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b'In the secondary school setting, well-developed communication skills are an essential component of effective classroom management. They enable teachers to develop mutually respectful reciprocal interactions...'

b"Teachers' play a significant role in shaping the quality and effectiveness of the teaching and learning practices. Research on effective teaching has shown that effective..."

b'In this essay I will explain and discuss how motivation is one of the most important factors that influence learning, relationships and communication in the...'

b'Pengenalan Metodologi atau kaedah yang digunakan dalam sesebuah kajian merupakan suatu bentuk...'

b'The focus of this study is to get a good requirement model for Student Attendance Monitoring Systems SAMS in secondary school. It is aimed at...'

b'Since independence in 1961, the educational system has been passed over different transitions based on the political and economic changes happening over time. These changes...'

b'Underachievement African Caribbean Abstract This study discusses various issues related to under achievement of African-Caribbean or Black boys in British schools. The study highlights the fact that...'

b'Can Students Study Better Using Digital Textbooks on a Tablet Than They Can By Using Books, Pens and Paper Nowadays young...'

b'Mandatory physical education for students in elementary through high school is designed with the best intentions like promoting a healthier lifestyle, and aiding students in...'

b'Most of our classrooms of today do not differ much from those of the 19th century, chalk and talk, as well as desk and texts...'

b"David Cameron's Conservative Party recently stated that the Tories will be brazenly elitist about candidates entering the teaching profession as they believe that qualifications make..."

b'Introduction. The course which I teach within is to prepare new employees for working within a manufacturing environment within a highly regulated industry. All learners are...'

b'In the field of foreign language teaching and learning, there are two kinds of opposed views about the relationship between the language testing and the...'

b'Introduction As with most things in education, there is no agreed definition of \xc2\x91curriculum\xc2\x92. The way we understand and theorise it has altered over the years....'

b'School age is the period between 6-12 years. Schoolers are emerging as creative persons who are preparing for their future role in society. The school...'

b"ABSTRACT Chemistry achievement is one of the major interests of educators. Educational psychologists have been always concerned to identify the factors that affect students' achievement. The..."

b'Teaching practicum concerns preparation of teachers and its use has embraced all the learning experiences of student teachers in schools. The purpose of reviewing related...'

b"The likelihood of a child succeeding in life is still largely determined by their family's income and social position. The social circumstances that children are..."

b'Distance learning is a form of education which has been created with the aim of delivering education among those students who are not able to...'

b'There are three main categories of learning theories, behaviourism, cognitivism, and constructivism. Behaviourism is concerned with observable behaviour; it classified learning as acquiring new behaviour...'

b"Introduction Every educator should possess his or her own unique set of teaching philosophy which suits the ever-changing needs and demands of education in today's society...."

b'\xc2\x93Reading is much more than the decoding of black marks upon a page; it is a quest for meaning and one which requires the reader...'

b'Art is the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. It is...'

b'THE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE OF FIRMS IN GLOBAL INDUSTRY Introduction First and foremost, the important aspect to note and to discuss is the creation and sustainability of competitive...'

b'Mathematics is one subject that unleashes deep-seated memories for many people. Most of these memories include the learning of mathematical concepts and skills....'

b'This essay is going to investigate whether parental involvement within a childs education has a positive or negative impact on the child and their education....'

b'The social problem I have chosen to focus on is poverty, but specifically the lack of access to adequate employment and the obstacles people living...'

b'As a Lecturer in acute and critical care I am responsible for the education of adults with a formal registered, recordable qualification within a medical...'

b"Abstract Parents select the type of school and curriculum they want for their children. There are numerous factors influencing parents' choice of school, but practicality, location,..."

b'ABSTRACT This paper identifies some the motivating factors of selecting teaching as a career. An emailed questionnaire was conducted to identify the key motivating factors they...'

b'Introduction This essay discusses influences of social policy development in education over the last 30 years. It also discusses the impact of these policies in relation...'

b'With the industrial revolution and latest globalisation effects, competitive nature of businesses has increased more than ever. In order to survive in this modern competitive...'

b'Special Education or special needs education refers to the education of physically or mentally challenged students whose learning needs cannot be met by a standard...'

b'During the past four years, I studied industrial engineering with specialization in electronics at Ostend. The emphasis of my studies was understanding the fundamental electronic...'

b'The Job Characteristics Model JCM is an approach to job redesign that seeks to formulate jobs in ways that motivate workers and lead to positive...'

b'Introduction Education is one of social institution that makes society and the country sustainable and development. With education, people acquire knowledge, skills, habit, value, and morality,...'

b'Lev Semenovich Vygotsky was born in Russia in 1896, the same year with Piaget. He attended Moscow University and graduated with a degree of law...'

b"The government aims to support and develop children's learning; these include the Plowden Report 1967, The National Curriculum 1999, a more recent review known as..."

b'Some people are born leaders and some people become leaders by learning to lead. Learning to lead helps you to understand leadership, develop leadership ability...'

b'Education nowadays has been criticized by different area and educators try to reform the ways of teaching and learning Kirkley, 2003. Problem Solving defines as...'

b'Education Scotland makes certain inclusion is a key priority within Scottish education. The purpose of the writing is to discuss in detail why inclusion takes...'

b'I basically belong to India from where I received my secondary education, later on I went on pursue my graduation in the commerce field from...'

b'Providing a quality education for all students in inclusive settings has been acknowledged as perhaps the most challenging, yet most important issue in education. The...'

b'Gender Educational Performance Does gender affect educational performance in the primary school? Gender has increasingly become a growing concern for educationalists especially since the Women\xc2\x92s Movement has...'

b"Improved Cognitive Abilities The old myths that a father is not important in a child's development as compared to a mother's are false. Recent research studies..."

b'CURRICULUM Definition of Curriculum \xc2\x93A curriculum is more than a list of topics to be covered by an educational programme, for which the more commonly accepted word...'

b'In multilingual communities, code-switching is a widespread phenomenon that happens from daily life and workplaces to classrooms in which specific languages have been instituted as...'

b'The main aim of this case study is to explore the concept of equality and diversity in contemporary society, this research will concentrate on the...'

b'Learning is a process of acquiring knowledge, wisdom, development of skills and altering behavior and attitude. Learning starts at home, from the birth and ends...'

b"Stakeholders Mapping and Power/Interest Matrix We can classify an organization's stakeholders into Primary and Secondary. The primary stakeholders are those without whose continuing participation a firm..."


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