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b'A person sitting on a boat is situated 2m above sea level. They note that a straight line from themselves to the top most point of a nearby lighthouse is 16 degrees. After travelling a further 50m directly away from the lighthouse this angle has decreased to 12 degrees. How ...'

b'If fx = 2x-9, find fp and fxaddh.'

b'About 80percent of the mass of a human body is water. If Hugo is 85kg, how man kilograms of water are in his body? this question is for financial mathematics topic'

b'Four brothers share 3 pizza equally . How much of a pizza does each brother get'

b'You use a scale of 1 inch = 280 feet to build a model of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The width of the base of the pyramid is 756 feet. What is the width of your model? 1. 27 in. 2. 3.4 in. 3. 3 in. 4. 2.7 in.'

b'fxaddh?fx=8hx^2add2hxadd2h^2x?3h^2?4?h^3. Find f?x.'

b'fxaddh?fx=4hx?1hadd5h^2. Find f?x.'

b'Marcus built a model car that is 4 inches wide. What scale was used to build the car if the actual width of the car is 6 feet? 1 in. = 2 ft 1 in. = 2.5 ft 1 in. = 1.5 ft 1 ft = 1.5 in.'

b'There are consecutive even numbers. If the middle number is 2n, find the rest of them in term of n'

b'John bought 8 bananas at the grocery store. Each banana weighed 50 grams. If the price for the bananas was 6.50 per kilogram, how much did he pay?'

b'Mr. Hernandez asked his students to estimate the area of the circular garden in front of the school. If the radius of the garden is 7 feet, which statement is closest to the area of the garden'

b'a clock will lose 5 minutes every day. How much time will it lose in 2 hours?'

b'Order the following from least to greatest 0.3 3/5 0.66 2/3 0.35'

b'The temperature of a freezer is never greater than -2 degrees C. Yesterday the temperature was -10 degrees C, but it increased at a steady rate of 1.5 degrees C per hour. How long in hours and minutes did the temperature increase inside the freezer?'

b'Georgetown and Franklin are 9.7 in apart on a map that has a scale of 1.1 in : 15 mi. How far apart are the real cities?'

b'Martin has 12 times as many baseball cards as Josie. Josie has 29 more cards than Kal. How many baseball cards does Martin have?'

b'Carl had a part of a pizza. He gave 1/6 of a pizza to Susan. What part of a pizza did Carl have at first? Use the variable p.'

b'Gabriel has read 150 pages of a 236 page book.If he reads 9 pages a day, in how many days will he finish the book?'

b'How does RJ eat more than Jack when RJ ate 5/5 and Jack ate 9/10? Explain.'

b'7/8 - 5/6 ='

b'How do you solve x- 4/5 = 12/15'

b'Find the general flow pattern of the network. 20<---A |B__>x4 |/ 80<---C I believe the system of equations for A,B,C is-A: x1addx3=20 B: x2=x3addx4 C: 0=x1addx2 Assuming flows are all nonnegative, what is the largest possible value for x3. Sorry, this ...'

b'How do I shift fx=x^2addsinx 3 to the right and 7 up?'

b'your brother is 1/3 your age.your sister is 6 years older than your brother. your sister is 10 years old. write and solve and equation to find your age a'


b'by how much does -y exceed y?'

b'a 6 pack of undershirts costs 13.98. This is 3,96 less than the cost of buying 6 individual shirts. If each undershirt costs the same amount, how much does each undershirt cost when purchased individually?'

b'Decide if the following pair of functions are of the same order. a fx = x^2 - 7 and gx = x^2 add 7'

b'a bag of chips weigh eight ounces how many bags of chips weigh 12 pounds'

b'Johnny is jogging along a track.he has already jogged 1 2/3 miles.he plans to jog a total of 3 1/4 miles.how many miles does he have left to jog'

b'What number would be 3 thousands 9 hundreds 17 tens and 2 ones?'

b"20. Write a sequence of transformations that maps quadrilateral ABCD onto quadrilateral ABCD in the picture below. i know it doesn't show the pic of the graph but i need so much help"

b'Does anybody know the answers for the geometry unit test, 8th grade ?'

b'in a circle of radius 6cm , a chord is drawn 3cm from the circle acalculate the angle subtended by the chord at the centre of the circle'

b'Belinda wants to invest 1000. The table below shows the value of her investment under two different options for three different years: Number of years 1 2 3 Option 1 amount in dollars 1100 1210 1331 Option 2 amount in dollars 1100 1200 1300 Part A: What type of function, ...'

b'How do i write 2,000,000add5,000add60add7 in standard form?'

b'The population of bacteria in a petri dish doubles every 12 h. The population of the bacteria is initially 500 organisms. How long will it take for the population of the bacteria to reach 800? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of an hour.'

b'The maximum possible score in an exam was 80 and all questions carried equal weightage. For each correct answer 4 marks were awarded whereas for each wrong answer 1 mark was deducted. For no answer, the marks remained unchanged. A student got 57 marks in which he failed to ...'

b'area of rectangle is 9 13/18. and the length is 4 3/8.what will be the width ? what will be the perimeter ?'

b'a tank with a 14 foot diameter is 20 feet tall. how many gallons of oil will it hold. cu. ft. = 7.5 gal'

b'Which expression calculates the time in hours an object takes to travel 38 miles at a speed of 2 m/h ? 38add2 382 38?2 38?2'

b'1. The formula M=log I/S determines the magnitude of an earthquake, where I is the intensity of the earthquake and S is the intensity of a \xc2\x93standard earthquake.\xc2\x94 How many times stronger is an earthquake with a magnitude of 8 than an earthquake with a magnitude of 6? Show ...'

b'An invoice is dated January 25 with terms 2/10 -20x. Find the final discount date and the net payment date. The net payment date is 20 days after the final discount date.'

b'Mrs. Renu wants to deposit a regular amount at the beginning of each quarter for 3 years. The bank pays interest 8percent per annum. Find the quarterly deposits if Mrs. Renu will get Rs. 40000 at the end of 3 years.'

b'An elevator descends at a rate of 4.5 feet per second. If the elevator begins its descent from a height of 360 feet, at what height will it be after 17 seconds?'

b'which g the following is a regular polygon. a.rectangle b.circle c.equilateral triangle d.trapezoid'

b'Separate the following into partial fractions: a 3x^2/x-1^2 x-2 b x-1/x^2 add 2x add 1 c x^2 add 1/x add 1x - 3'

b'A variable star is one whose brightness alternately increases and decreases. Lists of variable stars can be found online, and many occur in familiar constellations visible with the naked eye. One such star, R Hydrae, has an average magnitude rating of 7.2 but its magnitude ...'

b'1 Carmen borrowed 1,200 for three months at 10.5percent interest. How much interest did she pay for the loan? 2Zack deposited 1,200 in a savings account that paid 7.75percent simple interest. What was the balance in his account at the beginning of the third year? 3Dan and Dawn ...'

b'Can Someone check my Work Belinda wants to invest 1000. The table below shows the value of her investment under two different options for three different years: Number of years 1 2 3 Option 1 amount in dollars 1100 1210 1331 Option 2 amount in dollars 1100 1200 1300 Part ...'


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