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b'Identify each adjective. Include the articles a, an, and the. 1. A burgundy velvet curtain rose slowly on the lighted stage. 2. Three actors walked onto the set of an ordinary town. 3. The fascinating story took place in an Iowa town. 4. The actors\xc2\x92 costumes were colorful. 5...'

b'What are some reminders of The Iliad and The Odyssey that can be found in today\xc2\x92s world? Why does Penelope not agree to marriage even after 10 years of waiting for her husband to return? Who would be our modern-day equivalent of Greek bards? I am so confused Sorry for all ...'

b"Compare and contrast Azar Nafisi's Reading Lolita in tehran work to Frederick Douglass Learning to Read and Write work. I've read both but I'm not sure what to write for contrast. They both Had No freedom, social obligations and Strived for Education. I need to Write an ..."

b"1. True or False: Shakespeare's works were written to be preformed on stage TRUE* FALSE 2. True or false: William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway at the age of 30 in London True False* 3. Which of the following is NOT one of the components of drama. A. Dialogue B.stage ..."

b"Thank you for your help. 1. He's a book. 2. He has a book. Does 1 mean 2? Can't we contract He has? 3. He's my uncle. 4. He is my uncle. Here, the contracted form is correct,isn't it?"

b"1. He's very busy. 2. He is very busy. 3. He's never been to New York. 4. He has never been to New York. 5. He's sad yesterday. 6. He was sad yesterday. 7. They were happy. 8. They're happy. 9. They are happy. 10. They're scared yesterday. 11. They were scared yesterday..."

b"1. I had a book. 2. I'd a book. 3. You had a pen. 4. You'd a pen. 5. He had a car. 6. He'd a car. 7. We had many pens. 8. We'd many pens. ----------------------- Are the contracted forms all grammatical?"

b'1. If you drop the doll to the floor, the student near the doll should pick it up. 2. If you drop the doll onto the floor, the student near the doll should pick it up. 3. If the doll drops to the floor, the student near the doll should pick it up. 4. If the doll drops onto the...'

b'1. How are you doing? 2. How are you feeling? 3. How is it going? 4. How are you? 5. How do you feel? 6. How are you today? - I feel delighted. - I feel happy. - I feel satisfied. -------------------------------- Are the questions all the same? Can we answer as in the above?'

b'Which word from the following list has meaning that fit both sentenceS? Ill start the fire after ____________ a match. The workers are ____________ for a higher wage. A:PROTESTING B:LIGHTING*** C:FIGHTING D:STRIKING'

b'Write a short drama that has epilogue and prologue'

b"1. He is happy as well. 2. He is not happy as well. 3. He likes apples also. 4. He doesn't like apples also. 5. He also doesn't like apples. 6. He didn't sing, too. 7. He didn't sing, either. -------------------- Can we use 'as well', 'also', and 'too' in negative sentences? ..."

b'Which excerpt from Carl Sandburg\xc2\x92s Three Boys with Jugs of Molasses and Secret Ambitions includes both alliteration and onomatopoeia? a.And I like you because you got some wishes and some suspicions and you look mixed up, he said to Miney Mo, sticking handfuls and ...'

b'Write the correct form. There was ____ in the overall mood of the people walking through the plaza on the warm night. languid languid,languish,languor or languished answer: languor'

b'Write the correct form. After receiving months of treatment, the patient was relieved to learn that the disease had lapsed into _____. quiescent quiescent or quiescence answer: quiescent'

b'Write the correct form of the word. Even though the fireworks were set off several blocks away, the noise from the explosion was still _____. stupor stupefied, stupor, or stupefy Answer: stupefied'

b'Below is one of my body paragraphs in my thesis paper and it would be really appreciated if I could get any further suggestions towards making it better. In the essay, \xc2\x93The step not Taken\xc2\x94 by Paul D\xc2\x92Angelo fear is the reason the main character was being reluctant to take...'

b"Does the essay A Nonsmoker With a Smoker, by Phillip Lopate have anything related to my thesis paper on fear causing people to do what they do? I'd love someone else's perspective. Thank you"

b":Select the correct excerpt. Which excerpt from Robert Stawell Ball's Great Astronomers is best supported by this diagram? The diagram show the earth in the middle the sun circling it then the moon circling earth but farther away with mars circling the moon Excerpt 1 These ..."

b'Which label best fits the following text? Sir Isaac Newton, the first person who studied gravity seriously, discovered what is known as the law of universal gravitation. It defines the amount of attraction of one particle of matter on another particle of matter. The formula ...'

b"1. Jenny's friends're not angry. 2. Your friends're generous. Are the contractions grammatical? 3. Middle school is not the same as elementary school. 4. Middle school is not the same as elementary school is the same. Does 3 mean 4? Is 4 the full form of 3? What is the ..."

b'1. What is he wearing on his head? -He is wearing a wig? 2. What is he wearing on his upper body? - He is wearing a T-shirt. 3. What is she wering on her feet? - She is wearing sandals. -------------------------------- We can divide our body into three parts. After that we can...'

b'In Great Expectation, How did Mrs. Havisham past relationship affect the way she lived? How did her past effect the way she raised Estella'

b"1. Read the following sentence from The Swimming Contest. When he saw me coming up the officer said, 'We've lost that information, dang it They've killed that Arab of yours.' 'We've lost it,' I said. I went over to Abdul-Karim's body and turned it over. He looked as though..."

b'In a paragraph, compare and contrast the two forms of poetry haikus and limericks. It should include a specific description of each form. Explain how they are both alike and how they are different.'

b'\xc2\xa0Which\xc2\xa0form\xc2\xa0best\xc2\xa0describes\xc2\xa0this\xc2\xa0po?em?\xc2\xa0\xc2\xa0 narrative\xc2\xa0poem haiku free\xc2\xa0verse lyric\xc2\xa0poem'

b"1. I like pears, too. 2. I like pears too. 3. I like pears, as well. 4. I like pears as well. 5. I don't like pears, either. 6. I don't like pears either. -------------------------------- 1,2,5,and 6 are grammatical, aren't they? How about 3? There is a comma before 'as well..."

b'1. He got a nice gift for his birthday. 2. He gave me a present for Christmas. 3. I received a fountainpen for my birthday. 4. She got a ring for the wedding anniversary. 5. Tom gave me a nice bike for my birthday. -------------------- Are they all grammatical? They have a ...'

b'1. I beat him at pingpong. 2. We defeated them at basketball. 3. He beat the big man at wrestling. 4. I defeated him at bowling. 5. We defeated the opponent team at basketball. 6. They beat us at soccer. 7. I was beaten at chess by him. 8. I was defeated at tennis by her...'

b'How are you feeling? 1. I am delighted. 2. I am thrilled. 3. I feel overjoyed. 4. I feel disgusting? 5. I feel anxious. 6. I feel dissatisfied. 7. __________ 8. ___________ ----------------------------- Are the answers all correct? What other common answers do you have? Can we...'

b'1. I won first prize in the English speech contest. 2. I won the first prize in the English speech contest. -------------------------------- What is the difference between the two sentences? 3. I got a nice gift for my birthday. 4. I got a nice gift on my birthday...'

b'If an opinion-adjective and a fact-adjective are used before a noun, which comes first?'

b'Write a well organized essay in which you show how the characters relationship to the past contributes to the meaning of the work as a whole. My Question: What is it asking for?? Explain in Details Please'

b"Which of the following lines from ap illustrates Dike's use of conflict?"

b"All of the following statements about the setting of a story are true EXCEPT: a Sometimes the setting and the plot of a story cannot be separated. b The setting is usually not vital to the reader's understanding of the story. c The description of a setting often helps to ..."

b'I having trouble with a question the teacher gave me. In what tone does the narrator tell the story? How is this tone established? The Lottery Ticket by Anton Chekhov'

b"1. I don't like pears, either. 2. I like pears, too. 3. I also like pears. 4. I like pears as well. 5. I also don't like pears. 6. I don't also like pears. 7. I don't like pears as well. --------------------------------- Are they all grammatical? Can we use 'also' or 'as well..."

b'1. Sam is looking for his teddy bear. 2. Sam is looking for his toy bear. Are both OK? Which one do people use frequently, teddy bear or toy bear? 3. You are sitting on my seat. 4. You are sitting in my seat. Which preposition do we have to use?'

b"1. We are on the school baseball team. 2. We are in the school baseball team. Do we have to use 'on' in this sentence? What about in? 3. Don't be angry with me. 4. Don't be angry at me. Are both OK? Can we use both prepositions?"

b'I want to write a letter to my class teacher inviting him to my birthday party'

b'Take a position that explains if, and to what degree, modern American culture is an outgrowth of the philosophies of the Founding Fathers. I agree that American culture is an outgrowth of the philosphies of the founding fathers. I have one reason and that is redemptive ...'

b'Identify the linking verb and the predicate nominative in each of the following sentences. 1. Kilim anjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa. 2. The kingdom of Siam became modern-day Thailand. 3. Dandelions can be a problem for gardeners. 4. Sue Mishima should be a lawyer or a...'

b'Essay about social media like mxit Face-book and Twitter have changed human relationships'

b'3. General Eisenhower was the leader of what coordinate effort of the Allies during the war? A. defeating Germany on the Eastern Front at the Battle of Stalingrad B. organizing the meeting for the Potsdam Declaration C. Coordinating a naval attack to end the German submarine ...'

b"So I am answering some questions regarding the motifs of Macbeth. I was wondering if the quotes I have chosen are the right choices for each motif. I'm supposed to find quotes from the closing lines of Malcolm after killing Macbeth 1. Fair is foul and foul is fair Not really ..."

b'I am writing a synthesis essay over multiple different sources. I have started writing my essay about how unhealthy relationships are often hard to spot and about how we often tell ourselves everything is fine and make up a vision in our heads of what we think the relationship...'

b'what is the best paraphase of these lines. 1 A saturated meadow, 2 Than the trees around were tall:'

b'what type of figurative language is in these lines, 1.And the air was stifling sweet 2.With the breath of any flowers,----'

b'which set of words, below could be used to describe the disperal of seeds to a new region 1.wings, legs, migration 2.invasive, exotic, continental drift 3.biogeography, adaptation, survival, 4.wind, water, animal feces and if you know the rest can you help me'

b"On the Pulse of Morning say's: No less to Midas than the mendicant. No less to you now than the mastodon then. I don't get this what is this part referring to or saying?"


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