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b'What elements are present in postmodernist society? Choose three elements that are present in postmodernist society and explain how these elements reflect the time.'

b'What scene does romeo and juliets parents forbid them to see each other ?'

b'1 It rains. 2 It is cold. 3 It is growing dark. 4 It seems that there is no end to this. 5 It is unclear why he cut the rope. 6 It snows a lot. 7 It is snowing a lot. ------------------------------ Rains and snows are impersonal verbs. It is an impersonal ...'

b'1. The rules for lighting are not always this simple, but the possibilities are endless. 2. The secret to taking beautiful photographs is an understanding of composition and lighting. 3. When both composition and lighting are well considered, a fantastic photo is just a click ...'

b'1. which of the following sentences is grammatically correct? A. The student wrote too slow to finish the exam, but he has always been a slowly writer. B. The student wrote too slow to finish the exam, but he has always been a slow writer. C. The student wrote too slowly to ...'

b"1. I will help him. 2. I shall help him 3. I shall[stressed] help him. -------------------------------- Q1: When 'shall' is stressed, does 3 have stronger volition of the subject? stronger than 1 in meaning? Q2: What is the difference between 1 and 2? 1 indicates the ..."

b"1. He will die. 2. He shall die. 3. He will{stressed] die. 3-1. He intends to die. 4. He'll die. --------------------------- Q1: Does 4 mean 1 or 2? Q2: When 'will' is stressed as in 3, does 3 mean 3-1? the volition of the subject Q3: Doesn't 4 mean 3? Can the ..."

b"1. He didn't even bother to let me know he was coming. 2. He didn't even bother letting me know he was coming. Can we use both sentences? Do we put 'to-infinitive' and 'gerund' after 'bother?"


b'Help i need to write an acrostic poem about my hopes and dreams for high school'

b'Identify the direct and indirect object in the following sentences using D.O. for direct object and I.D. for indirect objects. 1. Mr. Brown asked the principal several questions. 2. Our neighbor told us stories about her life in china. 3. The assistant handed the plumber a ...'

b'Please help me. Identify each simple subject and each simple predicate in the following sentences using S. S. for simple subject and S. P. for simple predicate. A. My brother is going to college next year. B. That was a funny puppet show. C. My aunt is manager of the record ...'

b"In the odyssey Penelope best displays loyalty when she A Weeps in her bed at night. B Devises a plan to delay her marriage in Odysseus's absence. C Finishes sewing a burial shroud for Odysseus's father. D Announces that she will marry the winner of the archery contest."

b"I have to write a research proposal for english Here is what's written: Review your final research proposal draft one last time. Make sure that your topic focuses on some cultural aspect of one of the countries Turkey, Armenia, Iraq, India, or Sri Lanka. Make sure that you ..."

b'An extensive list that identifies sources cited in your research report is called an:'

b'What does the child wonder about his teacher'

b'what are similes in the poem gathering leaves by Robert frost'

b"I need to write a dramatic monologue as Jordan from the Great Gatsby. The context is that it is approximately 5 years since Gatsby died and Jordan is talking to Daisy at a golf competition in Chicago. That's all the information I have and it's a grade 12 English assignment. ..."

b"What's a surprising statement about William Shakespeare that can be used as a hook in an essay? I can't seem to find any and my essay is starting to sound quite repetitive lol."

b"I'm doing a Shakespeare essay and I need help coming up with a unique title. All I can think if is ''The Mysterious Life of Shakespeare'' or cross out ''Mysterious'' ... I will not use your ideas completely, since that would most likely show up as plagiarism."

b"1. I can swim well. 2. I could swim well. ------------------ What is the difference between the two sentences? Is 'could' politer than 'can' in meaning?"

b"1. Make sure all windows are closed. 2. Make certain all windows are closed. 3. Be certain all windows are closed. 4. Be certain that all windows are closed. 5. Be sure to come here in time. 6. Be certain to come here in time. 7 Make sure you don't smoke in this room. 8. Make ..."

b'1. Be sure that you arrive at work on time every morning. 2. Make sure that you arrive at work on time every morning. 3. Be sure to arrive at work on time every morning. 4. Make sure to arrive at work on time every morning. ------------------ Are they all grammatical and ...'

b'3 quotes for fiction signposts. For the book called Bird by bird by anne lamott'

b'Writing an argument essay on why Michael Jackson is the worlds greatest entertainer of all time. Some counter arguments I thought of are how people can say he was back in his time but not anymore, and i can back it up with stating facts. I have written my body of the essay ...'

b"1. She wrote with a pencil. 2. She wrote in pencil. 3. She is writing a letter in pen. 4. She is writing a letter with a pen. 5. She is writing a letter in a pen. -------------------------------- Are they all grammatical except 5? Why can't we put 'a' or 'an' after 'in' in ..."

b"1. Keep the window shut. 2. He kept the shop closed. Are both grammatical? Is 'shut' a past participle meaning 'closed'? Does 2 mean He hasn't run the shop. 3. Keep the light burning. 4. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. 5. They kept the man a hero. 6. He kept himself a..."

b'A ballpoint pen, also known as a biro,[1] or ball pen, is a pen that dispenses ink over a metal ball at its point, i.e. over a ball point. The metal commonly used is steel, brass, or tungsten carbide.[from Wikipedia] -------------------- According to the definition,can we ...'

b'1. We need a house which we can live in. 2. We need a house we can live in. 3. We need a house to live in. 4. We need a house in which we can live. 5. We need a house in which to live. Are they all grammatical? What about 3 and 5? 6. We need a house to live. 7. We need a ...'

b"1. Read the sentences on the page loudly, not in a soft voice. 2. I need you to raise your voice when you read the passage. 3. Would you read the sentences aloud? Don't read them in a quiet voice. 4. Your voice is too low/too soft/too quiet/too small. Will you read the ..."

b'I need one student to come up here to act out the tree pose. Who can do the tree pose in front of the classmates? OK. Come up here. Be seated on the chair. You should do as you are told. You should folow my directions. Stand up. Raise your right foot and place it against your ...'

b"Follow this l*ink to see question It's on Brainly. I think it's the first option... also, get rid of the spaces in the l*ink, i just put them there so jiskha would let me post ht tps :/ /brainly. com /question/ 3764416"

b'1. I want something to write. 2. I want something that I can write. 3. I want something to write on. 4. I want something that I can write on. 5. I want something to write with. 6. I want something that I can write with. Is each pair the same? Can we use other auxiliaries ...'

b"So I'm writing an argument essay and for my topic I chose something I'm very passionate and feel strongly about. My topic is michael Jackson is the greatest entertainer to live. Of course people will disagree which is why I chose the topic. Can anyone help me and give me ideas..."

b'1which of the following sentences is grammatically correct? A. The student wrote too slow to finish the exam, but he has always been a slowly writer. B. The student wrote too slow to finish the exam, but he has always been a slow writer. C. The student wrote too slowly to ...'

b"What is one of Carmody's main motives in this scene?"

b'what made lencho predict a rainfall?'

b"In the poem You Begin by Margaret Atwood, what does the warm stone signify? Is it only the child's hand?"

b'Write a diary entry on nightingales emotional exertion.'

b'Which of the following is a reason to use parallel sentence structures in a literary analysis essay?'

b"The other girls picked on her because of her size. ----------------------------- Q1: Is 'picked' a transitive verb or an intransitive verb? Is 'on' a preposition or an adverb? What is the meaning of 'pick' here? Q2: What other expressions can we use instead of 'picked on'?"

b'1. Identify the correctly punctuated sentence. A. Monarch butterflies migrate long distances each year\xc2\x97other butterflies live in southern climates throughout the year. B. Monarch butterflies migrate long distances each year, other butterflies live in southern climates ...'

b"Hi, I'f someone could let me know i'f my english and ASL transcript is correct I would greatly appreciate it? I need to make a short dialogue between two people at least five sentences and then write it in ASL gloss beneath. Mom Elizabeth Shift Left: Hey Kendra how was ..."

b'1. Read the following passage from The Swimming Contest. Come over here, Nahida, the old lady said, and kiss the hand of the hakima who cured your grandmother. And this is her son. Nahida came hesitantly into the room and stood in front of my mother. My mother embraced ...'

b"1. All of the following quotes from The Swimming Contest are intended to foreshadow the future conflict between the narrator and Abdul-Karim EXCEPT A. But it's not true that we're driving the Arabs out. We are out for peace, not war.***** B. Abdul-Karim is studying at the..."

b"1. Read the following passage from The Swimming Contest. With a sigh my mother replies, My husband's no longer alive, either. But his house and his father's house aren't here; everything remained over there, abroad, and I live in a rented apartment summer and winter. That..."

b"1. Read the following lines from Thoughts of Hanoi. Brother, How is all that now? Or is it obsolete? Are you like me, Reliving the past, Imagining the future? Do you count me as a friend or am I the enemy in your eyes? Brother, I am afraid That one day I'll be with the March..."

b'1. Identify the statement that is a verifiable fact. A. Teenagers seem to prefer texting to talking when it comes to cell phone use. B. Lifeguarding is one of the easiest and most lucrative summer jobs for teenagers. C. The number of teenagers who own and use smart phones is ...'

b'1. Read the following passage from Another Evening at the Club. Putting the ring away in his pocket, he bent over her and with both hands gently patted her on the cheeks. It was a gesture she had long become use to, A gesture that promised her continued security, that told ...'

b'1. Mom will be downstairs. 2. Mom will be downstairs now. 3. Mom will be downstairs in the afternoon. ------------------------------ In 2, Mom is downstairs, I think. In 3, it tells the future tense. Then, what about 1? Does 1 mean 2 or 3? Does 1 tells the guessing of ...'


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