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b'Why would the U.S. impose a voluntary export restraint on Japan for textiles instead of using a import quota or tariff? Why indeed. This is as much an international political question as a question in economics. Quota or tariffs tend to apply to all nations rather than a ...'

b'If your are in a first-year macro economics course then... 1 yes government purchases can increase total income. 2 cutting taxes could achieve the same result, 3 But the tax cut would need to be larger because the tax multiplier is one less than the government multiplier. ...'

b'Explain the difference between the government purchases multiplier and the net tax multiplier. If the MPC falls, what happens to the tax multiplier? Take a shot. What do you think is the difference. Hint: if government spending goes up by 100, then incomes immediately rise by...'

b'Determine whether each of the following, other things held constant, would lead to an increase, a decrease, or no change in long-run aggregate supply: a. An improvement in technology b. A permanent decrease in the size of the capital stock c. An increase in the actual price ...'

b'where was the first oil factory and is it still standing today What do you mean by oil factory? The ancient greeks made olive oil, the ancient egyptians made castor oil, and the ancient chinese extracted and used crude oil. I seriously doubt any of these production ...'

b'explain the view that physical education is a process of educating the whole person Chloe, this is just my opinion, but it is supported by both physiology and psychology. Just as a brain needs age and experience to mature to its potential, the body needs the same thing. Think ...'

b"i need help in econimics identify 2 product categories that are easy to sell on the internet. then identify 2 others that are not books and toys, or games sell alot on the internet and 2 that don't are electronics and automotives i have no answers ..."

b'Question concerning production function - Cobb douglas. Given is: y=0,2K-1 add 0,8L-1-1 If wk = wL =1, what will k and L be? Now suppose again: y=0,2k-1 add 0,8L-1-1 and z=K1/3*L2/3. Is product y or z always more demanding to capitals in case of labour? if not, find where percent ...'

b'5.1998 Price Quantity cauliflower 200 100 broccoli 75 50 carrots 50 500 Total 325 Weight of each good weight for cauliflower 200/325= 0.61532 weight for broccoli 75/325= 0.2307692 weight for carrots 50/325=0.1538461 Prices in the base year cauliflower 200/100=2 broccoli...'

b'The isoquant line is described on this forms: ay=[x1/2 add x1/2]2 1/2 should be mark as upper quartile by=[x12 add x22]1/2 x1 as lower quartile and 2 upper for first x and same for x22. The question is how to draw the isoquent line and how to explain the differences between ...'

b'5.1998 Price Quantity cauliflower 200'

b'year nominal GDP GDP deflator billions based year 1992 1993 725 101.2 1994 762 102.4 Are these answeres correct???? 4.a The growth rate of nominal income between 1993 and 1994 is 5.10percent 725-762/725*100=5.10percent b The growth rate of the GDP deflator between 1993 and 1994 is...'

b'Suppose that the residents of Veggieland spend all of their income on cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots. In 1998 they buy 100 heads of cauliflower for 200,50 bunches of broccoli for 75, and 500 carrots for 50. In 1999 they buy 75 heads of cauliflower for 225,80 bunches of...'

b'Suppose that people consume only three goods, as shown in this table: 5 Marks Tennis Balls Tennis Racquets Gatorade 1998 price 2 40 1 1998 quantity 100 10 200 1999 price 2 60 2 1999 quantity 100 10 200 What is the percentage change in the price of each of the three ...'

b'history of physica educaion Anceint rome and greece , young men/boys would go to school and learn artimatics, liturature and partisapate in physical education, young ladies would learn at home housewife duties.'

b'Can anyone tell me the formula and what the symbols mean for the following problems? 1. You have a 1/2 inch internal diameter hose at your home and water moves through it at 2.5 feet/sec when the faucet is fully turned on. If you leave the water running while you wash your car...'

b'name four areas of study of home enonomics Cooking, Sewing, Home management, Parenting'

b'Suppose the minimum wage is above the equilibrium wage in the market for unskilled labor. Using a supply-and-demand diagram of the market for unskilled labor, show the market wage, the number of workers who are employed, and the number of workers who are unemployed. Also show ...'

b"Any non-price determinant will have an effect on demand. I really don't know how computer engineers could increase the interest in pc's, but it's not a price determinant and it increases demand. I'm not really sure what the effect on supply is. I think it should increase, but ..."

b'Upper Slobbovians smoke 10 million cigarettes per year, so do Lower Slobbovians. To discourage smoking, each country imposes an excise tax of 50 cents per pack. As a result, the price of cigarettes rises by 35 cents in upper Slobbovia, but only by 15 cents in lower Slobbovia ...'

b'With the recent ecoli outbreak in spinach how would that effect the supply and demand? What do you think? Ask yourself, are you willing to eat more spinach? How will farmers respond? Will there be testing? etc.'

b'What percentage of Americans GDP per capita is available to the average citizen of Mexico? Americas GDP 35060.00 Mexico GDP 8540.00 To find this answer, divide 8540 by 35060. Move the decimal point in your answer two places to the right to get the percentage.'


b'Suppose that the MPC = 0.8 and that 12 trillion of real GDP is currently being demanded. The government wants to increase real GDP demanded to 13 trillion. By how much would it have to increase government spending to achieve this goal? Can someone give me the formula for ...'

b'given the demand function Q=9-.5P how can you figure out the optimal price if the objective of the firm is to mazimize revenues?? PLEASE HELP more a calclus question with an economics application. First, set the equation for total revenue TR. TR is simply price times quantity...'

b"For homework we're supposed to give all the properties of different functions. I was able to do all of it except for this one greatest integer function - fx = -1/2 [x-1] These functions always mess me up Could someone tell me the following properties of this function. ..."

b'I was wondering if somone could answer my previous question on the idepence day traditions of Mexico? http://www.inside-mexico.com/featureinde?p.htm I searched on Google and found many titles that purported to be about celebration but most gave the history of the Mexican...'

b'john and jeremy are utilitarians. john believes that labor supply is highly elastic, whereas Jeremy believes that labor supply is quite inelastic. How do you suppose their views about income redistribution differ? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under...'

b"what policies might the government pursue to increase economic mobility across a generation? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words 'economic mobility' 'government policy' to get these possible sources: http://delong.typepad.com/sdj/..."

b'what policies might the government pursue to increase economic mobility within a generation?'

b'For each event, illustrate the impact on the relevant United States market and determine what will happen to the equilibrium price and quantity in that market. I have 2 demand and supply graphs, the first one is for 3 of them and the second is for the last one. I just need ...'

b"I really need help. I need to answer this 3 questions My first is this: Pizzas CD's ------ ------ 0 15 1 14 2 12 3 9 4 5 5 0 Using this information, calculate the marginal benefit and draw the marginal benefit curve. ****I really need to know how to calculate it. My second ..."

b"Has anyone read on the pulse of the morning? If somebody has, please tell me the poet's visition of america and american dream. Please read over the poem as if you weren't reading a poem -- that is, don't stop and pause at the end of every line. Read it as if it were a story..."

b'how can I stay but still eat junk food????? You can stay healthy by eating mostly healthy foods and much smaller amounts of junk food. That depends upon how much junk fund you want to eat. In general, however, eating junk food and staying slim I suppose that is the word ...'

b"I really have to figure out the answers to these questions and i don't know where to start. I don't know how to draw the marginal benefit and marginal cost curves for this question. a.Sketch a marginal benefit and marginal cost diagram, with \xc2\x93billions of units of security ..."

b'hey guys i have hermot crabs that r realy realy realy sick please help themthere not moving there half way out of there shell im scaredany help? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all, where did you get your hermet crabs? If from...'

b"I'm looking for a poem, Ending Poem, which is written by a Puerto Rican poet. i can't find this poem,anyone can help me plzzzzzzzzzzzz? This stupid site won't let me post the link so hers the poem enjoy I am what I am. A child of the Americas. A light-skinned mestiza of the..."

b'Julie Fleming owns 903/4 acres of land in Arizona. She sells one-third of the land and deeds 1/4 of the reminder to her son. How many acres of land does she have left? Is that 90 3/4 ninety and three-quarters acres? If so then 90 3/4 = 363/4 Thus 1/3363/4 = 121/4 which ...'

b'assume that the demand and supplu equations for bushels of wheat are as follows Qd=15-3*P Qs=1add4*P Also assume that, the equilibrium, Qd=Qs solve for equilibrium price by setting quanity demand equal to quanity supplied. what is the disequilibrim condition at prices of ...'

b'Suppose you have two products x and y. the actual production for a given period was 20 units of X and 250 of Y. What can you infer from this information. The demand for Y is probably higher than the demand for X. You can also generate many other mathematical models. No You ...'

b'what are the three main types of resources used for making,selling,and using goods and services? a. soil,water,air b. money,barter,credit, c.gold,silver,bronze I would not go with any of your choices. We generally think of the three factors of production as land, labor, and ...'

b'Why is the recommendation to eat more bread cereals and potatoes so significant to the health of the nation? I think the recommendation is to eat well balanced meals and to eat in modearation. The idea of more bread, cereals, and potatoes, I think, is that we need to eat more ...'

b"Hi I had to graph inflation/unemployment... Why did the inflation rate start increasing and the unemployment rate started decreasing after 2000??? Thanks. I should let economyst answer, but I'll comment on this, If economyst responds use his/her word on the subject. I suppose..."

b'Hi. I am doing a project over the archetypal journey in The Lion King. I have not seen the movie in a very long time, so I was wondering if someone could help me with the 12 stages of archetypal journey within the Lion King. I am allowed to omit up to 2 steps in case the movie...'

b"If a baseball pitcher throws a fastball at a horizontal speed of 160km/h how long does it take to reach home plate 18.4m away? In the book it shows 414ms as the answer but I can't get that answer.I divided 18.4 by 160 and got 115 You much change the units so they match. The ..."

b"cattle rancher A owns a property next to an apple farm B cattle sometimes tent to roam into B's land and damage the trees. The rancher can choose the size of the herd. revenue form cattle is 6 per head. The following schedle lists A's marginal prodction costMPC and the ..."

b'What is the difference between facing and interfacing? Name two items that can be used as an interfacing? What items are used as trims? Recommend three items that are considered binders? Please re-post and tell us what YOU think the answers are. Then someone here will give you...'

b"IF I'M RIGHT HANDED, HOW DO I DO A CARTWHEEL? I'M IN CHEERLEADING, AND I NEED SOME SERIOUSLY HELP. PLEASE HELP ME SOON IN THE NEXT 2 DATS My best guess -- Lead with your right foot; then your right hand, then left hand, then left foot, then right foot. Keep your legs ..."

b'Help Me I need it for Tuesday Why is care necessary in the handling and storage of frozen foods??? These sites explain the necessity to carefully handle and store frozen foods. http://www.aces.edu/pubs/docs/E/EFNEP-01?91/EFNEP-0191.pdf?PHPSESSID=78da19703e82?...'

b"List 5 careers that are possible from 3 areas in Home Economics. Why don't you list the areas of Home Economics first, then match those areas up with careers. I can think of cooking, sewing, by the way, most Home Ec departments now prefer to be called Family and Consumer ..."


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