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b"Dona is a female animal...... She doesn't like chocolate. ------------------------------ Does Dona like chocolate? 1. No, she doesn't. 2. No, she doesn't like chocolate. 3. No, she doesn't like. 4. No, it doesn't. Which ones are correct answers?"

b"what is Austen's tone in On a Marriage Proposal? I think its unambiguous and comforting. Would those work?"

b"the Phantom Tollbooth Act 11 when you contrast rhyme and reason you find that they feel differently about Milo's rescue attempt. Rhyme's attitude could best be described as sad doubtful optimistic confident"

b'the story of disabled athletes who became well known'

b'Is his wife good looking? Does it make sense'

b"In my exam you're not allowed to copy sentences instead u have to use it in your own words So how could i use this sentence in my own words 'it was getting dark...'"

b'Although there is a popular belief that herbal remedies such as Ginkgo biloba and Ginseng may improve learning and memory in healthy adults, these effects are usually not supported by well-controlled research Persson, Bringlov, Nilsson, and Nyberg, 2004. In a study, a ...'

b'Choose the meaning of carvorted in the sentence. The children carvorted about when the teacher played their favorite music. 1mingled 2frolicked 3tumbled 4waved my answer is 2....thanks for your help.'

b'Write the best answer. Normally a person of chronic impervious _____, Jim played ping-pong with an uncharacteristic and almost maniacal______. A. composure, inertia B. indolence, alacrity C. serenity, indolence answer: A'

b'think about the work you completed in your reading character role determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary discussion about dragonwings provide and explanation for your choices how did the rule you selected and the work you completed help you ...'

b'Hey everyone, I have a recent essay to do on Julius Caesar. The prompt is who is the tragic hero. I was chosen to go with Caesar. I have to use 3 points in the essay to defend why he is the tragic hero so far i have: -his tragic flaw: arrogance -his nobility The third point ...'

b'You called me a bengali... Does it make sense?'

b'According to Aristotle, an appeal that relies on an audience\xc2\x92s sense of right and wrong is an appeal to ethos, or ethics. an appeal to logos, or logic. an appeal to pathos, or emotion. an anecdote, or a story that illustrates a point. I feel like the sense of right and wrong...'

b'Write a character sketch of lencho'

b'Would I need to put Emerson for each one of the quotes in this sentence? And is the commas placed correctly? This is for an reflection essay and I have already mentioned the title of where I got these quotes from before this sentence and I am only talking about only one of ...'

b'74 For her English class, Jana is brainstorming for a paper about Shakespeare plays. Use her chart to answer the question below. Shakespeare\xc2\x92s Plays Actors a. no women b. used many props Globe Theatre c. built by Shakespeare\xc2\x92s acting company d. rebuilt in the twentieth ...'

b"Does it make sense? Scrambled out of the car indicates that the writer was fascinated and curious to see a sloth making it's way down the tree. He couldn't resist the oppoturnity of seeing a sloth."

b'I wrote two thesis statements, which one is good. Which one should I use for my essay. 1 Over the recent years, the use of illicit drugs has increased to some extent with the rise of drug legalization campaigns, though, with reformation and implantation of new drug policies, ...'

b'Dreamers ends with the image of a man going to an office by train. Why do you think Sassoon chose to end the poem with this image?'

b"Please help me to correct my anserw below.thank you Petroleum, or crude oil, is one of the world's 1 _____ natural resources. Plastics, synthetic fibres, and 2 _____ chemicals are produced from petroleum. It is also used to make lubricants and waxes. 3 _____, its most ..."

b'Please help if my answers are correct and let me know the correct answers below. thank you. Can we see 1 _____ the earth is a globe? Yes, we can. When we watch a ship that sails out to sea, we can see that the ship begins 2 _____. The bottom of the ship disappears first, ...'

b"Please help me to correct my answers below.let me know the correct answers. thank you 1. Justin write _____ his speech for the presentation now. I hope he finishes it before we meet. 1. is writing 2.will write 3.writes 4.has been writing ans.2 2. The boys' clothes are very ..."

b"please kindly help if my answers below are coorect.thank you . Teacher: So you want to learn _____ English? 1. To Talk 2.Talking 3.Speaking 4.To Speak ans. 2 2. Student: Yes, I want to be able to speak _____. 1.Good 2.Goodly 3.Proper 4.Well ans. 1 3. Teacher: I don't see that ..."

b'positive comparative superlative for troubled, straight, friendly, dry, safe, useful, flat, willing, blue, worst, and sad. Thanks.'

b'So I already post a question however I forgot to write the definition of conventional phrases so here it is:Meaning beyond literal meaning Ex. \xc2\x96 if a character is making his/her bed or making the bed narrow, the speaker is preparing for death My questions are what are the ...'

b'Answers for suffixes colorful, late, northern, troubled, straight, friendly, dry, safe, useful, flat, willing, early, hungry, blue, worst, sad. Thanks For Helping me'

b'It is the case that good communicators advance more quickly in the company. What would be best revision of this sentence?'

b'I need help finding conventional phrases in the Ballad of Birmingham by Dudley Randall that could add to the mood of suspense and tragedy.'

b"20 reasons for European exploration in 15th and 16th century? I have to get 20 but i can't find any other reason. Please read what i have and try to think of what i can put on the list. ? Fall of Constantinople to muslim ottoman turks. Constantinople connected europe and ..."

b"From what language is the word polymer derived? I think it's Greek."

b'What are the two ways that a writer can use internal or in-text citations? A.Works cited and prepositional phrase B.Signaling phrase and parenthetical citation C.Absolute phrase and plagiarism citation D.Documentation and works cited phrase Is it B?'

b'how do the poetic elements increase my interesting in the poem of How I Learned English'

b'How do most people use comparison/contrast? A. To prove that others are wrong B. To make informed choices C. To destroy many political debates D.To share unbiased information The answer is B right?'

b'Can you proof read or correct my sentence? Why does immigrant migrate even though we have a law as being illegal? There are various reasons for illegal immigrant migrating such as seeking for job, for safe life and for quality of life. Because of the unemployment, people tends...'

b'What elements are present in a postmodernist society? Choose three elements that are present in postmodernist society and explain how these elements reflect the time period.'

b'1. I have seven balls. One is white, another is black, a third is blue, a fourth is green, a fifth is brown, a sixth is pink, and the other is orange. Is this sentence grammatical and commonly used? 2. I have two balls: One is green and the other is yellow. 3. I have two ...'

b'posted by rfvv on Monday, August 29, 2011 at 12:18am. 1. I have three balls: one is green, another is blue, and the other is white. 2. I have three balls: one is green, a second is blue, and the third is white. Are both grammatical? 3. I have three balls; one is green, ...'

b'This rock turned out to be high grade uranium ore. Function is adjective Uranium is a radioactive element that is used to create nuclear energy. Function is Adjective During the spring of 1950, a man bent down to pick up a yellow rock. Function is Direct Object New Mexico has ...'

b"New Mexico now claims to have 72 percent of the country's uranium reserves. Just checking in advance but would the function of this infinitive phrase be direct object since it's receiving action from the verb?"

b"Use capital letters, quotation marks, and other punctuation marks where they are needed in each of the following sentences. 1. I've read, Janell quickly replied, the one titled, Beat the Story-Drum, Pum-Pum. 2. Isn't that Elton asked about African American spirituals? 3. You'..."

b'For\xc2\xa0the\xc2\xa0following\xc2\xa0sentences,\xc2\xa0insert???commas,\xc2\xa0quotation\xc2\xa0marks,\xc2\xa0and\xc2\xa0capita?l\xc2\xa0letters\xc2\xa0where\xc2\xa0they\xc2\xa0are\xc2\xa0needed.\xc2\xa0W?rite\xc2\xa0C\xc2\xa0if\xc2\xa0the\xc2\xa0sentence\xc2\xa0is\xc2\xa0correc?t. 1\xc2\xa0When\xc2\xa0I\xc2\xa0shrieked\xc2\xa0in\xc2\xa0fear,the usher \xc2\xa0warned\xc2\xa0me\xc2\xa0to\xc2\xa0be\xc2\xa0quiet. 2\xc2\xa0At\xc2\xa0the\xc2\xa0...'

b"Compare Lines 586-87 with those spoken by Satan in Book I: The mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heav'n."

b'what point Gordimer is trying to illustrate through the contrast in \xc2\x93The Train from Rhodesia\xc2\x94 between the description of the wooden figures and the description of the begging children'

b"Someone help I've posted a message a while ago: I desperately need help"

b"My answer however i need help with it as you can see i haven't answered the question fully-her attitude was always positive but can be undone quickly by her disturbing thoughts- The question says Explain, using your own words, what Christopher tells you about his mother\xc2\x92s ..."

b"What is the prepositional phrase in the sentence? Put the lasagna in the oven tonight if you don't mind. 1 put the lasagna 2 in the over 3 the oven tonight 4 if you don't mind I think 1"

b"1. I put my many books on the desk. 2. I put many books of mine on the desk. 3. I bought the many books at the book store. 4. I don't have any those books. 5. What those books do you have? 6. What many books do you want? 7. These many books are valuable..."

b'PLEASE HELP ME this is from the importance of being earnest In Act II, Miss Prism and Dr. Chasuble are introduced for the first time. Their relationship can be best described by all of the following EXCEPT: A subplot A serious criticism of education and religion *** A foil ...'

b'How can I paraphrase this sentence? Creative writers/poets create original written works, such as scripts, essays, prose, poetry or song lyrics, for publication or performance.'

b'1. Have a conversation with your friends. 2. Have a communication with your partners. 3. Have a chatting with your partners. 4. Have a talking with your classmates. 5. Have a speaking with your close friends. 6. Converse with your friends on the titles. 7. Communicate with ...'


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