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b"1. There you go, you put the bad-mouth on others. 2. There you go again, you put the bad-mouth on others. 3. There you go. You're always forgetting things. 4. There you go again. You're always forgetting things. ------------------------------------ Do we have to use 'again' or..."

b"1. There you go, you put the bad-mouth on others. 2. There you go again, you put the bad-mouth on others. Are both the same in meaning? Which one is common? 3. There you go. You're always forgetting things. 4. There you go again. You're always forgetting things. Which one ..."

b'1. The boy ran around the house. 2. He broke the plants. -------------------------------- Q1: In 1, did he run around the house outside? Did he run outside, running around the house? Or did he run inside the house, making the living room or the kitchen messy? Q2: Is 2 ...'

b"Tom has a paper, but his brother has two papers. -------------------------- Is the use of 'paper' correct? Is the sentence above correct in terms of grammar?"

b"1. He keeps abandoned dogs. 2. He keeps missing dogs. 3. He keeps stray dogs. 4. He keeps deserted dogs. ------------------------ 1, 2, and 3 seem to be the same. What about 4? Do you use 'deserted dogs'?"

b"Someone is knocking on/at the door. Inside, we say, 'Who is it?' Can't we use, 'Who are you?' Is it rude to say, 'Who are you? Can we use both prepositions, on and at here? Are both have the same meaning? what about the next question?"

b"The pet dog found his master. He said to the master,It' me. In a catroon 1. It's me. 2. This is me. 3. I'm me. 4. That's me. Can the pet use only 1? What about the other expressions? -------------------------------------- The master said, Is that you? 5. Is that you? ..."

b"1. He should have thought more carefully. 2. He regrets that he didn't think more carefully. 3. I regret that he didn't think more carefully. ------------------------------- Does 1 mean 2 or 3?"

b"1. I would not do so, it I were you. 2. I would not do so if I were you. Are both okay? Do we have to delete the 'comma' in 1? 3. He could come earlier. 4. He could come earlier if he were not busy. Does 3 mean 4? 4. He could have come earlier. 5. He could have come ..."

b'read this excerpt from chapter 7 of the narrative of the life of Frederick douglass and answer the question. which of the following best describes the cultural context here?'

b'1. He may have stolen the money. 2. He might have stolen the money. 3. He can have stolen the money. 4. He could have stolen the money. ------------------------------------ Is 3 ungrammatical? Are 2 and 4 the same in meaning? They both have slight or uncertain possibility. ...'

b'1. He cannot have told a lie. 2. It is impossible that he told a lie. 1 mean 2. Right? 3. He could not have told a lie. What about 3? What is the difference between 1 and 3? What is the meaning of 3?'

b"1. Anybody can make mistakes. 2. We can go to the concert. 3. We could go to the concert. ------------------------------ In a grammar book, it is said that 'can' in 1 is used as theoretical possiblilty' Is that right? In 3, 'could' is used as 'present possibility.' What ..."

b'What does the child think about his drawing in the poem'

b'To letter write news editor such children sad plight and up lift'

b'What is the purpose of a response-to-literature essay'

b"1. He is master of the situation. 2. He is the master of the situation. ........ In dictionaries, I could see 1, not 2. Can't we use 'the' before 'master' here? 3. I met Father on the street. 4. I met father on the street. 5. I like Master very much. 6. I like master very ..."

b'1. He is far the best boy in his class. 2. He is by far the best boy in his class. 3. He is far and away the best boy in his class. ............ Are they all grammatical?'

b'1. He is a good deal stronger than Sam. 2. He is lots stronger than Sam. 3. He is far and away stronger than Sam. ............................... Are they all grammatical?'

b'1. I can forget everything. 2. I could forget everything. 3. It can happen again. 4. It could happen again. ---------------------------- Which ones have slight possibility? Which ones have strong possibility?'

b'1. He saw most of the boys. 2. He saw most of his boys. 3. He saw most of these boys. 4. He saw most of some boys. 5. He saw most of ____ boys. ------------------------------------ Q1: Are the sentences all grammatical? What about 4? Can we use 4? Q2: What other words can be...'

b"I need help analysing a quote for an English assignment but I can't find the deeper meaning: Day of wrath, that day of burning, Seer and Sibyl speak concerning, All the world to ashes turning. ~ Abraham Coles I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this."

b'For the following questions, identify the correct form of irregular verbs in the sentences. Choose from the word box below. A. past B. present participle C. past participle 47. Claude is getting a new computer for his birthday this year. 1 point A B**** C 48. Yes, I have ...'

b"Are these correct or not? I can't hardly see you. The children were real excited when they made the team, they jumped up and down noisily."

b'Hello, I am wondering if someone can answer me this question: In an Atwood machine why do the tensions that handle both bodies are the same? English is not my native language'

b"........ of the books of ali have blue colour. We can use some and none in the blank. But what do you think about 'any'in this blank. Is it correct."

b'1. He played me the violin. 2. He played the violin to me. 3. He played the violin for me. [Can we use both 2 and 3? Otherwise, is 2 alone correct? Not 3?] 4. He played me a record. 5. He played a record for me. 6. He played a record to me. [Can we use 5 and 6? Otherwise...'

b'1. He played her a trick. 2. He played a trick on her. 3. He made fun of her. 4. He deceived her. 5. He lied to her. ---------------------------- Are both 1 and 2 the same? Does 1 mean 3 or 45?'

b'1. He spared me a rooom. 2. He spared a room for me. Are both the same? 3. She prepared us a lecture. 4. She prepared a lecture for us. Are both the same? Can we use Sentence 3?'

b'1. I have difficulty/trouble in remembering names. 2. 1. I have difficulty/trouble when I remember names. Are both the same and interchangable?'

b'In at least one hundred words, explain how Lessing\xc2\x92s childhood experiences may have influenced her storytelling in Through the Tunnel.'

b'What does the children in the poem thinks about his drawing?'

b'1. He was surprised she came at all. 2. He was surprised she came after all. 3. He was surprised she came anyway. 4. He was surprised she came any how. 5. He was surprised she came at any rate. 6. He was surprised she came at all events. -------------------------- Does 1 mean...'

b"I'm quitting social media for good does this make sense it's the starter of my speech"

b"The dog has almost gone blind. He said, 'It's strange. These days you look blurry.' You refers to the dog's master. ------------------------------ What does 'it' refer to in 'It's strange'? Does it refer to 'situation'?"

b'African animal rituals should be allowed in the suburbs'

b'1. He passed the bakery and met one of his friends. 2. He passed a stream and became wet. 3. He passed a stream and found a bakery. --------------------------- In 2, he passed through a stream. What about in 3? Did he pass through a stream or not? Did he walk by a stream and...'

b'1. They moved in yesterday. 2. They moved out the day before yesterday. 3. They moved into yesterday. 4. They moved in the apartment yesterday evening. 5. They moved into the apartment yesterday evening. -------------------------- Are they all grammatical except Sentence 3? 6...'

b"1. She is fond of scuba diving. 2. She likes scuba diving. 3. She is afraid of snakes. 4. She fears snakes. 5. She is aware of the fact. 6. She knows the fact. Is each pair the same in meaning? Do you have some more expressions which have the same structure, 'be adjective of.'"

b'Please could you check my grammar. thanks 1.Other Color Print Price, depending on the image\xc2\x92s size'

b'1. Imagine you work in a steel mill in a large industrial city in England in the late 1800s. You live in a neighborhood with other factory workers, and share the same living and working conditions they do. Write a letter to your representative in Parliament expressing your ...'

b'To what extent does writing connect with people and society? Provide one source thats supports and one source that refutes. The two sources must examine the topic from different perspectives. The sources I already have is: writing and reading relationships: constructive tasks ...'

b'The stories and poems in this unit deal with suspense. Pick one of the works from this unit of study and explain how the author created suspense and how the use of suspense affected your enjoyment of the text. One story is The most dangerous game I would like someone to ...'

b'Suddenly there came a tapping, / As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber doors. Which poetic device does Poe use in these lines? A. consonance B. hyperbole C. metaphor D. onomatopoeia is it A or b.'

b'In order to better assist you select the best retirement benefit package to fit your personal needs - How would you rewrite this sentence, to make it active?'

b"Read the following sentences from The Swimming Contest Who the hell fired that shot? My gun went off, one of the boys said. When he saw me coming up the officer said, We've lost that information, damn it They've killed that Arab of yours We've lost it, I said. I ..."

b"Identify the sentence that uses correct punctuation. a. We had to walk, all the way to the train station, the bus doesn't go that far. b. We had to walk; all the way to the train station, the bus doesn't go that far. c. We had to walk all the way to the train station; the bus ..."

b'As a nightingle from the poem the nightingle and the frog write diary entry highlighting her fears and analyzing the reasons for her failure'

b'Find the effective resistances in paralle if all four resistances are equal to 1 ohm'

b'Anne tells Mr. Van Daan, \xc2\x93Remember, Mr. So-and-so, remember I\xc2\x92m a lady\xc2\x94 and then he tells her, \xc2\x93A man likes a girl who will listen to him once in awhile\xc2\x85\xc2\x94 on page 727. a. Explain why one of these quotations is ironic.'


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