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b'The temperature at noon in Los Angeles on a summer day was 88\xc2\xb0F. During the day the temperature varied from this by this much as 7.5\xc2\xb0F. Write and solve an absolute value inequality to find the range of possible temperatures for that day?'

b'A 0.26 M solution of a weak acid HA is 0.35 percent ionized. What are the Hadd , A- , and HA concentrations at equilibrium? What is Ka?'

b'Find the smallest number which is greater than 3220 and divisible by 3'

b'can you please help me work on this problem? I have a few and I want to know how to figure it out: The ratio of boys to girls in a class is 5 to 6. How many boys at in the class if there is a total of 121 students. I guessed 55 boys and 66 girls?'

b'A map has a scale of 5 cm: 12km. If two cities are 17 cm apart on the map, what is the actual distance between the cities, to the nearest tenth of the kilometer? My answer was 70.8 km'

b'If a hypothetical planet in our Solar System had a sidereal period of 11.1 Earth years and a circular orbit, how far from the Sun in Astronomical Units would it be? Enter your answer to the nearest 0.01 AU.'

b'Eric bought a package of loose leaf paper that contained 500 sheets. In the first week, he used 1/5 of the paper. During the next two weeks, Eric used 2/5 of the remaining paper. How many sheets of paper did Eric have available at the start of the fourth week? Choices A. 100 ...'

b'Which of the following is NOT a correct ratio for 12 stars and 15 hearts? a. 12 to 15 b. 4:5 c. 12/15 d. 3 to five'

b'My pizzeria offers pizzas in 3 sizes S/M/L 7 different meat toppings 5 different vegetable toppings 4 different kinds of cheese. How many different pizza orders are possible if we must pick a size, 1 meat, 2 different vegetables, and 1 kind of cheese?'

b'Solve and prove the identity tan xadd cot -x/ tan x - cot-x= 1-2cos^2x'

b'How do you convert 4.5rad to degrees?'

b'One side of a square is 10 inches long. How many 1 square inch tiles are needed to cover the area of the square?'

b'Jesse bought 10 more pencils than erasers. A pencil costs 0.15, and an eraser costs 0.22. He paid a total of 4.46. How many erasers did Jesse buy? I dont understand this problem havent done it in a long time.'

b'Three numbers form a geometric progression. If the second term is increased by 2, then the progression will become arithmetic and if, after this, the last term is increased by 9, then the progression will again become geometric. Find these three numbers.'

b'Sinx=cosy hole cosecxaddyer man kata?'

b"List the sides of triangle ?MNP in ascending order shortest to longest if: m?M = 64\xc2\xb0, m?N = 48\xc2\xb0, for this one i am not sure if your supposed to find the third angle and or the third side can you guys explain and show me the answer i got 132 degrees but can't find out ..."

b'In an isosceles triangle, the perimeter is 75 cm and one of the sides is 25 cm. Find all its sides. Can you find all angles of the triangle? Explain your answer.'

b"Given: \xe2\x88\x86ABC is isosceles m\xe2\x88\xa0ACB = 120\xc2\xb0 m\xe2\x88\xa0BMC = 60\xc2\xb0 CM = 12 Find: AB can you guys help I'm really struggling with proofs statement and reasons"

b'A rectangular Park of length 80m and width 65m has two paths of uniform width 2.5m crossing each other. Find the area of remaining portion.'

b'The ratio of the forth and 12th terms of a g.p. with positive common ratio is 1:256. If the difference of two terms be 61.2. Find the sum of 8 term of this series.'

b'A chord,distance 2 cm from the centre,of a circle is 18 cm long.calculate the length of a chord of the same circle which is 6cm from the centre.'

b"If an object which weighs 100 lbs on the Earth's surface were placed on a planet with 2 times the radius of the Earth and with 7 times the Earth's mass, how much would that object weigh? Enter answer to nearest 0.1 lbs. The term void ratio means the ratio of the volume of ..."

b'what value of x is the derivative of x^3 is equal to the derivative of x^2 add x? can someone help me out please'

b'You are wrapping boxes for a fundraiser. You have 80 large boxes. You need 2 3/4 feet of ribbon for each large box. Each roll of ribbon has 50 feet of ribbon'

b"The radius of the larger circle is 9cm. The diameter of the smaller circle is 11cm. Find the area of the shaded region. I don't understand this questions at all please help."

b"8x add 14y = 24 6x add 7y = 10 Solve for x y I tried multiple times but I just can't seem to get the right answer."

b'Complete the table. Simplify all answers. As a percent and. Decimal and fraction'

b'If 2/3 of my money is 18. How much money do i have in all'

b'If the diameter of a wheel is 10 inches. What is the circumference of the wheel in inches?'

b'if an object is projected upward from ground level with an initial velocity of 64 ft per sec,its height h in feet t seconds later is h=-16tadd64t.after how many seconds is the height 48 ft.'

b'Sorry posted the wrong question earlier. Let A and B be sets. Show that A A B ? B.'

b'in a fifth grade class, 3/4 of the students like to go to the movies. of the students who like to go to the movies, 2/3 of them like action movies. of the students who like to go to action movies, 4/5 of them also like comedies. what fraction of the students in the class like ...'

b'In 2001 Shammera was 16 years old. In 2006 Shameera will be 3 times as old as his cousin Samuel. How old will samuel be in 2006?'

b'The two trapezoids shown are similar. If the area of the larger trapezoid is 96 square centimeters, what is the area of the smaller trapezoid?'

b'Sandra took a loan of 25,000 and had to repay 29,500. at the end of 3years. At what rate of interest did she get that loan'

b'Farmer Greg has some cows and some hens. Between them they have 52 legs and 38 eyes. How many hens, and how many cows does farmer Greg have? Clue.. Cows have four legs Hens have 2 legs Eyes 2 What I got.. 38\xc3\xb72=19 8\xc3\x974=32 10\xc3\x972=20 20add32=52'

b'farmer nick planted a line of coconut trees along the length of his land. If he planted them 4m apart and the distance between the 1st and last tree last trees is 100m. Calculate the number of trees he planted.'

b'Farmer is looking for materials to make a 2 pens side by side with 360m of fence what is the dimension of each pen with the maximized area'

b'if 2/3 of my money is 18. how much do i have in all?'

b'Let A and B be sets. Show that ABAB ? B.'

b'A map is drawn to a scale 0f 1 :20 000. Calculate the area of a a lake that measures 3 square km'

b'1.075--3.1 4.175'

b'Why id gonzo walk around carrying ice cream and a pair os sparrows'

b'3/14 of 10/9 Help needed ASAP'

b"jason weighs 36 pounds together he and his sister weigh four ponuds more than three times the weight of his sister what is the weight w of jason's sister? 36add w= 3; 18 pounds 36add w- =3w; 19 pounds 36add w= 3wadd4; 16 pounds 36add w= 3w -4; 20 pounds"

b'Sum of 9 odd no.gives 90'

b"The mean of Alice's last 5 math test scores is 88. The first 4 of these 5 math test scores were 87, 75, 93, and 85. What score did Alice earn on her fifth math test?"

b'A square field has an area of 6.25 km\xc2\xb2 find the cost of putting a fence round it at rs. 10.50 per meter'

b"Has anyone on connections academy done the Unit 1: Lesson 13: Geometry unit test. I really don't understand can someone post the answers, thanks. I'm in 7th grade btw."

b'One angle of a triangle measures 95\xc2\xb0. The other two angles are in a ratio of 7:10. What are the measures of those two angles?'


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