's the simplest way to explain it?"

b'Is the sentence They perform many tasks transitive'

b'I need help coming up with 3 supporting sentences for the following sentences. 1. My poor study habits are ruining my self-confience. 2. My poor study habits are destroying my hopes for a college scholarship.'

b'Description: does anyone has teas 6, the new version , passage about new York central park, earth cousin, or time management , if i anyone has it let me know am willing to pay anything for it'

b"in each sentence is a Direct object, a predicate noun, or a predicate pronoun. underline ''direct object,''predicate noun or predicate pronoun. 1. Paul gave thanks for the bread. 2.The others also took meat. 3. We are 276 souls in God's care,''Paul said. 4. We must throw some ..."

b'is there a predicate pronoun in this sentence?You must have strength.'

b'Thinking of events of the day mubashir walked have slowly'

b'Who Had A Quarrel With The Squirrel ?'

b'What Does The Snail Usually Stick Itself To ?'


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