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b'In a local lottery, there is a 15percent chance of winning 1, a 5percent chance of winning 5, a 1 in 100 chance of winning 50 and a 1 in 10 000 chance of winning 500. What is the expected value of your winnings in this lottery? How much does the lottery need to charge for each ticket ...'

b'two parallel chords of length 30 cm and 16 cm are draw on the opposite sides of center of a circle of radius 17 cm find the distance between the chord'

b'Six problems numbered 1 to 6 are set for a math test. A student can score 0, 1, 2, 3 points for each problem. Find the number of ways to score a total of 15 points for the six problems.'

b'If a water bottle holds 1.5 litters of water if I open a new bottle an drink half how much water is left'

b'Explain, in words, the steps to finding all zeros of a polynomial. 1. Synthetic division 2. Simple diamond or dimond grouping 3. set your answer to zero Idk if thats all the steps'

b"I'm not sure where to start... Mail order marketing companies have a response rate of 15percent to their advertising flyers. If 25 people receive the flyer, what is the probability that 5 people respond to the flyer?"

b'5 students are randomly seated along the side of a table. What is the probability that they are seated in order of age?'

b"Can someone please help me with this. I'm not getting the right answer. Jill traveled to canada and bought a lamp for 460 canadian dollars. In US dollars to the nearest centthis is equivalent to 577.25 517.77 450.52 480.66 Can you please show me how you got your answer.The ..."

b'So far, you have used synthetic division and factoring to find x-intercepts. What additional information do you need to create an accurate sketch of the function ? How do you propose we find this information using the equation ?'

b'Suppose your cell phone company offers two plans. The pay-per-call plan charges 14 dollars per month plus 6 cents per minute. The unlimited-calling plan charges a flat rate of 22 dollars per month. How many minutes per month must you use for the unlimited-calling plan to ...'

b'Ganesa wanted to write numerical examples for the inequality a0 a>0 and b<0 a...'

b'Describe how you use your calculator to find the exact zeros of a function.'

b'Nikita is making spaghetti sauce and pizzas for a party. Her spaghetti sauce calls for 1 3/4 cups of tomato paste, and her pizza recipe uses 2/3 cup of tomato paste. She will triple her spaghetti sauce recipe and make 6 pizzas. Write and evaluate an expression for how many 3/4...'

b'whats 2/3 add1/4'

b'A store discounted everything by 51percent.\xc2\xa0 The sales price of a scarf is 72.89. \xc2\xa0 What was the original cost of the item?\xc2\xa0'

b'A store is having a 45percent off everything sale. \xc2\xa0 What is the sales price of a pair of gloves that costs 145.56 before the sale?\xc2\xa0'

b'A store marks up its merchandise by 95percent.\xc2\xa0 What is the floor value of pair of pants that the store purchased for 184.49?'

b'A store marked up the cost of a dress from 47.26 to 108.70. \xc2\xa0 What is the percent markup for this a dress?\xc2\xa0\xc2\xa0Round answer to nearest 10th.'

b'which of the following represents a unit rate? 1.4/12 2.5/2 3.80/1 4.72/2 Ms. Sue is this right'

b'In 2010 there were 2575 students at ECC.\xc2\xa0 In 2013 there were 3090 students. \xc2\xa0For the units use student increase or student decrease, rounded to the nearest whole, and percent increase or percent decrease, rounded to the nearest 10th, in the answer boxes that ask for units. ...'

b'IF the LCM of two numbers a and b is 40, what is the LCM of 7a^2 and 7b^2?'

b'A triangular traffic island has a base half as long as its height. The island has an area of 100 m2 . Find the base and the height.'

b'Suppose n, a are integers. If n divides a, then n divides a^2.'

b'Evaluate the algebra expression H parentheses M plus and divided by 248 equals 4M equals five and an equal six'

b'How many pints are equivalent to 3 gallons'

b"The number 0f blocks has 9 in the one's place the number in the hundres place is one more than the number in the tens place those two numbers equal 11 how many blocks are there"

b'Find k so that the line through ?4, 1 and? k, 3 is a. parallel to 8xadd9y=18 y= -8/9x add 8/9 ? b. perpendicular to 3xadd4y=8 y= -3/4x add2 I have solved both equation and found the slope, but I am not sure were to go from there. When I tried it the first time I got -17/2 ...'

b'The flower produced by the morning glory has a polygon appearance. Classify and name the polygon produced by the flower What does classify mean?'

b'What is the scale factor from rectangle EFGH to rectangle ABCD?'

b'How many 1-inch cubes do you need to fill a cube with an edge length of 7/12 foot?'

b'The Statue of Liberty is 305 feet tall. What scale would be used to make a model 20 inches high?'

b'If 4.5 inches on a map convers 270 miles, what is the scale of inches to miles?'

b'Bill ran into his neighbor from across the hall and asked her how old her children were. She replied, \xc2\x93Let\xc2\x92s see if you can figure it out. The product of their ages is 72 and the sum of their ages is the same as my apartment number.\xc2\x94 Bill thought for a while and then ...'

b'San Pablo is having a festival. Tickets for children under 12 cost 2, adult tickets are 6 and senior citizen tickets are 3. One sixth of the tickets sold were children\xc2\x92s tickets. The 40 senior citizens with tickets sat in the shade under the trees and watched the children...'

b'Eight friends went to a hockey game. The price of the admission per person was x. Four of the friends paid an extra 6 each for players guide book. Write and simplify an expression that represents the total cost.'

b'Barrie had some stamps. He gave 1/8 of them to Tom. If he gave 15 stamps to Tom, how many stamps did he have at first?'

b'A carpenter is putting a skylight in a roof. If the roof measures 4x add 5 by 7x add 7 and the skylight measures 10x add 10 by 2x add 6, what is the area of the remaining roof after the skylight is built. Put your answer in factored form.'

b'The table shows the number of people that went to see a movie last week. Use these statements to complete the table. On Thursday, 60percent of the moviegoers were male. On Friday, 35percent of the moviegoers were male. On Saturday, 70percent of the moviegoers were female. On Sunday, 45percent of the ...'

b'Mary drives 20 miles per hour and it takes 50 minutes to reach her destination. How much time would it take her to get there if she was driving 40 miles per hour? My answer: She doubled her miles per hour, so I subtracted 20 from 50 minutes and came up with 30 minutes as the ...'

b'For the function 2x-x^2 find f4-f2 / 2 I got -8-0/2 so my final answer Is -4'

b'Mrs. Jones wants to go shopping so she asks her husband for some money. Being busy, he just tell her to take what she needs out of his wallet. She first stops and buys a coat which costs her half of her money plus 2. She then stops and buys a dress, which costs her half of ...'

b'A family decides to grow flowers in their garden. They have 56 feet of fence they want to cut into two pieces to make two square gardens. How long should each piece be if they want the total area of the squares to be 100 square feet?'

b'An IPAD regularly sells for 225 . It is advertised a 20 percent discount. Find the total costs of the TV including 7percent sales tax.'

b'Mariah is planting a rectangular rose garden. In the center of the garden, she puts a smaller retangular patch of grass. The grass is 2 ft by 3 ft. What is the area of the rose garden?'

b'The cones are similar: Small Cone: Radius: 5 Length: 15 Large Cone: Radius: ? Length: 18 What is the radius of the larger Cone? Would it be 8?'

b'For the function 2x-x^2 find f4-f2 / 2 I got -8-0/2 so my final answer was -4?'

b'how many different prime factors do 100 have?'

b'If a gallon of milk costs 3.00, how many gallons could be bought with 42.00?'

b'At 8:00 AM the temperature was 7 degrees Celsius. At 11:00 PM the temperature was 9 degrees Celsius lower. What was the temperature at 11:00 PM?'

b'find the amount of tip on a 75 bill if a 15 tip is left. A. 11.25 B. 11.20 C. 10;50 D. 12.00 I think its 11.25'


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