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b'In this exercise Use the word given in capital to some word that fits in the gap in the same line. DECISION - When I first met Steve, our senior manager, he seemed to me rather impatient and somewhat indecisive especially when it was necessary to take some serious decisions ...'

b"This is a men jacket A:men's*** B:Mens C:mens's The cat hid it kittens under the stairs A:its*** B:it's C:its' I opened an account at the Savings Bank Main Office A:Savings Banks B:Savings Bank's*** C:Savings Banks' Are these correct?"

b'The suffix -est means: A. more B. most C. alot D. many Thinking the answer b.'

b'what are these ? some may have two correct answers . something that a: keeps us warm at night. b: we can see ourselves c: we can use to stir tea. d: we can use to cut with e: we wear on our heads. e: we eat off'

b'From what point of view is a Midsummer Nights Dream narrated? Third person point of view'

b"1: Everyone homework should be handed in by noon A:Everyone's B:Everyones*** C:Everyones' 2: If you want the shirt, it is your. A:yours*** B:your's C:yours' 3: I bought this shirt in the women department. A:women's*** B:womens' C:Woman's 4: The girls volleyball team placed ..."

b'52percent of students failed in english 48percent failed in maths 17percent failed in both what is the percent of students passed in both??'

b'Could you check this exercise, I had to complete the text. I wrote my answer with capital letters. Thanks so much When I first met Steve, our senior manager, he seemed to me rather PATIENLY and somewhat DECISIVE especially when it was necessary to take some serious decisions ...'

b'Need help starting my essay---have done all the background work/analysis, but feel blocked on how to actually get it formed into an essay...'

b'please can you help to me with write a news report based in ROcket club sets New launch record. I can not understand how I have to write?'

b'The length and breadth of a rectangular garden are 40m and 25m respectively. There isa footpath of uniform width around the garden in its inside . of the area of the footpath is 126 square metre, what is its width?'

b"Are the below given sentences written correctly? 1. He's slow as a tortoise. 2. It's ugly as monkey. 3. She's as weak as a kitty. 4. She's fast as a horse. Kindly send me the correctly written sentences ."

b'Class 11. Textbook is reflection. Chapter is the gentleman of the jungle. Do you think the story can be read as a political satire on colonialism?'

b'Class 11. Textbook is reflection. Chapter is the gentleman of the jungle. Every fable ends with a moral . What moral do you find in this story?'

b'Class 11. Textbook is reflection. Chapter - the gentleman of the jungle. Do you agree with the action of the man at the end . Why ?'

b'Explain procedures and resources available for assisting patients with special needs such as those for whom English is a second language, are hearing impaired, sight impaired, or who have any other type of physical or diversity related disposition that should be addressed to ...'

b"Through the narrator's interactions with his son, we can infer that A. he is disappointed in the way he is turning out. B. he is proud of him but concerned for his future. C. he is envious of him because he gets to play soccer. D. he is critical of him because he never does ..."

b'Why is polo called the king of games'

b'The toy car of jess is new'

b'Which of the following would provide the most convincing support for this claim?'

b'What would you guys write? - Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper commenting on a recent issue in the news. Explain your point of view.'

b'Which line in this excerpt uses the logical fallacy of ad hominem?'

b'What is the simple and complete predicates. She advised him to look for the singing bird. The eldest son asked permission to go. He believe that the he could catch the bird.'

b'What is simple predicates and complete predicates of A king had a strange dream'

b'1. The criminal is to be hanged for his crimes. 2. The criminal is going to be hanged for his crimes. 3. The criminal can be hanged for his crimes. --------------------------- Does 1 mean 2 or 3?'

b'one word with the same meaning of transparent, wicked and lazy?'

b"What do Poe's letters to John Allan reveal about himself? The self-expression and logic in Poe's letters is also evident in his literature. A: Poe was a wealthy man upon publication of his poetry and short stories B: Poe had a healthy close relationship with his stepfather ..."

b"What is the appropriate citation method for your major or course of study? What have you learned about that citation methodology from Lesson Three of this course? Do you think you'll be able to use this citation method effectively to avoid plagiarism? HINT: It will be either ..."

b'How to use beneath the basement as an adjective and adverb?'

b"Which of the following is a defining feature of women's contribution to American and colonial literature? A: They wrote religious tracts B: They were underrepresented*** C: They used the printing press infrequently D: They wrote single-genre works"

b"Read the following example. What is the effect of the meter in these lines? I wandered lonely as a Cloud That floats on high o'er vales and Hills. When all at once I saw a crowd, A host, of golden Daffodils; Beside the Lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the ..."

b'write a letter to tha editor of a newspappardescribing tha sad plight of such children'

b'17. Some people believe that feelings should be nurtured and cherished, while others argue that feelings should be curbed and kept under control. Indicate one poem that demonstrates the desire to restrain emotion and one poem that demonstrates the desire to cherish emotion. ...'

b'Do you know the website where we can get questions and answers in English about many kinds of subjects for elementary school students?'

b"1. [Yoga The Tree Pose] Try to hold it for 30 seconds. Repeat this with your left foot. 2. [Yoga The Tree Pose] Try to hold it for 30 seconds. Do this with your left foot. -------------------------------------- 1 is correct one. One used 'Do' instead of 'Repeat.' Are both..."

b"1. I added some salt to the mixture. 2. I added a spoon of salt to the mixture. 3. I added a spoonful of salt to the mixture. ----------------------------------- Are they all grammatical? Would you check the expressions before 'salt'?"

b"1. I will drink enough water. 2. I will dring water enough. 3. I will eat enough water. ---------------------------------- Are 1 and 2 correct grammatically? What about 3? Can we use 'eat' instead of 'drink'? In a basic grammar test, can we use both 2 and 3?"

b"1. I like your pants. Where did you buy them? 2. I like your pants. Where did you buy these? 3. I like your pants. Where did you buy those? ------------------------ 1 is correct. By the way, can we refer to 'pants' as 'these' or 'those' as in 2 qand 3?"

b'I already answer the grammar exam of 100 question, now I want to check my answers if it is correct or not. How can I check my answers.'

b'A teacher wants to use an ACA approach to grammar. Which of the materials below would he use in first lesson activity?'

b'My mother feels bad, badly about what happened. I think that it is bad.'

b"1. Let's get out of here. 2. Let's go out of here. ------------------------------- Do you use only 1? What about 2? Why is 1 used frequently?"

b'Identify subordinate conjunction in the following sentence. What rakesh said was not clear.'

b'The score of Ragini in mathematic is 23 more than two third of a score in English if he score X marks in English what is her score in mathematics?'

b'Unscramble this sentence: animanga, books, brownies, chess, dessert, felting, gaming, knitting, minute, to, win, it, movie, mondays, spa, taste, off, chefs. Thank you'

b'Which statement expresses a theme found in this passage?'

b'Thank you. I corrected errors. 1. I will have taught Spanish for ten years by 2018. 2. I will have taught Spanish for ten years in 2018. Can we use both prepositions? 3. Why is he late? He would have overslept. 4. Why is he late? He could have overslept. 5. Why is he late? ...'

b'1. I will have thought Spanish for ten years by 2018. 2. I will have thought Spanish for ten years in 2018. Can we use both prepositions? 3. He will have gone to Rome when you come next month. 4. He will have gone to Rome if you come next month. 5. He will have gone to Rome ...'

b"1. We should arrive before dark. 2. I should have finished the book by Friday. [In the Oxford dictionary, I saw the two sentences. They mean 'guessing.' What is the similar expression for 3 in American English? Would you check the following?] 3. I would have finished the ..."

b'1. He must have bought the bike. 2. He would have bought the bike. 3. He could have bought the bike. 4. He may have bought the bike. 5. He might have bought the bike. * 6. He will have bought the bike. * 7. He can have bought the bike. ------------------------------------ Do ...'


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