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b'Edit Write a differential equation to express a The rate at which the volume of a sphere changes with radius is proportional to the square of the radius. b Gravitational attraction F between two given bodies of masses m1 and m2 decreases with the distance between them. The...'

b'I have 20 centimeters of yarn. I have 15 balls of yarn that each measure 3 meters long. How many bookmarks can I make?'

b'Robert wants to build a square sandbox that has an area of 25 feet'

b'The perimeter of a triangle is 43 feet.The small side is three was in the middle side, and the largest size to less than twice the middle side. What is the length of the longest side?'

b'what is 4add9 to the second power divided by 3x2-2'

b'Using only 7,6,5 and 3 once, how can I make the number 75? Using division, multiplication, adding and subtracting. With parenthesis'

b'Three scientists are observing Rickey and Riley, laboratory rats, to see how long each rat takes to find a piece of cake in a maze. The maze is a large box with open pathways running north-south and east-west in a grid pattern. Riley takes the direct route by traveling three ...'

b'findmBACandmDAB in the figure shown below'

b'A car of mass 1 tonne is towing a trailer of mass 400kg. They are connected by a rigid rod. Initially they are travelling at a constant speed. The car then accelerates. If the force in the rod is 600 N, find the acceleration of the car and the driving force of the engine.'

b'Fill in missing values for a rectangular prism? Length is 8. Width is missing. Height is 14. Surface area is missing. Volume is 324.8'

b'In an examination 60 candidates offer maths, 80 offer english,and 50 offer physics, if 20 offer maths english, 15 offer english physics, 25 offer math physics and 10 offer all the 3. How many students entered to the examination ?'

b'Scale 3 cm = 50 miles 1. Did you know Chillicothe was once the capital of Ohio? The distance from Chillicothe to the current capital, Columbus, is 48miles. Using the scale on the map how many centimeters apart are the two cities? Make sure you label your answer. 2. You are ...'

b'On Monday the temperature was 50 degrees the temperature increased by 22percent. what was the temperature on Tuesday. 72 degrees 65 degrees 56 degrees 61 dgrees'

b'write equation of line through the point -3,2 and slope of 1/4 in slope intercept form'

b"5x - 4y =-3 Y = -3x add 5 Solve for x and y How do we solve for x and y when the formats of the equations are different. That's we here I'm lost. When I try to get the answer I get confused"

b'Charles is going camping with hisis family. Their campsite is five eighths 5 8 mile away. They walk at a steady speed of 1 and one fourth1 1 4 mi divided by hmi/h. How many minutes will it take them to get to the? campsite?'

b'A woman drove her car on a road running due north at a given rate for 6 hours. She continued her trip on an unsaved road due east for 5 hours at a rate of 4mph slower. Had she been able to go to her destination in a straight line from her starting point and at her original ...'

b"8x add 14y = 24 6x add 7y = 10 We are suppose to solve for x and y but I don't get the right answer"

b'Name 2 fractions between 1/2 and 5/7'

b"Mike and Jennifer are preparing for a race. On Friday, Mike ran for 3 2/5 hours and Jennifer ran for 4 3/4 hours. How much longer did Jennifer run in minutes? I know that 3 hours= 180 mins 4 hours = 240 mins But I'm not sure what the fractions would be, and when I tried to ..."

b"If a varies directly as b and b= 20 when a= 4, find b when a=60 I don't understand this question at all"

b'Find the surface area for the given prism a. 564in^2 b. 664in^2 c.1,120in^2 d.1,080in^2'

b'Frank has 20 less than Tracy. John has twice as much as Frank. Patty has three times as much as John. Together they have 340. How much does each person have? I tried multiple different numbers but they were either more or less then 340'

b'How can I find the equation for x From x/y = xadda-b/z'

b'Q1. Suppose A= -1 2 -3 -4 3 2 1 3 1 , then the determinant of this matrix is? Q2. Suppose det 1 2 3 1 4 5 y 4 5=0, then y=?'

b'Suppose A = 6 9 -1 -4. Then the largest eigenvalue of A is? The smallest eigenvalue of A is?'

b'Suppose v= 1 x is a 3-eigenvector of A= 5 -1 6 0, then x=?'

b'What is the probability of choosing an H or a vowel? Honorable is the word. This is how I answered it Its mutually exclusive because of the key word or which is the Union. PHaddPVowel=1/9add4/9 Answer is 5/9 did I solve this right? Thanks'

b'10-2add3x5 no parethesis'

b'A pipe 24ft long is cut into four pieces, the first 4ft long, the second 5ft long, and the third 7ft long. What is the length of the remaining piece ?'

b'1. Clay is on the basketball team at his high school. In one game, he had a total of 20 points, made up of 2-point and 3-point baskets. If he made a total of 9 baskets, how many of each type shot did he make?'

b'Decide if the following pair of functions are of the same order. a fx = x^2 - 7 and gx = x^2 add 7 I found this example solution online: a. fx = 3x add 7 and gx = x x <= 3x add 7 <= 4x for all x > 7 I need help making sense of this so I can apply it to my work. ...'

b'I buy 6 CDs for 6.99. How much change do I get from 50? Please does it mean one CD 6.99 or 6 CDs total 6.99? Cheers'

b"Question If you put a bacteria in a beaker that doubles itself every minute at 11 and it's full at 12 at what time is it half full"

b'I bought 3 oranges for 29p and 2 drinks for 90p. How much did I spend altogether? Does it mean 29p for each organes or for all 3 oranges? cheers'


b'Emily drives 1000km in the first week of her journey. Every week Emily increases the distance by 50percent. So, in the second week she drives 1500km, and in the third week she drives 2250km. How far will she have travelled altogether after 5 weeks? A. 5062.5km C. 9650.5km B. 8125....'

b'Leslie used more than a 1/2 cup but less than 1 whole cup of flour for recipe. what fraction of a cup Leslie used. Explain.'

b'How many pieces 3/7 of a foot each can I make out of 7/2 feet of rope?'

b'Solve: a toy store has 38 red spiders. It has 43 black spiders. Does it have more red spiders or black spiders? 38<43'

b'n apples are to be packed into m boxes so that each box contains the same number of apples. How many apples will be packed into each box in terms of m and n?'

b"Elijah made an array of Skittles with 3 rows and 4 columns. Josh made an array of peanuts with 4 rows and 2 columns. Jake made an array of MM's with 2 rows and 5 columns. What is the total of the candy? -Is it 30?"

b'I only need help on 2 I did number one if you can check it great if not only can help me on 2 Croakie is a very talented frog. He does tricks for the audiences at the Calaveras County Fair contest every year. Some of his tricks are quickly making him famous. He not only hops...'

b"Ryan's team won 2 games and scored 27 points in the first game and 24 in the second game. They lost a game 40 to 18. What was the total number of points the team scored in the winning game?"

b'The average atomic weight of all elemons in the periodic tabe is 134.355 unidied atomic mass uints.'

b'1.solve for the given variable: x add 1/2 = 1 1/2 3/4 1*** 2 3 2. solve for the given variable: 10/13n = -30/39 -20/13 0 100/169 -1*** 3. solve for the given variable: k-3/4 = 10 43 5.5*** 37 52 PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY MATH'

b'108 is 36percent of what number? Write and solve a proportion to solve the problem. First write the proportion to find the missing value, which I will replace it with n. 108/n = 36/100 Next write the cross products. So, 36n = 108 x 100 = 10,800 divide each side by 36. 36n/36 = 10,...'

b'Can i have the answers to the Algebra workbook 7th grade with the link to a pdf document with all the answers. Thank you'

b'A bike was originally 240 but the price was marked up 15percentW What is the new price of the bike? a 250 b 264 c 268 d 276****'

b'Mrs Rossi wrote a mystery number it is 3 digit number the tens are double the ones the hundred are double the tens the sum of the digit is 14 What number is it. The answer is 491'


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