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b"1. How long did it take for him to read the book? 1-1. He finished reading the book in 5 days. If this is the answer to the question, 1-1 mean that it took the whold 5 days to read the book. Am I right? In that case, we can not use 'within' instead of 'in.' What about this ..."

b"Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 9:20pm. 1. He read the book in 5 days. 2. He read the book after 5 days. 3. He read the book within 5 days. -------------------- In a dictionary, I found that 'in' is used as 'within' in American English. Then it's confusing. Does..."

b'1. My hobby is chatting in a chat room. 2. My hobby is chatting in chat rooms. ------------------------------ Which one is the better of the two? Do we have to use a singuglar form or a plural form? 3. My favorite food is noodle. 4. My favorite food is noodles. 5. My favorite ...'

b"1. He read the book in 5 days. 2. He read the book after 5 days. 3. He read the book within 5 days. -------------------- In a dictionary, I found that 'in' is used as 'within' in American English. Then it's confusing. Does 1 mean 3 in American English? I think 1 mean that ..."

b"What's Karen doing over there. She is supposed to be studying, but it looks like she is playing Andrew's game."

b'This summer, Joel\xc2\x92s plan is to travel. How does the infinitive function in the sentence? A as an adjective *** B as a predicate nominative'

b"1. I can't do the science project myself. It's too difficult? What does it refer to? 2 or 3? 2. doing the science project myself 3. the science project --------------------------------- 4. I'm going to Tom's house to work on the science project. 5. I'm going to Tom's house ..."

b"1. He grew 25 cm last year. 2. He grew by 25 cm last year. Is 'by' deleted in Sentence 1? What is the meaning of 'by' here?"

b'Which literary movement often rejects order, blurs distinctions between literature types, and uses playfulness in storytelling? Classicism Realism Naturalism Postmodernism'

b'This author writes ____ but powerfully. discursive or discursively answer: discursive'

b'During rush hour, some trains run ____ to accommodate the the large number of travelers. concurrent or concurrently answer: concurrent'

b"1. They are very happy. 2. They are on cloud nine. 3. They are walking on air. ------------------------------ Are they all the same in meaning? What is the meaning of 'air' in Sentence 3?"

b"A: He swims 100 meters in one minute. B: Really? I can\xc2\x92t believe it. A: Me neither. 1. Me, neither. 2. I can't, either. 3. I can't believe it, either. 4. Neither can I. 5. Nor can I. 6. The same to me. ------------------- Can we use those sentences instead of Me neither. ..."

b"1. Are you kidding? 2. Are you kidding me? 3. Are you pulling my leg? 4. Are you teasing? 5. Are you teasing me? --------------------------- Are they all grammatical and the same in meaning? Can we use 'legs' in 3? Where can I get to know the origin of 'pull one's leg' in a ..."

b'Effects first paragraph of the lesson leaves on the reader and its purpose'

b"I'm writing an essay based on the question to what extent did world war 2 shape the identity of Canada I wrote the introductory paragraph down below but I was just wondering if someone could proofread it and let me know if there was anything else I could add/take and if it..."

b"I'm working on a research paper for this whole unit in English, the first task is to form research questions. But how do I do that? Is it supposed to be in a MLA format/paragraph type? Do I just list the research questions like I would when I'm doing a shopping list- with ..."

b'A reliable source can it be an editorial or documentary? Confused, because if you can prove they are reliable both could be correct. Any thoughts?'

b'each rhyme is made up of one possessive noun and one plural noun. Write the answer to each riddle'

b'From what language is the word polymer derived? A Latin B Greek C German D English***'

b'Identify the compliments in the sentence the newspaper published an article and an editorial about mayor Sharon Pratt Texan'

b"please help In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery how does the author use Tessie's late arrival to help create suspense? A. the reader knows that tessie is joining a crowd for an important event. B. the reader can infer that the children are excited to see Tessie C. the reader ..."

b"I'm struggling in identifying the antagonist in The Large Ant by Howard Fast. I can;t tell if it's the ant as a representation of the unknown or if it's the three men who act as the protagonist's conscience."

b"Which quote from The Lottery best illustrates the theme that good people can do bad things when conforming to a group's social expectations? A. a sudden hush fell on the crowd as Mr.summers cleared his throat and looked and at the list. B. although the villagers had ..."

b"1. The door won't open. 2. She won't open the door. Does 'won't' mean 'volition' of the subject? Or does each sentence have a simple future tense? 3. She will open the door. 3-1. She intends to open the door. 3-2. She is going to open the door. Does 3 mean 4 or 5? Simple..."

b'1. He will go to Chicago. 2. He is going to go to Chicago. 3. He shall go to Chicago. 4. I will make him go to Chicago. ---------------------- Does 1 mean 2? Does 3 mean 4?'

b"1. Don't pull my leg. 2. Don't tease me. 3. Don't kid me. 4. Don't play a trick on me. 5. Don't play tricks/jokes/pranks on me. 6. Don't play a joke on me. 7. Don't play a prank on me. -------------------------- Are they all the same in meaning? From 4 to 7, do we have to ..."

b"13. In the short story, The Cask of Amontillado, Poe's use of an ___________ narrator to tell the story heightens the uncertainty and sense of horror felt by the reader. could you please help me on this fill in the black"

b'1. He took a picture of me. 2. He took one picture of me. 3. He took pictures of me. Does 1 mean 2? Did he take only one picture of me? Does 3 mean he took several pictures of me?'

b'Choose the best word to complete each sentence. My brother Luke _____ a computer genius. are am is*** were Sarah and her sister _____ to this city many times in the past year. has gone has been have been*** have went Are my answers correct?'

b'Read the following paragraph from Five Hours to Simla. After the cacophony of screeching brakes and grinding gears, there followed the comparatively static hum of engines, and drivers waited in exasperation for the next lurch forwards. For the moment there was a lull, ...'

b'In about 500 wordswrite a composition ending with when i woke up i realised that it was only a dream'

b'He painted scenes of the Wild West. Which word or phrase is the complete subject? A He B painted scenes of the Wild West*** C Wild West'

b'Read the sentence. Tickets for the concert sold quickly. Which of the following is the simple subject? A sold B Tickets*** C sold quickly'

b'Help Me ____no centeral goverment at the time, there would have been no peace inth land. aThere had been bShould there be cHad there been Wich will be correct answer?'

b'Is this thesis correct? Even though, this novel has some difficult context to comprehend, it appeals to the readers through emotions and by being mysterious.'

b'1. Are you planning to go to Australia for your vacation? 2. Are you planning to go to Australia on your vacation? 3. Are you planning to go to Australia for the purpose of your vacation? 4. Are you planning to go to Australia at the time of your vacation...'

b'Hello Is this good thesis? How can I make it better? I would recommend this novel to other readers because it is mysterious, appeals through emotions, but hard to understand some of the context. Thank you.'

b"I'm supposed to write an essay about how pleasure and disquietude creates meaning for the work, The Awakening. I don't really understand the question and I have NO idea where to start. Please, help."

b"The customer wants to buy the product at the market. What can he say? Can we use all the following expressions? Which ones are commonly used? 1. I'll take it. 2. I'll buy it. 3. I'll get it. 4. I'll have it."

b'Is this thesis good? This book is not only a mystery novel, but also appeals to readers through the depictions of jealousy and hatred. Thank you.'

b"it takes one of the great advantages of being a woman that one can pass even a very fine Negress without wishing to man an English woman of her? Which of the following choices correctly explains the meaning behind this line? Women don't find black women as attractive, as men ..."

b'I played with Messi and against Messi. I played with Diego Costa and against Diego Costa. I played with Gareth Bale and against Gareth Bale. I played with Thiago Silva and against Thiago Silva. I played with Lewandowski and against Lewandowski. I played in the English, Italian...'

b'Is this good thesis? How can I make it better? This book is not only mysterious, but it also can relate to readers through emotions, such as jealousy and hatred. Thank you'

b"What incidents reveal that Leonce is not a good match as a husband for Edna? - Leonce wakes Edna to care for their son, explaining that he has a fever. - Leonce controls her every action - Leonce's obsession with his business makes him unaware of Edna's feelings. - both the ..."

b"This is for the story The Awakening Edna's father \xc2\x95 was a Colonel in the army during the Civil War. \xc2\x95 disapproves of Edna's marrying Leonce. \xc2\x95 feels wives should be controlled by their husbands. \xc2\x95 all of the above \xc2\x95 none of the above I know the first is true, but ..."

b"This is for the story, The Awakening Why does Robert leave Edna? A. he is unwilling to go against the Creole society's idea of a wife's place with her husband. B. he doesn't love Edna. C. Edna wants to divorce her husband and marry him. D. he only wants to have an affair ..."

b'Many plays are written about family situations because why?'

b'Identify the subordinate clause. 1. Many people imagine otherwise because it has this misleading name. Because it has this misleading name'

b'Part A In phantom of the tollbooth Act 1, Azaz gives milo a box of letter of the alphabet to... A. can eat them when hes hungry B. will win against the mathemagician C. will learn to be a better reader D.will be protected on his journey Please Help Ms.Sue ASAP'


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