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b'Literacy is to language as numeracy is to mathematics. They both represent a different means of communication which is very important to our civilized life....'

b'This research focuses on the primary and lower secondary level students with disabilities for the purpose to address the educational needs of CWDs in Myanmar....'

b'Abstract- Current trend indicate that learning through the use of application and courseware had become important teaching method. However, it is different case for slow...'

b'INTRODUCTION: What are the specifics influences, aspects of the career, and maybe even personality traits that draw people to and away from the dental hygiene profession,...'

b'First, Jie Liu believes that it is vital for every postgraduate marketing education provider to understand the three characteristics of a postgraduate marketing student which...'

b'Key Points of the Challenge were: 1 identify reasons why it is appropriate to teach reading comprehension strategies in content-area classes; 2 identify how...'

b'I became interested in becoming a special education teacher and a coach at a very young age. Throughout elementary and high school anytime that...'

b'Preparing learners for the demands of the 21st century requires committed, innovative teachers willing to push existing restrictions. It is also about effectively using the...'

b'Trying to engage students in the classroom each day can be an increasing challenge but there are many ways to make the activities in the...'

b'Distributed leadership has been the subject of much research in the sphere of education in recent years. This research report explores how it is understood...'

b'Speaking of bicultural development, what exactly does it mean? Does it mean being a bilingual? A lot of people will be terrified, well, including me,...'

b'The Educational changes in United Kingdom are basically the tripartite system, comprehensive education and the changes that have taken place since 1979 to 1988. The...'

b'The objective of this section intends to identify and analyze my learning style, personality and team role by different kinds of psychometric tests. Then I...'

b'INTRODUCTION This chapter gives a preamble to the whole study. It deals with the problem and the way it is approached. It encloses a brief...'

b"Introduction Assessment had undergone a major shift from that as a measure of students' performance in pencil and paper test to assessing a broader area that..."

b'Abstract Stress is purely a fact of nature to anyone in this world. Stress is the impact of forces from the outside or inside world heartwarming...'

b'Abstract-Effective classroom teaching is more often than none, aided by effective classroom communication of the teachers or instructors. Teaching behaviors have been studied in various...'

b'ABSTRACT The global competitive environment is witnessing a new shift where more and more companies are organizing their activities and tasks around groups. Being able to...'

b"Regarding to the quality of education, parental involvement is important in education sector. The involvement of parents in their child's education cause children does better..."

b"A further sub-problem in the study was to explore participants' perceptions about the focuses of school-based instructional supervision. This section reports the findings regarding the..."

b'The goal of the person philosophy is to develop a philosophy statement that will reflect my values, my beliefs and my practices as an Early...'

b"Q1:-gt;How can information technology support a company's business processes and decision making, and give it a competitive advantage?Give examples to illustrate your answer Ans.1 Information technology..."

b'The main aim of this assignment is to discuss the importance of Self analysis and continuous self development in context to my future as a...'

b'In todays era of globalization and human interdependent interaction between one another, the ability to converse and communicate in the English language has become extremely...'

b'The United Nations Convention on The United Nation Rights of the Child 1999 is not law but it has been ratified by 177 countries throughout...'

b'Weston, defines differentiation as a means to identify and meet every learners needs, including those of the most and least able. According to Ainscow and...'

b'What is Teaching machines and Adaptive Learning Teaching machine is a device that presents series of problems and provides immediate \xc2\x93reward\xc2\x94 or reinforcement to...'

b'Introduction The purpose of this paper is to share with the readers the findings of a study to investigate the prospective teaching behaviours with ICT integration...'

b'College and universities across America are experience a change in student demographics from traditional to adult students. The adult student those 25 and older...'

b'Psychology Portfolio Presentation One of the best ways of presenting work as a psychology student is through the completion of a personal portfolio as one progresses...'

b'One of the first things that we do when a child is born is to find out its sexual category. This proclamation at birth, boy...'

b"The aim of the article is to find the influencing factors on international students' decision in selecting institutions and host countries .While related knowledge are..."

b"Introduction In today's dynamic world of business and technological developments there exist vast opportunities of the careers. The Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Computer and Engineering..."

b'Abstract : Libya is a fourth largest country in Africa, Mediterranean Coastline consists of approximately 1820 kilo meters length. The country board link with Egypt to...'

b"Purpose- The main purpose of the study presented in this paper is to explore the degree of students' misbehavior in Jordanian high schools. This study..."

b"INTRODUCTION: MADRAS RUBBER FACTORY is major tyre manufacturing company located in Chennai, southern part of India. It is successful and India's biggesttyre manufacturing company and one..."

b"Music education in the early years of a child's life contributes significantly to the physical, emotional, mental and social development of young children. Indeed, educational..."

b'When researching in depth the value of Information Communication Technology ICT in early years, I realised that the concept of ICT is not really...'

b'The purpose of this paper is to discuss current relevant legislation and how the legislation impacts on an Early Years practice. The experiences and outcomes that...'

b'Chitral is one of the remote districts of North West Frontier Province NWFP. The district lies between 35-12o to 36-50o degree North Latitude...'

b'Multicultural education is all about students learning in different modes and about teachers responding effectively to recognize and detect the differences in learning. Culturally responsive...'

b'This paper examines the stresses and pressures that the permanent exclusion of pupils can have on school leaders and the effects that the attempt at...'

b'Before the beginning it is very essential to talk very briefly about the concept of Action Learning. Basically Action Learning is a method...'

b'In this reflective assignment I have chosen to explore standard Q28: Support learners to reflect on their learning, identify ; focusing specifically on the integration...'

b'> States, teachers can expect there to be a language barrier and they must therefore implement and use a variety of strategies to help that student...'

b"Twenty or so years ago in the 'old' world of work there was emphasis on the following: making a career choice for a long-term career;..."

b'Introduction The topic of classroom management is a vital component to the success of any teacher, particularly those in the field of special education.\xc2\xa0\xc2\xa0\xc2\xa0\xc2\xa0\xc2\xa0By virtue of...'

b'Throughout history, adult education has played a role in many significant social, cultural, and political movements. With regard to this role, one of the most...'

b'Introduction Nowadays society, peoples understanding of learning space is no longer just confined to traditional areas of school education, but extends to all aspects of society....'

b"In the major sense Education is the accomplishment that has an influential impact on an individual's character, mind and physical abilities. If discussed technically education..."


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