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b'What is 0.7 x 10 = x 10 = 0.07 x 10 = x 10 = 0.23 x 10 = 0.023 x 10 = 0.004 x 10 = 0.404 x 10 ='

b'An arc of a circle measures 30\xc2\xb0 if the radius of the circle is 5 cm what is the length of the arc'

b'im a lil confused on this question it ask what number is 73percent of 215 am i supposed to multiply 73percent and 100 or am is supposed to multiply 215 and 100 then divide? or what just a lil confused'

b'A President and Vice- President for a school council are chosen from a hat with the names of all 12 members in the hat. Determine the probability that Nisha and Anne are chosen as President and Vice- President respectively. Answer Provided: 1/132.'

b'If yuo find four different numbers totaling 54 so that if you ad 2 one of the numbers lf you take 2 from another num if multiply third num by 2 and devide the fourth num by 2 the ans is always be tha same'

b'A triangle has a 13-inch side, a 14-inch side, and a 15-inch side. To the nearest tenth of an inch, how long is the median drawn to the 14-inch side?'

b'Six groups of students sell 162balloons at the school carnival there are three students in each group if student sells the same number of balloons how many balloons does each to student sell'

b'The sum of 23 and Hans height is 54'

b"Jesse bought 10 more pencils than erasers. A pencil costs 0.15, and an eraser costs 0.22. He paid a total of 4.46. How many erasers did Jesse buy? ~I got some help and ended up here 22xadd14xadd10=446 I just don't know how to solve the rest of the problem do I just factor it ..."

b'fred is more than 3 years more than twice the age of jane. the sum of their ages is 48. how old is each?'

b'At what point of the curve y= x^4 is the normal line parallel to 2x add y = 3? Find the equation of the normal line.'

b'I am having a difficulty with solving proofs, such as triangle proofs for my homework, is there any tips and tricks to be able to solve them?'

b'JOhn hs 2 apples, Many has 9 apples, how many apples are in total?'

b'Comparison of bottles 1/3 and 2/6'

b'Can you please help me with this math problem: 5 6 2 9 12 3 4X Y Z X 5X Y Z The numbers at the top are exponents.thank you'

b'So a moped travels at 40km/h for part of a trip and 10km/h for the remainder. If it takes 5.75 hours to travels 185km, how far did it travel at each speed?'

b"I am stuck on the question Jeremy collected nickels for one week he is making stacks of his nickels to determine how many he has the thickness of one nickel is 1/6 inch what is the combined height of 3 nickels 2 nickels and 1 nickel help me I don't get it::"

b'An ice cream van sells 3 different ice-cream flavours with 4 different toppings. How many different choices can be made using only one of the ice-cream flavours and only one of the toppings?'

b'One leg of a right triangle is one less than twice the other. The area of the triangle is 18 square feet. What is the length of the 3rd side of the triangle? Solve by factoring. A= 1/2 bh 18= 1/2 x2x-1'

b"the aquarium's height is 11 inches, width is 8 inches, and length is 20 inches, he wants to replace the water. how much water does the aquarium hold?"

b'what is 2xadd2=4?'

b'Jacky is cutting 4 yards of fabric into 7 pieces of equal length. Which expression represents the fraction of a yard each piece will be? 7-4 4-7 7/4 4/7'

b'I need help here log2^3 add log4^7'

b'one track coach wants his athletes to race 8 miles around a track to measure how fast each person can run if the track is 2/3 of a mile around. How many laps around the track will the athletes have to run to complete the race?'

b'Seth has three more than twice as many baseball cards as Aaron. Together they have 33 baseball cards. How many cards does Seth have? Answer: I dont understand please help'

b'cosx/1-tanx add sin x* cosx/ sin x-cosx'

b'On a test you answered six 5-point questions and eight 2-point questions. You earned 92percent of the possible points. How many points is the test worth?'

b'Simplify the following to the simplest form tanx addcotx/ tanx*cotx'

b'1addtanx* 1addcot-x'

b'Solve the Identity cot x/ cscx-1= cscxadd1/cot x'

b'It costs 3 for an adult and 2 for a student to attend a car show. 250 was collected when 90 people attended how many were adults and how many were students'

b'a Use the Euclidean Algorithm to nd gcd 2017; 271 and use this to nd integers x and y so that gcd2017; 271 = 2017x add 271y. b Is it true that for all integers a and b, if not both a and b are zeros then not both 5aadd3band3aadd2barezeros,andgcd5aadd3b;3aadd2b?=gcda;b...'

b'1. a number is subtract from 20 the result is 10 what is the number 2.i multiply a number by 10 and where 12 is remove the result is 18 what is the number 7'

b'Mary bought a length of ribbon. She used 2/5 of it to wrap a package and 1/5 of it for a bow. If she used 60 in. of the ribbon, what was the length of the ribbon she bought?'

b'The difference of two consecutive numbers is 15 the greater number is X then find the smallest'

b'Garage charges one time rate of 8 plus 1.50 per half hour. What function represents total cost Cx, for parking for x hours'

b'A book is advertised at 500 with an inclusive 5percent GST. What is the original price of the book?'

b"evaluate without using L'Hopital theorem the following limit lim x-->0 [sinx-x/x-tanx] the answer is 0.5 but I want to know the steps to calculate such a problem"

b'From 1980 to 1990 the population of London increased by 6percent. From 1990 to 2000, the population of the city decrease by 3percent. What was the overall percentage change in the population of London from 1980 to 2000?'

b'A plane flies from city x to city y against the wind in 8 hours and flies back from city y to city x with the wind in 5 hours. If the speed of the wind is 650 mph, find the wind speed in mph?'

b'The third term of an A.P is 20, the fourteenth term is 64. Find the first term, the common difference and the nth term'

b"The sum of ages of Sam ang thomas is 27 years. Seven years ago, Toma's was three years more than one fourth as old as Sam. Find their present ages"

b'use the method of substitution to solve the following pairs of simultaneous equation. 2maddn=0,madd2n=3'

b'Four subtracted from 3 times a number is 29. Find the number'

b'a school has 720 pupils. one day 36 pupils were absent, what fraction represented those who are present?'

b"The sides of triangle are in ratio 5:3:4 and it's perimeter is 180m find altitude of the triangle corresponding to its largest side"

b'what is the sqaure root of -3/2*81'

b"A container has 3 green, 2 white, and 5 blue beads. John randomly takes out 1 bead from the container, record the bead's color, and return the bead to the container. He will complete this process 50 times. How many times should John expect to record a bead color that is not ..."

b'tree pipes of diameter 1 m are held together by a taut metal band as shown. Find the length in meters, of the metal band.'

b'Ali walks at a speed of 48 m/min, while Tina walks at a rate of 62 m/min. if they are 1320 m apart and they walk towards each other until they meet. How many minutes would it take?'


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