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b'1. He goes to a concert every other week. 2. He goes to a concert biweekly. 3. He goes to a musical every other month. 4. He goes to a musical bimonthly. 5. She goes to a shop every other day. 6. She goes to a shop bidaily. 7. They have a meeting every other year. 8. They have...'

b'This is from The Importance of Being Earnest This is from The Importance of being Earnest Wilde wants the reader to laugh at the attitudes, pretension, and behavior of almost everyone in the play, with perhaps one exception. Who? -John Worthing -Miss Prism -Lane -Lady ...'

b'1. He has four balls. One is white, another is blue, another is green, and the other is yellow. 2. He has four balls. One is white, another is blue, a third is green, and the other is yellow. 3. He has four balls. One is white, another is blue, a third is green, and the fourth...'

b"After jack proposes to Gwendolen, he is interviewed by Lady Bracknell to interpret whether he is a suitable marriage possibility for Gwendolen. This encounter with Lady Bracknell reveals all of the following except - Victorian Beliefs - Lady Bracknell's past *** - Victorian ..."

b'Sam had to mix __________ parts of the two chemicals for the experiment. a. equaled b. equitably c. equal d. equate f. equation I pick C This seems to easy am I missing something?'

b'is point of view a literary element or literary technique?'

b"Revise this sentence. Can you help me? I'm having trouble with the subject and verb. Plato was born around 428 B.C. His family was part of the Roman aristocracy. Many of his family members were active in politics. But Plato consciously resisted ever becoming a statesman himself."

b"1. This is the boy whom I spoke of yesterday. 2. This is the boy of whom I spoke of yesterday. 3. This is the boy who I spoke of yesterday. 4. This is the boy of who I spoke of yesterday. ----------------------- All are correct except 4? Am I right? Why do we use 'who' in 3..."

b"In the Most Dangerous Game, the character of Zaroff serves a an_______ to the protagonist, sharply contrasting Rainsford's personality. This problem has no answer choices, but it is a fill-in-the-blank. I don't know what it is for the life of me. Any ideas?"

b'Because he was bourgeois coddled despotic _______ as a child, Rob was a rather self-centered teenager. dubious coddled despotic bourgeois 2.After hearing the raucous, cheering response to Adam\xe2\x80\x99s speech, Mr. James feared that his new student body president might be an ...'

b'1. What are the languages which are spoken in Canada? 2. Look at the boy who is running in the playground.? 3. Did you see the basket which is full of apples? 4. I met the boy who is out of the classroom. ------------------------ Can we delete the expressions in the ...'

b"1. You don't need to go there. 2. You need not go there. 3. You don't have to go there. 4. You have not to go there. ---------------------------- They are the same in meaning. However, 4 is not used frequently, right? In British English, is 4 used these days? Where is 4 ..."

b"Which phrase or sentence in this excerpt from Kurt Vonnegut's Report on the Barnhouse Effect demonstrates the use of irony? One long bench had been brought in for the ten of us privileged to watch. The television screens showed, from left to right, the stretch of desert ..."

b"Which wars did John Steinbeck's Symptoms and Tim O'Brien's Ambush discuss? Does anyone know where I can find these essays so I can answer this question?"

b'1. Identify the incorrectly punctuated sentence. A. Most of my friends, even CiCi, are excited about the spring play.*** B. Memorizing a monologue is challenging. C. Even with help, I will struggle with a few lines in mine. D. Jason gets stage fright so he decided not to ...'

b"Identify the incorrectly punctuated sentence. A. You must return your first rental, before they will send you another movie. *** B. If you cleaned your room, maybe you would be able to find the DVD. C. Let's clear out the trash, clothes, and soda cans. d. Yes, I foud the DVD ..."

b"1. She wants to read the comic book. 2. She wants to read the specific comic book. ------------------------------ Does 1 mean 2? Or is 'the' used in generic use?"

b'I just want to know if what this phrase means from Letter to a Citizen of Kentucky Right or wrong, I assumed this ground, and now avow it. Is he reffering to that he forged an agreement, formed an alliance, made a supposition or took this position'

b"In the Oddyssey, was Odysseus' action of telling the Polyphemus that his name is Nohbdy or was him allowing Circe to persuade him to stay with her the most characteristic of an epic hero? I'm stuck between both options"

b"Can someone help me here? I'm suppose to match the defenitions but all of them seem like possible choices. It's confusing. 1.Scanning the test 2.Avoiding Careless Errors 3.Planning your time 4.Making educated guesses 5.Memory dumping 6.Reading the questions 7.Reading ..."

b'What element should readers consider when exploring how different literary genres approach the same subject? a. the ease of difficulty with which the subject can be analyzed b. the authors\xc2\x92 personal feelings about the genres they select c. the use of a structure that may be ...'

b'Write the poem arrow and song in the form of prose'

b'1. The plan was doomed/destined to fail. 2. The plan was doomed/destined to failure. 3. The plan was to fail. ------------------------ Are they all the same in meaing? Does 3 mean 1 or 2?'

b"What are some of the differences between old money and new money characters in the great gatsby? Is this distinction important in today's society? Why is the novel narrated from Nick's perspective?"

b'can someone please proof read my paragraph? The Mongolian Empires Down Fall The Mongolian empire was the largest empire to exist in the world. Genghis Khan led the Mongolian Empire killing and taking over many parts of Asia. They managed to get over the great wall and take ...'

b'can someone please help edit and improve this paragraph? In 1976, communist leader Mao Zedong died of Parkinson\xc2\x92s disease. Parkinson\xc2\x92s disease is a disease that attacks the central nervous system. It affects movements and often causes people to shake uncontrollably and ...'

b'If you were to select one passage from the novel the great gatsby to represent one of the five major characters gatsby, nick, daisy, tom, or jordan which passage would best reflect that characters personality and why ?'

b'how does the history of the American Dream show a difference between our ideals and the reality of growing inequality and lack of social mobility.'

b'1. She had me wash the dishes. 2. I was had to wash the dishes. X 3. I was asked to wash the dishes.O 4. He bade me come in. 5. I was bidden to come in. Is 5 correct? 6. He made me wash the car. 7. I was made to wash the car by him. In passive sentences, why do we have...'

b'english is the language oppotunity. Why bother to teach indigenous languages'

b'Read the passage. 1 Long ago, the Everglades were a broad expanse of shallow water covering the southern tip of Florida. 2 Over the years, however, land development has reduced the Everglades to less than half its original size. 3 In fact, development and the resulting ...'

b'Who is the protagonist and antagonist in the short story The Machine That Won the War? Protagonist- I do not think there is just one. I think that Swift, Henderson, and Jablonsky are the protagonists since they are all having discussions throughout the whole story. The ...'

b'1. Who wants to recite the reading text? 2. Are there any volunteers that want to recite the two pages? 3. Raise your hands if you want to recite the passage. 4. Who else can recite all the sentences on the two pages? ------------------ Can we use all the sentences? Can you ...'

b'Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? a The ladies\xc2\x92s hats were all purple; they looked so pretty. b The strong heavyset fighter won his first fight, and was featured in the newspaper. c The horse rode to our house, the beach, and around the church, ...'

b'Which if the following sentences is punctuated correctly? a A carpenter must use certain tools, hammers, saws, chisels, to finish a job. b A carpenter must use certain tools- hammers, saws, chisels to finish a job. c A carpenter must use certain tools hammers, saws, chisels...'

b"1. He was sitting on a rock. 2. He was sitting on many rocks. -------------------------------- Was he sitting on a large piece of stone or on small stones? In American English, 'rock' means 'a small stone' or 'a stone of any size'? Is it right? In British English, a rock is ..."

b'In can also mean no longer than a particular period of time: 1. Can you finish the job in two weeks? 2. Can you finish the job within two weeks? -------------------------------- The definition is from a dictionary. In this case are both the same? 3. We finished the whole ...'

b"1. All the girls laughed at Wanda. 2. All the girls kidded Wanda. 3. All the girls pulled Wanda's leg. 4. All the girls made fun of Wanda. ----------------------- Are they all the same in meaning?"

b"You are in group.Your seats are in groups. You need to rearrange your seats. Arrange your seats in 6 rows. We don't have group activities today so I want you to remain quiet. Make your rows straight. Move to the left a little. Will you move to the right a little bit? ..."

b'1 Suppose of the 4,000 freshmen at a college everyone is enrolled in a mathematics or an English class during a given quarter. If 2,000 are enrolled in a mathematics class, and 3,000 in an English class, how many are enrolled in both a mathematics class and an English class? ...'

b'What a word that when you say it you also spell it'

b'Everyone knows that water is important. Who doesn\xc2\x92t like to drink a cool glass of water after a long day? But some people don\xc2\x92t seem to worry about polluting the local water supply. They should I like water, and so should everyone else. What change would most improve this...'

b'One important goal of synthesizing should be to A. present the ideas of others as your own B. choose one source of information to rely on C. present your own ideas alone D. combine your ideas with researched information I actually have no idea. Please help? Thanks'

b"Write the derivative. Urgent care doctors use a variety of methods to determine a patient's ______. sentient Choices: sentient or sentience Answer: sentience"

b"Write the derivative. _____with other people's problem is a sign of kindness. empathy Choices: Empathy, Empathize, Empathetic, or Empathizing. answer: Empathizing"

b'Open ended question examples?'

b'Identify the sentence in which an adverb clause is underlined. A. Although people live in the desert, they are still limited by its harsh climate.*** B. Much of the desert has a scattered, indigenous population, which explorers sometimes encounter. C. Nomads continue to ...'

b'How did English evolve so much?'

b'1. I read the book in five days. 2. I read the book for five days. --------------------------------- Does 1 mean he finished reading the book from the first page to the last page? Does 2 mean that he read the book for 5 days but not finished reading the book to the last page?'

b'Please write a multi-paragraph 2-3 paragraphs expository composition of approximately 300 words with properly integrated quotes and a clear thesis statement about the character of the narrator in the story \xc2\x93The Gold Mountain Coat.\xc2\x94 This is just a practice, I need to ...'


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