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b"Please check Adverb or Adjective phrase There would always be a perfect understanding between them. Adjective Phrase Her mother said A person isn't real without a name Adverb phrase She wins the Rsce, Morning Girl's mother had said a new sister would add her smiles to the ..."

b"I would like help to understand and find some poetic devices in this poem please. Some of the ones I have found are caesura and enjambment i believe. Enjambment seems to push her away from reality and caesura brings her back if I'm analyzing it right? Also does the full dash ..."

b"Some wore shiny rocks on their heads. I know on their heads is preposition but confused if it's adjective phrase because it describes rocks or adverb phrase because it answers where rocks were worn. She Wins the Race, Morning Girl's mother, had said a new sister would add her ..."

b'Write a debate on the against the motion men should help at the kitchen'

b"What is the interpretation of Lines 1-8 of: On the Pulse of Morning? I honestly don't know what the author wants the reader to understand in this poem. It seems like an unsolvable question.. Anyone know at least a little about how to interpretate this poem?"

b'Change the voice into avtive and passive'

b'Complete a Soapstone chart of the Crisis December 23, 1776 by Thomas paine with textual evidence.'

b"Please help me. I don't how this is a personification. Wearing a top hat and bow tie, the rabbit bowed politely to the turtle."

b'Write an essay showing that mistake are proof that you are trying'

b'For a project I have to come up with some allusions in a couplet format and I am iffy on how to write my own. I was wondering if these were ok. 1 Their death by disease Was not what they pleased. I was going for a historical allusion to the Native Americans 2 The town soon...'

b'He got it and he wore it and he tore it and he patched it, Which stylistic device is found in line 36? A allusion B inversion C onomatopoeia D repetition'

b'What is the personification for each one of these sentences? The soft chair wrapped its padded arms around Lisa The stairs groaned in agony as Phillip carried the heavy boxes o the attic Please help'

b'Confidentiality be observed at all times , so the nurse should not discuss clients when the conversation can be overheard by the others. observed-be-can be-by hi.I am not sure, but observed is wrong in this sentence'

b'It\xc2\x92s sure ain\xc2\x92t going to rain during the next playoff game. sure-ain\xc2\x92t-during-playoff which of them looks like wrong?ain\xc2\x92t thanks'

b'Identify the most effective method by which a writer can persuade a reader. A.S/he repeats the same idea over and over, using different words. B.S/he tries to use information that could frighten a reader. C.S/he supports main points with strong research. D.S/he proofreads the ...'

b'To cite sources correctly in APA, a research-based paper must contain both in-text citations and a references page that contains full citations of each source mentioned in the paper. True False I say True. Please check my work.'

b'A typical research-based paper contains an introduction with a thesis, a body in which the paragraphs begin with topic sentences, a conclusion, and a references page. True False I say True. Please check my work.'

b'In any academic writing, it is appropriate to use the word you, as in: When you read the research, you know that the death penalty does not deter crime. True False I say false. Please check my work.'

b'What did sodhi think of goeff'

b'As we go to the party, our glasses were --Arose / risen / raised /rosed -and a toast was made by our host. hello guys. I just little confused about this question, to choose risen or raised . past= wereaddpast v'

b'There are those with exemplary behaviors which are attributed to their beliefs or culture while others do so because of the laws set by the society making Wilson argument on genes attributing to human behavior questionable. I need to transform this passive sentence to active ...'

b'hi guys I need a help in my grammer class?? After throwing their sleeping bags into the backseat of their cars they-- had drove/drove/drivig/having driving--more than 400 miles to reach their destination. I think driving is right.??'

b"Hello, I have a question that asks me to describe elements of the 'Restoration comedy' as seen in a certain story I've read the story. What exactly are some elements of Restoration comedy? I know what restoration comedy generally is, but can somebody go into further detail ..."

b'Two students their professor about the possibility of obtaining a different grade in class. has/had asked . asking . was asking which one is right to fill the blank??'

b"which word is right?? I'm going forward to on vacation next months . go.going to go.be go.going"

b'which one is right?? When watching a film with my wife, she sometimes will lie her head down on my leg. lie or lay tnxx'

b'how do you make this into an x bar tree: the boy sat quietly on the top of his bed'

b'In the Giver, What are some examples of euphemisms used in the story? Why does the Community use euphemisms? I wrote Release-killing stirrings-puberty The Community uses euphemisms to hide truth'

b'The great gatsby is written in which point of view. 1st person limited 1st person omniscient 3rd person limited My answer is c'

b'What are the parts of the sentence? Take the book to your mother.'

b"1. The professor stood at the lectern and gave his lecture. 2. The teacher stood at the teacher's table and began to teach. 3. The teacher stood at the lectern and began to teach. 4. The teacher stood at the lecture table and began to teach. ------------------------------ Are..."

b'It whispered to the ....-whom did the wind whisper to and what did it whisper???'

b'I need a good debatable thesis please help'

b'what makes play hamlet more tragedy than play Agamemnon . several murders what else.'

b'Ethan Frome test please check my answers and correct them if they are wrong 4. Which word best describes the atmosphere, or mood, of the Prologue and Chapter I? A. jolly B. comfortable C. severe D. superstitious B is wrong Answer c 11. What kind of conflict describes the ...'

b'Which option best describes a main idea of Kuba Khan Society tends to fear creative people Creative people are welcome in society Society tends to love creative people< Hail is a problem in many societies'

b'Horror, fantasy, and comedy are all _______ of novels. A. informational types ==B. subgenres C. styles D. literary kinds The side characters in novels tend to A. have lives and stories of their own. B. be less developed than in short stories. C. be present in every single ...'

b'Generally speaking, novels have A. single themes. ==B. multiple settings. C. limited characters. D. no resolutions. Is this correct??'

b'Becca was helped/helping Corky with his homework last night. Answer: helped Blossom watched/watching her best friend study for the test. Answer: watching Plz check my answer. Thank you'

b'That Old Straw Sojourner David Matherne An old patched hat, which was almond with trim-red, Watched as it sat on an old, thin head. And what it saw, and what it knew, Was more than more of you Might even ever construe 5 From just a patched, old hat. It\xc2\x92d seen a child die\xc2\x97...'

b'When a paragraph tells a story, which method of organization is being used? A. specific-to-general order B. spatial order C. importance order D. chronological order my answer is B'

b'Ethan Frome test please check my answers and correct if they are wrong 4. Which word best describes the atmosphere, or mood, of the Prologue and Chapter I? A. jolly B. comfortable C. severe D. superstitious B is wrong Answer c 11. What kind of conflict describes the struggle ...'

b'A character who is depicted realistically and has his or her own personality and history in a story is what type of character? A. Individuated B. Main == C. Modern D. Representative Which of the following is not considered a level of setting in a story? A. Supernatural B. ...'

b'What is the linking verb in the sentence: I am fond of both kinds of comics.'

b'Identify the pronoun which has an unclear antecedent in the following sentence, if one exists. After you give the balls to the players, let me take a look at them. a. you b. me c. them d. all pronouns have clear antecedents How do I answer this question? I am super confused.'

b'can someone give me a example of the headings for paragraph 5-7, 8-12, 13-14, and 15 for the story An ode to the user-friendly pencil?'

b"I have to write an essay andnit has to do with barbie dolls. I really do not know what way to take this essay or where to start. It's for college please opinions ?"

b'1. If you want to raise a counterargument about the argument/speech, raise your hands. 2. If you want to raise a rebuttal about the argument/speech, raise your hands. 3. If you want to raise a question about the argument/speech, raise your hands. 4. If you want to raise a ...'

b"Welcome to the English debate. I'd like all of you to take part in this debate. The MC will preside over the debate. I'd like you, the speakers, to come to the front with desks and chairs and be seated on your chairs facing your classmates. On the right, three desks and chairs..."

b'1. You can make a rebuttal against/with the speaker. 2. You can rebut against the speaker. 3. You can rebut the speaker. 4. You can rebut with the speaker. In a debate, which one can be used when a person make a counterargument. Thank you.'


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