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b'The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act RTE Act, 2009 was notified on April 1, pursuant to the 86th Amendment to the...'

b"Parental Involvement is critically important in a child's education. Research has shown that parent's positive involvement with their children's schooling is associated with many encouraging..."

b"Teachers in today's classrooms orchestrate instruction for students of various learning styles and ability levels. They make decisions based upon their knowledge of and experiences..."

b'In the contemporary world, Multilingualism, Bilingualism and mono-lingualism have received a lot of attention. As such, the cognitive outcome of multilingualism has been explored in...'

b"Mario Vargas Llosa, born in 1936, is a Peruvian writer, politician, novelist and essayist. He is considered to be one of Latin America's most..."

b'Before considering how children learn in a variety of ways it is important to establish how successful learning is defined for the context of this...'

b"The provision of nurturing to children in their early years of schooling, prep to grade four, is well recognised as being important for an individual's..."

b'Assistive technology encompasses a broad range of services that are needed to ensure students with disabilities receive a free and appropriate education in the least...'

b'Private tuition has been defined as Teaching that complements the instruction given by a teacher at schoolKeeves,Watanbe,2003,p. 756. The culture of private tuitions has...'

b'Inspection is perhaps the oldest of supervision of teachers and schools. In many countries inspection had its origins in the development of public education as...'

b"CHAPTER 1 This study is aimed to describe students' attitudes toward English in elementary schools, Students' attitudes contributes in determining the result of their learning process...."

b'Is There a Gender Gap in Math Achievement and How Can We Explain It? For many years the view has been that there exists great difference...'

b'In this study, there has been a thorough examination and careful observations which show, that within passive learning although a primitive form of learning there...'

b'Children are not born with understanding of linking their knowledge and experience in well-informed ways to printed and pictorial texts. Somehow they need to study...'

b'Mayer describes multimedia as modern presentation modes text, pictures etc. and different modalities visual, auditory etc. that are presented by an integrated technical system such...'

b'Societal expectations of young adults are high, they are expected to achieve independence, realize their potential, and fulfill the promise of their cultural heritage....'

b'ABSTRACT 1.0 INTRODUCTION This decade is characterised by rapid technological advances. Being in the digital era, technology has accounted for many changes in the educational sector. These...'

b'This chapter presents the studies discussion. It provides an opportunity to explain the meaning of the findings and place the research within a broader context. Before...'

b'There are many research reports and articles that have talked on the effectiveness of technology in the learning environment of students. This research findings and...'

b'There are a few schools these days which have begun offering degree programs through their university colleges. This can get very confusing for students, who...'

b"Libya's population of approximately 6.5 million lives mainly in the North of the country, the fourth largest country on the Africa continent. It has a..."

b'The three theories that I want to talk about are social learning theory, psychoanalytic theory, and psychosocial theory. These are three theories that have related...'

b'Guided reading takes place when a child reads out loud to an adult, in class most probably the teacher, or any other proficient reader....'

b'Technology can be used to strengthen student learning and enhance pedagogy and can be used effectively as a cognitive tool for teaching and learning in...'

b'Math is an integral part of life. Humans cannot go through life without using math in some shape or form, whether it is counting money...'

b'This work will concentrate on the theories of learning and development: firstly will look at the main principles of Behaviourism in general and Constructivism as...'

b'The focus of the assignment will be on Gardners Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Sternbergs Triarchic Theory of Intelligences. The reason why I have chosen...'

b'8085 Assembler And Simulators Introduction The 8085 had a very long life as a controller. Once designed into such products as the DECtape controller and the VT100...'

b'This research explores Information and Communication Technology as a motivating factor for developing Nigerian education E-Learning adoption in the information communication and technology ICT industry...'

b'Constructivist teaching has been a pedagogical issue in primary science for a long time. The perspective of pedagogical debate in the teaching and learning in...'

b'Learning is the process that results in a relatively enduring change in a person or persons Alexander et al, 2009: 186. According to Winn 1990,...'

b'The present study will look at the pros and cons of bilingual education and its implications in the English education system of Mongolia along with...'

b'INTRODUCTION Globalization together with a competitive world environment and developments in technology have made it imperative for all sectors in the economy to provide better...'

b'The Internet is a timely tool for educators who are reforming education. If we believe information is the bedrock of knowledge, understanding and power,...'

b'My chosen focus for the Inclusive Learning Assignment was dyslexia and associated intervention strategies within the context of Mathematics teaching. I chose this partly...'

b'The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 NCLB mandates assessment and accountability at all levels of public school, even in early childhood NAEYC, 1987....'

b'The role that language plays in the teaching and learning of mathematics is one of some of the important debates in the current literature in...'

b'It is an undeniable fact that narrative writing is one of the most difficult concepts to teach in an English writing class. One of the...'

b'Microsoft Powerpoint Program is one of the presentation software programs used effectively in academic sector. This way of teeaching provides the information of the...'

b'Working as a HR consultant an organization has approached you for consultancy, you are given the task by the senior management present the theoretical background...'

b'The only kind of learning which significantly influences behaviour is self-discovered or self-appropriated learning truth that has been assimilated in experience Carl Rogers. The aim of...'

b'Introduction The purpose of this paper is to discuss the impact of policy, along with legislation and initiatives on the quite changing and challenging workforce landscape...'

b'In 1995, Hanze University of Groningen was stimulated by the Erasmus program of the European Union to start their internationalization by getting exchange partners within...'

b'What are the principles of democratic education? How are these principles and values in\xc2\xa0tension/contradiction with our social construction of children and youth? For example, what\xc2\xa0assumptions...'

b'Education is a source of transmission of knowledge from one generation to another generation. It is basic tool which enables learners to modify and groom...'

b'Learning is something of which we all have an understanding and in which we have all participated Pritchard 2005:1. As focused in from the previous literature...'

b'With the challenge of globalization, technological change and rapid economic development in Malaysia, this country is undergoing radical transformations in its political, economic and particularly...'

b'A.\xc2\xa0\xc2\xa0Summarize the\xc2\xa0six\xc2\xa0key components of the original 1975 IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. On November 27, 1975 President Gerald Ford signed the Individuals with Disabilities Education...'

b'The aim of this assignment is to address the current perception of Continued Professional Development CPD within my organisation. Section 1 will outline the theories...'

b"1.0 Introduction Personalised learning makes up a large part of 'current' Government Education reforms and is the centrepiece of 1.3 billion pounds of investment on an..."


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