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b'1. Read the following lines from the poem Eve to Her Daughters in which the speaker describes Adam. In the process he had to on reveal everything, because he believed that mechanism was the whole secret- he was always mechanical minded. He got to the very inside of the whole...'

b"1. All of the following lines from Cranes demonstrate the story's message about the effects of war on people except. A. The northern village at the border of the Thirty-eighth Parallel was snugly settled under the high, bright autumn sky.**** B. Then he suddenly he ..."

b'1. He built a fire in/on the mountain. 2. He made a fire in/on the mountain. 3. He started a fire in/on the mountain. 4. He lighted a fire in/on the mountain. --------------------------- Can we use all the verbs? Are they the same? What about the prepositions? Can we use both ...'

b'2.Read the following paragraph found in the selection from From Emperor to Citizen. The Articles for Favorable Treatment stipulated that I could live temporarily in the Imperial Palace without fixing any definite time limit. Apart from three large halls that were handed ...'

b'One would expect people living in a utopian society to be A.wealthy. B.difficult.---- C.idealistic D.Impossible Is B Correct'

b"1.Read the following passage from The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband . ?Though the tailor's wife was indefatigable she failed to discover how the incongruous couple who passes there before her eyes had came to marry. She found this most frustrating; it posed a formidable..."

b"1. If you do it, you will be successful. 2. If you will do it, you will be successful. Is 2 grammatical? 3. If you will[w\xc3\xadl] do it, you will be successful. What about this one? In the if clause, 'will' is stressed, which indicates the volition of the subject. In this case..."

b"I'm so nervous. 1. I could forget everything. 2. I might forget everything. 3. I can forget everything. 4. I may forget everything. ----------------------- Can we use all the statements? What is the difference among them? Which ones are commonly used? Is 1 the same as 2? Is..."

b"1. Make sure you write some notes of/about the leson. 2. Make sure you make some notes of the lesson. 3. Make sure you take some notes of the lesson. ------------------------- Are they all the same in meaning? Which one is better, 'of' or 'about' in Sentence 1? I appreciate ..."

b'1. Watch out for vehicles on the street. 2. Look out for vehicles on the street. 3. Be careful about vehicles on the street. ---------------------------- Are they all the same in meaning? Can we use other prepositions instead of each prepositions in the sentences?'

b"Q1: Is a backpack used as a school bag a lot in the USA? Q2: I don't know how to save money. 1. I can help you with that. 2. I can help you with saving money. 3. I can help you save money. Does 1 mean 2 or 3?"

b"1. She is a stewardess with Korean Air. 2. She is a stewardess at Korean Air. 3. She is a stewardess in Korean Air. 4. She is a stewardess for Korean Air. ------------------------------ Can we use other prepositions instead of 'with' as in Sentence 1?"

b"1. She jumped with joy. 2. She jumped for joy. ------------------- Can we use both 'with' and 'for'? Are they the same in meaning? Which one is used commonly?"

b"Namaste is a salutation used in India. Do you know the meaning of namaste' in English? \xc2\x95 foreign language - PsyDAG, Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 3:41am From Google: Translated roughly, it means I bow to the God within you, or The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you..."

b'Please help correct my answers for potential interview. what are your strenghts and weaknesses? my greatest strengths is i always completed a multi tasks a head the deadline. my weaknesses is being a perfectionist on myself i always make sure that every tasks assigned to me is...'

b"Pleaese correct my answers on the potential interview for telll me about yourself. i'm 48 years old, previously i have been working abroad in k.d.s as photolab operator since 1993-2003. i completed a training course in caregiver may 2003. from 2006-2015 i have been working ..."

b'infinitive phrases underline each infinitive or infinitive phrase, indicating whether it acts as an adjective, an adverb, or a noun'

b'Which is greater_____ to human happiness, war or poverty? encumber encumbering encumbered encumbrance answer: encumbering'

b'How to write a formal letter for municipality about a broken pipe'

b'Identify the italicized phrase in the following sentence. Jolene went to the city to find a new job.'

b'what lesson does milo learn in the phantom tollbooth?? please help as soon as possible.'

b'What are the overall effectiveness of the speech Pearson\xc2\x92s address on the inauguration of the national flag of Canada What are his persuasive goal and what arguments he uses to achieve his purpose?'

b'a sense of fear gushed throughout my body does it make sense?'

b'1. He will[no accent] die. simple future tense; will indicates natural result, guessing or possibility 2. He shall die. the volition of the speaker = I will kill him. 3. He will[w\xc3\xadl] die. the volition of the subject = He intends to die. He wants to die willingly...'

b'1. He fought with one of them. 2. He fought against one of them. 3. He fought with wild animals lonely. 4. He fought against wild animals lonely. 5. During the war, he fought with his comrades. 6. During the war, he fought against his comrades. ----------------- 1 is 2. 3 ...'

b"1. Look both ways carefully before you cross the road. 2. Look at both ways carefully before you cross the road. --------------------------- Which one is correct? Do we have to put 'at' after 'look' or not?"

b"1. Make sure you write some notes. 2. Make sure you should write some notes. 3. Make sure you don't write some notes. 4. Make sure you should not write some notes. -------------------------------- Can we use all the expressions? What about 2 and 4? Are they acceptable?"

b"Namaste is a salutation used in India. Do you know the meaning of namaste' in English?"

b"1. This door won't[w\xc3\xb3unt] open. 2. This door won't[no accent] open. 3. She won't[w\xc3\xb3unt] open the door. 4. She won't[no accent] open the door. ------------------------- 1 and 3 indicate the refualvolition of the subject. Is that right? If we do not stress 'won't,' as in ..."

b"1. You will[w\xc3\xadl] have your own way. 2. He will[w\xc3\xadl] have his own way. -------------------------------- Are the sentences grammatical? Do we have to stress 'will' if we want to express the volition of the subject? If we do not stress 'will', what is the difference?"

b'Read the sentence. Japan with many volcanoes, earthquakes, and occasional typhoons is vulnerable to natural disaster. Which is the best way to revise this sentence? A Japan\xc2\x97with many volcanoes, earthquakes, and occasional typhoons\xc2\x97is vulnerable to natural disaster. B ...'

b'can anyone help me??? adventure and imagination practice: this is the gluskabe and old man winter by joseph bruchac 1. what paragraphs provide dialogue that introduces the plays main conflict? paragraph 3-4, paragraph 6-7, paragraph 12-13 or paragraphs 18-19 1b. based on your ...'

b'Which sentence has a dangling modifier? A Inexpensive and fun, camping is a great way to spend a weekend. B Sturdy yet comfortable, my new hiking boots will enable me to explore on foot. C While looking for a campsite, a tornado touched down near the park.*** D Bicycling ...'

b"1. Make sure you don't build a fire in the forest. Don't cook food in the forest as well. 2. Make sure you don't build a fire in the forest. Don't cook food in the forest,either. ---------------------------- Q1: Is the sentence in 1 an affirmative sentence or a negative ..."

b'A successful academic argument depends upon'

b'Two types of biographies are: a. Formate and genre b. Poetry and prose. c. Fiction and nonfiction. d authentic and fictionalized'

b"Based on your knowledge of prefixes, what does en- mean? A.Cause to*** B.In front C. Wrongly D.Before Is it A I'm not 100percent sure... help please"

b"1.Read the sentence below: Your anger at the game's final score is as my despair for my exam scores. What type of figurative language does this sentence use? A.Allusion B.Analogy C.Hyperbole D.Simile**** 2.Read the sentence below: Simplicity is to garden design as symmetry is ..."

b'The truck was careening around the sharp curves of the road as it made its way down the steep mountainside. Which is best definition of the word careening? 1spinning wildly 2hustling rapidly 3lurching dangerously 4wandering aimlessly I think 1 Thanks in advance for ...'

b'Identify one of the darker action from The Odyssey poem or Animal Farm story. In what piece the action highlighted what intentions or emotions prompt the action? How would the story or drama change if the character involved were able to overcome the darker impulse and ...'

b'Describe Odysseus as you imagined him your interpretation in 5-6 sentences'

b'Why Odysseus is an important part of the poem? Your response should be at least 5 sentences long'

b"please kindly help if my answers below are coorect.thank you . Teacher: So you want to learn _____ English? 1. To Talk 2.Talking 3.Speaking 4.To Speak ans. 3 2. Student: Yes, I want to be able to speak _____. 1.Good 2.Goodly 3.Proper 4.Well ans. 4 3. Teacher: I don't see that ..."

b"Please help me to correct my answers below.let me know the correct answers. thank you 1. Justin write _____ his speech for the presentation now. I hope he finishes it before we meet. 1. is writing 2.will write 3.writes 4.has been writing ans.3 2. The boys' clothes are very ..."

b'Throughout June, the class practices for the play in the classroom. Circle thePreposition, Cross out the Prepositional Phrases., Underline the Subject once and the Verb Phrase twice.'

b"1. Does Tom like pears? 2. No, he doesn't. 3. No, Tom doesn't. 4. Doesn't David like roses? 5. No, he doesn't. 6. No, David doesn't. ------------------------------- Do you mean all the answers are grammatical? Can we use 3 and 6?"

b'If you were adjusting your reading rate to suit your purpose, how would you read lines 29-30 from A Surprising Point of View? A. Quickly, to create the feeling of the conversation**** B. Slowly and carefully C. Quickly, to pass over unimportant information D. Slowly to ...'

b'What two word are the most opposite in meaning hanker grovel hurtle and patronize'

b"posted by rfvv on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 1:10am. Dona is a female animal...... She doesn't like chocolate. ------------------------------ Does Dona like chocolate? 1. No, she doesn't. 2. No, she doesn't like chocolate. 3. No, she doesn't like. 4. No, it doesn't. Which ones..."

b"1. Peanuts grow in the ground. 2. Peanuts grow on the ground. Which preposition is correct, 'in' or 'on'? Are both okay?"


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