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b"I have an exam today at...How can I answer these question Aren't smartphone useful for homework? Is there any situation where you think a smartphone is acceptable? Do you use a phone yourself if so which one and do you need it of all? Is there any aspect of smart phone that..."

b'Mary can choose 2 books out of a selection of 9 books to read for her English class. How many different possibilities would there be in choosing the committee?'

b'The success of my presentation tonight ___________ on you. 1. depends 2. is depending 3. will depend 4. has depended is it will depend?'

b"Can someone link me sites where they have information on the two below? 1. In Act IV, Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet cries, ''O, bid me leap, rather than marry Paris . . . And I will do it without fear or doubt.'' Both Romeo and Juliet seek out Friar Lawrence for counsel ..."

b'The person stopped reciting the passage for a second....So, I said ________ 1. Go on. 2. Go ahead. Which one is suitable for the blank?'

b'First word 8 letters 2nd word 4 letters 3rd word 5 letters -First name 9 letters last name 5 letters. Any ideas?'

b'Is under a preposition? True or False.'

b"1. I want to raise a cat. 2. I want to keep a cat. 3. I want to have a cat. 4. I want to grow a cat. ---------------------- Can we use all the verbs to have the same meaning? Does 'grow' mean 'raise' here?"

b'What is the meaning of sqrt?'

b"In English premier league football match between arsenal and Manchester city club in the 2015/2016 season at the emirate stadium,sagna throws a ball going right at 15m/s towards Yaya toure and hits his chest.if Yaya toure's body exerted a force of 30N to the left for 0.25s on ..."

b'In the phantom tollbooth act 1 the lethargarians say that milo is just like them. Milo ask the lethargarians what they do. one of them says anything as long as its nothing, and everything as long as it isnt just anything What does this piece of dialog tell you? A: the ...'

b'does anyone know how to write a persuasive essay map on romeo and juliet for connections academy English B lesson 12 unit 2'

b'In both Hamlet and Oedipus Rex some of the most significant events are mental or psychological; for instance, awakenings, discoveries, or changes in consciousness. Choose either Hamlet or Oedipus Rex, and in a well-developed essay, analyze the uses the author makes of these ...'

b"I am against children using a smartphone and one of the question i was given was aren't smartphone useful for homework? How can I repond to this question??? Btw it's a speech? So it has to be persuasive and another q is is there any situation where you think a smartphone is ..."

b'why are you most likely to find stereotypes in legends and fairy tales?'

b'Would \xc2\x93The chain that bound her here was of iron links... be a hyperbole? If not, than what literacy device is this?'

b"Am I the only one I know, Waging my wars behind my face and above my throat? Shadows will scream that I'm alone. I-I-I I've got a migraine And my pain will range from up, down, and sideways, Thank God it's Friday 'Cause Fridays will always be better than Sundays 'Cause ..."

b'A similie , metaphor etc for relief??'

b"I am trying to make a slogan for a project I have. Is this correct grammar? Rifles are a man's best friend"

b'Part A In January what does the speaker mean by the image in the following lines? 1point The sun a spark Hung thin between The dark and dark. A. The sun barely shows behind the dark clouds. B. The sun sends off thin sparks in the night. C. The sun appears for only a short ...'

b"in the scarlet letter how was roger leaving hester for 7 years worse than what dimmesdale's sin"

b'Is disbelievement a valid word? if not, what word could I use instead? It is being used as a noun in this context: The disbelievement of the people...'

b'1. I need a solid T-shirt. 2. I need a plain T-shirt. 3. I need a solid-color T-shirt. 4. I need a self-color T-shirt. 5. I need a one-color T-shirt. 6. I need a unicolor T-shirt. ---------------------- Are they all the same in meaning? Which ones are commonly used?'

b'If you are very good with people, you have a high level of __________ intelligence.'

b'1. I want to buy a plain bag. What is a plain bag? Does it mean a bag without patterns?'

b"The formation of the European Union has created interdependence among nations. How has the most impacted Yasmin's life? A It allowed her to learn flamenco dancing and tae-kwon-do. B It allowed her to easily move from Spain to Sweden. *** C It allowed her to speak Spanish, ..."

b'1. Study the words Rowan uses in describing Miss Bessie. Which words have the most impact?'

b'I was in a camp when i came back from the camp someone said good exposure though what shoul i say ??'

b'What the answer if someone ask ???'

b"1. I was wondering, what's the best way to travel around Europe? 2. I was wondering what's the best way to travel around Europe. Which one is gramatical? 3. Hello? - Hello. It's Mark. - Hi, Mark. How are you? ------------------------------ This is a telephone conversation. ..."

b'Is this thesis correct? Heathcliff is a mysterious, antagonist, and feels betrayed by his only true love.'

b'1. He will come back in five days. 1-2. He will come back at the end of five days. 2. He will come back within five days. 3. He will come back after five days. 4. He came back after five days. -------------------------------- Does 1 mean 1-1? What about 3? I think 4 is right.'

b"1. He read this book in a day. 2. He read this book within a day. 3. He read this book at the end of a day. ------------------------------ 'In' means 'within' or 'at the end of' according to a dictionary. Q1: Does 1 mean 2? Q2: When he read the book for 1 hour and he ..."

b"1. Give her a big hand. 2. Let's clap for her. 3. Put your hands together for her. Are they all the same? Do you have some more similar expressions? 4. Have a conversation with him. 5. Talk with him. 6. Speak with him. 7. Communicate with him. Can we use all the sentences? ..."

b'1. The idiom get inside the authors head means to 2. Base word of accusation'

b"A mobile phone is not a protection rather a parent..... Can someone help me? I'm trying to say a mobile is not reliable we should look after our child more often?"

b'Jaywalking is a minor_____ of the law. choices: transgress or transgression answer: transgression'

b'what verb tense is having spent'

b"W:Hello. May I speak to Mr. Johnson? M: Speaking. 1. Who's calling, please? -------------------------- 2. Who's talking, please? 3. Who's speaking, please? Can we use 2 and 3 instead of 1 in telephone conversation?"

b'A Foreign Service Officer FSO is a commissioned member of the United States Foreign Service. --------------------------- Does the Foreign Service mean the Diplomatic Office or the US Foreign Ministry? Are they the same in meaning?'

b'1.Read the following paragraphs from behind the veil. The street, although why was inconveniently full of strollers passing to and fro. The situation was not helped by the sleek swift cars, which sped by from time to time. They carried wealthy occupants, young women, and ...'

b'1.read the following sentence from Wanted: A Town Without a Crazy. At this point the loony finished his concert, walked among the tables and after collecting fifty pastries from this one, a liea from that and I Get outa here from others, he left, CRESTFALLEN. ...'

b'the best reason for milo to rescue rhyme and reason is so that A. milo will pass this test and become a hero. B.the demons will be defeated once and for all C.Azaz and the mathemagician will be happy D.the princesses will restore peace and order'

b'I need some serious help with this question. Thank you 8. Social media is used as a form of mass communication in modern society. Consider which communication theories and forms of communication are used to influence consumers. Give two examples.'

b'A mobile phone is a child\xc2\x92s best friend, a companion who is misguiding a child\xc2\x92s life, ruining every moment a child progresses in their wisdom.'

b'We are currently learning about types of communications in my english class, we were each given a question and I need help with mine. 9. You are working in a face-to-face group and one of your group members offers a suggestion which the group decides not to use. The group ...'

b'1. Read the following paragraph from Five Hours to Simla. After the cacophony of screeching brakes and grinding gears, there followed the comparatively static hum of engines, and drivers waited in exasperation for the next lurch forwards. For the moment there was a lull, ...'

b"1. Read the following paragraph from Like the Sun. The incense sticks burnt low. Sekhar's head throbbed with the medley of sounds that had assailed his ear-drums for a couple of hours now. He felt half stupefied. The headmaster had gone nearly hoarse, when he paused to ask..."

b"You're gonna get really fat if you eat at fast food restaurants all the time."

b"The_________are meeting at the White House. I can't figure out how to use Chief of Staff in the above sentence."


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