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b'1/3 pan of brownies is left on the table sarah wants to share with 7 friends how much of the total pan will each girl get'

b'A 4-pound box of rice, which is a mixture of white rice and wild rice, sells for 1.80 per pound. White rice sells for 0.75 per pound. Wild rice sells for 2.25 per pound. How many pounds of white rice are in the mixture? -White rice = W Wild ride= S SaddW=1.80 0.75wadd2.25s=7.2 ...'

b'Please show me how to write an equation in slope intercept form for a line with a y intercept of -1 and an x intercept of 4'

b'Find all solutions to the given equation. tanx/3=0'

b"System Of Elimination: Greg invested 11,000 in two accounts. The first account pays 5percent interest per year. The second account pays 8percent interest per year. Greg earned a total of 752.50 in interest at the end of the first year. How much did Greg invest in the 5percent account? ~I don'..."

b'Where would 5.33 be on a number line'

b'Drew does push-ups every three days starting on 3 January. He does sit-ups every four days starting on January 4, On which days in January will he do both push-ups and sit-ups? Use words, numbers, or models to justify your answer'

b"a turtle runs .5' a second. how far can he run in 1 hour?"

b'The directions For lemonade say to put 2 cups of the liquid concentrate into 1 gallon of water if Olivia only wants to make 1 pint of lemonade how many fluid ounces of concentrate would she use explain'

b'Julian wants to put a border around two sides of a rectangular shaped Garden he has a 12 foot piece of lumber that will be cut into 1/3 foot pieces how many 1/3 foot pieces can julienne cut from the lumber??'

b'There are five Voting Districts in the City; District A with 877 constituents, District B with 1062 constituents, District C with 1364 constituents, District D with 1518 constituents, and District E with 1933 constituents. There are 14 available on the local School Board. Use ...'

b'A baseball diamond is a square with each side 90 feet long. What is the straight-line distance from third base to first base? Round your answer to the nearest tenth.'

b'i need help with the input 4 and output 25, input 5 and output 32'

b'Jim has 87 lightbulbs to put into packages of 4 bulbs each. Before he packed the bulbs 10 lightbulbs broke How many complete 4 packs of lightbulbs could he make with the remaining bulbs?'

b'Mrs. Sue, I have a math question if you can please help me on this. I am confused. I am doing coordinates. If I have a theater at 5 and a Restaurant at -4 5,-4 how do I find out the halfway point in between?'

b'Martina and Charlotte are sharing a pizza.The pizza is cut into eight pieces. Martina ate a quarter of a pizza . Charlotte ate 3 pieces. How many are left?'

b'Dale grew 63 tomatoes. She sold them at a roadside stand. She put 5 tomatoes in each carton and sold each full carton for 3. How much money will she make for all of the full cartons?'

b'Dr ew does push ups every three days starting on January 3. He does sit-ups every four days starting on january 4, On which days in January will he do both push-ups and sit-ups? Use words numbers, or models to justify your answer.'

b'Derek ran 3/8 of a race before he had to stop for a break .if the race is 6 miles long,did Derek run more than,less than ,or equal to 6 miles before he took a break?'

b'a swimming pool is 40m long 25m wide 6m deep find a cost of cementing of its floor and walls at the rates of ?135 square per meter'

b'A section of stained glass is made by placing a circle at the top of a triangle with a base of 10 centimeters and a height of 8 centimeters. The diameter of the circle is equal to the height of the triangle. What is the area of the section of stained glass? Show your work. Use...'

b'a post 47 m high is supported by two equal wires attached to its top and to two points on a level ground, each of it is 18 m from the food of the post. Find the length of each wire'

b'What two numbers the exact answer is between 3x567 6x7,381 4x94 8x684'

b'The north wall of a barn is a rectangle 25 feet high and 60 feet long. There are five windows in the wall, each 8 by 10 feet. If a gallon of paint will cover 275 ft2, how many gallons of paint must the painter buy to paint the wall?'

b'How do you find two numbers the exact answer is between'

b'What is an example of a real world relationship where there is no clear independent or dependent variable'

b'Find numbers a and b or k so that f is continuous at every point. Fx= 4xadd7 if x<-4 kxadd10 if x?-4 Is -5/2 the correct answer?'

b'Can you check please. 1. Melvin had 20 children in his kindergarten class. Two-fifths of the children had brown eyes. Onefourth of the children had blue eyes. The rest had hazel eyes. How many children had hazel eyes? 202/5 = 8 brown 201/4 = 5 blue 8add5=13. So 21-13 = 7 hazel'

b"the product of helena's age and 4 is 76"

b'A bullet of mass 20 grams is fired into a wall with velocity of 400 ms 1. If the bullet penetrates the wall to a depth of 1cm, find the resistive force of the wall.'

b'One half a number minus 6 is 4 . What is the number?'

b'a car travels 120m along a straight road that is inclined at 8\xc2\xb0to the horizontal. calculate the vertical distance through which the car rises'

b'find the surface area for the given prism'

b'Which equation shows the correct use of power of products property? a 2x^5y^2^3 = 6x5y^2 b 2x^5y^2^3 = 6x^15y^6 c 2x^5y^2^3 = 8x^8y^5 d 2x^5y^2^3 = 8x^15y^6 Is it D? I am very counfused'

b'the area of a rectangle is 480 sq. metres .what is its width if its length is 120 metres ?'

b'For once I am the one who needs help so help if you can ASAP. 1.Determine which ratio forms a proportion with 9/5 by finding a common multiplier. A. 54/30 B. 45/50 C. 45/90 D. 90/20 Also.. 2.Determine which ratio forms a proportion with 14/35 by writing the ratio in simplest ...'

b'An electrician charges a fee of 45 plus 30 per hour. Let y be the cost in dollars of using the electrician for x hours. Find the slope-intercept form of the equation'

b'1. Tri SVX is congruent to Tri UTX. Reason: Given. 2. Line SV is parallel to line TU. Reason: Given 3. Line SV is congruent to line TU. Reason: CPCTC 4. VUTS is a parallelogram. Reason: If a pair of opposite sides of a quadrilateral are parallel and congruent then it is a ...'

b'A 13 feet ladder is placed 5 feet away from a wall. What is the distance from the ground straight up to the top of the ladder?'

b'calculate total ionic strength of solution in which concentration of CuSO4 and Al2SO43 is 0.1 molar'

b'Write a list of steps that are needed to find the measure of angle B. A measures 72 degrees and C measures 113. What does B measure? Please help'

b'Four brothers share 3 pizzas equally , how much of a pizza does each brother get'

b'Wood floors are being refinished in an office. If the room is a square with 15 foot 6 inch sides, what will it cost to have the floor refinished at 5.98 per square foot?'

b'1. What are the next three terms in the sequence? \xc2\x961, 9, 19, 29, \xc2\x85 1 point 38, 37, 32 40, 51, 62 39, 49, 59***** 38, 47, 56 Please help me, thanks.'

b'If the gradient of AB is 3/4 , find the coordinates of A and B.'

b'52 pencils are put into boxes .7 in each box how many boxes are needed? how many pencils will be left?'

b'The coordinates of the midpoint of the line AB are 1, 2. The length of the line AB is 10 units. a If the gradient of AB is 0, find the coordinates of A and B b If the gradient of AB is 34 , find the coordinates of A and B.'

b'a petri dish starts out with 500 bacteria. The amount of bacteria increases 25percent each minute. Y=50025????'

b'The coordinates of the midpoint of the line AB are 1, 2. The length of the line AB is 10 units. If the gradient of AB is 0, find the coordinates of A and B'

b'the temperature at six o clock in the morning which is 26.5\xc2\xb0c became 31\xc2\xb0c . What was the average temperature?'


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