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b"Carolina has 10 marbles. One half of them are blue. How many of Carolina's marbles are blue?"

b'The solution of the inequality ax- 2 < -4 is x < -1. What is the value of a?'

b'A boat traveled downstream a distance of 9090 mi and then came right back. If the speed of the current was 88 mph and the total trip took 66 hourscomma nbsp, find the average speed of the boat relative to the water.'

b'Describe the points on the earth\xc2\x92s surface that are visible to a viewer who is 100 miles above the North Pole. Would it be half of the surface area of Earth?'

b'Three softball teams ordered equipment from the same catalog. The first team spent 285 on 5 shirts, 4 caps, and 8 bats. The second team spent 210 on 12 shirts and 6 caps. The third team spent 250 for 7 shirts, 10 caps, and 3 bats. What were the catalog prices for shirts, ...'

b'x = 2 when y = 12 in the proportion x/6 = k/y. Find x when y = 8.'

b'barry gave 1/8 of his stamps to Tom, if he gave 15 stamps to Tom , how many did he had at first?'

b'Another way to name 1/4'

b'An ant is on top of a tree 23 meters tall, directly above her home, which is 0.3 meters below the ground. What is an expression that represents the difference in elevation between the ant and her home?'

b'It takes 3/8 cup of powered drink mix to make 1 quart of a flavored drink. How many quarts of flavored drink can Juanita make with 3 cups of Cherry, 7/8 cups of grape and 2 1/4 cups of orange?'

b'Julie withdraws 175.00 from her bank account. This amount is 25percent of her total savings. How much did she have in her account originally? I think that I multiply 175.00 by 4 which is 700.'

b'A salad dressing is 40percent peanut oil. Greg wants to make 5 cups of dressing. How much peanut oil does he need?'

b'If the distance between 2 cities on the map is 2.5 inches and they are 125 miles apart what is the scale of the map'

b'1. P7 1 point 1/7 1/8 3/8*** 7/8 2. Pnot 7 1 point 1/7*** 1/8 5/8 7/8 3. Pa multiple of 2 1 point 0.25*** 0.5 0.625 0.75 4. Pa factor of 12 1 point 12.5percent 25percent 50percent 62.5percent*** 5. Which event has the greatest likelihood? 1 point spinning 7 spinning not 7 spinning a...'

b'how do u identify a line segement? its not like im trying to get straight answers or anything i just wanna know'

b'which pair of ratios does NOT form a proportion? A.3/5 24/40 B.30/10 15/3 C.9/14 3/4 D.7/12 14/24 Ms. Sue is this right?'

b'Select all the pairs of ratios that form a proportion. 1. 1/6,4/20 2. 7/9,28/36 3. 14/18,21/27 4. 30/80, 6/18 Ms. Sue are these right?'

b'Shaul made a password that consists of one letter followed by two digits. The two digits are different. How many posible passwords did Shaul choose from?'

b"Mrs. Young's tennis court is a rectangular that is 30 feet wide by 70 belong what is the perimeter"

b'John has 20 to spend at a used bookstore. He wants to buy twice as many science fiction books as mystery books. Mystery books sell for 1.25. Science fiction books sell for 1.75. Tax is included in the prices. What is the greatest number of science fiction books that John ...'

b'Dad bought an octagonal gazebo package. Does he cut the cedar planks first on the floor at 60 and 120 degree angles for this octagon shape?'

b'Jenn made 12 field goals. These were 3/4 of her field goal attempts. Write and solve an equation to determine her number of field goal attempts.'

b'A flat-screen TV cost 1,40.00. The TV is on sale for 35percent off. What is the discounted price of the TV?'

b"The length by the width of Roxie's photo is 24 cm long and 14 cm wide. In order to make a photo that will fit into a wallet, the photo needs to be reduced to a length of 7 cm. Determine the width of the wallet size photo."

b'How many 1pound bags of trial mix should mary buy to have enough trial mix without leftovers. What do i do'

b'How many 1pound bags of trial mix should mary buy to have enough trial mix without leftovers'

b'Analyzing Solution Sets to Linear Equations with the Variable on Both Sides- Infinitely many solutions 5x-2xadd7-x=__x__ answers 1-9'

b'Bill weighs 150 lbs. He wants to gain 2 lbs per week for football season. Jamal runs track. He wants to lose weight so he can run faster. Jamal weighs 195 lbs and wants to lose 1 lb per week. How many weeks will it take before both of them are the same weight? A.15*** B.45 C....'

b"Dan's business makes 75,000 a year. He spends 6percent of that on advertising. How kuch does he spend on advertising? Here's what I did: .06 \xc2\x95 x = 75,000 Sorry, I'm kind of stuck around here, I don't really know if 75,000 should be either part or total. But anyways, thank you"

b'Brittany has a gift box in the shape of a cube. Inside of the box measures 15 cm. What is the volume of the gift box.?'

b'Jack enlarged a picture proportionally .. His original picture is 4cm wide and 6cm long. If the new , larger picture is 10cm wide, what is its length?'

b'The global competition for the World Cup is broken up into six continental zones. The number of teams in the Scottish team\xc2\x92s zone is 17 less than twice the number of teams in the Puerto Rican team\xc2\x92s zone. There is a total of 88 teams in both zones. How many teams are in ...'

b"A store has a total of 1,957 CD's. The number of hip-hop CD's is 256 fewer than the number of pop CD's. There are three times as many hip-hop CD's as country CD's. a. draw bar models to represent the amount of each of the three types of CD's. b. write the expression you used ..."

b'John earn scores of 82percent, 74percent, and 78percent on three mid-term tests in his Math course. To earn a B, his overall course mark needs to be at least 80percent and less than 90percent. The overall course mark is 1 3 mid-term average plus 2 3 of the final examination. In what range of values can ...'

b'Order the number sets too least to greatest. 11/20 , 1/2 , 0.51 A 0.51, 11/20, 1/2 B 1/2, 11/20, 0.51**** C 1/2, 0.51, 11/20 D 0.51, 1/2 , 11/20'

b'The mass of a 10p coin is 6.5g.What is the mass in kilograms of \xc2\xa320 in 10ps?'

b'it takes 3 hours for ten pumps to pump 40000l of water ino a dam. how long will it take nine pumps to pump 60000l of water into a dam'

b'toby buys a new mp3 player for a price of 45.50 what is the total amount of his credit card is charged if the sales tax is 7percent'

b'5 more than x'

b'What number is 73percent of 215? 1 point 215 = 0.73n n = 0.73 \xc3\x97 215 0.73 = n \xc3\x97 215 215 = 73n 2. What percent of 94 is 23? 1 point n/94 = 23/100 23/94 = n/100 94/n = 23/100 23/94 = 100/n 3. 80 is 40percent of what number? 1 point 200 32 20 112 4. Find the commission on a 1,250 ...'

b'Four years ago did was 14yrs old. Her brother was thrice her age. What will be their total age in n years.'

b'solve: 3xadd2y-4add6=4x-2yadd7-1'

b'A tree is 3,212 years old. How can you express this age in scientific notation with the lowest level of precision? 3\xc2\x9510^3*** 3.2\xc2\x9510^3 3.21\xc2\x9510^3 3.212\xc2\x9510^3'

b'Find the smallest integer value of N such that fx=Ox^N. a fx = x^7 - 150x^6 add 3x^3 add 111 b fx = x^3 add 2x^2 / x^4 add x^2 add 1 c fx = ?x? d fx = ?x?'

b'1. A savings account is started with an initial deposit of 500. The account earns 1.5percent interest compounded annually. a Write an equation to represent the amount of money in the account as a function of time in years. b Find the amount of time it takes for the account ...'

b'What is the area between z=0 and z=2.95'


b'The area of a rectangular park is 4800 Sq me if the ratio of the length and breadth is 3:4,find its length and breadth'

b'what number has 6 tens and 5 ones'

b'What number has 3 digitals on the hundred square'


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